Snifffr Review: Can You Actually Make Money?

Overall Rating:


Value for Money: 8

Customer Support: 5

Reputation: 6


Basic design and features

The ability to remain anonymous

Contol over what payment system and method you use


Nearly non-existent customer service or support

Numerous reports of scammers (both buyers and sellers)

You have to pay for the tools to be successful even though signing up is “free”

The used panty marketplace

When the pandemic hit nations were forced inside their homes which led to numerous people hopping online to search for new financial ventures. The amateur adult industry was booming as everyone could now become a star in their own right. However, for those who were looking to preserve their anonymity selling their used underwear seemed like the perfect compromise. Today we are going to be talking about Snifffr, the used underwear marketplace, and what the platform has to offer. So if you’re looking to start your panty selling career or need a new site to supply you with the goods then keep reading!

What Is Snifffr?

While some people successfully use social media and other platforms like OnlyFans to buy and sell their naughty adult content, there’s a growing desire for marketplaces dedicated to specific niches – including used panties. Snifffr takes the guesswork out of attracting buyers for your sexy, gently used undergarments. Instead of fielding messages from uninterested buyers simply looking for naughty conversation or spending countless hours and dollars on marketing with no guarantee of an ROI, Snifffr brings panty lovers directly to you! This means less time wasted and more money made.

Snifffr evolved out of the need for a safe and secure online space to buy and sell used panties while still remaining anonymous. This platform connects serious buyers with professional sellers in a non-judgmental environment. Here, both parties can connect and bond over a mutual love and appreciation of used underwear. All interactions on Snifffr occur online, which means you never have to meet a buyer in person or reveal your true identity. This reduces the risk of getting scammed or having your grandmother or employer find out what you do on the side.

Selling with Snifffr

The sign-up process on Snifffr is pretty basic and straightforward. Start by clicking the “Sign Up Free” tab in the top right corner of the website’s homepage.

Once you do, you’ll be redirected to the “Create an Account” page. Here, you’ll need to create a unique username that will be seen by other sellers and buyers on the platform, in addition to a display name. Enter your email address, date of birth, your country of residence, and create a password to activate your account.

Once you choose an enticing and creative display name, it’s time to write your profile. Unlike other panty marketplaces that offer some guidance when it comes to showing off your personality, Snifffr leaves this part entirely up to you.

After your account is activated, you’ll be asked to write a compelling profile in the empty text box provided. Here, you’ll see your display name at the top of the page and other tabs including notifications, messages from interested buyers, reviews, and settings. You can change your profile picture and add details to your bio. The more creative, unique, and interesting your stats are, the more likely you are to attract interested buyers. This is similar to most other panty-selling websites out there.

Be prepared to include plenty of hot and tempting info that makes buyers want to get their hands and noses on your panties. Sellers with experience on other panty-selling platforms should have no problem coming up with plenty of sexy tidbits to attract serious buyers, whereas first-timers might find this part a little tricky.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions from some of the platform’s best sellers.

  • Include information about exactly what your panties smell like
  • Share some of your favorite kinks and fetishes
  • Tell buyers what you plan to do while wearing the panties
  • Offer plenty of variety in terms of style, color, and scents
  • Be a little flirty
  • Share a few sexy facts about yourself without getting TOO personal

Even though it's free to get started on Snifffr, if you want access to the sites best features and tools for successfully selling your undergarments, you’ll need to pay. This is done through one of Snifffrs’ memberships which range from $10.95 for one month of access up to $49.95 for six months. By upgrading to a paid membership, you can send and receive private messages, create a personalized store for selling additional items (more on this later), produce custom content, accept client requests, and set higher listing prices.

This means that you’ll need to cough over some dough if you want to expand your online Snifffr store and start earning a steady income. The main page of the website is slightly misleading since it says you can sign-up for free. While this is true (there’s no charge to sign-up initially), you can’t access any of the platform’s necessary features for engaging with buyers unless you pay for a membership.

Select “Go Premium” at the top of your account page to select which membership you want to try.

Once you choose your package (we chose 1 month access), you’ll be prompted to provide your payment information on this page. Enter your payment details and click “Place Your Order”.

After your payment is confirmed, Snifffr will redirect you to your account page. A pop-up window will appear asking for your date of birth and other personal information that Snifffr uses to verify your identity and age. All users must be 18 years of age or older. You’ll also be asked to upload a picture of your government ID and a photo of yourself holding the ID. All of this is done in an effort to protect both sellers and buyers on the platform and ensure that all users are legitimately who they claim to be.

After your ID is confirmed, you can start utilizing Snifffr’s premium features which are located at the top of the page and include live chats, uploading photos and videos, connecting with other sellers, live feeds, and private content. You can also see how many buyers are currently active online, post updates about your status, and start making friends and connections that will, hopefully, result in sales.

One unique feature of Snifffr is the “Fake Check” tool which is one more tool the site uses to protect buyers and confirm the legitimacy of sellers on the site. Sellers are asked to hold up a hand-written sign with the word “snifffr” written on it. You also need to add today’s date in the bottom right hand corner. This picture isn’t included on your profile page, however, you’ll receive a badge on your page that indicates you’ve passed the “Fake Check”, which is something most buyers on the platform look for when making a purchase.

How Does Snifffr Differ from its Competitors?

One of the main factors that set Snifffr apart from similar used panty platforms is its easy-to-use interface. Unlike other marketplaces that have a lot of complicated, moving parts, Snifffr is simple and user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. It’s also a great option for inexperienced beginners looking for a straightforward approach to selling their used panties.

Another advantage of using Snifffr is that you can sell a variety of adult content and products on your personal page. From used socks and nude photos to webcam sessions, Snifffr is an adult content creator’s dream come true! As you grow a loyal following, your biggest fans can find all of your naughty products and services in one place, increasing both your popularity and earnings.

When compared to other panty-selling platforms, listing prices on Snifffr are significantly lower. Buyers visiting Snifffr are often looking for something for nothing. In some cases, you’ll be lucky to cover the cost of the panties themselves as you entertain countless lowball offers. To avoid losing money, be sure to consider shipping costs when pricing your items. Buy discount panties in bulk to save on overhead costs. Most buyers are purchasing an experience or an item that fulfills a specific naughty fantasy (i.e. smelling the underwear you wore at the gym or while masturbating). They probably don’t care if you spend $20 at Victoria’s Secret or $3 on Amazon. So, cut your losses and increase your profit by buying discount underwear and selling a one-of-a-kind experience.

Your time is also valuable. And with so many uncommitted buyers flooding this platform, you could be spending hours fielding messages that never result in a sale.

Buying With Snifffr

In order to start buying used panties with Snifffr, you’ll have to make a free account. This is relatively straightforward and doesn’t require any personal information besides your email address. Once you enter the site you will be greeted with a live feed where fellow users can post content and interact almost like a dirty… well dirtier version of Twitter. Users tend to promote their shop pages and products here so you can be on the lookout for something you might be interested in, however, they do have a shop page, especially for this.

The shop page is laden with the seller's personal stores that you can filter through by service, price range, country and even specific keywords to narrow down your searches. Once you find a product that tickles your fancy it’s customary to strike up a conversation first before selling. Of course, you can request to buy the used underwear immediately but we recommend that you gauge some trust first to reduce the risk of falling for a scam. 

All transactions take place off of the site meaning that Snifffr does not provide support for complications that occur with sales. In order to complete a transaction on the site, you will have to send an order request to the seller which will contain your delivery address, a message with instructions and an agreement on how payment will be settled. There are a whole bunch of adult-friendly payment methods to choose from that we have spoken about in detail before. We recommend you check out to protect your money when making these transactions.

Another scam prevention tactic advised by Snifffr themselves is, only purchase products from sellers who have passed the “fake check” this is a seller verification process where users must take a picture of themselves holding up an A4 piece of paper with the word “Snifffr” written on it along with today’s date. This helps to build a bit more trust between buyers and sellers on the site.

Selling With Snifffr

For those who wish to sell their used underwear on Snifffr here’s how it’s done. Sellers have to first create a free account filling in a few pieces of information like display name, country of residence and email address which all still keep you nice and anonymous. You’ll then have to verify that you’re over the age of 18 as Snifffr does not allow any users under this age to register as buyers or sellers. 

Next, you will have to fill up your profile. Your profile will have to contain as much enticing information as possible in order to increase your chances of finding willing customers. Unlike other sites, Snifffr simply gives their users a bio text box without any prompts to chock it full of anything you’d like to reveal about yourself. As well as this you can upload a display picture and opt to submit and verify your account using the “Fake Check” system. This is all optional of course but it is in your best interests to seem as legitimate as possible.

To start selling with Snifffr you will need to purchase a membership. The benefits of the membership are essential to selling on the site as they grant you access to private messaging, setting up a personalised store, private content and higher listing when advertising content. All of these above are crucial to selling your used panties with Snifffr so you’re going to have to part with some dough before you start making some.

Sellers can select from $10.95 a month, $27.95 for 3 months or $49.95 for a 6-month membership. However, once everything is paid and set up you’re good as gold to get out there and start messaging kinky customers to see if they’re in need of any of your services.

What Services Do They Offer?

Although the name might suggest that Snifffr is all about smelling and selling used underwear, the platform has evolved into so much more. In an effort to compete with some of the most popular used underwear marketplaces and fan sites out there, Snifffr now allows members to market and sell a variety of sexy clothing items and services on their virtual storefronts from socks and lingerie to web cam and chat sessions. Not only does this increase the earning potential for users but it also brings in more buyers looking for items beyond just panties. In recent years, Snifffr has evolved into a full-service used panty marketplace that also doubles as a one-stop-shopping experience for all of its kinky customers.

Without any further ado here are the additional services that Snifffr allow:

Used Socks 

The foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes in the world so it’s a logical step to allow users to sell used socks, stockings and other garments that cover our feet. When we think about the amount of pheromones in sweat it isn’t much of a stretch for the buyer to go from lovingly used underwear to lovingly used socks. Sellers follow the exact same process as they would with any normal used underwear sale. 

Message their potential buyers to spark interest, agree on a price and payment, exchange delivery details and hey presto the transaction has been made!


If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times but a photoshoot in the used underwear you’re trying to sell is a must. You will have to spend some time posing and mastering your angles but once you’ve got the formula down it should be no problem to replicate across your wardrobe. 

Buyers love to see sexy images of the seller in their underwear to add to the fantasy that they’re buying. Not only that but the pictures serve as evidence that the garments have been through what you’ve described even if it might be a little graphic. Despite this buyers are sometimes interested in the pictures themselves which Snifffr also facilitates in selling. Sellers can advertise their photoshoots and bundles for a price that they see fit.

One good thing about the private messaging feature is that they allow users to send images to each other so soliciting picture-based services shouldn’t be a problem. A lot of sellers on the platform like to offer rate my dick pick services. Yep, that’s right, customers pay to have their penis rated. So if you’ve always wanted to be a penis critic then here’s your chance to get paid for it.


As well as selling pictures, your alluring videos can be used as another way to make money on the site. As mentioned before they can be a nice accompaniment to the undergarments you happen to be selling or maybe something saucy enough to sell by themselves.

A lot of people stress about the production value of their sexy videos and while this does play a role in how it sells it’s the be-all and end-all. If you have access to a nice backdrop and set up to film your sexy videos then by all means put it to good use but there are definitely ways around this if you don’t. A lot of the amateur fantasy is based around the spontaneity of sex, therefore filming videos in your living room, bathroom and even kitchen gets a positive reception.

As for camera quality any smartphone these days will be more than adequate to film the videos so all you’ll really need is a mount. Finally, make sure that you have a good thumbnail. This is where a lot of the focus should go as it’s the first thing your potential buyers will see. Harness your inner YouTuber and make it as clickbait as possible.

Just like all of the transactions through Snifffr initial contact and organising takes place over the site but purchasing the content will be done externally. With soliciting online videos both parties need to make sure that they’re not going to get scammed so we do recommend chatting with them first.

Webcam Chats

This is another service that Snifffr allows sellers to advertise which is a lot more intimate than just selling your used panties. Webcam chats are essentially private cam shows so a lot of anonymity goes out of the window as most shows do involve showing your face. While you have no reason to use your real name, it’s totally understandable why casual users of the site aren’t interested in offering this service.

However, if you’re confident and comfortable with fulfilling the sexual fantasies of customers over video chat then it can be very lucrative. Snifffr is simply used to advertise the cam shows so organising it is all up to you. While this may seem like a little bit of a pain, the plus side is you get all of the money! Most cam models who do private shows like to use popular video call programmes like Skype.

Payment for cam shows is typically done by the minute or a flat fee agreed upon before the call. Cam sites usually allow models to earn rates of around $3.99 a minute. But when it’s on your own terms you’re entitled to charge whatever you see fit. Some models charge as much as $9.99 a minute so long as you can find willing customers. Again it’s important to stress that you use an adult suitable payment method as numerous scams take place when models who don’t know any better opt for commercial payment processors like PayPal, Venmo and CashApp.

Phone Sex

Very similar to camming, phone sex and sexting services can also be advertised on a seller's profile on Snifffr. Buyers can direct message and chat to organise the logistics of payment. Although buyers can already message you on the site, nothing beats the fantasy of having a direct line of contact on their phone that they can use to hit you up while they’re at work.

For sexting, payment is usually pay-per-text whereas phone sex operators charge by the minute for calls. Whatever you choose to partake in, always remember to use a burner/work phone where clients don’t get any personal information from you.

Is There Money To Be Made On Snifffr?

Time to answer the question on everyone's minds. To say that there isn’t money to be made on Snifffr would be a lie. It’s difficult to track the numbers as all transactions take place outside of the website. But purely based on engagement sellers certainly have successful shops. The average used panty sells for around $20 - $50 with the occasional anomaly selling for upwards of $100. Usually, in these cases, they are from repeat buyers who are already well acquainted with the seller.

One thing to bear in mind is the competition among sellers. While a high number of sellers might seem like a haven for buyers, being a successful seller is much more difficult in this environment. We will mention a few tips to maximise your sales potential shortly, but rest assured there are still many legitimate buyers out there.

We place extra emphasis on the word legitimate here as there are still a decent number of scammers on the website to the point where Snifffr themselves have addressed the issue. As well as the fake check system, Snifffr has incorporated an open rating system. Every seller's profile can be reviewed and rated by buyers in order to give a better indication of what they’re about. Scammers and time wasters will be on the lower end while the higher-rated profiles will be much more trustworthy. Think of it as the Yelp of panty selling.

A downside to this rating system is that buyers can leave bad reviews for no reason which can harshly impact the seller's performance. If a buyer gets turned down or refused service there is nothing stopping them from spitefully leaving a negative rating, so watch out.

Overall if you’re willing to put in the work of vetting and messaging buyers you can certainly make money on the site.

How To Make Money On Snifffr 

For those looking to get into the adult space using Snifffr here are a few pro-panty-selling tips that you might want to know. First, always fill out your profile. That’s not to say fill it with a spammy template. But take some time to write a detailed and well-thought-out bio alongside a decent display picture. This effort goes a long way with the first impression of potential buyers as it shows that you are more likely to be legitimate and invested. 

A buyer who doesn’t trust a profile won’t hesitate to click away as there are plenty more options out there on the platform. Secondly, to maximise your money-making capacity on the website, consider using all of their services. We understand that not everyone is comfortable interacting with customers via video chat and phone calls, but for those that are it can be well worth your while. 

Sellers that don’t want to show their face but still want to have multiple incomes get creative! Offer various rating services, a variety of products like used lollipops, vials of sweat, bodily fluids and of course various undergarments. Having new fun and sexy ways for buyers to engage with you can certainly help generate more money in the long run.

Finally, try to build a good relationship with your customers. People who make decent money selling used panties usually have some form of a loyal following from various fan sites and social media. There is an already established trust and novelty to purchasing the item. However, those who can develop a healthy relationship with their clients are more likely to have repeat customers. Repeat customers who are satisfied with your service begin to make specific requests for custom orders which means that we can bump up the price.

For more information on selling your used underwear, you can check out our guide to selling used underwear online.

The Pros and Cons of using Snifffr 

With so many used panty marketplaces to choose from, comparing the pros and cons of some of the best is a good place to start when deciding where to invest your time, money, and efforts. While Snifffr is one of the easiest platforms to use, it's not without flaws. 


If it’s anonymity you’re after, Snifffr has you covered. It’s easy to remain anonymous on this site as both a buyer and seller. If you’re selling your used panties as a side hustle or buying them to fulfill a secret fetish or fantasy, no one will ever know. Snifffr takes user privacy very seriously. Choose a display name that keeps your identity under wraps so you can confidently browse, list your items for sale, and earn a sexy side hustle without ever revealing your identity.

While some sellers don’t like the fact that Snifffr doesn’t have its own payment processing system, others enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own. Whether it’s Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp, you have the ability to choose how you get paid. Just don’t be surprised if some buyers insist on their own preferred payment method. 

Snifffr lets you customize your private page and online storefront, so in terms of flexibility and creative freedom, Snifffr ranks near the top. You can list as many products and services as you want in a variety of categories. This also cuts down on marketing efforts and cost since you can advertise a wide range of items and services all in one place.


For starters, ease of use also equates to a somewhat basic website design. If you’re looking for a highly-polished and professional-looking panty marketplace, you may want to keep looking. The website’s logo itself is somewhat generic, as are the website’s primary colors and design features. While it’s a great option for beginners, it may be too bare-bones for experienced sellers with a large following.

Snifffr doesn’t offer a ton of support services for sellers, either. As a beginner just starting out, you may not get the guidance you need when it comes to creating your bio and profile and uploading content.

Another major downside to this platform is that it doesn’t have its own form of payment processing. That means there’s no protection against scammers. This is a major concern for both buyers and sellers. Buyers have no assurance that they’ll receive the items they paid for and sellers aren’t protected against hackers or fake buyers with an ulterior motive.

If you choose to sell your used panties on Snifffr, you need to choose an adult-friendly and secure payment method. It’s also your job to perform background checks on your buyers and use your own judgment when it comes to sharing payment details and shipping your items. Different buyers may request different payment methods, so you may need to open multiple accounts just to sell your items on a single platform.

Speaking of scammers, Snifffr is also home to plenty of freeloaders looking for more than just used panties or socks. Although you can sell other services on the site including phone sex and video chats, even if you’re not interested, you can still expect to receive your fair share of unsolicited requests and messages. Some sellers report feeling harassed and uncomfortable selling their items on Snifffr since it’s, essentially, an unregulated platform.

Expert Opinion

Getting turned on by sexy underwear and lingerie is nothing new. In fact, underwear fetishism is one of the most common fetishes for both men and women. Men are especially visual and tactical when it comes to arousal, which is why looking at, touching, and yes, smelling, someone’s underwear is a huge turn on.

But this attraction goes far beyond just being turned on by how your partner looks in a thong or lace teddy. Our olfactory senses are also some of the strongest. The pheromones of another person’s body are scientifically proven to trigger sexual attraction and arousal. These are found in body sweat, the oils on your skin, and other bodily secretions that are often captured in your panties! Everyone’s scent is unique and may represent fertility, strength, and good health. Science suggests that we subconsciously acknowledge these scents and smells when choosing sexual partners.

Since the attraction to “sniffing panties” is deeply-rooted in our biological make-up, chances are, the business of selling used panties isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, as more people become open and accepting of unconventional kinks and fetishes, the used-panty industry is likely on the rise.

Snifffr’s unique name and branding efforts leaves little to the imagination. When you hear the name, you instantly know that the website has something to do with smelling and the brand logo of a cartoon thong and bum erases any remaining doubt about exactly what you’ll be “sniffing” when you visit this site. The overall layout is basic and easy to navigate, but the website’s lack of customer support or transaction protection is slightly unnerving. If you have experience selling used panties online and know the red flags of a scammer, this platform could be a viable resource.

Customer Service and Support

Snifffr is severely lacking in the customer service and support department. One reason being that the website is more an advertising and marketing platform than a comprehensive panty-selling marketplace. Buyers and sellers are responsible for protecting their own transactions and interactions. While Snifffr claims they’ll act as a “mediator” in the event of a dispute, getting in touch with the company isn’t easy.

The website doesn’t list an email address or phone number for customer service. The only way to contact a member of the Snifffr team is by filling out a request form. This form asks for your account information and lets you write in the subject of your complaint and a detailed complaint of up to 400 characters. You can also upload any photos or files that support your claim. Help topics include general, technical, prohibited content, illegal content, payment, and cancel account.

We sent a request form and didn’t receive a response back for several days. Much of the information they provided in their feedback was generic and not specific to our issue or claims. When it comes to troubleshooting problems on Snifffr, you’re essentially on your own.

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