The 7 Sexiest Ways To Make A Great Side Income

The used panty marketplace

Capitalism got you down? You’re not alone. In the States, half of millennials rely on a side hustle to make some extra cash. Gigs like Lyft, DoorDash, and reselling clothes on Depop are part of our economy and have become an essential part of how we all make dough. But whether you’re planning to use that income to fuel your expensive musical hobbies or you just need to pay off that electric bill, your new side hustle doesn’t have to be a total slog. 

Thanks to the wildness that is the internet, it turns out it’s pretty easy to have some fun, unleash our inner sex gods, and explore different ways folks get off – all while making some extra cash in the process. These sexy hustles I’ve outlined all require different levels of dedication, but with a little work, you can go from paying down debt to funding your next vacation overseas.. 

Fancy a career as a cam model? How about a go at professional cuddling? Join Lacey and Tracey as they offer up suggestions for sexy side hustles, guaranteed to make you a little extra cash.


I’ll start off with a bang and just cut right to it: camming is a legit side gig that has the potential to be incredibly lucrative. But to succeed, you’ll need a lot of pep and even more persistence. Folks who make it in this hustle report finding success thanks to regularly engaging with clients, showing up “to work” at the same time on the same site, being reliable with their schedule, and offering new and exciting acts. 

That last part is key. The thing is, even quality cam sites like Chaturbate are loaded with clients...and cam models. Lots and lots of cam models. Because of that, riding the wave of your own cute looks isn’t enough to help you get ahead most of the time. 

Don’t get me wrong. There’s totally a market for good old fashioned solo and group cam work, but in these modern times of shock and awe, it pays to offer something unique. Cam work is like any other creative profession: you need to pick a tack unlike anyone else’s if you hope to really stand out. Some cam models lean into the cosplay fantasies, and others focus on educational sex positivity. In addition to the standard menu on most cam model pages, you can make something so unique that folks will keep coming back for more. Invent ridiculous and sexy games to play with your clients, sing them songs on demand, or offer a unique move you know most other cam models aren’t doing. 

You can even sell side merch through your hustle (like Belle Delphine, who famously sold her bottled bathwater), shave your armpits on camera and sell the clippings, or fall into a particular kink or fetish niche. 

Many cam models report a deeper understanding of their own turn-ons and boundaries in their personal lives, and the camming world has the potential for a lot of positivity. Often, cam models build genuine friendships and connections with their regulars. This improves your whole chat room vibe, since you can rely on good clients to help moderate and keep trolls at bay. 

But be warned: you never quite know what kinds of requests you’ll get in private rooms. You could be acting out Tom & Jerry or covering yourself in cheese slices from time to time. These acts, however, are lighthearted and harmless, and help boost your creativity and bring in a sweet paycheck. 

What’s best about camwork is that it’s safe. You’re (relatively) anonymous, and you don’t have to do anything you aren’t enthusiastically interested in. If something is a hard limit for you, you can post it in your bio, tell a client “no,” or – if you really need to – just leave the chat at any time. You’re always in control and are free to do whatever you need to have a great time while earning that extra bread. 

Premium Content 

Premium sexy content is the future in porn. By creating quality private pictures and videos on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, OnlyFans, and FanCentro, people are turning the porn industry into an intimate and customizable affair. 

With this gig, it’s standard to post a daily sexy video with scintillating content, and offer downloadable extras on the side for an additional fee. To access your Premium (read: private) Snapchat, you can charge as low as $5 per month or as high as over $50. Many Snapchat models also offer lifetime subscriptions for a heftier, one-time fee. 

Before you get started, the best way to succeed is by making a business plan. What content will you create that really zings? How will you get customers? What do you do that’s unique to make your profile stand out as a cut above the rest? It helps to explore what’s uniquely sexy about you and really delight in that aesthetic. Instead of trying to be like everyone else on the scene, be proud of what makes you different and pitch it as an asset that makes your private feed irresistible. 

To build your client base, check out FanCentro. This site advertises premium content providers (that’s you!) and gives potential clients a great space to check out what you have to offer. Don’t stop there. Create a Twitter and share teasers of your offerings to generate interest across different platforms. When you start getting a following, hop onto Patreon and offer unique monthly perks in exchange for supporting your new hustle. 


Domming is probably the most lucrative side hustle in this article – but don’t start seeing dollar signs just yet. While camwork and premium content are great options no matter your sexy persuasions, domming only works if you’re, well, dominant sexually. Submissive folks won’t have much success breaking into this field for a side hustle, even if their domination is all done remotely. The space a long-distance dom inhabits still needs to be genuine, and clients are looking for an unforgettable experience. They’ll know you’re not interested in being dominant for anything more than extra cash and will lose interest soon. 

That being said, if you’re turned on by the idea of being in charge, there are options out there with your name on it. The best way to start is to learn about the community. FetLife is a great resource. If you’re interested in the traditional dominatrix role in a dungeon, attend play parties and get some (unpaid) practice. If you have a dominatrix friend, buy them dinner and pick their brain. Twitter is also a haven for dominatrixes of all kinds. As with any new job, be prepared to do your homework. This video offers great insight on how to be a good IRL 

dominatrix, and this interview sheds some light on the world of a pro dom. Only when you’re fluent in consent and the nature of your new job can you start advertising your services across various platforms. 

In the digital age, domination can even be done in fuzzy slippers via email. Enter the world of the findom. Nowadays, you can dominate men from the comfort of your own home without doing a dang thing. Okay, it’s actually way more work than it looks. While the premise sounds simple (tell a guy he’s not worth your time, rake in the money), the reality is more nuanced. 

For starters, you have to build a findom goddess persona that is tailored and airtight. And although you’re in the role of taking their money and belittling them, you have to make sure they’re consenting, and that what you’re doing is benefitting both of you. At the end of the day, they’re paying you for this service, so it better be worth it.. 

Curious about getting started? Check out this YouTube video all about how to make it as a beginner findom. Before doing anything else, read as much on your new field as possible. Findom Consortium is a great source for learning about this exciting way to earn an extra income. When you feel ready, create a profile on a niche site like FinDoms or Financial Enslavement – but don’t expect the profile to do all the work for you. Make a stellar Twitter and advertise yourself across as many platforms as possible, broadcasting that you, an all out Goddess who deserves that cash more than the men you’re taking it from, are looking for new paypigs. Remember. Regardless of the particular domination role you choose, FetLife is your friend for building community and learning how to get started. 

Selling panties 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the very thing that Sofia Gray is known for besides this lovely blog. Selling panties is a viable way to make an easy disposable income or help pay off some bills without ever having to meet another person face-to-face. The kicker about this side business is you can truly do whatever strikes you, and then sell your panties once they’ve been sufficiently worn. You can sell ones that have already been worn many times if you’re looking for an upgrade, or get into the cycle of selling them for newer, nicer ones as you please. Many people report feeling empowered and sexy selling their used panties to eager buyers around the globe. 

It’s easy to do, too, as well, but like most of these hustles, you’ll have to spend some money in order to make money. Most reputable panty-selling sites with a steady stream of buyers have an up-front cost. Some take a percentage of what you make, while others have a monthly subscription – and some even have both (for what it’s worth, Sofia Gray only has a monthly subscription of about $15 for four months). 

Wherever you choose to set up shop, you’ll have the most success if you take your new business seriously. Buyers generally aren’t into any old pair of anonymous panties. They like knowing a little about the person who wore them. Let your personality and individual quirks shine in your bio, and don’t hide your personality. If it’s an option for you, showing your face will 

go a long way in driving your sales up. On Sofia Gray at least, the average active seller sells about 8 pairs per month, which isn’t too shabby for a side hustle that only asks you to wear panties as you run errands. 

Serious about scaling up your biz? Start with lower prices to drum up enthusiasm, and up costs as your reputation grows. In addition, give each pair you post a unique story, photo, and angle that entices buyers to choose those panties out of all the others on the site. After all, a pair of panties really is a dime a dozen, and these buyers want their purchase to be worth their while – so help them see why yours are the ones to choose. 

To help boost your sales even further, take special requests for an upcharge. Wear them longer, masturbate in them, or do other naughty extras that strike your fancy. If you’re diligent, communicative, and open to negotiate with customers, you’ll quickly gain a following and soon be raking in a pretty penny each month. All you have to do is go about your day and wear the panties you usually wear, only this time, you’re getting paid to do it. 

If you’re curious about hearing from someone who makes the most of their panty-selling gig, you can always read this juicy Reddit thread about used panty sales for some inspo. 

Foot fetish 

We’ve all probably joked about it before, but how many of us have actually gone for it? The foot fetish community is alive and kicking (sorry not sorry), and you can make some nice side cash thanks to the mere sight of your feet. From charging people to smell them to selling your used socks, you can have a blast putting your tootsies on display for cash. 

Foot fetish work is interesting because you can approach it basically the same way as the premium content and panty selling above. As with any side hustle, the best way to make it professional is to have a set game plan. Do your research. What will you offer? How will you advertise? Twitter is a ripe place for sexy sales. In the past, Instagram was viable too, but these days, you’re better off trying your luck elsewhere. 

When you’ve built a fan base, share photos that give teasers of your feet without revealing too much. The more you entice buyers, the more quickly they’ll spring for a pic. If you choose to offer services in person, have a clear list of what you offer and what you’re willing to do for them, and vet each new client thoroughly. You can make great money with foot fetish work in real time if you’re willing to meet new people face-to-face. 

You can also utilize cam sites to create a foot-fetish specific page showcasing your feet. Get creative about the shoes and stockings you’ll wear, and maybe invite a lucky participant to suck on your toes for paying customers to watch. Like all the other kinky ways to get some extra money, this will only be a fun way to make extra cash if you’re happy doing it. Of course, diligence in building your platform is pivotal, too – who’s going to buy your foot photos or book you for a foot worship session if they have no idea you exist? 


The easiest looking difficult profession out there, drag is a whole world in and of itself. More about passion and performance than making extra money, don’t expect to get rich in drag overnight. But if you’re serious about performing, you can build a bustling community and make a (paid) name for yourself as a drag performer booking gigs all around town. 

Like all of these hustles, the most important place to start is by 1) starting, and 2) having a presence that lets you market yourself. If you’re looking to bust into the paid drag scene, start by getting involved in local shows. Before you even start performing, watch plenty of drag and help performers out however you can. While you do that, practice your own performance at home and start planning your look. Define your aesthetic and decide whether you’re going for camp, glam, or something else entirely. 

When you think you’re ready, practice some more. Get really damn good at your performance. Most drag artists agree that it’s better to have one act you do very well in a sub-par outfit, than an incredible aesthetic and no clue how to wow a crowd. When you do get gigs, always show up and be a present performer who’s engaged with the audience. This article from The Penny Hoarder has great advice from drag queens on how to make and save money as a drag artist. Be prepared to spend a great deal of your early earnings on makeup and costume upgrades. In the end, if you love what you do, it’ll be worth it. 

Drag is a passion and a way of life, so if you’re only in it for the money, it’s probably not the fun and scintillating side hustle you’re looking for. As with any creative position (writer, musician, stripper, and drag queen alike) get prepared to face rejection. A good deal of it. Persistence, determination, and a love for what you’re doing are the only things that will see you through to becoming a successful drag performer that starts raking in the dollars.. 


This hustle is an outlier, but it still deserves a space on the list. While not sexy at all (and in fact strictly platonic for legal reasons), this under-discussed new career is making quiet waves in our increasingly busy world. When people are starved for touch and affection, it’s only natural that they would be interested in paying to get snuggled by someone who knows how to do it well. 

Enter professional cuddlers.The job is simple: to provide clients with attentive touch. The snuggling will look different depending on your client. Sometimes it happens in bed, and other times, it’s with your head in their lap while they play with your hair and you both watch a show. The intimacy of this act without investing in real feelings helps people heal and experience closeness when they need it most. To be a professional cuddler, it’s safest by a long shot to work through a third-party site like Cuddlist. For this site, you need up front money to become a “Trained Cuddlist” who then gets to be posted on the site for potential clients to browse. As with the other professions, be sure you take the time to create a profile that’s unique and offers something memorable. Be professional, be courteous, and be engaged with the people who hire 

you. A cuddler makes at least $40 per hour plus tips. On Cuddlist, you can make $80 per hour, but you have to pay a monthly fee to be part of their database. Of course, you can always look for a local cuddling service provider or build your own business, but the vetting of clients done by a third party feels safer for new hustlers like yourself building up your clientele. 

While this isn’t a sexy job, it absolutely deserves a place on this list as one of the more intimate side hustles on the market that helps you get to know yourself and gives clients rewarding satisfaction in exchange for money. 

Embrace your sexiness and get to work! 

Check out these fun gigs, browse the links provided, and find the one that speaks to your sexy soul the most. Remember that no matter the side hustle you dive into, it’s up to you to establish a good relationship with your clients. They’re trusting you to provide them with what they’re asking for, and in exchange, you’ll be earning a handsome side salary that can help you reach some major goals. For all of these hustles maintain an open mind and respect the people you’re working with (even if it’s your job to yell at them). I won’t lie, it does suck that we all have to engage in side hustles in addition to our regular jobs to survive. But it doesn’t have to be bleak. If we have to make extra cash, we may as well have a little fun in the process, right?