How to Take Good Nudes

The used panty marketplace

You don’t have to be a professional model or even a porn star to take nude pictures. In fact, most people have taken and sent at least one nude picture in their lifetime. Here are some eye-opening statistics on the popularity of nude photos.

  • Americans send 1.8 million nude pictures per day or per every 20 seconds
  • 4 in 10 people have sent at least 1 nude picture (this equates to 11% of adults)
  • 1 in 5 people would be willing to pay money for nude photographs at the average price of $27 per picture

Are you looking to take and sell nude photos for a profit? Given the porn industry alone is worth well into the billions, the belief that sex sells, still applies today. Or do you simply want to improve the quality of the nudes you send your significant other? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

So before you undress, switch your cell phone camera to selfie mode, and start clicking, keep reading for our insider tips on how to take good nudes that earn you top dollar and make you and your partner drool! 

How Much Can You Make Selling Nudes?

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how to take good nudes, let’s talk about why you’d want to. While some people snap sexy naked selfies for their own personal pleasure and that of their partners’, other people are looking to turn a profit. If the latter describes you, knowing how much your raw footage is worth is a good place to start.

Similar to calculating how much the porn industry is worth, the price of nude photos varies drastically for a number of reasons. For starters, it depends on who you are and how much your pictures are worth to interested parties. If you have a consistent following on social media and have made a name for yourself by posting sexy, fully-clothed photos, chances are your dedicated followers will be more than happy to shell over cash for a glimpse at what’s underneath those sexy clothes! 

If you post on subscription sites like OnlyFans, you can use teasers to draw in more followers and revenue. Open a free account where you post naughty and seductive pictures that show off your sexy body, without exposing it all. Then, direct subscribers to your paid page where they can get an exclusive look at your body in all its naked glory. Again, the more followers you have, the more likely they are to pay for access to your nude photos. Most Onlyfans subscription fees range from $4.99 per month to $15.99 per month. And don’t forget about tips! Posting consistent, high-quality content and engaging with your followers could earn you hundreds of extra dollars in tips. 

Prices range anywhere from $10 to $20 for a topless picture if you’re a female to $50 or much more for a full-body picture. You can also accept custom orders which may include much more in-depth and racy content like close-up photos of certain body parts or nude photos of you in specific poses and positions. As with any online venture, always confirm your payment before sending any content, and only do so on a safe and trusted platform. Also, never share personal information like your phone number, address, or bank account. 

Taking Nudes for Your Own, Personal Pleasure

Most people take nudes with no intention of ever selling them but instead to share with their partner or most recent fling. In terms of value, a good nude is priceless to the person on the receiving end. Sending nudes is a risky game but it can also be empowering. Don’t forget that once you hit that “send” button, your photos have entered the digital world and there’s no going back. But, if you’re taking and sharing quality nudes with a trusted source, it can be a huge turn-on for both of you. 

As the sender, you feel sexy and in control. Your image is getting someone else sexually aroused. They may even get off looking at your picture. That’s a flattering thought and instant confidence booster. For the person getting the goods, they’re in for a visual treat they’ll most definitely appreciate. Sharing good nudes takes sexting to the next level and can act as the ultimate form of foreplay and a preview of what’s the come (literally). 

Tips for Taking Good Nudes

Now that you know the why of taking nudes (other than your own personal pleasure), let’s discuss the how. Taking a quality nude picture is about more than just disrobing and taking a selfie. Here are the types and techniques to consider. 

You Need Good Lighting

When taking good nudes, lighting can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you’ve ever tried on clothes in a fitting room, you know that some light is harsh and magnifies all your flaws, while other types of lighting accentuate your lines and curves in all the right places. 

Consider natural lighting from outside, dim lights from your bedside lamp, or invest in a ring light made specifically for taking pictures. You can also utilize certain filters and settings that help you adjust everything from the brightness and hues to the sharpness. Just be sure not to add any crazy or obvious filters that will have people calling you out on posting and selling unauthentic or overly edited photos. 

Consider the Angle

Similar to the right lighting, the angle at which you take your nude photos can make all the difference. If you’ve ever used a selfie stick or held your smartphone up high above your head to snap a picture, you know that certain angles make you look thinner, more fit, and just plain better! There’s nothing wrong with using a few tricks of the eye and camera angle to take drool-worthy nude photos.

This also includes how you hold your body, position yourself, “suck in” and pose. One pro tip is that no matter how much you’re arching your back, pushing up your cleavage, or flexing, it should all be done subtly. Holding your body in an unnatural position will take away from the quality and appeal of your nude photos. Experiment with different angles to make yourself look curvier in some places and slimmer in others. The good news is, that you only have to hold these sometimes uncomfortable positions for a few seconds to snap several quality photos. 

Set a Sexy Scene

While your sexy body will be the photo’s main attraction, you need to consider the background as well. Before you start snapping sexy selfies, look around you. Is your bedroom a cluttered mess? If so, clean it up ASAP! No one finds dirty laundry, an unmade bed, and old candy wrappers particularly arousing. Zooming in on yourself or using portrait mode are quick and easy ways to eliminate unwanted background images in your nudes. 

Taking good nudes is about more than just tidying up your bedroom. Most people will pay more money for gorgeous nude photos that are set up more like a professional photo shoot or work of art than a standard bedroom selfie (although there’s a large enough market for that as well). Simple things like lighting some candles, draping a silk sheet over your torso, or taking a picture in nature (without getting arrested for indecent exposure), are all great ways to captivate your audience and add another element of beauty to your nude photos. If you’re sending a nude to your significant other, consider setting the scene for when you’re together later complete with a preview of the bed, the lingerie you’ll wear, and other accessories or toys. 

Think About Your Audience

Taking nudes to sell and taking them for your own personal use are two very different things and require different approaches. 

When selling nudes online, knowing your clientele will help give you valuable insight into the types of nude photos to take. Don’t be afraid to diversify your portfolio and take a wide variety of nude photos. You might stumble on a category that works best for your body type. For example, some people are searching for big and beautiful women while others search by ethnicity, breast size, age, and countless other factors. Cosplay, anime, and furries are also popular categories that have a very niche audience. Experiment with different types of nude photos to see which ones show your best side and help land you the biggest payday. 

When sending nude photos to your SO or a potential lover, consider their likes and dislikes. What parts of your body do they love most? Take a close-up of these intimate areas and include a message about what you want them to do to you. You can also reenact a particular sex act or position that you’re both particularly fond of. The more personalized the photo, the better!

Show Your Face or Body, Not Both

There are all types of nude photos including face shots that show off your breasts or sexy back, feet pics that also display your toned legs, and butt or torso pics. Some of the top-selling nude photos showcase either your face or your body, but not necessarily both. One reason is for anonymity (more on this later) and the other is to help create mystery and intrigue.

Snapping a photo of a bare sexy shoulder and your face is fine. But if you plan to include your exposed breasts, buttocks, or other body parts, leave your face out of it. Again, this protects your identity and adds to the illusion of why people purchase nude photos in the first place. You can also suggest you're naked in a photograph without actually showing off your private parts. For example, pictures of you in the bathtub or shower with your legs, thighs, and torso exposed and covered in playful bubbles let viewers know that it’s a nude photo but doesn’t require you to expose your entire body. This technique also works when sending nudes to someone you don’t know that well yet. Instead of exposing yourself completely, give them a little tease that leaves them begging for more.

Be Creative and Unique

Creativity is key when taking good nude photos. So is offering a unique angle (both literally and figuratively) that makes your nude photos unlike anyone else's on the Internet. While this may seem impossible, with a little research, planning, and trial and error you can create beautiful and timeless nude photos that set you apart from other online sellers. 

Add a touch of your personality that gives people a sneak peek behind the scenes of your naughty photo shoot. The more people know about the person behind the camera, the more they’re willing to pay to see what you’ve got to offer. As mentioned before, get creative with your backdrop, accessories, and poses. You can wear lingerie and costumes, dabble in some bondage photos, or use facial expressions to convey a naughty message (more on this in a minute). 

The most important part of taking good nudes is to be true to yourself. Anyone can Google nude photos online and come up with dozens of results. What people pay the big bucks for are nude shots taken specifically for them. Personalize your nudes in any way you can. Find out what the buyer likes and incorporate it into your photo shoot. Examples include wearing their favorite sport’s team logo, showing them a new pair of panties or shoes you bought or writing their name on your toned tummy in lipstick. Personalized photos are reserved for private clients that contact you directly or your SO whom you already know intimately. There’s really no limit to the types of nude photos you can take. Just make sure your nudes are authentic, unfiltered (for the most part), natural, and showcase how confident you are about being naked. 

Photograph Different Body Parts

Taking good nudes isn’t all about boobs and butts. While there are plenty of people looking to buy these types of pictures, there’s also a market for different types of nudes that are more about beauty, art, and creativity than pornography. 

The human body, when photographed right, is beautiful in and of itself. You don’t need to take shots of your tits and ass to make money or produce quality nude photos. Consider other parts of your body like the curve of your hip, that sexy V-spot near your groin, your inner thighs, or your toned torso. Some people buying nudes online prefer the “less is more” approach so they can use their own naughty imagination to fill in the blanks. 

The same can be said for sending personal nudes via text. There’s no reason to lay it all out there from the start. Instead, tease your other half with pictures of your naked body just above or below your private parts. Send a picture of your breasts with your hand covering your nipple or of the area just above your panty line. Sometimes, using your naughty imagination is even sexier than seeing things in the flesh. 

Use the Power of Facial Expressions

When taking face shots and selfies, remember that your facial expressions play an important role in the emotion your photographs convey. While the duck face was popular for a hot second in the early 2000s, today, it’s considered less playful and more cliche. That’s not to say that every picture you take should have you smiling from ear to ear either. After all, this isn’t a family photo shoot. 

Two classic facial expressions that convey sensuality are the open mouth moan and biting your lower lip. Both are subtle ways of letting your viewers know (or at least think) that you’re feeling naughty and aroused. You can also gasp or inhale slightly for a breathless look where your lips are slightly parted. Another pro tip is to mouth the word ‘apple’ right before snapping the photo to achieve that relaxed, open-mouth look. 

Avoid Crotch Shots (Unless Specifically Requested)

One rookie mistake people make when taking nude photos is thinking your audience wants an up close and personal shot of your genitals. Trust us, they don’t. Unless your buyers are studying to be doctors or gynecologists, most people can agree that a zoomed-in version of your genitalia isn’t exactly a turn-on. Not to mention, if you include a full-frontal pic from between your legs, chances are, viewers aren’t going to notice anything else about your photos like your gorgeous make-up, lingerie, physique, or background. The only time you should send a nude photo of your genitals is if specifically requested. (Yes, we’re talking to all the guys who still think it’s okay to send random, unsolicited dick pics!) Leaving a little something to the imagination makes your nude pics that much more appealing. 

Take Multiple Photos 

Most cellphones have a “burst” option when taking pictures for a reason. Chances are, the first nude photo you take won’t be a guaranteed winner. In fact, you may need to take dozens or even hundreds of photos before you get the perfect shot. The more pictures you take, the more you have to choose from. 

For example, you may love how your body looks in one picture but wish your hair was swept across your face or shoulders differently. Snap several pictures and then preview them before making any necessary adjustments and snapping a few more. This is especially important if your current photo shoot requires lots of props, outfits, or a complicated backdrop. Nothing is worse than breaking down your “set” only to later find a major imperfection in your nude photo. You can easily delete photos on your smartphone so it’s always better to take too many than not enough. 

Edit Carefully

When it comes to taking good nude photos that people are willing to pay for, attention to detail and quality is key. No one’s going to pay top dollar for a sloppy photo that was taken in a bathroom stall that you never gave a second look at before posting. Taking and selling good nude photos means editing them carefully and making any necessary changes. 

The good news is that there are plenty of excellent editing tools online that are effective and both free and easy to use. Avoid over editing your photos to the point they look photoshopped or fake. Most people buying nude photos online are looking for natural, unobscured beauty. The same goes for sending nudes to your partner. If they already know what you look like naked or without makeup, adding filters to your nudes won’t fool them. Chances are, they love and want you just the way you are! 

Get the Right Equipment

In addition to a good editing app, the equipment you use to take your nude photos will obviously affect their quality. Most nude photos today are taken on a smartphone and thanks to advancements in technology, are pretty high-quality and clear. If you want to enhance your lighting options, consider a ring light. These lights help reduce shadows and help diffuse the lighting when taking pictures under artificial lights. 

While selfies are a popular choice, they’re not the only type of nude photo you can or should take. When experimenting with angles, poses, and positions, you might need a little help. If you’re not comfortable asking someone else to take your nude photos, you can elicit the help of a tripod. You can find an inexpensive tripod that works with your phone so you can take hands-free photos using a wireless, Bluetooth remote. You can also use your phone’s timer and a PopSocket to prop up your phone and give yourself a few seconds to get into position.

Other Things to Consider When Taking and Selling Nudes

When it comes to taking, posting, and selling nudes, there are a few things to consider other than just what your best side is. 

Once It’s Out There, There’s No Going Back

You’ve probably already considered this or learned your lesson the hard way by sending a nude selfie to an ex that ended up on the Internet. But once you post a nude photo online or send it via text or messenger, it’s out in the world for all to see – forever. Once the transaction is complete and you accept money for your nudes, that photo now belongs to the buyer and you have no control over what they’ll do with it or where it will end up. The same goes for sending nudes to your current fling. Once the photo is uploaded to their phone, there’s no way to know where it’ll end up if things between you don’t work out.

Keep this in mind when including distinguishable characteristics in your photos. Things like tattoos and obvious birthmarks can be instantly recognizable, even if you never show your face. These nudes could come back to haunt you in the future when applying for different jobs or even entering into a new relationship. As long as you’re okay with exposing yourself to the whole world, you can make a pretty penny selling your quality nudes online. You can also send personal nudes using an app like Snapchat which deletes the photo after the person views it and alerts you (the sender) if the photo is screenshotted. Unfortunately, at this point, it may be too late, so just be very selective about who you trust with your nudes. 

Consider Remaining Anonymous

This tip is more for those looking to sell nudes online for a profit. One way to protect your identity and save yourself future embarrassment is to remain anonymous or create an alias account used specifically for your nude photo business. This approach obviously takes some forethought, planning, and a little finesse. 

Create new social media accounts on multiple platforms using your new “fake” name. Never divulge details about yourself or your true identity and, of course, never post pictures of your face. While most nude photos don’t need to include your face, you might find some buyers request this. You’ll need to politely decline these offers if you want to continue to remain anonymous or consider altering your marketing approach if you’re willing to expose yourself. 

Take Good Nudes, Make Big Money, Boost Your Confidence

Who knew that quality nudes could be used for more than just texting and hookups? Now more than ever, good nudes can earn you a substantial income. But with millions of free photographs flooding the Internet every day, you need to be creative with your content. Use some of these helpful tips to snap quality photos that earn you recognition and an impressive payday.