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Let’s talk about feet.  What’s the difference between a foot fetish and a foot kink? The terms “fetish” and “kink” are often used interchangeably, but they…
By Jaimee Bell
May 3, 2021
Are you interested in cam modeling? I’m sure you’ve heard of some popular cam model websites…in that discussion, I have no doubt that “Chaturbate” was…
By Sofia Gray
April 26, 2021
So…you’re on OnlyFans. Or maybe you’re planning on opening up an OnlyFans page. You’re in luck there, because at this point I’ve written a handful…
By Jaimee Bell
April 19, 2021
Sex toys and camming…obviously they pair well together, but you have no idea how well. Did you know that some sex toys (powered by Lovense)…
By Jaimee Bell
April 12, 2021
Yes, another post about OnlyFans – but hear me out: let’s talk about how to start yourself an OnlyFans (and gain a good chunk of…
By Jaimee Bell
April 5, 2021
So…you want to get started selling used panties. Naturally, you’ve found yourself here on Sofia Gray, the world’s largest used panties marketplace. While I’ve written…
By Jaimee Bell
March 29, 2021
Where can I sell my nudes? This is the question of the day, and the answer is a little more complex than you may think.…
By Jaimee Bell
March 22, 2021
Before we dive into how to promote your OnlyFans, let’s play a little catch-up… How To Start An OnlyFans… If you’re a content creator and…
By Jaimee Bell
March 15, 2021
If you’re interested in selling used panties, there are many different ways you could decide to do so – on your own through social media,…
By Jaimee Bell
March 8, 2021


The largest used
underwear marketplace

When we think of the term ‘fetish’ we probably think about leather and latex, stilettos and whips – maybe even ...

How Do You Earn Money on OnlyFans? OnlyFans launched in 2016 and is a subscription-based service that has a headquarters in the UK (London, England).…
By Jaimee Bell
March 1, 2021