How to Protect Your Privacy on OnlyFans

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What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform. Here, your “fans” are charged a rate per month (which you decide) to access your page. Additionally, they can tip you under posts and in private messages in exchange for more content or things like sexting, etc. 

OnlyFans is just absolutely massive right now, and has been steadily growing since it’s 2016 launch. On OnlyFans, they take 20% commission and you keep 80% - every fan subscription and tip is split this way. Many people enjoy OnlyFans in comparison to camming websites due to this relatively high earnings point - as most camming websites keep 60-75% of what you make. 

Although, many models who have used both services say that there is much more opportunity to make money through camming since it can be done consistently and there are so many people who can stumble upon your profile, have their fun (tip you), and then carry on rather than having to hook people into a subscription to earn. 

Can I be anonymous on OnlyFans? 
Yes, it is possible to stay anonymous on OnlyFans. During the initial sign-up, many people interested in being an OnlyFans creator may be scared off by the fact that you need to submit a photocopy of your government issued ID to be accepted onto the platform. 

This information is only ever used to verify your ID to the site and is never made public. Additionally, you can use an alias or alter-ego name to keep things private. OnlyFans also has this awesome geo-blocking feature (which is common on many camming websites as well), where you can block out entire geographical regions (provinces, states, whole countries, even) from ever seeing your content. 

Is OnlyFans safe?
There has been some debate over whether or not OnlyFans is a safe platform, not necessarily in their privacy (because they do help you keep safe in that regard), but in terms of how OnlyFans as a whole treats their content creators. 

From an anonymity stand-point, OnlyFans is quite safe. Using the geo-blocking feature, an alias and being strict with things like content promotion (only promoting where people can’t find you), it’s relatively easy to stay safe and anonymous. 

What are camming websites? 

Webcam modeling (often referred to as “camming”) is, in my opinion, being in the business of selling fantasies. The cam model performs (naked or in clothing) in front of a webcam on an adult camming site. Models can do all kinds of things from interactive sex shows (couple camming) to fun games (like strip teases) and more. The goal of a cam model is to entertain their audience, however big or small. 

What are common camming websites?
There are tons of camming websites out there...Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, ImLive, CamSoda...the list goes on and on. If you’re interested in seeing an extensive list of model platforms, check out my ultimate model platform post here

Can I be anonymous on camming websites?
Yes, you can be anonymous on camming websites. This may be surprising to many people, because to cam, you have to show your face, right? Well, in most cases, yes. But if you’re showing your face to people who don’t know you (and people who have no way of finding out who you are), then you are still quite anonymous. 

Are camming websites safe?
Camming websites can be very safe if you use the right precautions, which is something we will get more into below. Something to keep in mind for camming vs OnlyFans is that on OnlyFans, you don’t ever have to show your face. There are load of accounts that never do. Whereas with camming, it’s quite normal to show your face during camming shows and you may have people click off if they realize you aren’t doing that (because so many other people are). 

How do I protect my privacy on OnlyFans? 

Protecting your privacy when venturing into a sexy side hustle like OnlyFans or cam modeling is essential. There are lots of things that could potentially be negatively impacted by this kind of work - your career, your family, perhaps even your relationships. While everyone who works in this NSFW content creation field knows that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, some other people aren’t as open-minded, so we completely understand the desire to keep things discrete. 

Here are some tips on how to protect your anonymity and privacy on OnlyFans...

Don’t show your face. 
On OnlyFans, one of the benefits is that most of the time this is photo and video content, not live content. While OnlyFans does have an option to go live, you don’t need to use it to be successful. Taking photos that are from the neck down and obscuring any noticeable marks on your skin (birth marks, tattoos, etc) can help keep your identity safe. 

Watermark your photos. 
One of the best ways to protect your privacy (that may not occur to you) is to properly watermark your content so it isn’t stolen and re-uploaded somewhere else. While this could potentially still happen, people are a lot less likely to steal watermarked content than to screen-shot and steal content that has no watermarks on it. If you don’t watermark your content, someone could screen-shot it and release it, letting everyone know it’s you, or they could pretend it’s them with the intent of stealing your identity and customer/fanbase. 

OnlyFans does watermark content, but it’s typically only at the bottom of images, which can easily be cropped out. We suggest using a photo-editing tool to lightly watermark your content across the main area of the photo or video. 

Create a whole new email address dedicated to your NSFW content creation and promotion. 
Being anonymous online often means creating completely separate accounts. You don’t want anything that connects real-life you to online-you. We suggest creating a new email account for your NSFW content creation and then using that email to create separate social media pages for your promotion. 

Set your OnlyFans price high. 
One of the things you can do to ensure your privacy and protect yourself is to mark your content at a higher subscription rate. This tends to weed out people who aren’t really interested in you, and ensures that the people who are interested enough to pay the slightly higher fee respect you enough to respect your privacy. While it’s tempting to mark your OnlyFans page as “FREE” in order to get more subcribers, if privacy and anonymity is super important to you, perhaps being a bit more exclusive in terms of who you allow to see your content is a good starting point. 

If you have a wishlist, make sure your actual address isn’t listed. Use a PO box or alternative address. 
One of the really fun things about OnlyFans is that you can create an Amazon wishlist that you then link in your profile (OnlyFans has a special URL area just for this). People who subscribe to you can then buy you gifts and have them sent to you. 

The most important thing you can do here to protect your identity and privacy is to ensure that, on Amazon, your shipping address isn’t listed to people who can see your wishlist. Additionally, we suggest having that address be a PO box that is not actually your address just in case. 

Take advantage of “geo blocking” on OnlyFans. 
Geo-blocking is something that OnlyFans took from camming websites and it’s a feature that is entirely designed to protect your privacy. How it works is that you can actually block entire regions (this can be a province, a state, or an entire country) from ever seeing your page. This means that you will not be searchable to people within that region and even if they knew your OnlyFans URL, when they go to it, it’s just a blank page. This is a great feature to ensure that people who you don’t want finding your NSFW content never can. 

Set time limits on your posts. 
OnlyFans has a feature where you can time-limit your posts. For example, you can set a sensitive photo or video to “expire” in one week. This means it will stay on your page for people to enjoy for one week, after which it will then be removed. This is a great way to ensure that more sensitive photos are shared (and that you earn money off them), but then don’t stay out there longer than you’re comfortable with. 

Be mindful when talking in DMs. 
It’s really easy to slip up in a discussion and accidentially leak sensitive information. For example, if someone asks what you’re doing this weekend and you mention a concert that you’re attending, it could be quite easy for the other person to establish where you live based on that information. This is a silly example, but you get my point - be mindful in discussions with fans and subscribers not to give away too much information. 

How do I protect my privacy on camming websites?

Protecting your privacy on camming websites (such as Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, CamSoda, etc) is far easier than you think. Initially, you may be hesitant to get into cam modeling because of how personal it is. You’re performing live in front of an audience, it’s not exactly discrete. 

However, with a few things in mind, it can be… 

Use a stage name. 
This is the most important rule of modeling - use an alias. This is super fun, too - you can come up with something cute and sexy or mysterious and edgy, the choice is yours. Having a stage name or alias is going to do a few things for you: make you super discoverable (especially if the name is unique), allow you to create a whole new persona that’s specifically meant for entertaining, and protect your true identity. 

Use a VPN. 
VPNs are a godsend. What are they? VPN stands for “virtual private network” and it’s exactly what it sounds like - a private virtual network that you can use so your real IP address isn’t traceable. Obviously, this is a great idea if you’re into NSFW content creation and want to protect your identity and location at all costs. 

Have neutral backgrounds while you’re live on camming sites. 
This is a tip from the “sexting guides” I’ve done, but it’s just as applicable: make sure your background doesn’t give you away! While you obviously want to have a visually appealing background for putting on a good show, be mindful of what’s included in that. If there’s a bookshelf that has a photo of you on it with a friend, if there’s a plaque on the wall of where you went to school...these are all things people can pick up on to figure out who you are and where you’re from. 

Take advantage of “geoblocking” on camming sites. 
Remember that geoblocking thing I mentioned earlier? OnlyFans copied that from camming sites such as Chaturbate and LiveJasmin. This is a must-use feature if you’re looking to protect your identity from people you know in your real life and make sure what you do online is never translated IRL. 

If you use the broadcast feature, be mindful of the other platforms’ privacy settings. 
Some camming sites have this great feature where you can essentially use that platform as a broadcaster and go live on multiple platforms at once. If this happens, just be mindful that on those platforms, your geo-block may not be as effective. 

Consider using a site like CamModelProtection to file DCMA takedowns. 
If you’re a content creator of any kind, I’m sure you’ve seen the letters “DCMA” before. A DCMA takedown refers to a notice sent because a copyright owner believes someone has posted an infringement and they want it removed without the hassle of filing a lawsuit. It happens all the time, because unfortunately, people steal content all the time. To do this, though, you need to submit personal information, which is a big, fat link from who you are online to who you are in real life. CamModelProtection helps with that and allows you to file those kinds of notices under their name instead of yours. 

Be mindful when speaking during shows. 
Similarly to chatting in DMs, it can be easier than you think to slip up with a fact about you or your location while you’re streaming live during your shows. Do whatever you can to “get into character” before your shows and leave your IRL self behind during your performance, focusing entirely on your online persona. 

Turn off location information on social media sites you use to promote your cam model life. 
If you’re promoting your shows or your profile through platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook - make sure you don’t have location information on for those platforms. You may notice when you see other people’s photos that you can see quite a bit of information such as what device they are sending the message from (Twitter), or where they are located (Instagram). This can be a huge problem if you’re trying to protect your privacy. 

Should you become a cam model (or start OnlyFans) if you’re worried about privacy? 

If you’ve been considering starting an OnlyFans or becoming a cam model but haven’t done so due to privacy concerns, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty daunting thing, not only to put yourself out there in an intimate and vulnerable way, but then to have the fear of being “found out” all the time - it’s overwhelming to say the least. 

Consider your motives. 
If this is something you want to do because you really want to do it, I think there’s not much that could stop you. If you have a passion for something (entertaining) or if you feel good about something (sharing intimate parts of yourself), then you should just go for it! However, if the motivation is financial, for example, there are less invasive ways to earn an income online (such as sexting, selling your panties, etc) that don’t involve as much risk to your privacy. 

Know that you’re not alone - so many people do this! 
While there are, of course, some stories of people being “found out” for their NSFW online work, there are just as many stories (if not more) of people who have successfully maintained a secret online persona for months or even years. It is possible, and lots of people do it! 

Take the time to weigh your options before diving in. 
Starting an NSFW online persona is a lot of work, quite time-consuming, and it’s something you need to be sure that you want before you invest time (and perhaps money on equipment, webcams, etc) on. Take some time to weigh your options and establish how you feel about this before diving in. 

It’s not permanent...well, part of it could be. 
The choice you make isn’t permanent. If you decide to start an OnlyFans, you can always shut it down. If you decide to become a cam model, you can always stop. However, there are parts of this that could come with some permanency. When something is on the internet, there is always a chance that it’s there forever. Screenshots or recordings...they happen. Not all the time, but the other thing is that you may never know. Someone could record your show or screenshot your OnlyFans images without you ever knowing. So, while you can always change your mind - before you dive in to exposing yourself online, be sure that you can live with the idea of it being out there forever. 

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