Pantydeal Review: Can You Actually Make Money?

Overall Rating:


Value for Money: 8

Customer Support: 7

Reputation: 9


Long-standing reputation (the website has been around for over 10 years)

Professional-looking platform with various tools and available account upgrades

Plenty of promotional opportunities and exposure on the website


Lack of constructive customer support

No secure payment method

Limited features for non-premium members

The used panty marketplace

Customer Service and Support

Pantydeal doesn’t have a phone number or email address for support. Instead, when you click on the “support” or “contact” us tab, you’re redirected to an automated chatbot with preselected prompts. You can choose from categories like “profile/login”, “payment/premium”, “technical issue”, and more. Once you select a category, you’ll be met with other subcategories related to that topic. Ultimately, if the chatbot can’t resolve your issue, you’ll be prompted to submit a support ticket.

We did this and received an email response within a few days. The email didn’t offer much additional information than we’d already gotten from the chatbot and it took several rounds of emails to finally resolve the issue, however, the customer service representative was pleasant and helpful. It would’ve been nice if the chat service was a live agent instead of a bot since the responses were generic and not very useful, especially if you have an issue that needs immediate attention.

Expert Opinion has been around for almost as long as buying and selling used panties has been a thing, which is one reason why we think this platform is here to stay. It’s reliable and well-established, which means it has a loyal following of legitimate buyers. Even though Pantydeal doesn’t endorse any one payment method, the risk of getting scammed or duped on this platform is low. Over the course of 10 years, Pantydeal has worked out most of its kinks, building a positive reputation and a quality customer base. The fact that Pantydeal also offers other services and sale opportunities only leads to its appeal and potential.

Just like, we don’t see the used panty industry fading anytime fast. In fact, the wild and kinky world of underwear fetishes is on the rise. As people become more accepting of different sexual preferences, it’s never been easier to let your guard down and start exploring the non-traditional practices that excite and arouse you – including buying used panties.

About Pantydeal 

Pantydeal was founded in 2012 as a social marketplace for used panty buyers and sellers. Over the course of 10 years, the website has grown to over 1.3 million sellers, and 1.7 million buyers, and has helped sellers secure over $850,000 in private deals. Pantydeal currently ranks as one of the largest used panty marketplaces in the world.

Pantydeal founder, Paul Richter, was attending a party when he heard some young women bragging about how they made a ton of money selling their dirty drawers (underwear) online. The conversation sparked an idea, as Richter quickly realized there was a vast market of people interested in buying worn undergarments.

Richter quickly partnered with Caren Smith, a self-proclaimed panty seller, to create a marketplace geared specifically toward this niche market. Together, with Richter’s business sense and Smith’s panty expertise, they developed and launched

It didn’t take long for Pantydeal to earn the top spot as the most used panty website online. The initial response from both buyers and sellers was extremely positive, with interest from users in over a dozen countries. Just 5 years after its initial launch, Pantydeal grew to over 1 million buyers and sellers. Richter attributes the website’s success to his ability to capitalize on the market at the right time. On the website, he says, “Panty selling was already happening worldwide. Through Pantydeal, we’re making it easier and safer for buyers and sellers. That’s why our community loves it."

Selling with Pantydeal

Registering on Pantydeal is free. Similar to other used panty marketplaces, a free account will only grant you access to certain features on the website. If you want to take advantage of all the tools and features Pantydeal offers, you’ll need to upgrade your account.

But let’s start at the beginning. When you’re ready to create an account, simply visit the homepage and click the “Sign Up” tab at the top of the page.

Next, you’ll be brought to the registration page where you can sign up as a buyer or seller. You’ll also be asked to create a username and password and confirm that you’re at least 18 years old. This is a requirement to buy or sell on Pantydeal and almost every other used panty site online.

Now it’s time to create your profile. Pantydeal offers several services beyond just selling used undergarments. You can also sell videos, photos, sexting services and webcam chats. Click all that apply before saving and continuing. 

Once you finish this step, you’ll be redirected to your main selling page on the site. Here, you can see how many buyers are currently online, new featured customers, and a long list of recent posts from both buyers and sellers.

You can also use this page to navigate to other parts of the site. By clicking on your “Checklist” on the left side of the screen, you can add more features and photos to your account. When you first sign-up, your checklist will show as being 20% complete. Click here to see what’s missing.

This page will guide you through what’s missing from your profile. The right navigation menu includes the following bullet points:

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Confirm your email and activate your account
  • Fake check (confirm your identity)
  • SMS check (verify your phone number)
  • My Shop (post items for sale)
  • My ads (post advertisements)
  • Premium membership (upgrade your account and unlock more tools and features)
  • Reviews (post reviews from satisfied customers)
  • Interview (answer a few questions about yourself to help buyers get to know you better)

This section also offers a more in-depth look at each of these steps. By clicking on the larger photograph, you’ll access a how-to guide on completing each bullet point on your profile checklist.

At this point, you can continue using the website’s free features, or choose from one of two premium packages.

For $21 per month, you get unlimited chat services, unlimited sale items, a personalized online panty store, higher earning potential, and Pantydeal won’t take any commission on your sales. The more expensive plan costs $52 for 3 months of access, which is actually a 15% discount, so if you plan to sell for more than a month, this might be the better option.

Other premium account benefits include:

  • Direct access to thousands of buyers around the world
  • Access to the website’s private messaging system for receiving and sending messages
  • Live chat features
  • Unlimited ads where you can post and market your products and services
  • Manage and design your own personal panty shop
  • Upgrade to a full-featured profile that’s visible to the entire Pantydeal community
  • Cloud storage space for uploading countless photos and videos
  • Individual customer support
  • A premium member badge on your profile that adds trust and integrity to your account for increased sales

Once you click on the “Become Premium” button, you’ll need to complete a two-step age verification process. This is done by uploading two photos including an official, government-issued ID. Pantydeal uses these steps to ensure that all users are 18 years of age or older and are who they claim to be.

The billing process for upgrading to a premium membership is fairly straightforward. Pantydeal will charge the membership fee to the credit card of your choice once a month after which you’ll get immediate access to all of the website’s premium features. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account settings by clicking on “cancel subscription”. Failure to do so will result in an automatic renewal charge.

Another thing people like about Pantydeal is that these charges will not appear on your account as “Pantydeal”. Instead, the company uses a neutral and discreet business name to protect your privacy.

Pros and Cons of Pantydeal

Although Pantydeal is one of the oldest and most well-established used panty platforms on the Internet, it still has a few downsides to consider. Before you sign-up for the platform’s premium membership and start investing your time and money into your panty-selling business, check out these Pantydeal pros and cons.


One of Pantydeal’s greatest benefits is industry experience. The panty-selling platform is one of the oldest and most well-established. Having been around since 2010, has developed into a comprehensive and safe marketplace where both buyers and sellers can enjoy a stress-free experience. Pantydeal has also changed with the times, adding new features, added levels of security, and tools to help sellers succeed in a competitive market.

The website itself is beautifully-designed and easy to navigate. Sellers can present their used panties and other clothing items in an eye-catching way, increasing the likelihood of landing a sale. Buyers can easily search by seller name or category to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

The platform also has an abundance of tools and resources to help sellers increase their profits and ensure a positive user experience for buyers. The Fake Check tool helps sellers build a positive reputation and gives buyers peace of mind. The website’s advertising page lets you create personalized aids to run on your page and elsewhere for increased exposure. Satisfied customers can leave reviews to help boost your reputation even further! Let buyers get to know you by filling out Pantydeal’s interview section. Here, you can share as little or as much personal information about yourself as you want. The more buyers know about the person beneath the panties, the more likely they are to make an offer and pay top dollar. Pantydeal also has live chats, cloud storage, and the tools needed to personalize your panty shop.


Despite all of its tools and resources, one area where Pantydeal is lacking is in its customer service and support. The website does have an automated chatbot but many users claim the prompts and pre-selected responses aren’t very helpful or useful. If the chatbot can’t resolve your problem, you’re redirected to put in a claim ticket with no prediction of when you’ll receive a response. This isn’t very useful if your issue needs immediate attention.

It’s also important to note that the website’s most useful tools and features are only available to premium members, which means if you don’t pay, you can’t access the resources you need to succeed. This is common among many panty-selling websites.

When it comes to safety and security, there are no guarantees or promises being made by the admins at The website itself doesn’t endorse any particular payment method nor does it offer much protection against scammers on either side of the coin. Buyers and sellers are left to agree on a payment method of choice like Cash App, Google Pay, or Venmo and negotiate the parameters of every sale from shipping costs to whether payment is due before or after the package is delivered. If a transaction goes bad, it’s up to you to sort it out. Pantydeal doesn’t offer any form of mediation or intervention once a deal is done. According to several Trustpilot reviews, scammers on the site are increasing in numbers and Pantydeal isn’t taking any action to rectify the situation.

How Does Pantydeal Stack Up Against Competitors? is only one of many used-panty platforms flooding the Internet right now. Not to mention people trying to sell their used underwear and other sexy garments on social media and subscription websites like OnlyFans. So, if you’re combing through the competition and want to know how Pantydeal stacks up against the competition, we’re here to help!

In terms of price, Pantydeal’s membership fee is slightly higher than other platforms in the same category. For example, Sofia Gray offers many of the same resources and features as Pantydeal for a third of the cost. Pantydeal’s one-month subscription fee is $21. For $23.99 you can sell on Sofia Gray for three months. Other sites like Scented Pansy and Snifffr charge under $15 per month for premium access. One benefit of Pantydeal is that they don’t collect a commission on your sales so the money you earn is yours to keep.

It’s important to note, though, that when it comes to choosing a platform for selling your used panties, you get what you pay for. Pantydeal, by far, has some of the most comprehensive and beneficial tools and resources for sellers from advertising campaigns and cloud storage to a steady stream of buyers thanks to its decade-long reputation in the industry.

In short, if you plan to sell your used panties exclusively on one platform, Pantydeal may be worth the investment of your time and money. With private chat features, a customizable storefront, and advertising opportunities, this used-panty marketplace has some of the most extensive tools of any other website. If, instead, you plan to showcase your used undergarments in multiple sites, you may not have the time or energy to capitalize on all the features Pantydeal offers, making the hefty monthly fee more trouble than it’s worth – literally.

Forget about crypto, If there’s one thing that’s proven to be profitable in recent years it’s selling used panties. Hence the emergence of so many used underwear marketplaces. With all jokes aside, many savvy sellers have been able to create an income from listing their lovingly used underwear on the internet for the highest bidder to claim. For the benefit of both the buyers and the sellers, today we are going to be reviewing Pantydeal and seeing what makes them one of the largest used underwear distributors.

What Is Pantydeal?

As the name might explain Pantydeal are a used underwear marketplace that has been around since 2012. Suggesting that they’ve got a good few years of experience in this industry. They claim to have over a million buyers and sellers with over $100,000 worth of used panty transactions being made every month. We’re not sure how they calculated this as transactions take place off the site, but regardless, there’s money to be made.

Like most of the websites in this industry, Pantydeal is advertised as a used underwear marketplace but offers additional services like text chatting that make it an all-around adult entertainment website. 

How Does Pantydeal Work? 

Signing up to Pantydeal is completely free, but if you wish to sell to their audience you’ll have to pay a monthly fee of $17.33. The fee is understandable as they are providing you with the audience more or less. The only downside to casting your used panties into the mishmash of one million sellers is that it’s very saturated. Being involved in a small pool of sellers to a big audience of buyers works in the favour of the seller, supply and demand 101. But Pantydeal does claim to have one million buyers to match their large base of sellers which means that people are making sales. 

Once you have signed up as a seller they will prompt you to complete your profile by asking you what services you’re willing to provide; Used panties, videos, webcam chats etc. From here it’s up to you to run wild and update your profile filling out information about yourself, profile pictures, hobbies you name it. Of course, you aren’t encouraged to give any information that is too personal, simply your age and the country that you live in. For those first timers or people who are very protective about their data, there is an option to make your profile private so that only friends may view it.

One of the main things that set Pantydeal apart from other used underwear marketplaces is the fact that sales all take place outside of the website. Think of Pantydeal as more of a directory than a direct distributor. They provide a platform to put you in contact with people willing to sell their used underwear and how you conduct your business is totally up to you. Most people opt for payment methods suitable for sex workers like direct transfers and Amazon Gift Cards in order to protect themselves against scammers.

Using popular payment processors like PayPal, Venmo and CashApp can lead to bans and frozen accounts with money being withheld as soliciting adult activity go against their terms of service. We advise avoiding using these payment methods wherever possible due to this.

Despite sounding like the wild west of panty selling the company does take precautions such as phone number, photo and video verification to make sure they are real. Profiles that have passed said verifications will earn a badge on their profile to tell you that they are authentic.

What Services Do They Offer To Sellers?

A good thing about the Pantydeal business model is that they are not restricted by on-site functionality. Every service that they allow sellers on the site to advertise, has to be provided by their own external means. Essentially removing a lot of the headache of server costs and all the other techy stuff. Not to mention removing their responsibility for reimbursements due to any complications during transactions.

This does still have its benefits for the sellers as they don’t have to pay any commissions from their earnings to Pantydeal. Whatever models earn is entirely theirs. So, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what they advertise.


Despite used underwear being the main sellers on the site, sexy videos come in at a close second. Models can upload videos ranging from short snappy clips to full-length films of themselves getting up to no good. Typically charges are done by the minute so it can be in your best interests to keep it brief to entice first time buyers. But if you’ve got an audience looking for longer videos then take your time!

In order to sell videos on Pantydeal, you’ll have to start by making your videos private on your profile meaning they can only be accessed by request. Next, when buyers request to have access to your videos you can negotiate the external charges and payment. How you sell your videos is entirely up to you. Some models like to sell individual videos and charge like this while others will sell in bundles of a collection they recorded. Usually, the method that incurs the highest rates is buying an entire drive.

Models upload images to the secure Pantydeal cloud drive where they can set high prices for those who want to take a look, which can significantly boost income. So long as you're comfortable with everything you’re recording and uploading, go crazy!


Similar to how selling videos works, models can create and upload collections to which buyers will request access and so on. But one of the more lucrative ways that models have been selling pictures in recent times is as an accompaniment to their used panty sales. Sellers on the site will upload a steamy photoshoot collection wearing the panties that they wish to sell. A lot of the time buyers love to see proof of underwear being worn to add to the fantasy. So what better way to upsell them on a picture.

Pictures can be sold as a standalone thing but it usually requires a lot more promotion and sneak peeks in order to spark the interest of buyers. The good news is that you can still remain completely anonymous while taking nude pictures. These shots can focus on a particular body part or item of clothing, so you’re all good from the neck down. Also, images don’t really need to be of professional quality. Most smartphone cameras nowadays can certainly do the trick, which adds to the whole amateur overtone of the fetish.

Webcam Chats

Unlike other platforms, Pantydeal does not provide a camming service and therefore everything will have to be done externally. However, you can advertise the service here which means you can still acquire customers. Because you’ll be doing this without the protection of another company, here are a few camming precautions you can take. Make sure you are using an appropriate payment method that supports sex workers. Scammers prey on naive camgirls to try and get a free show so don’t give them that satisfaction.

Secondly, don’t set up a call with anyone you aren’t comfortable with. It’s your body and you are under no obligation to work with anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. Some models that do cam shows find video calling quite overwhelming at first so only allow their viewers to respond via chat messages with their camera off. Eventually, as your confidence begins to grow and you start having more fun you can amp things up a bit and charge higher rates.

On the topic of payment, camming/private calls are usually charged on a minute basis but as it is all done externally you have the freedom to negotiate and be your own boss. With camming in particular you get a lot of repeat customers so keep them wanting more.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith then you can certainly make money advertising the service of sexting on your profile. Buyers will reach out requesting a sexting session which is always good, not so clean fun. Sexting is usually paid per text so it’s important to keep the texting sessions exciting.

It can be difficult maintaining a text conversation about sex so try to get an idea of their fantasies. Consider roleplaying or taking on a persona that fits their deepest desires. 

Used Panties 

Obviously, it was going to come to this at some point. Selling used underwear is the primary use of Pantydeal but it's not always the same garments being sold. Models have the freedom to list and sell socks, stockings, shoes, gym wear and all sorts of lingerie. Sometimes we need to play to our strengths in order to create a sexy fantasy surrounding our lifestyle. If you’re a person super into fitness and it shows, consider selling some of your used gym clothes; you'd be surprised how sought after sweaty gym wear can be.

If you’ve got nice feet and you ain’t afraid to show it then why not try selling some high heels you’ve worn for those with a foot fetish. It will require some nice pictures of you modelling them but at least you won’t have to worry about blinking when the flash goes off.

Users typically sell their underwear on the site by advertising it with a picture and a brief bio or description about the piece. Models can display the asking price for their undergarments which are usually pretty non-negotiable but you never know. Buyers can enquire about the piece in a chat where payment, shipping and all other logistical issues can be sorted out. 

Contacting Buyers

This is what makes Pantydeal a little more of a community than most sites. Usually used underwear sites give sellers limited options on how to promote their items on the site. Many will offer paid advertising solutions to appear on the front page or as some form of VIP seller but this can sometimes prove to not be profitable for a newbie. However, on Pantydeal sellers can reach out to buyers via direct messages to get chatting and entice them into a sale.

Most buyers love this opportunity to receive attention from some of their favourite models all the while sellers can promote their store to customers directly. On the seller dashboard, it gives users the ability to see which buyers are online so you don't waste time targeting spam or inactive accounts.

We just think it’s nice that they give sellers the option to actively sell their items, proving that your sexy messaging strategies can turn over a profit if you’re willing to put in the work. One of the downsides to this messaging feature being free is you will get a lot of time wasters looking to get some free entertainment out of it, so try not to get too frustrated.

How Much Can You Make From Pantydeal?

This is always the question on everyone's mind when they sign up for an adult entertainment website. But you’ll be pleased to know that selling used underwear is one of the more lucrative routes that you can take in the field of sex work. You can remain completely anonymous and run the business right from the comfort of your own home, plus you get paid for masturbating so I can’t really think of a better adult side hustle.

However, how much individuals on the site make tends to vary. The average pair of panties on the site is around 20-40 dollars but there are of course items being sold for more or less than this. It’s difficult to calculate an average salary for sellers as there are so many factors to consider. For one, the cost of each pair of underwear has to be deducted which varies from person to person. Sellers offer lots of additional features and supplementary pictures to increase the price of each sale. Furthermore, custom requests and fetish buyers are willing to pay more for different items.

The take-home point here is that there is certainly money to be made but it’s just like entering any other industry you’ll have to do a bit of learning on the job. Lucky for you we’ve decided to throw in a few pro tips to consider when getting started as a seller.

Tips For Getting Started 

If you’re new to selling used panties altogether then it might be an idea to heed some advice from the pros to maximise your chances of making successful sales.

Price Your Panties Correctly

Although we mentioned that the price of panties can vary massively there are certainly some do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling your underwear. Selling your items for too low is a big no-no. Really low prices usually suggest low quality which is definitely not something that buyers want to see if they’re buying used underwear. So, ironically this will turn buyers away. Also dropping your price point so low is bad for business as undercutting the competition by so much lowers the average value of used underwear.

Listing your panties for too much can also be problematic. It’s easy to be enticed by the stories of users selling underwear for thousands of dollars, but there is usually some sort of novelty attached to these sales. These sellers are typically fulfilling some form of custom or fetish related order, or have sparked the interest of a very keen and wealthy buyer. While it is possible for these sales to happen there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle to sell these items.

Protect Your Private Information

While it’s entirely up to you whether you want to remain anonymous by face we always recommend that you keep things like government names and personal contact information confidential. An alias or sexy username has also been shown to improve branding, notoriety and hence sales so it can work in your favour more than you think. 

For models offering additional services like live calls, sexting and various different intimate experiences it’s essential that you use a burner phone, and make separate social media and communication app accounts.

While we’d like to think that everyone in the adult space acts with integrity and respect we have to protect ourselves from those who do not play by these rules. Hence for sellers, we always recommend using a PO Box to remain completely off the grid when sending and receiving items. We strongly advise against giving out home addresses. 

Research Fetishes

Appealing to a fetish audience can be one of the best ways to find a niche and crank up the price on those sales. Seeing as you can contact your buyers on Pantydeal don’t be afraid to ask what they’re into and propose a custom offer. If someone is a lover of lace or used gym clothes cater it towards their needs. The chances are, buyers will be willing to spare a pretty penny for a particular pair of your panties, try saying that five times fast.

Most fetishes or custom offers will want proof of the service, usually in the form of images or videos. So factor this into your pricing or potentially offer it as an additional cost.

Fill Out Your Profile

A great way to build trust between you and your potential buyers is to put some effort into making your profile look as full and pretty as possible. Given that sales take place outside of the site there is a higher chance of scammers on Pantydeal so buyers can be more sceptical here than on other sites. An empty profile with nothing but a display picture and a couple of pairs of panties could be whipped up by any old con artist looking to make a quick buck so it’s important to make your profile as legitimate as possible.

To do this we recommend having a detailed sexy bio giving a bit of information on your sexual interests and fantasies. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself in a non-sexual sense as well. Explain some of your hobbies and interests outside of the adult space as this can help buyers to feel like they know you and establish more trust.

Adding as many images and listing as many products as you can, will give the impression that you take this seriously and are no stranger to selling your used underwear. Buyers tend to take a liking to this level of professionalism as it assures them that they will receive what has been advertised. 

Finally, if you’ve got some money to spare then consider purchasing a premium membership to become a VIP Seller. Once you become a VIP Seller you will appear in the verified seller's section and acquire a badge that can be seen on your profile letting everyone know. Users on the site recognise this as a seal of trust. Why would you be willing to pay for the privileges of membership unless you were a dedicated user?

We hope that you’ve learned a lot more about Pantydeal and can add one more avenue for revenue on your used panty escapades. See you soon!

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