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Will I be completely anonymous?

To put it simply, yes. We’re all about anonymity here at Sofia Gray, we take pride in ensuring our users are kept completely safe and private while on our platform. Your personal information is never collected, stored, shared or archived.

Do we take a percentage of sales?

As we want to the sellers maximise the profit they’re making on each sale, we do not take a commission or percentage of any sales made on our platform. Sellers keep 100% of the profits, meaning more items for our lovely buyers to purchase.

Can I make money selling used underwear?

Most definitely. On average each active seller successfully sells 8 pairs of underwear each month. So what’s active? Sellers with more than 5 pictures who promptly reply to messages and even share their shop elsewhere.

Would you like to delete the account?

If you click "Yes", your account will be deleted along with all of your listings. This process cannot be reversed.

No, I changed my mind

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