Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Cam Model

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If you want to be a cam model but have no idea where to start - start here! I’ve done a lot of research on cam modeling to help you in your quest to start your new adventure, including this list of rookie mistakes you will want to avoid. There are also some other super helpful cam model articles at the end of this post!

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong platform (for you). 

So - you want to be a cam model (or you already are) and you’re thinking about some of the mistakes you want to avoid making. Well - choosing the wrong platform is the first (and potentially biggest) mistake you could make when breaking into the cam model world. 

Let me go through a few of the most popular cam model websites…

Chaturbate - if you’re interested in entertaining a room full of people.
Charutbate is a very customizable, highly reputable cam modeling website. The platform works with a “token system” as well as a “pay-per-minute” system. This website is considered to be one of the largest American camming websites on earth with an estimated 4 million + unique visitors per month. The site has a high earning potential. 

CamSoda - if you’re interested in private shows and sexting, etc. 
This platform works on a “token system” and is considered one of the best sites if you want to introduce selling other content (such as photos, videos, sexting services, etc) alongside your cam modeling. This platform can be a bit harder to earn money on, as it could be frequented by visitors looking to buy one-of-a-kind content instead of attending public shows. 

LiveJasmin - if you want to make the most of your broadcasts and cast a large net.
LiveJasmin is one of the oldest cam modeling platforms, it works on a “pay per minute” system and the site has even gotten into the habit of offering their top 100 models monetary rewards. They are known for their good customer service and offer a lot of different broadcasting options to their models. 

Stripchat - if you’re looking for fast money and a casual fling with cam modeling. 
Stripchat works on a “token system” and a “pay-per-minute” system, and the platform is often used by beginners. Stripchat offers instant earnings (payouts whenever you want), compared to other sites that would have perhaps weekly or bi-weekly payout options only. 

As you can tell from even a quick look at some of the top cam modeling websites, each one is unique in what they offer to their models. Doing your research (starting with this in-depth article) and figuring out which modeling website is best for you and what you want right now is going to be the best way to make sure you’re starting off on the right foot. 

Mistake #2: Listing your real information (name, address) anywhere.

If you’re a cam model newbie, do not use your real name anywhere, at least for now. Even if you really want to - I would suggest going with an alias. You can always reveal your true self later, but you can’t take it back once it’s done. For people just starting up in the cam-model business, branding is important, and it’s understandable if you want to brand yourself as, well, yourself. However, thinking about family members, potential future employers, a time in your life where you want to quit cam modeling, etc - all of those situations could be made more difficult if your name is associated with cam modeling.

It’s an unfortunate truth of our society that cam modeling and other sex work is still judged quite harshly in some places - and it’s better to air on the side of caution, especially if you’re cam modeling as a side hustle and have a main career or other job(s) to consider. 

Mistake #3: Not using a VNP or geo-blocking features. 

Most cam websites (including many of the ones listed above) are going to use something called “geo-blocking.” This is where you can “block” entire regions (States, Provinces, whole countries, etc) from viewing your page. You will not come up if they are browsing the website and if (by some chance), they found your cam model URL, it would show them a blank page. 

This is an incredible feature when it comes to NSFW work, and it’s one that OnlyFans actually adopted from these camming websites as a way to protect their creators. If you’re someone who wants to keep your cam modeling private, you can block the country you’re in, and no one you know there will ever find you on that platform. 

Another way you can ensure your online anonymity and safety is to use a VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network, and they basically operate as a private space for you to conduct your business online. Your location is protected (and many times you can country-hop, pinging yourself onto different IPs in different countries) and your information is encrypted, meaning your content is safe. 

Mistake #4: Not taking advantage of broadcasting options. 

Many cam websites (like the ones listed above) are going to have something called a “broadcast” option. This is essentially where you’re able to broadcast the show you’re hosting on one platform to other platforms, which means you can gain audience members across several different camming websites at a time. This is a great way to expand your reach and it really doesn’t take long to figure out how to do it! Each camming website will have a set of instructions on how to do this. 

Mistake #5: Getting into it to make fast money. 

While some cam models are making bank, your first few trips to it may be...a little disheartening. Don’t lose faith in the idea if you’re having a slow start. While cam modeling is one of many sexy side hustles you can do to earn money, it may not come quickly, and relying on it to save you if you’re in a financial tricky spot is just going to put too much pressure on it and yourself. 

Mistake #6: Being discouraged after a short time. 

Cam modeling, like most other things, may start off slow. Please don’t be discouraged after a short amount of time - building an audience (any kind of audience) can take a while. Work hard, create content you love, promote yourself, and put on performances that you’re proud of and your hard work will pay off! 

Mistake #7: Not having social media accounts for your cam model alias.

Once your alter ego is set - go ahead and create a Twitter page for them. And an Instagram, and a Reddit profile...the list goes on. Making your alias well-known across the social media space is going to do a few things for you: first, it will verify that you’re a strong online presence. Then, it’s going to boost your visibility. Next, it’s going to give you a leg-up in terms of finding people to collaborate with. And finally, it’s going to allow you to reach more customers and be able to arrange more transactions, drive more traffic to your modeling page, etc. 

You can use your various social media pages to gain followings and post every time your performing on a cam site, post clips from your most successful shows, etc. 

Mistake #8: Trying to be like every other cam model. 

Do not (I repeat: do not) try to emulate every other model you see having success - this won’t work. Every model should have something unique going for them - something no one else offers. Whether it’s the type of content you create, how you look, how you sound, the way you perform, the toys you use...whatever it is - it should be enough to make you stand out in a crowd, not blend into it. 

Mistake #9: Not having a passion for content creation & performing. 

You should be passionate about content creation and performing if you want to make it as a cam model. Why? Because showmanship is a big part of success in this business. Do you want to make yourself known, stand out, create content that is fun and sexy? What better way than to actually be passionate about doing that! Put your heart and effort into the things you make and the brand you’re creating for yourself. 

Mistake #10: Not branding yourself properly (or at all). 

Branding goes far past a stage name and persona - it’s about how visible you are. Listing your tip menus as pinned posts across all social media pages you’re on, putting your links everywhere in your various social media biographies, listing showtimes, etc - all of this is going to be a massive help in terms of finding your audience and standing out in a crowd of models. 

Mistake #11: Pricing your too high or too low. 

Too high...too low...or just right? How do you find a balance? Study other creators. You will start to notice some trends - certain acts that always go for a certain amount of tip money, certain times that performers like to record at (likely because they are the best financially), etc. You can learn a lot by studying other models in the industry. You will also want to take into account what you offer and how that can be priced in comparison with other people. If you offer something that’s not that common (such as couple content or kink content, etc), you can charge more.

Mistake #12: Ignoring your customers (tip requests, messages, etc).

Let’s face’re in customer service. It might be a lot more fun (and a lot more naked) than a waitress position - but the fact is, you’re in the business of fulfilling fantasies and pleasing your customers. Ignoring tip requests or messages from your clients (people who watch your shows, your fans, etc) isn’t going to bode well in the long term for your business. You want to be captivating and approachable, personable and enchanting. Of course, you’re a human with boundaries and limits which should be respected - but don’t forget you’re a performer at the end of the day, catering to people’s desires as best you can.

Mistake #13: Trying to push through a bad mood to perform a show. 

While canceling shows that are scheduled and noted on your social media pages isn’t ideal, performing when you’re in a bad headspace is even less ideal and will likely result in a mediocre show that could potentially damage your brand. If you’re experiencing some turbulence in your personal life, log on and start the show, but explain your situation (as clearly as you can without invading your own personal boundaries) and tell your fans that you appreciate their support and will be back in full swing tomorrow with an extra fun show for them. Perhaps offer your fans who joined you expecting a show a free nude photo or some other thing - they will really appreciate how honest you’ve been and seeing a more real side of you.  

Mistake #14: Not having the right streaming equipment. 

Streaming to a camming platform is going to mean using a proper lighting set up, a nicer smartphone or webcam to record with, a good laptop, a nice background setting, etc. Performing without these things is going to lessen the quality of your stream and ultimately drive viewers away. You want to create a brand that is known for being clear, sexy, intimate, high-quality, and fun. 

Mistake #15: Not having fun with it! 

This is supposed to be fun and sexy and intimate - not stressful and annoying and chaotic. Your viewers are going to notice if you’re stressed and not having a good time, which is going to make them not have a good time. People log on to camming sites to get lost in a sexy world with a sexy stranger - and providing that ultimate escape for as long as your stream lasts is your new job. Have fun with it! 

Mistake #16: Trying too hard to be sexy. 

This is such an easy mistake to make, but it’s also really easy to avoid, too. Viewers will spot a try-hard and move on to someone who seems more experienced and comfortable in front of the camera before you can even realize that your viewer count has gone down. You’re in the business of fulfilling fantasies - but don’t let that stop you from letting your natural sex appeal shine through. To become more comfortable in front of the camera, do what you know, include sex toys in your show, get into a horny mood before going live or simply ease into the show instead of trying to rush it. 

Mistake #17: Not adapting to new trends or trying new things. 

Including sex toys in your show, allowing your users to control one of your remote sex toys, offering extras, dressing up for holiday seasons...all of these things show you are going above and beyond to put on an amazing, sexy show for your fans and they will be thankful (and tip!) for your efforts. 

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