Is Selling Used Panties Legal? Making Bank without Breaking the Law

The used panty marketplace

When you decide to sell your sexy used panties online, you want to break record sales, not the law. Because selling used underwear online is a relatively new and naughty business venture, a lot of myths and questions surround this unconventional money-making endeavor. 

Prospective sellers wonder things like, “How do I price my panties?”, “What types of panties should I sell?”, and “Is selling used panties legal?”. These are all common questions with important answers you should know before diving into this fun and freaky industry.

This article will address any of the doubts you might have surrounding whether or not selling used panties is legal if it’s considered sex work, and the necessary steps you should take to protect yourself as you explore the amazing potential of selling your sexy used undergarments online.

Do People Really Buy and Sell Used Panties?

The answer to this question is an enthusiastic, yes! Whether or not you realize it, the used underwear industry is booming. People buy used panties for various reasons from a fascination with the seller to fulfilling a certain fantasy or in hopes of exploring a new and naughty fetish. 

The best way to safely buy and sell used panties online is to use a trusted platform like Sofia Gray. Websites like this are designed specifically to match interested and legitimate buyers with qualified sellers. Sellers pay a small fee to utilize the website’s platform where they create a personalized panty shop complete with all their naughty offerings. Items range from soiled or saturated underwear to bras, lingerie, socks, hosiery, and even used sex toys

Buyers can browse by item type, seller name, or category. Some of the most popular types of used underwear include period panties, stuffed items, underwear worn during sex or masturbation, and sweaty panties worn to the gym, yoga, or on a long run. For many buyers, getting to know the seller on a more personal level creates a more intimate, intense, and satisfying experience. 

Is Selling Used Panties Legal?

The short answer is, yes. There’s nothing illegal about selling used panties. For starters, they’re not much different than other used garments sold on sites like AllThingsWorn or donated to local organizations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill

While there’s a certain negative stigma around selling panties that are worn or soiled for sexual pleasure, that doesn't make it illegal. With that being said, the legality may differ from one jurisdiction to another so it’s important to check your local laws and the laws of the location you’re shipping to. 

The only reason selling used panties was thought to be illegal was because it’s often associated with kinks, fetishes, and sex work. Over time, these unfounded fears have been debunked and now, you can find a variety of reliable and legal outlets for selling your undergarments. 

Even though the practice of selling used panties is more widely accepted now, it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down or be any less careful. Any time money is exchanged for the sale of a sex-related product or service, you run the risk of engaging with a minor and getting yourself in sticky legal trouble. This is especially true when selling used panties online where some websites are highly unregulated and some buyers and sellers may lie about their ages. Used underwear should only be bought and sold between two consenting adults. Selling used or soiled undergarments to anyone under the age of 21 is considered child exploitation in the US. 

Restrictions to Consider When Selling Used Panties Online

When you finally decide to launch your used panty store on Sofia Gray or elsewhere, you want to make sure you always stay on the right side of the law. This prevents you from building a successful business and healthy fanbase only to have your accounts banned and your bank accounts frozen.

Instead, consider these potential pitfalls and restrictions so you can run your used underwear business smoothly and without interruption while making the most money possible. 

Be Completely Transparent About the Item’s Condition

It’s important that the buyer knows the exact condition of the item they’re purchasing. For example, if you decide to sell your used underwear on a used clothing website or other marketplace for gently used items like Craigslist, you need to be crystal clear about the condition of your underwear. 

Most buyers browsing these types of websites aren’t looking for your sweaty or soiled panties to use in a sex game or roleplaying scenario. Instead, they’re looking for gently worn undergarments that they can wear themselves. Sending dirty or fragrant panties to an unsuspecting buyer could result in them reporting you to the platform, complaining, or requesting a refund. All of which could be a terrible inconvenience and may wind up costing you money, not to mention headaches. 

Check Local Listing and Shipping Regulations

Whenever you choose to list and sell your used panties online, be sure to check the laws and regulations in the country where the website originates. Depending on the location, the mere act of posting your used underwear for sale could be considered illegal. 

You may also run into legal issues when packaging and shipping your used undergarments, especially if you do it correctly to preserve their scent and freshness. For example, mailing bodily fluids or materials that contain bodily fluids (i.e. urine, semen, sweat) is prohibited in some areas. If the underwear you sell contains any of these fluids, you could find yourself in legal trouble. This type of mail is restricted by the United States Postal Service (USPS) under article 346.212 Division 6.2 of the Mailing Standards which makes it illegal to mail toxic or infectious substances. 

One online seller learned this the hard way when she sold underwear covered in bodily fluids out of South Carolina, US, and was charged with mailing “indecent and filthy substances”. This charge alone carried a punishment of up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Selling items including underwear, condoms, sex aids, food items covered in bodily fluids, and feminine hygiene products are all against federal law in the US.

So, before you pack up your period panties or post-sex thongs, be sure to check the laws in your area, including those outlined by shipping agencies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

Read the Website Guidelines

Although the basic practice of selling used underwear is legal, not all websites or platforms allow it. Before you start advertising your naughty intimate items for sale, read the website’s guidelines, regulations, and community standards. For example, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook frown upon promoting adult-related content and will ban your account without warning.

The same can be said for e-commerce websites that allow members to sell gently used items. These include clothing sites like Depop and TheRealReal as well as broader marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Most platforms have a list of restricted and prohibited items that they don’t support so check this before listing your used panties for sale.

This is another reason to sell your sexy items on platforms like Sofia Gray where these types of sales and posts are not only welcome but encouraged.

The Risks of Selling Used Panties Online

Breaking laws isn’t the only risk associated with selling used panties online. And that’s why answering the question “Is selling used panties legal?” isn’t easy. While the act of selling underwear or undergarments you’ve worn isn’t illegal, if they contain bodily fluids, are sold to a minor, or skirt the line of sex work, you could find yourself being persecuted for a crime you never intended to commit.

There are other risks associated with this online business as well. The more you know, the better protected you’ll be against unwanted missteps that leave you in hot water with the judicial system and at risk of losing everything you worked so hard to build. 

Privacy and Identity Theft Risks

Anytime you conduct an online business, you’re at risk of your information being leaked or your accounts getting hacked. This is one reason so many people sell anonymously and go to great lengths to protect and conceal their identity. Use an alias or fake name when promoting and listing your used panties. Never share personal details about your location, finances, or legal name. 

Always use a secure payment system that offers another layer of protection against wrongdoers. Some of the most trusted and popular include CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay. Most legitimate buyers will gladly use your preferred payment method if they genuinely want to get their hands and noses on your naughty underwear. 

Financial Risks

The panty-selling game can be fun and fulfilling but also inconsistent. As with any freelance job, the money you make from your panty sales isn’t guaranteed. There’s no way to know if you’ll make 5 or 50 sales from one month to the next.

For these reasons, investing your time, money, and effort into selling used underwear online can come with certain financial risks. You may end up spending more than you make, putting you in debt. On the other hand, if you maintain a positive reputation and sell your underwear on the most popular and secure platforms (like Sofia Gray!), your chances of making money significantly increase. 

As an independent seller, you’re also responsible for pricing your panties reasonably and professionally interacting with buyers. If you choose to sell your items on social media or other unregulated platforms, you need to manage your payments, protect yourself against fraud, and be prepared to handle non-payment and other issues without help from an outside source.

Health and Safety Risks

Any time you share bodily fluids, whether it’s during intercourse or on the items you sell, there are certain health and safety risks involved. The specific health risks associated with selling soiled panties are still largely unknown, but still worth considering.

Many variables can affect the safety of shipping and receiving soiled underwear including the material of the garment, the type of fluid it contains, how it was stored before shipping, how long it’s been “dirty”, and how it was packaged and shipped. 

Anytime bodily fluids are present, so is the risk of bacterial growth. This could cause an infection or other health issues depending on what the buyer plans to do with the underwear once they receive it. Sanitation and taking certain safety precautions when handling, producing, and shipping used underwear can help keep both you and your customers safe and satisfied. 

Security Risks

The best platform for selling used panties is a trusted website like Sofia Gray. These companies have already gone through the necessary steps of vetting their buyers and sellers, confirming their ages and identities, and creating safeguards for your money and information. When you decide to branch out on your own, you’re subjecting yourself to uncontrolled dangers.

Not all buyers are genuine or have good intentions. It’s important to trust your instincts when interacting with potential buyers and always keep the communication professional and above board. If the buyer wants to engage in dirty talk or sexting or starts making you feel uncomfortable, redirect the conversation back to the transaction and deal at hand. Don’t be afraid to end a conversation or negotiation if the buyer gets aggressive or offensive. 

Reputation Risks

Your reputation as a reputable and reliable panty seller is everything. Most buyers read reviews before they make a purchase. Even just a few negative reviews or bad-mouthing from a disgruntled client could cost you future sales.

Invest time and care in maintaining, preserving, and building a positive reputation. If you do receive a negative review, respond immediately professionally, and apologetically. Do what you can to rectify the situation and make it right. One bad experience for a buyer is a major risk to your reputation and may lead to future issues. The dissatisfied customer could also try to complicate things for you in the future by reporting your posts and products and trying to get you in legal trouble. 

Tips for Avoiding These Risks

There are a few ways to protect yourself against these potential risks so you can continue selling used panties safely, securely, and without worry of illegal activities or pitfalls. 

  • Research local laws and regulations in the locations where you plan to sell and ship your used panties
  • Sanitize your underwear and package them properly to avoid the risk of bacteria, infection, and mildew
  • Manage your online reputation with care and always act professionally 
  • Use secure payment methods or third-party escrow 
  • Sell on trustworthy platforms that are dedicated to this line of work (like Sofia Gray)
  • Never meet a buyer in person (and if you do, make it a public place and never go alone)

Learn the Legal Way to Sell and Ship Used Underwear

One of the biggest hurdles sellers face when selling their used underwear is deciding how to package and ship it. Because there are so many laws and regulations that restrict you from mailing items that contain bodily fluids, you need to tread carefully when shipping your used panties.

Here are a few beginner tips for selling and shipping used underwear legally so you can maintain your business, reputation, and safety standards.

Wear, Sell, and Ship or Sell, Wear, and Then Ship 

As a seller, you have two options – to either wear your panties first and then list and sell them or take custom orders after which you wear the panties according to the customer’s request before shipping them. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. 

Wearing the panties first helps you write more detailed descriptions and keep your panty shop inventory full. However, this also means your used panties might not sell right away and the longer they sit, the more the scent fades and the more at risk they are for developing germs and bacteria. 

Taking custom orders, then wearing the panties and shipping them takes longer but usually results in a quality product. This option lets you deliver fresh and fragrant panties to your customers based on their specific needs and desires. It also cuts down on the risk of your panties remaining stagnant or growing unwanted mildew and bacteria. 

If your panties are saturated in bodily fluids it’s important to dry them out before packaging and shipping them. You can do this by laying them out for a few days, using a hair dryer, or a fan. The best way to package your used panties is using a vacuum sealer but a Ziploc or plastic bag will do as well. 

Choose the Best Packaging 

Most used panties can safely and legally be shipped in a standard-sized envelope, larger envelope, or small brown box. Choose a discreet and simple packaging material to prevent contaminating the smell or quality of the item inside and to avoid bringing suspicion to your package. The size of the item (or items) you’re shipping will determine the size of the box or shipping container. 

Wrap Them Securely

Before placing the dirty panties in the box or envelope, wrap them tightly to preserve the scent and ensure they arrive in good condition. Use a thin layer of tissue paper to protect them during the shipping process. 

Add a Personal Touch 

The top panty sellers on Sofia Gray and other used panty platforms add a personal item or detail to every order. This could be a handwritten note sealed with a kiss, a kiss mark on a business card, or even a small personal trinket or possession. Never add perfume or other scents to your package, as this will take away from the natural scent of your underwear, which is what the customer is likely paying for. 

Seal and Ship It 

Seal the envelope or box tightly to ensure safe and secure shipping. Clear packaging tape is a great way to seal your items and maintain a neat, clean, and professional appearance. Address the package to the intended customer using their full name and shipping details. You can add a return address if you like, but most reputable sellers use a PO Box or another location aside from their home address to help with identity protection. 

Now, all that’s left to do is drop the package off at your local post office or other shipping drop-off location and wait for the customer’s feedback. If this is the first time you’re shipping to a particular buyer, you may want to invest in tracking for your package. This prevents them from claiming they never received it and protects you from having to issue a refund. 

Choosing a Safe and Legal Used Panty Platform

The best way to avoid legal trouble when selling used panties online is to use a reputable and established used panty marketplace like Sofia Gray. Established websites take all the necessary safety precautions and measures to protect their buyers and sellers. They also offer customer support and a certain level of protection against scammers and hackers. 

Here are a few tips for choosing a legitimate platform for selling used panties so you can make the most money without worrying about legalities, getting scammed, or losing money.

  • Read online reviews from real buyers and sellers
  • Talk to current sellers and ask about their experience on the site
  • See how much traffic and exposure the website has
  • Browse the website to see how easy it is to use and navigate
  • Observe the website’s layout to determine how user-friendly it is
  • Check what features and tools are available to sellers for marketing their panties and other items
  • Find out how you connect with potential buyers (i.e. chat, video message)
  • Research how responsive the customer support team is
  • Read what protections are in place for sellers in the event a buyer turns out to be a scammer
  • Find out if the website does identity checks and verification to avoid selling to an underage buyer
  • See what locations the website is available in before checking the laws and regulations for selling used panties in those regions 
  • Find out how much it costs to use the platform and then work this into your budget and overhead fees

The best part about selling used panties online using a trusted platform is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just one. Most successful sellers promote and list their used panties and other adult items on multiple websites at once for added visibility and exposure and increased earning potential. Just avoid spreading yourself too thin. It’s important to only commit to the number of websites you can realistically maintain with the highest regard for your online reputation and customer satisfaction.

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Sofia Gray is one of the largest and most trusted used panty websites anywhere. With a sophisticated, sexy, and streamlined website layout, a -friendly interface, and the ability to create a personalized panty shop that’s a product of your amazing creativity, there’s no limit to how much money you can make selling your used underwear and other intimate undergarments. 

When you register and sell on Sofia Gray you can rest assured that the identity and integrity of all users are verified. Sofia Gray takes your safety very seriously. Put your worries to bed and start earning money today.

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