How to Sell Used Panties & Underwear in 2024

By Sofia Gray
June 19, 2023
Why should I sell my used panties?
How much money can I make?
How to pick a platform
Popular platforms
How to create your shop
How to list items like a pro
What are the different scents?
Tips for buying underwear for your shop
How to promote your shop
Guidelines for messaging potential buyers
How to ship your used panties

Why should I sell my used panties?

Many people find buying and selling dirty underwear fascinating. If you don’t know much about the process, you may be wondering exactly what the appeal is. Keep reading to find out why and how people make money selling their used panties.

Here are some of the advantages of selling your used panties online.

  • It’s a great side hustle. We’ll talk about monetary specifics later, but you can make a pretty penny selling your used panties. Earning a few hundred dollars per month can really affect your finances. It could cover your electric bill, pay for your favorite takeout or earn you extra cash to buy clothes, accessories, and more panties to wear and sell!
  • You can get in touch with your sexuality. People will be interested in buying your used underwear, no matter who you are or what you look like. This can help you feel sexually desired and let you bask in your sexual energy. When you’re selling your used panties, you’ll be talking to potential buyers. If you want to, you can flirt with them or engage in sexual banter. This can help boost your confidence.
    You can fulfill a kink. If you enjoy financially dominating someone or the idea of someone jerking off to your used underwear, using a marketplace can help you bring these fantasies to life.
  • It’s pretty easy. Other side hustles require skills like coding, building websites, or creating lots of content. Although you may need certain skills to grow your panty-selling empire, it’s possible to make money selling panties without putting in too much work. After you’ve crafted your perfect bio, you simply wear the underwear and send them away when someone purchases them.
  • It can be fun. There are a lot of enjoyable aspects of selling dirty underwear. You’re able to pick out lots of cute lingerie you never envisioned yourself wearing, and you get to talk to a lot of new people. Having a business of your own can give you a way to occupy your free time, especially if you choose to learn more about promoting your stock.

If any of these reasons appeal to you, you might just be the perfect used panties seller!

How much money can I make?

If you’re interested in selling your used panties online you’re probably wondering how much money you can make. This is kind of a complex question, so let’s dive in.

Let’s start with an easy answer. The average active seller on Sofia Gray sells about eight pairs of panties per month. Now of course, the amount of money you’ll make on eight sales depends on how high you price your underwear. We’ll talk about pricing later. If you price your undies at $25 per pair, you’ll make about $200. If you can charge more at $40 per pair, you’ll make $320.

Overall, it’s best to assume that selling used panties will be a side job rather than something you do full-time. For one thing, many buyers will want panties that are worn for a few days or even more. It’s just not possible to produce dozens of new panties each month. In addition, there is a ceiling where you can price your wares unless you’re internet famous or very popular.

You might have read articles about women who pull in the big bucks selling their used panties. One woman claims to have made over $60,000 selling her dirty knickers, and another says she makes $1,500 a month selling panties. Cosmo even reported one woman selling a pair of undies she wore for three weeks on Sofia Gray for $5,000.

Although it’s possible to make this kind of money, it’s not the norm. Usually, used panties sell for between $30-$50 each. It’s important to be realistic when you start selling so you’re not disappointed.

However, there are definitely ways to bring more attention to your panty shop. The more attention your page gets, the more likely you are to make big sales. Over time, increased popularity leads to reasonable price increases. You can promote yourself and your page in various ways like using paid advertising, on your social media pages, or through other sex work sites. We’ll walk you through these steps later.

How to pick a platform

Most people don’t launch their own panty-selling platforms. While it’s not impossible, it’s difficult to find buyers this way. Unless you’re already established as an influencer or online celebrity, it can be hard to find people interested in buying your dirty underwear. Instead, it’s a much safer bet to use an established website like Sofia Gray where visitors come strictly to buy what you’re selling – sexy used panties!

Although we think Sofia Gray is the best site for selling your used underwear, there are many other marketplaces and platforms to choose from. It’s best to do your own research before getting started to figure out what website works best for your needs and goals.

Here are some of the criteria to consider when searching for the best panty-selling platform.


It’s not just the listing price of your panties you need to consider. Most platforms and marketplaces charge you a fee to list and sell your items. This helps keep the site running and should be considered an investment in your business. A better-built website that functions well, looks good, and is easy to navgiate attracts more visitors and buyers. This is good news for both the platform and you. More traffic equals more sales.

While some sellers are hesitant to pay a fee to start, it’s virtually impossible to get started without laying out a little money first. As the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money”. For example, if you were starting an Etsy shop, you’d need to buy the materials to make your products, right? Same with selling used underwear.

The fees for these websites are usually pretty reasonable, although they may be out of the budget for some. There are a few free options out there, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

We’ll break down the fee structure on some of the most popular sites in the next section, so sit tight.


The most popular panty-selling platforms (like Sofia Gray) are popular for a reason. Sellers want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Therefore, the websites with the most traffic and largest audiences will continue to attract the most buyers and sellers. Choose a platform with plenty of engaged buyers and opportunities for you to interact with them. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure how popular a website is. You’ll have to perform some market research and use your best judgment.

In addition, make sure people are coming to your chosen site looking for what you’re offering. If you’re a guy, does the site have a category for you, or is it only for women? Is there a space for trans sellers? If you’re plus size, do these sellers make regular sales? Make sure you have a good shot on the platform before you start.


If the platform you’re considering is well-known and successful, there will be plenty of articles and press releases written about them. A quick search in recently published magazines dedicated to women, health, sex, and relationships should give you what you’re looking for.

You can also try Googling some terms like “used panties for sale” or “buy used panties.” The site you’re considering should show up on the first page. If not, you may want to move along. After all, if buyers can’t find the site, how will you make money? If you’re hard-pressed to find the website or company mentioned in the press, you may want to take your business and sexy used panties elsewhere.

Social media

Dig a little deeper into the platform’s online presence, including on social media. Are they posting regularly and drawing in new clients? Do they have a blog that will use SEO to draw attention to their site? Are they fun and approachable on social media?

In addition, pay attention to whether they’re trying to attract mostly new buyers or new sellers. You deserve to be on a platform that’s actively trying to drum up new business for you on a regular basis. If they’re only using their socials to recruit new sellers, they might have a ton of girls on their platform without a lot of sales.


Look to see how many sellers there are on a platform and how many items they list on average. If you notice that the site doesn’t have a lot of panties available, this is a bad sign. Buyers are looking for a variety of options, and they probably won’t sign up for a site where they don’t have it.

In addition, look for reviews of these platforms by current sellers. These testimonials will let you know how much people make on average and whether it’s worth investing in this particular site.

And while you want a website with plenty of sellers, remember, these are your competition. The best platforms for selling used panties offer buyers plenty of variety while also offering their sellers plenty of opportunities.


Some sites will let buyers filter their preferences to find the perfect pair of underwear they want. This makes it easier for you to get discovered when someone is looking for what you have to offer. If they don’t have a good search or filtering system, it’s more likely your undies will get lost in the mix.

User Interface and Design

Does the site you’re considering look good? If you wanted to buy used panties on it, would you feel secure that your data and identity was safe? If the site seems a little outdated or shady, it’s probably not the right choice for you. You want a site that delivers a positive first impression to buyers and looks professional.

In addition, pay attention to how easy the site is to use. How difficult is it to make an account? Is it easy to search for items and message sellers? You need to think like a buyer when evaluating a platform’s layout and ease of use.

Also, the site should just be visually appealing. After all, you’re selling sexy and attractive panties. The platform you promote them on should be equally appealing to look at. Don’t settle for a subpar site that doesn’t align with your standards or the quality of your garments. Choose a website or marketplace that you’re proud to be a part of and wouldn’t mind referring friends and future clients too. 


Pay attention to whether a site offers support services to its sellers. Will they back you up if a deal with a buyer goes south? What if someone starts harassing you? Will they be able to help?

In addition, the site should make it easy to create your profile. Preferably they would have a guide kinda like this one to walk you through the steps of getting started. If you end up confused or run into a bug, is there an easy way to get support from the company? This may not seem like a big deal, but it will be if you run into a problem. Check if the website also has 24/7 chat or customer service or 24/7 options. Some platforms also offer seller protection in the event your account gets hacked or you get scammed.

Popular platforms

Here are some of the most popular platforms for selling used panties. We’ll talk about the pros and cons to help you get a feel for the best fit for you.

Sofia Gray

Okay, we’ll admit it, we might be a little biased, but we think Sofia Gray is the ultimate site for selling used panties. But don’t worry—you don’t have to take our word for it! We can back this claim up with facts.

Sofia Gray has thousands of potential buyers on their site, meaning you’ll get lots of eyes on your used undies. Over 95% of sellers generate a profit on their first sale, and Sofia Gray estimates that you’ll make about eight sales per month, as long as your profile is well-optimized and you keep your shop stocked. (We’ll help you create the perfect shop in the next section!)

Your Sofia Gray shop is run by your rules. You’ll choose how much info to reveal, what pictures to use, and how to price your items. This allows you to run your site just like its own business, which is great because it is.

Sofia Gray is one of the few sites that lets people of all genders sell their used panties and other sexy items. This is great if you’re a male seller, nonbinary or trans. There’s room for everyone on Sofia Gray.

The site also promises anonymity to both its buyers and sellers. Real names are never required. The site uses a coin system where you can get paid for selling your pictures, videos and so much more. This is a huge advantage over most other panty-selling websites.

Sofia Gray doesn’t take any commissions from sales. That means you get to keep 100% of the money you make. The only price you’ll ever pay is a small listing fee to help get your shop off the ground. This ensures that sellers are enthusiastic about the site and ready to do their best to promote it. Think of it as a small investment in your side hustle.

Currently, the site has three different packages for sellers. You can get one month of selling for $15.99 as a one-time payment. For most people, that’s less than you’ll make on your first sale.

You can also make more money by buying more months upfront. For $24.99, you can get three months of listings or six months for just $44.99. The more months you commit to, the more money you save and the more time you have to grow your page and income.

After each time period is up, Sofia Gray will ask if you want to renew your registration. Since these payments aren’t recurring, you never have to worry about being charged for something you didn’t agree to.

Although we think we have the best service on the market, there are lots of other options to choose from. It’s best to do your research before you jump in, so here’s some info about our competitors.

This is a great site to host your used panties, with a few downsides. They have a great system for chatting with buyers. You can even send the first message to strike up a conversation and make your first sale. Although this can get a little spammy, it can also help you make important connections. Unfortunately, like most panty-selling sites, exclusively accepts female sellers only.

They offer regular contests for sellers where buyers can vote for their favorite seller, and the seller earns some money. If you have a big following and have time to ask for votes, this could be another great source of income.

One of the coolest things about is that it lets you sell items other than used underwear. Some examples include sportswear, sexy videos and pictures, pantyhose, socks, sex toys, and even vials of pee or spit! This can help you make a little extra money if you’re willing to commit to the extra work. (Sexy side note: Sofia Gray also offers ways to sell your other items including lingerie, pantyhose, shoes, and more!)

It can be difficult to get noticed on, since they don’t have a great filtering or search system. You’re kind of at the mercy of their algorithm, which can be frustrating. In addition, they don’t handle payments on their site, so you have to arrange payments directly with buyers using a secure payment method. This can be a little difficult, as some payment sites like PayPal frown upon sales or businesses related to the adult industry.

Some memberships on the platform are free but a premium subscription will cost you $14.99 per month which equals almost $90 for six months and $180 for an annual subscription. Without a premium membership, though, you can’t directly message users or collect money, so this upgrade is sort of a must.


Snifffr has a decent design, but it can be a little confusing for buyers and sellers alike to navigate. Not only does the site not have a filtering system, so buyers will have to scroll through lots of undies to find yours, but the dashboard is cluttered and confusing. Another downside is that Snifffr is another panty-selling platform designed for women sellers only.

Snifffr puts an emphasis on chatting live and making deals with buyers right on the spot. This means that it’s much easier to make sales if you’re constantly online. If instead, you’re selling used panties as a side hustle, you may find this stressful and daunting. Getting noticed on Snifffr definitely requires more of a time investment than Sofia Gray. At any given time there can be 750 or more active buyers online, which shows the site is pretty active but that there’s still room to try to stand out from the crowd.

Snifffr has an Activity Page where buyers can see what sellers are active and new seller profiles. Sellers can use this page, too, to check out other new users who recently joined. While the platform lets you directly message potential buyers first, this can get a little spammy (similar to and may scare buyers away so we suggest you use this feature sparingly.

The site also features a Girl of the Day, which helps bring in a ton of traffic, views, and buyers. To be selected, you need to apply and have a killer profile with plenty of awesome listings. For this reason, it may take you some time to qualify for the honor of Snifffr’s Girl of the Day.

In order to make sales on the site, you’ll have to enroll in their premium service. Your first month is $5.95. However, this fee goes up to $9.00 per month after that. It’s automatically charged to your credit card, so it might be difficult to remember to cancel.

Scented Pantsy

Although you can sell your used panties on Scented Pantsy, it’s not the platform’s main focus. The site lets users sell just about anything, giving all items equal attention, which can be frustrating if you’re only looking to sell your used underwear.

The interface for the site is also a bit confusing. There are very few filtering options, meaning your undies could get lost in the fray, especially with all of the other products to choose from.

Some of the wildest things we’ve seen advertised on Scented Pantsy include:

  • Used buttplug
  • Pee spray
  • Gummy worms that were between someone’s sweaty toes
  • Anal creampie
  • Cock rating services
  • A lollipop that’s been in a girl’s pussy or asshole
  • Pubic hair
  • Spit
  • Gummy bears soaked in pee
  • Used maxi pads
  • Poo-Dough (cookie dough with poop in it)
  • Dirty diapers
  • Office supplies that the woman has used to masturbate

So if you’re interested in getting creative, you can list all sorts of stuff here. But again, if you’re only wanting to list used panties, the site can get a little cluttered.

Honestly, we found the signup process for Scented Pantsy very confusing. We’d love to tell you about their membership fees but even these were difficult to locate on the site. You can go premium, but we honestly couldn’t find the button to do so. However, it costs coins on the site to boost your listings, which could get expensive over time.


Pantydeal is a massive selling platform. They currently boast over 1 million panty sellers and buyers, making them one of the biggest sites out there. They claim to register over 20,000 new women (again, this site only accepts female sellers) every month, which means you’ll have some steep competition. However, this also means that buyers flock to the site as well.

Pantydeal has an advanced verification process that’s probably the most complicated of all the sites on this list so far. You’ll have to verify your phone number and verify your identity before you can start listing and selling your used panties. While this is great for buyers, so they know for sure who they’re getting their panties from, it can be a little daunting for sellers just getting started in the biz.

Instead of creating shop items, you place ads that let you show off your services. It’s an interesting concept, but might not yield the sales you’re hoping for, as the market can be saturated. When we signed up for the site for research, we got tons of messages within the first five minutes. Honestly, these are probably spam, considering that we hadn’t posted any items or photos, and they clogged up our email inbox, since you also get an email every time you get a message. Plus, the unsubscribe link in the emails was broken.

Again, this site is free to sign up for, but in order to message buyers and place classified ads, you’ll need to sign up for their VIP service. It costs $19.00 a month to host your shop there. That means it’s $114 for six months and $228 for a year. It’s billed monthly discretely to your credit card. These fees make Pantydeal the most expensive site on this list.

How to create your shop

Think of your used underwear shop as your very own small business. You should feel proud looking at your profile, and it should be enticing to buyers right away. Consider what impression you want to give and what persona you might want to adopt. What do you want customers to think when they enter your store?

Finding the most effective marketing techniques comes down to trial and error and you may require some outside assistance. In this section, will walk you through making your profile, setting up your shop, and teach you how to attract the most buyers.

Choosing a Name for Your Shop

You can choose a basic name for your panty-selling platform like “Emily’s Shop”, but this generic title leaves a lot to be desired. Not only does it fail to grab the buyers’ attention but it doesn’t really tell them what your shop is stocked with, which is the most attention-grabbing aspect of your business.

Consider choosing a name that tells buyers a little bit about your personality or what they can expect from your underwear. Brainstorm a few ideas on a piece of paper, or keep a note on your phone for a few days and jot down new names when you think of them. Don’t rush this process since your shop’s name will be the first thing potential buyers see.

Here are a few examples of shop names that really hit the mark.

  • Shhh…Don’t Tell!
  • The Flower Box
  • Elegant with a Touch of Naughty

Writing Your Bio

your bio is the most important piece of text in your shop. It gives potential buyers a sneak peek into your personality, enticing them, even more, to send you a message and make a purchase. Think of it like a dating profile. Of course, the profile picture you choose is important but buyers are really looking for people they would be attracted to in real life, and a lot of that comes from the sexy and captivating bio you write. Don’t make the mistake of writing a single-line bio and leaving the rest to chance. This is your time to shine!

Give buyers an intimate insight into what makes you, you! Here are some fun things you can include in your bio:

  • Name (a fake name is fine as long as you don’t reveal that it’s fake to the seller)
  • Age (unless you don’t feel comfortable, but this can be marketable, whether someone’s looking for an 18-year-old or a MILF)
  • Hobbies (especially if they would be considered “sexy,” like yoga or pole dancing)
  • Traits about you (fun, bubbly, the life of the party, smart)
  • What makes your panties stand out from the rest (you’re plus size, Latina, or love having sex in them)
  • Whether you’re open to taking custom orders and requests
  • When you post new items

You’ll also want to include some sexy or flirtatious banter. Remember, the buyers are here for sex, after all! Seduce them a little with your words as well as your underwear pictures.

In addition, try to be yourself! It’s okay to amplify certain aspects of your personality, but it’s more fun to flirt with buyers who are interested in the real you. It can be a turn on for both of you and give you a major confidence boost. Plus, you won’t have to try to remember your fake backstory every time you send a message.

Here’s an example of a great bio from one of our sellers.

If you need a little inspiration, look at the bios of sellers from your chosen site. Don’t lift entire sections, but feel free to copy some of the sexy lingo in order to spruce up your bio. This will also give you an idea of what sort of details to include that drive buyers wild.

Profile picture

When it comes to making a good first impression, your profile picture says it all. It’s the first thing potential buyers will see and could be the difference between landing or losing a sale. Buyers want to purchase undies from people they’re attracted to so you need to hook them with your profile pic.

Profile pictures that include the seller’s face perform better than those that don’t. Take this into account when deciding if you want to remain anonymous when selling your used panties. Showing your face creates a more personalized and intimate experience for the buyer and could lead to bigger and more frequent sales. If you do decide to include your face, choose an attractive picture that accurately depicts your beauty and sex appeal. Remember, sex sells!

Even if your profile pic doesn’t show your face, it still needs to be sexy. You can take a full-body pic or snap a sexy pic of your used panty collection. Avoid using random images, logos, or symbols that are overly generic.

Remember that used panties are a fetish, and your profile should be sexual. Therefore, it’s best to include a sexy photo. However, it’s usually against community guidelines to post a completely nude picture.

Here are some great pics that have been showcased on Sofia Gray.

Insert photos from original article

If you’re having trouble snapping a selfie of your sexy body, invest in a tripod with a Bluetooth remote that lets you take pictures from different angles and distances.

One last thing: regardless of what type of profile picture you post, make sure it’s high-quality, uses good lighting, and isn’t overly edited. Filters can help smooth hard lines and add a glow to your skin but overly-altered pics are a turn-off for many buyers.

Setting Your Location

Many sites will ask you to fill in your location on your profile. Even if you want to remain anonymous, you should provide this information for a few reasons.

One reason is that some buyers are interested in purchasing from sellers in specific locations or countries, or people who are located near them. It can play into their fantasy and make you feel more attainable (even though you aren’t). In addition, people who are into panties from Indian women might be more likely to choose “India” for their filtering location.

However, if listing this info makes you super uncomfortable, you can skip this step and make up for it by revealing more details in your bio and profile picture.

How to list items like a pro

Now that you have your very own shop, it’s time to stock it with products! This can be one of the most daunting parts of the process. What type of stuff are buyers interested in? And how do you know if you’re pricing them right? Don’t worry, we’re here to help answers these questions and more!

Remember, your personality and photos are what’s selling your used underwear. People usually aren’t looking for a size large purple thong. They’re looking with a sexy seller they can connect with. However, there are some right and wrong ways to list your items.


You’ve probably seen stories online where men are buying used undies for $10,000 a pair. Unfortunately, that’s an extremely rare occurrence, and usually happens to people who already have a presence in the sex industry. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned pro, it’s important to be realistic with your prices.

There are lots of variables involved in pricing your panties. However, it’s best to start at a lower price and work your way up rather than start at a price that’s too high to land those first few sales. This will build your confidence and audience so you can make more sales in the future.

There are other important factors to keep in mind when pricing your underwear. First, consider how much the underwear costs. It’s important to make a profit off your items. If you’re buying expensive designer underwear, you’ll need to price your used pairs higher. You should also think about whether or not your buyers care what your panties are worth. In most cases, they don’t. So save yourself the trouble and cost of buying expensive, designer underwear that cuts into your profit. Most buyers want sexy underwear, and could care less about brand names or labels.

Next, you should price your panties higher based on the number of days you’ve worn them. If you only wore them for three days, they should be priced lower than if you wore them for seven. Make sure you’re getting fairly compensated for your labor (and yes, wearing the same pair of panties day after day is a labor of love you deserve to be compensated for). Also, do a little research about which scents are in higher demand. (i.e. sweaty panties worn at the gym, underwear worn during sex, or even period panties).

Lastly, you need to account for shipping costs. If possible, add this directly into your listing price. Check your local post office’s rates to figure out how much it will cost to ship your item. If you’d prefer, you can arrange for shipping costs later, but some buyers might be frustrated when the purchase price gets increased at the end of your transaction. However, if you’re talking to a buyer that wants their items shipped quickly or including extra tracking information, add on an extra fee, as this will make shipping more expensive. You also need to take extra measures to preserve the scent of your used panties, which may increase shipping costs even more or require overnight or expedited delivery.

Once you’ve had your shop up and running for a couple of months and landed a few sales, feel free to experiment with price increases. Pricing your products will involve a bit of trial and error. You might find that you’re selling fewer pairs of panties after raising your prices, but you’re making up for the loss by selling them at a higher price. Do some tests to figure out what the perfect price is for you, and don’t be afraid to change it if demand increases. You can only wear so many pairs of used panties, after all!


Don’t list the same item in your shop over and over again. It’s best to include a variety of styles, materials, and colors to keep your customers interested and coming back to check out your new inventory. Someone While some buyers may pass on a black thong, they’ll go wild over a red bikini! The more variety your panty shop has, the broader your audience will become.

You also want your items to stand out from the pack. The more unique features you offer, the more likely you are to land a sale over another seller on the same site. Consider wearing your panties for a longer period of time, adding an unusual scent, or going for a wild style. Ask yourself why buyers should select your underwear instead of everyone else’s. If you have something unique about you, play it up in your item descriptions as well.

You should also consider taking special requests. When a buyer contacts you, they might have something specific in mind. You can fulfill their fantasy without trying to guess what it is by taking special orders. Advertise this on your page so that buyers know you’re open to custom orders and requests. This alone will make your profile stand out.


The photos of your underwear play a huge part in whether a customer decides to buy them or send you the first message. When they look at your picture, they should feel aroused and sold on the item in question. They should also want to learn more about you.

Don’t simply take pictures of the underwear lying on your bed. Lingerie is at its sexiest when someone’s wearing it! You don’t have to include your face or any identifying features but your body is a key asset in making sales.

At first, you may be hesitant to take half-naked pictures of yourself but with a little practice and a big boost in sales, the money will be well worth it. Experiment with different poses and angles that show your body and your underwear in the best light – literally.  =

One more thing: don’t just include one photo of each pair of used panties. Buyers need time to fantasize about you, and seeing pictures from different angles is a great way to do that. Consider using different poses, positions, and lighting. These techniques will really help boost your sales numbers.


On most sites, each of your items will have a title. Again, you might feel tempted to write something like “Red Thong.” However, you’re wasting a lot of your item page’s real estate being so literal. The user can see the picture, so you don’t have to be overly descriptive in your title.

Try to think of titles that bring sex appeal. Some examples include:

  • As Silky As My Skin
  • Kiss the Lace Between My Cheeks
  • Pretty Pink Housewife Period Panties

Get creative! Again, you might want to brainstorm for a few minutes before you post, writing down your best ideas in your notes app. Then go through the options and pick a winner!


Buyers are drawn in by your profile, bio, sexy pictures, and an alluring title. However, they’ll want to get a better idea of the item they’re buying through your description.

Use this space to tell the tale of your underwear. Explain exactly what you did with them, how you were feeling, whether you masturbated or had sex, and what they smell like. Write it in an alluring way that will make users want to message you.

Here’s a great example of a description:

As you can see, this isn’t the kind of description you’d find on a normal internet listing for underwear. You don’t have to get bogged down with the specs or things like brands or sizes. If users are interested, they’ll ask these questions during your chat. You don’t need to provide every last piece of info, but make sure the user is Interested enough to message you and buy your beautiful lingerie!


One of the best ways to separate yourself from the pack is to include extra items with your used panty purchase. These things don’t have to be expensive, but they can make all the difference and add a personal touch.

Here are some things you can include with your used panties as a freebie:

  • Polaroid picture of you wearing the panties
  • Handwritten notes
  • A lipstick kiss
  • A spritz of perfume (don’t put it on the undies though)
  • Any special requests your buyer has

This is an example of impeccable customer service. Your clients will be impressed when you ask them about these extra items. They’re also great because they can increase sales and customer satsifaction without increasing shipping costs.

If a buyer makes a special request, it’s up to you whether you feel comfortable honoring it. If it seems like you’re providing an extra service (like sending a bra or tampon), it’s totally acceptable to ask for some extra money.

Listing schedule

It’s important to regularly keep your shop stocked with new items. Buyers don’t want to see the same items in your shop over and over. In addition, they won’t know that the black thong you just listed is a different one than the one from a week ago, so it could look like your product isn’t in high demand. Buying psychology suggests that people are more willing to spend money if other people are buying your products, too.

Try to set a strict listing schedule to put up new items. Consider uploading new pairs of underwear weekly. This is often enough that you’re spicing up your wares but not so often that you’ll feel overextended. If every week is too much for you, especially at the beginning, add new panties every two weeks. This will increase the visibility of your shop and help you find new buyers.

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What are the different scents?

Most people buying used panties have a favorite scent. As a new seller, you might not know all the different scents and possibilities that exist, severely limiting your potential. Don’t let that happen! Instead, check out some of the most popular and best selling scents for used panties.

Everyday wear

This is the most basic and common panty scent you’ll come across. To create this smell, you simply have to wear your panties for a certain amount of days. It’s sort of the “set it and forget it” option. When most people think of sniffing used panties, they’re thinking of this style. However, there are definitely other scents that can make you money, too.


Many customers are interested in underwear that the seller has masturbated in. This can create a stronger scent and is just plain sexy to think about. If the seller has a penis, the customer will expect that the underwear has been ejaculated in. those of you with vaginas, squirting isn’t required, but if you can do it, it could be a great niche for you!


Wear your underwear while having sex with a partner if you want to create this scent. It can be a huge turn on to think that you had sex while wearing the underwear the client is smelling. You can claim this scent if you have sex with anyone of any gender. (It can help to explain who you had sex with to drive up the price.)


Panty stuffing is a fetish all its own. It involves stuffing your undies in your mouth, vagina, or anus. While this may not be for everyone, it can definitely create a strong smell that buyers love. This is a very specific niche, so advertise it proudly if you sell this style! If you don’t want to list this scent on your profile, you can accept special requests, which might include this kink.


This one’s obvious: buyers want underwear soaked in your pee. Watersports is a pretty common kink, so there’s lots of demand for these panties. Just make sure you pee in them right before removing them to avoid feeling uncomfortable, and let them dry out before you send them so the smell doesn’t go bad (unless the buyer specifies otherwise).


Working out produces lots of sweat, which creates a stronger scent that panty sniffers can’t get enough of. If you’re a fitness buff already, this style might be for you. You can even include pictures of you working out or posing in flexible poses on your profile.


Some people are really into periods! Although you won’t be able to create this scent all the time, it can still be a valuable offering for your clients. Make sure to ask them whether they want blood included or if they’re just looking for the stronger smell you get during this time of the month.


Most websites have an “other” category that encompasses everything not included in other specific niches or kinks. This includes rare or uncommon scents, plus other items like bras, socks, and hosiery. If you’re on a site like Scented Pantsy, this is where you’ll find the freaky shit.

Keep in mind, though, that these few scents we mentioned are by no means the only ones out there. There’s a kink for basically everything, so there are some other options for your shop. Peruse one of the panty selling websites for inspiration if you want to try something new. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the kink you’re looking at.

Tips for buying underwear for your shop

Hopefully, you’ll need to buy lots of new panties to keep up with demand in your shop. This means an upfront investment in sexy underwear that people will be interested in buying. Since there’s no way to know how quickly your used underwear will sell (or for how much) you want to be smart about how much you spend.

There’s a few things to keep in mind when buying panties to wear and sell. First, you’ll be wearing them for at least a few days, so they should be comfortable. Second, your customers will know if the underwear is super cheap. It may also not hold up to several days of wear, plus shipping and whatever bodily fluids you plan to cover them in. While this doesn’t mean you need to splurge on designer brands, you should buy a relatively nice pair of panties to sell. After all, if you want your buyers to invest in you, you need to invest in the quality of your products.

What’s even better, is that some underwear retailers offer discounts to repeate customers or buyers looking to buy multiple pairs of underwear at once. This is great news for used panty sellers like you!

Here are some sites that regularly offer underwear sales:

Victoria’s Secret

Love them or hate them, they definitely offer cheap and sexy underwear. They also have frequent promotions and sales where certain styles are offered at a discount if you buy several pairs. For example, 5 pairs of a certain style for $30 or 3 pairs for $36. They sometimes offer individual panty deals as well, like one pair for $3.99 or a free pair if you spend a certain amount. These deals don’t always offer a ton of variety but there are plenty of color options that should help you keep your shop stocked and exciting.


Although this is an offshoot of Victoria’s Secret, they’re worth mentioning on their own because they offer their own discounts and even sell premade panty packs that come in several varieties. If something included in a pack doesn’t seem like a good fit for your shop, you can always use some for everyday wear.


This is generally seen as a premium company, but their prices are pretty reasonable. They offer underwear deals like 7 for $47, 3 for $30, and 2 for $36. They also have a 15% off coupon when you use their Fit Finder tool to choose the perfect bra for you, so this is great option if you want to sell lingerie sets.


This offshoot of American Eagle sometimes has great underwear deals like. 6 pairs for $25. Their styles are a mix of sexy, sporty, and comfortable and come in a variety of colors. The most common styles include boybriefs, bikinis, thongs, and cheekies.


Target may not come to mind as a place to buy sexy underwear but the truth is, they have some great basic options at low prices. Some deals include 5 pairs for $20 but even their regular prices are reasonable. Remember that the underwear won’t have a tag that says “Target,” so you can keep where you bought them our little secret.


Many of the stores we listed don’t offer many plus size options. Luckily, Torrid has lots of sexy styles for plus size women. Unfortunately, they’re also a little more expensive. The good news is, they’re good quality and available in a variety of sexy styles. They sometimes run price promotions, so sign up for their email list and stock up when they have one.

Male Basics

If you’re looking for men’s underwear, this is one of the best places for risque styles like thongs and jock straps. Their pieces are a little more expensive than some of the sites for women, but since “sexy” underwear for men can be more difficult to find, you might have to pay a little more.


Amazon has just about everything you can think of at reasonable prices and fast shipping. Including sexy underwear for your used panty shop! Check out different bundles and deals like a 6-pack of thongs for $9.99. Just to be sure to read the product and seller reviews to make sure they’re of good quality before you buy.

Consider bookmarking these pages and checking regularly for sales. Most of these sites offer regular sales and sell certain items on clearance. Shop around and find a great deal so you can put more of your selling price into your pocket!

How to promote your shop

Now that you’ve created your shop and listed your first items, it’s time to promote yourself!

Even though selling used panties isn’t overly complicated, it does require a certain time committment on your part. It’s your job to promote your panty shop and market yourself. You would never create an Etsy shop or website without promoting it, and your dirty underwear store is no different.

You’ll probably sell an average number of undies without doing any promotion. But if you want to make more money, selling yourself is a must!

Here are some of the best ways to promote your shop. While there are many more, here are some ways to get started.

Paid Promotion

Most used panty storefronts will offer paid promotion opportunities. These will usually put your products or profile on the front page of the website for a certain amount of time. On Sofia Gray, their “Featured Sellers” package allows you to be on the front page for an entire month!

Being on the front page makes you the first seller that buyers see. This visibility can definitely help you sell your first few pairs of panties and set the tone moving forward. However, if you don’t have an optimized profile or a variety of quality items in your shop, paying for these promotions is a waste of time. Make sure your shop is fully stocked before you enroll in a paid promotion.

You should also track how much the paid promotion helped your business. Compare a month’s sales data where you did paid promotion vs. one when you didn’t. If you see a huge uptick, the paid promotion is working! If not, you might want to try improving your sales page or trying another promo method that doesn’t cost as much.

Social Media

Promoting your panties on social media can be tough. There’s a lot of competition, and it can take time to stand out from the crowd. However, it never hurts to have a profile where you promote your store and post other content for your fans.

Consider making a separate social media account for your panties, unless you’re comfortable with your friends, family, and coworkers knowing you sell your used panties online for money.

The best sites for promoting your used panty business tend to be Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If you already know how one or more of these platforms work and the best way to post on them, start there. It can be difficult to learn about a new platform and start a successful account all at once.

Keep in mind that not all platforms allow nudity or explicit content, and their policies change all the time. Instagram, in particular, is a pretty big stickler with the no nudity thing, so keep your posts on the platform PG-13. Research your desired platform before posting nude selfies to limit the chances that you’ll get banned and have to start all over.

One of the most important things to do when selling your used panties is be visual. Tweeting “Just stocked some new panties in my store!” by itself is much less effective than posting the message along with a photoset of your new items. Images will engage potential buyers instantly, and might even convert some new fetishists!

In order to run an effective social media account, you’ll need to post regularly. This looks a little different for everyone. Once a day should be frequent enough, but posting more often offers more opportunities for engagement.

Some social media platforms support tools that allow you to schedule posts in advance. However, many of them require a subscription fee. You can consider this an investment in your business, and it might be tax deductible, too, depending on where you live.

If you can’t set a posting schedule directly on the platform, you’ll need to create your own. Generate your social media content at least a week in advance and keep it organized either as a Google Doc or a note on your phone. Then set an alarm at the same time every day reminding you to post.

Depending on your platform, you should use relevant hashtags. Instagram is one of the most hashtag heavy platform, since it allows you up to 30 hashtags per post. Some of the most popular used panty hashtags include:

  • #usedpanties
  •  #pantiesforsale
  • #pantyseller
  • #pantytease
  • #pantyfetish
  • #panty
  • #panties
  • #dirtypanties
  • #wornpanties
  • #buymypanties
  • #pantysniffer
  • #sellingpanties
  • #preusedpanties
  • #usedunderwear

Some of these hashtags are restricted by Instagram, so it can be difficult to achieve visibility with them. Play around with different hashtags to see how your items perform. Plus, use hashtags showcasing the specific item you’re listing. If you’re wearing red lace panties, use hashtags like #redlacepanties, #laceunderwear, and #lingerie. Get creative and see what works for you!

On Twitter, use hashtags more judiciously. They can look spammy and have sort of fallen out of favor. A simple hashtag like #usedpantiesforsale at the end of your tweet should be sufficient, but you can include three or four if you like.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately get tons of engagement and followers. It can take time to build up a following and find the right audience for your content. Keep up your social media efforts for three to six months to see how it grows. Then you can make the decision if you want to keep using this type of promo.


While this is one of the more time-consuming methods of promotion, it can be rewarding as well. Finding buyers instead of waiting for them to come to you can be a great way to make some extra cash selling your used panties online.

Some marketplace sites let sellers contact buyers directly. However, this can make you seem spammy and turn customers off. Try to figure out whether this strategy helps you. Some sellers contact brand new members or members that have been active for a while. Who you talk to is always up to you.

You might also want to venture out onto the rest of the internet to promote your business. There are lots of blogs, forums, and groups that would be happy to see the used panties you have for sale. You just have to find them.

Here are some options we found during our research:


There are several subreddits that are dedicated to selling and buying used underwear. Some of the best subreddits include:

Each subreddit has its own guidelines about posting ads, so make sure you follow them precisely. These sites could be more active, but it doesn’t hurt to post your new pairs here, right?


If you’ve never checked out FetLife, now’s your chance! They have several used panty selling groups that would love to see your listings.

Here are some examples:

In addition, if you feel comfortable, you can also post your items on local groups to your area. Keep in mind that some people might want to meet up to make the transaction though, so do this in a public place or insist on shipping.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups let people with similar interests, hobbies, and fetishes congregate together. There are several Facebook groups where you can sell your underwear including:

It probably goes without saying that you should create a new Facebook account so you can post your items privately. First, you don’t want to associate your real name with your brand, especially on public groups. Second, any of your friends can see what public groups you’re a part of. Talk about an awkward conversation with your Aunt Karen!

Other Sex Work

One of the best ways to find new clients is to bring them in through some other type of sex work. People are willing to spend extra money on panties from someone they already know through camming sites or OnlyFans. Plus, you can make more money in the process.

Here are popular types of sex work that also offer more opportunities for you to make money selling your used panties:

  • Camming
  • Phone sex
  • OnlyFans
  • Stripping
  • Escorting
  • Amateur porn
  • Professional porn
  • Dominatrix
  • Financial dominatrix
  • Kink companion

It’s totally okay if you only feel comfortable selling your used panties online. However, if you’re strapped for cash or interested in exploring your sexuality, trying out one of these professions is a great way to go! If you’re interested in how to get into these fields, check out our article “A Complete Guide to Sex Work.” (link)

Guidelines for messaging potential buyers

Once a buyer decides that they’re interested in what you have to say in your profile or they’re interested in purchasing some of your items, they’ll send you a message. You should feel great about receiving your first message because that means your shop inventory, profile, descriptions, and promotion efforts are all working!

However, you haven’t made your sale yet. Transactions on used panty websites aren’t exactly like they are on Amazon or Etsy. Customers usually don’t simply put items in their cart and buy them. Instead, they want to get to know you a little before they buy.

Here are some tips for messaging with buyers to keep them interested and get sales.

Build a Rapport.

You might think that used panty buyers just want to talk dirty. While some of your conversations will probably be more sexually explicit than others, some buyers might just want to get to know your hobbies and interests to get to know you on a more personal level. They want to know if they have something in common with you. It’s sexy for some people to get to know the person whose panties they buy.

Be open and honest when talking to buyers. Try your best to be yourself. Of course, if they ask what you’re wearing, you might not want to say Hello Kitty sweatpants. But it’s much easier to keep your story straight if you’re talking about real aspects of your personal life.

Be responsive

It’s important to try to respond to messages as soon as you can. Potential buyers might be messaging more than one seller at a time, and if someone else responds faster, they might get the sale. You don’t always have to be by your computer, but check your messages once or twice a day. Once you’re talking to someone regularly, respond to them often. Most sites will send you an email or notification when you have a new message, which makes it easy to check and respond quickly.

Some sites have “online now” features, which can be very helpful in creating visibility. It allows you to talk to a buyer right away and maybe come to an agreement the same day. Remain active online as much as you can. Keep the browser tab for your shop open and your social media pages active while you check your email or watch Netflix. This will help get your shop discovered and guarantee you never miss a message or an opportunity.

Don’t try to jump into a sale right away

Buyers want to get to know you, and will probably be turned off if you try to move the conversation to sales right away. They’re expecting to talk to you and feel you out to see if they’re interested in your panties. That’s totally normal, and it’s part of the job. Talking to customers isn’t a waste of time, but rather a way to build sales.

Get a little flirty

Remember, you’re not selling your Furby collection on Ebay. You’re selling a sexual product. Camgirls and strippers need to flirt for the tips they receive, and you probably will, too.

Some sellers aren’t a big fan of this process, but it can be an opportunity to feel sexy. Remember, all of these people are turned on by you and what you have to offer. You should feel flattered, sexy, and empowered.

You’re more likely to get sales if you can serve a little bit of flirting energy. It doesn’t have to be over the top, but keeping the buyer’s mind on sex makes it more likely that they’ll get horny and want to buy your panties right away.

Don’t keep talking to them if it seems like they won’t buy.

There are some people on used panty websites who are just looking for sex talk and have no intention of ever making a purchase. It’s easier to avoid this if you use a site with a membership fee for buyers like Sofia Gray. If they’re paying money to make an account, they’re more likely to actually be interested.

However, if you’ve been talking to a buyer for over a week and they haven’t bought anything, feel free to cut them loose. You can drop hints that you’d like them to buy, like “My rent is due soon” or “Which pair of panties are you interested in?” If they don’t grab the opportunity, it’s okay to stop talking.

Feel free to send extra pictures.

Your buyer might want to see more pictures of you or the items you have in your shop.

It’s normal to want to get a clear idea of what you’re buying, so it doesn’t hurt to send extra pics if the buyer is curious. Just be sure that they’re not looking to get something for nothing. Also, if you’re okay with showing your face, sharing a selfie is a great way to entice buyers.

However, don’t add more pics if you don’t feel comfortable, especially if they want nudes. Selling used panties is supposed to be fun, not make you feel uncomfortable. If they ask for pics, you can always tell them you’ll send a few with the package after they buy.

Don’t give away any identifying information.

While it’s best to be yourself while talking to a buyer, don’t give away any information that could help a buyer track you down. Most people who buy used panties just have a fetish and are completely normal. But it doesn’t hurt to have that extra layer of security, especially if you’re afraid of your shop being exposed.

While it’s fine to tell people what city you live in, never give away your address or take a picture outside of your home or apartment building. This is especially true if the seller comes from the same area as you.

If you want to talk about people in your life like a friend or boyfriend, you might want to consider changing their names. It’s easier to find you if they know certain people you’re connected to, and that’s not what you want.

In addition, it’s best not to give out your cell phone number. If they really want to talk to you, you can chat over Zoom or Skype. It’s possible to do online searches to track down phone numbers, so be careful.

Again, the chances that this could become a problem are very rare but you still need to be smart and protect yourself.

Set boundaries.

If a potential client makes a request that makes you uncomfortable, you should say no. If someone seems like a creep, it’s okay to stop messaging them or tell them to change the subject. You’re the person with the items they want, and it’s okay to put your foot down.

Remember, you shouldn’t feel weird or “dirty” about selling your used panties to serious, interested buyers. If someone is making you feel weird, it’s better to stop talking to them. Do you really want their sale? Would you feel comfortable continuing to message them if they wanted to be a repeat customer? Does the idea of them having your undies give you the heebie jeebies? If so, just cut ‘em off. If things get really weird or gross, consider reporting them to your chosen site so other sellers don’t have to deal with them.

Be prepared to negotiate.

It’s common for some buyers to haggle when it comes to the listing price of your items. (For this reason, it can be a good idea to price your items a little higher than the lowest price you’re willing to receive. This gives you a little extra wiggle room during the negotiating process.)

If they want a lower price, don’t feel insulted. They want to save their money just as much as you want to make it. It’s normal to negotiate with private sellers on sites like Craigslist, so this isn’t much different.

Don’t lowball yourself, either. Tell them the minimum amount you’re willing to sell your panties for and stand your ground. After all, you’re running a business and at the end of the day, it’s about bringing in a profit and valuing your work. If someone wants a pair of $35 panties for $20, this is unreasonable and you shouldn’t be afraid to say so!  Don’t let concern over losing the sale worry you either. The last thing you need is a repeat customer who’s paying well below your rates.

You always have the power to turn down a transaction. If you tell them you’ll take $30 for a $35 pair and they still aren’t into it, you can just walk away. There will be buyers out there who are willing to pay your rates, or at least a number closer to what you’re asking.

Don’t be spammy.

Some sites let you message a potential buyer first. This feature is both a blessing and a curse. Use it sparingly.

You don’t want buyers to get the impression that you message every single person who wants to buy used underwear on the site. This seems spammy and is unlikely to result in any sales. It can also give you a bad reputation on the platform and deter future buyers from responding to your advances. Don’t prepare a message that you copy and paste every time, either. Try to craft personalized messages for every buyer based on their profile and interests.

Consider messaging with something short and sweet like, “Hey handsome, how’s your day going?” This can be a good conversation starter. Saying “Hey, check out my shop!” seems a little too desperate and direct.

It is possible to make sales using these features. Experiment with what type of message brings in sales and what doesn’t.

Send updates about the undies they buy.

Congratulations, you’ve made a sale! Now it’s time to do your best to turn them into a repeat customer.

Send them updates about the process of wearing your used panties if you make them after an order. These can be sexy updates, but they don’t have to be. Telling them where they are in the queue lets them anticipate when the lingerie will arrive.

Make sure to message them when you ship out their product and approximately how long it will take to reach them. This will help both of you resolve any shipping issues that might arise. And again, it lets them feel the anticipation of a new pair of panties arriving at their house!

Continue to message buyers to get repeat customers.

It’s not a bad idea to keep a list of your buyers and message them every once in a while to try to keep them interested in your shop. Follow up with customers about a week or so after they receive the panties. Send a message asking if they’re enjoying their recent purchase. A simple inquiry could result in another sale down the line.

If you get some extra time or business is slow, consider checking up with your previous buyers. Ask them how they’re doing and whether they’re still enjoying the underwear. This could prompt them to peruse your shop and buy something new.


Now that you’ve messaged with a seller and decided on a price for your used panties, you’ll need to settle on a payment method. Many sites nowadays have switched to a coin-based payment system. Buyers purchase a certain amount of coins and can use them to purchase items from sellers. Sellers can then withdraw the value of their coins in cash from the site they use.

This system is really convenient and makes it easier for you to handle transactions. You know you’ll get paid before you ship the items, which makes it easier to avoid scammers. You also don’t have to worry about revealing information to a seller, which some payment sites sometimes share.

If your chosen site doesn’t offer a coins system, you’ll need to arrange the selling details with your buyer individually. Unfortunately, many money transferring sites and apps don’t allow sex work transactions. If someone puts in the wrong note or your profile gets flagged, you could lose your account. Sometimes, this even means you have to forfeit the money inside. You can always use these sites knowing the risk, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Here are some sites to steer clear of during this process, as well as the parts of the terms of service these services violate:

  • PayPal
    “You may not use the PayPal service for activities that…relate to transactions involving….certain sexually oriented materials or services.”
  • Square
    “Will not accept payments in connection with…adult entertainment oriented products or services (in any medium, including internet, telephone or printed material).”
  • Google Wallet
    “Unacceptable product – Adult goods and services – Pornography and other sexually suggestive materials (including literature, imagery and other media); escort or prostitution services.”
  • Stripe
    “By registering for Stripe, you are confirming that you will not use the Service to accept payments [for] Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media); sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features.”
  • Venmo
    “You agree you will not use the Venmo Services [for sales of] items that are considered obscene; … certain sexually oriented materials or services; … You further agree that you will not use the Venmo Services to conduct transactions that…are otherwise related to illegal activity, gambling, pornography, obscene material or otherwise objectionable content or activities.”
  • WePay
    “You will not accept payments or use the Service in connection with the following activities, items or services: Adult or adult-related services, including escort services, adult massage, or other adult-entertainment services; Adult or adult-related content, including performers or ‘cam girls’.”
  • Snapcash
    Run by Square.
  • Cash App
    Run by Square.
  • Braintree
    Run by Paypal.

That’s a lot of sites that are pretty sex worker-phobic! So here are some platforms that do allow sex workers to get paid:

  • Bitcoin
    Into crypto? It’s totally okay to use Bitcoin as a payment method for basically any service on the web. However, it can be a little complicated, so it might make it hard to get customers to pay with it unless they’re savvy about Bitcoin themselves.
  • Bitpay
    This is an easier way to receive payments in Bitcoin. They take a 1% fee, but this is honestly pretty low, and you might be able to ask the buyer to cover the fee in their purchase price. But again, it can be difficult to sell users on this because Bitcoin can be inaccessible.
  • Amazon gift cards
    Many sex workers choose to sell their panties in exchange for Amazon gift cards. This is a really safe option, as there’s no way for Amazon to know why the seller is sending you the gift card. It could be for a birthday! As nice as this method is, it can be a little harder for some sellers who are trying to make ends meet. Since you can only use the money on Amazon, it won’t help you pay your rent or buy food. Keep this in mind when deciding whether it’s the option for you.
  • Verotel
    This payment site is actually made for sex workers to receive cash. That means you don’t have to worry at all about your account getting shut down. If you’re looking to get cash instead of Amazon gift cards or Bitcoin, check this one out!
  • Payoneer
    This is basically an invoicing software, so it requires a little extra work to send these items out to your clients. However, freelancers use sites like this all the time to get paid, so it makes sense to give it a try. You can transfer your money to a bank account at a low rate or withdraw it from an ATM. This site also supports USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, MXN & more, making it more flexible for international customers. Just make sure you convert your fee before they send over the money.
  • Paxum
    Another invoicing software. This site is sex worker friendly, but it does have a couple of restrictions. The only one that could apply is defecation, so don’t use it if you’re selling undies that have been pooped in or if you’re sending actual poop in the mail.

If you have other sites you use, make sure to check the TOS before you start. You can also usually Google “sex worker friendly [service name]” to figure out whether anyone has horror stories about their funds getting seized. You should ensure that you don’t have to put in your full name to send or receive funds, as this can be a safety issue.

It might be hard to convince panty sellers to use a different website to pay, since some used panty sellers will use more accessible sites like PayPal or Venmo. However, you can explain to them why you don’t, and most will be understanding.

Don’t ship out your panties until you receive payment. This helps protect you from spammers or scammers who are just trying to get your items for free. If someone isn’t willing to adhere to this condition, it’s best practice to refuse the transaction. Remind them that almost all used panty sites have a way for the buyer to dispute a transaction if they never get their items, which should be all the protection they need.

How to ship your used panties

It’s important to package your used panties correctly in order to preserve their scent and appearance. If you do it incorrectly, you could have an unsatisfied customer.

You have two choices for wearing and shipping your used panties. You can either wear them before you list them then preserve their smell, or you can wear them when the order comes in. There are pros and cons of both options.

If you wear your panties in advance, you can ship them out right away without delay. This also allows you to stockpile panties so you can take several orders at once. However, the smell may dissipate over time, which can disappoint customers. This also won’t work if the customer wants you to ship your panties while they’re still wet to preserve the juices.

Instead, you can list the panties in your shop before they’re worn and prepare them when they’re needed. This approach means you don’t need to keep a stock on hand and only complete orders you know are a sure thing. In addition, you can customize any pair based on the client’s requests. This also allows you to get playful with your buyers by teasing them as you wear the panties.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. One compromise is to wear the panties beforehand, then wear them for an extra day when they’re ordered to ramp up the scent. Experiment with what works best for you and your shop.

When it comes time to pack and ship your goods, the best option is to vacuum seal your underwear. If you wear your undies in advance, seal them immediately after they’ve dried out. This will keep the smell in for the client in the most effective way. However, if vacuum sealing isn’t an option, a ziploc bag is the next best thing. Just make sure it’s sealed tightly.

Some buyers will have an opinion about whether the panties should be shipped wet or dry, either from sweat, vaginal fluids, or urine. Shipping wet panties can be risky, as the smell can change or become foul during the shipping process. They could also develop mold or bacteria. Ew!

However, if that’s what your client wants and you haven’t prepared your panties in advance, go ahead and send them this way. Just warn them of the risks. You might also want to tell them that you won’t provide a refund if this happens.

Generally, it’s best to dry your panties out before you send them. You can do this by leaving them out for a couple of days, putting them in front of a fan, or using a hair dryer on them. It’s best to make this process as quick to preserve the scent.

Lastly, don’t forget to include a small personal item in the box with your panties. A handwritten card or a polaroid photo of you in the panties can go a long way!

Selling used panties can be a fulfilling and exciting experience for many people. It’s a great way to make some money on the side, too! If you follow the tips in this guide, you could be on the way to becoming an elite panty seller in no time. Good luck