How to Ship Used Panties? What You Need to Know

The used panty marketplace

When it comes to selling used panties online, most new sellers are riddled with questions about what types of underwear to sell, how much to charge, and the best ways to promote their products. But have you ever considered how to ship used panties?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as you might think. It takes a lot more care, time, and attention to detail than just tossing your garments into a box and dropping them off at the post office. Focusing on these small details goes a long way and could help build your reputation as a reliable, quality seller in the used panty industry. 

So grab your vacuum sealer, packing tape, and sexy soiled panties, and let’s find out how to ship used panties like a pro!

Why Do People Sell and Ship Used Panties?

The biggest reason people sell used panties is to make money, of course! This sexy side hustle has gained exposure and popularity in recent years as more people become open to the idea of exploring different kinks and fetishes. Sniffing, wearing, and using used panties during sex play is more common than you might think. Most buyers have favorite fantasies and fetishes surrounding the types of panties they buy from period panties to those worn during sex and even underwear worn for days at a time without being washed.

But selling and shipping used panties is about more than just making money. Plenty of sellers get pleasure out of feeling sexy and desirable and being the object of someone’s affection and arousal. As you explore the world of selling used underwear you also get to meet amazing new people from around the world – many of whom share the same kinks, fetishes, and hobbies. The used panty industry is more like a community, with members from all walks of life connecting over a shared appreciation for all things naughty!

Why Do People Buy Used Panties?

Most people buy used panties because it’s a huge turn-on. Whether they’re infatuated with the person wearing them, love a specific scent, or want to outlive a certain fantasy, used panties can be a great addition to your everyday sex life. According to one study, at least 12% of people have some type of underwear fetish. Some buyers enjoy their naughty purchase alone, while others share it with a partner. Either way, buying used panties can bring a new level of pleasure and arousal to sex play for many open-minded buyers.

How to Ship Used Panties the Right Way

Now that you know a little bit more about why people want your dirty drawers and the benefits of selling them, let’s talk about how to ship used panties the right way. Delivering the product you promised is about more than just customer satisfaction (although this is incredibly important, too). It’s also about building a positive online reputation that creates a loyal fan base and repeat customers. 

When it comes to any online endeavor, word of mouth goes a long way. Just one or two bad reviews and you could be facing irreversible damage to your reputation that costs you future sales. 

And while it may seem easy to ship used panties, it actually takes quite a bit of care and attention to detail. Unlike selling and shipping other used clothing items, one of the main reasons people are buying your used panties is for their unique and unmistakable smell. A lot can happen between the time you slip off your sexy underwear and they reach your customer’s doorstep.

By following these steps on how to ship used panties, you can help preserve their scent and ensure that every buyer is completely satisfied (and aroused) with their purchase. 

Decide When to Ship Your Used Panties

There are two options when it comes to wearing and shipping your sexy underwear. You can either wear them first and post the item for sale with a detailed description of what you did while wearing them (i.e. “Just worse this thong during a sweaty gym session” or “I came so hard while masturbating in these cotton briefs”), or you can take and fill custom orders. For example, sellers can make a specific request about what activity you perform while wearing the panties, for how long you wear them, or even what bodily fluid you include on them. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to both options. 

Wear First and Then Sell and Ship

  • Keeps your panty shop stocked with diverse inventory
  • You can attract future buyers with your variety and sexy descriptions
  • You can sell more items in less time
  • The scent of the panties may fade over time if you don’t make a quick sale
  • Some used underwear may not sell at all, leaving you out the money you spent and the time you invested

Take Custom Orders 

  • You can charge more for custom orders since you’re fulfilling a very specific fantasy that may require further investments (i.e. buying a certain type of underwear, performing a certain activity, or wearing the underwear for an extended period of time)
  • The panties, including their scent and juices, will be fresh when you ship them
  • It may take longer to land multiple sales and make money

Regardless of the approach you use, the same steps apply when learning how to ship used panties the right way. 

Dry Out Your Moist Panties

Most buyers want panties soaked in a certain bodily fluid or carrying a very specific fragrance. This can range from sweat or cum to urine, saliva, and even period panties. If the underwear you’re shipping is particularly wet, it’s important to dry them out before sealing, packaging, and shipping them.

Wet or damp panties placed into any type of sealed container or package are a breeding ground for potential bacteria and even mold. Eww! No customer wants to unwrap their naughty new delivery only to find contents that are either damaged or unappealing.

To avoid this, let your panties air dry if possible. This is the best way to preserve the scent, however, you can also use a hair dryer or fan if you’re in a pinch. Just be careful not to overdo it or else you may ruin the item’s overall quality and smell, leading to a disappointed customer. 

Choose the Best Shipping Container

You have a few options when it comes to the right shipping container for your naughty used panties. Depending on the size or the number of items you’re sending, you can choose from a traditional envelope, an insulated envelope complete with bubble wrap inside, or a small box. Any of these options will work, but it’s how you seal and package your panties before placing them inside the envelope or box that matters most.

Here are a few benefits of each packaging option.

  • Traditional envelopes are small, inexpensive to ship, and discreet
  • A small box offers safe and secure shipping with less risk of the items getting lost or damaged
  • Envelopes and packages containing bubble wrap already inside offer added security and protection during shopping
  • Larger boxes allow you to ship multiple items but require plenty of cushion inside to protect your delicate items

You should also consider the cost of shipping. Larger, heavier containers will cost more to send than small and discreet envelopes. Calculate these shipping costs and include them in your final sale price. 

Seal Your Used Underwear

This may be the most important step in how to ship used panties. Sealing your garments properly helps preserve their scent and freshness, which is what the buyer is paying for. There are two common ways to do this. First, is to use a vacuum sealer (yes, the same kitchen appliance you use for sealing and preserving meat), and second, investing in an economy-sized box of Ziploc bags. 

Both methods work well and offer their own pros and cons. While vacuum sealing is a great option, it can become costly and some sellers argue it’s nearly impossible to get all of the air out of the package. Once sealed, these vacuum bags also wrinkle and crush your panties into an unrecognizable ball of fabric. Granted, when the buyer releases the seal, most garments return to their original condition and shape, however, they may be slightly more wrinkled than when you first packaged and shipped them. 

Alternatively, Ziploc bags work just as well and are a much more affordable option. Some sellers wrap their used underwear in plastic wrap before placing them gently into a Ziplock bag, removing the air, and sealing it tightly. This allows you to fold your underwear in a more aesthetically appealing way so that when it arrives at your customer’s door, it looks as good as it feels and smells. 

For added protection, seal the plastic bags with tape to guarantee none of your valuable and delectable scent escapes. 

Add a Personal Touch

Buying and selling used underwear is a very intimate experience. Most buyers want to feel connected to the seller in some way. The closer they feel to you, the more enjoyable and satisfying receiving your sexy panties will be. 

So, before you seal the package and ship it, try adding a personal touch that lets the buyer know you care and helps them feel even more connected to you. Most sellers use a handwritten note, thanking the buyer for their purchase. You can apply lipstick and a kiss mark to the note for a more personal touch. Other sellers include small gifts or tokens of affection including keychains, business cards, crystals or gemstones, or even a second pair of free panties. 

These small touches go a long way in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and securing future sales. You can also secure your package using colored tissue paper to create a more attractive interior. Just avoid making the envelope itself or the box too colorful or decorative. Remember, when selling used panties online, a little discretion goes a long way. 

Secure and Address the Container or Package 

Now that your panties are safely sealed, with their scent perfectly preserved, it’s time to secure the final package. Depending on the type of container you chose (i.e. a box, envelope, or cushioned envelope), add tissue paper to any open areas. This will keep your panties safe and secure during transit. Then, place your Ziploc or vacuum sealed back neatly into the package, along with your personal item or note.

Now, seal the box or envelope securely using heavy-duty packaging tape. A tight seal guarantees that the package won’t accidentally rip open or come undone during shipping. Now, address it carefully using the information the buyer provided. Not all sellers include a return address but if you choose to, make sure it’s a PO Box or a location other than your home address. Anytime you sell items online (especially naughty items like used panties), you run the risk of a buyer becoming infatuated or obsessed with you. The last thing you want or need is your biggest fan showing up on your doorstep. It’s important to protect yourself and take the proper safety precautions when selling used panties online. 

Always Ship Your Used Panties Legally 

One thing people don’t always consider when shipping used panties is the legal ramifications. While selling used underwear is legal in most states and countries, there are associated issues that you should be aware of.

For starters, some regions consider selling used underwear a form of sex work or even prostitution. Before shipping out your panties, check the laws and regulations in your local area and where the buyer lives. Selling adult-related content to buyers in the US under the age of 21 could also get you into legal trouble. This is why it’s essential you only sell your used panties on reliable and reputable websites like Sofia Gray where all users undergo an extensive background check to verify their age and identity. 

Outside of the local laws about selling used panties, you also have to consider shipping and mailing regulations. For example, in the US it’s illegal to ship “indecent or filthy substances”, including used underwear, condoms, feminine hygiene products, sex aids, or any food item covered in bodily fluids. 

Take It to Your Local Post Office or Shipping Center

Once you’ve crossed all your legal T’s and dotted all your I’s, you can take your carefully packaged panties to the local post office. Depending on the shipping method you choose, you may need to find a FedEx or UPS shipping location instead. 

Many sellers pay extra for tracking their items. This guarantees that the buyer receives them and can’t claim they didn’t. With proof of tracking, you can protect yourself against scammers or those looking to get something for nothing. Tracking offers added protection for you and gives the buyers up-to-date details on when their delicate package will arrive. 

Follow-up with the Customer Afterwards

Customer satisfaction goes a long way when learning how to ship used panties and secure future orders and repeat customers. Once you confirm that the package was delivered, send a follow-up message to the customer to ask about their experience. Find out how they liked the item if it met their expectations, and what they’d like to see you do differently next time. 

Customer feedback is a valuable tool when building your used underwear customer base and could help you make much-needed improvements in the future. It’s also a nice gesture to reach out and make sure that the buyer is completely satisfied with their purchase. 

What NOT to Do When Shipping Used Panties 

Knowing what NOT to do when shipping used panties is just as important as knowing how to ship used panties the right way. Here are a few pitfalls and missteps to avoid so you can protect your reputation, deliver a quality product, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Don’t Add Perfume or Other Scents to the Items

One personal touch that some sellers add to their packages but probably shouldn’t, is a spritz of perfume. While this may seem like a nice, intimate detail, it can take away from, tarnish, or completely cover up the unique smell of your panties. 

Most buyers want to smell your body and its fluids on the garment. It’s what they’re paying for and what makes the entire experience so personal. By spraying your perfume on the panties, the tissue paper inside the package, or even on the box itself, you’re running the risk of tainting the product. This is especially true if your unique scent is mild or light rather than pungent and strong. 

Don’t Ship Damp, Moist, or Wet Panties

While there are plenty of buyers out there who can’t get enough of your soaked undergarments, packaging and shipping underwear that is overly moist or saturated could result in a low-quality or even damaged product. A wet pair of panties sealed in a plastic bag becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. It can also negatively impact the fragrance and the overall quality of the product. Instead, dry your panties using a fan or hair dryer, or lay them out to dry before sealing and mailing them. 

Don’t Wait Too Long to Mail Out the Package

The fragrance on your underwear only lasts so long. The longer you wait to seal and ship them, the less strong the scent will be. This is one reason some sellers wait for orders to come in before wearing and mailing their panties to keep the scent as fresh and recent as possible. On the other hand, if you wear the panties first before shipping, you must sell them within a week or so. Anything longer than that and you may not be able to guarantee their quality.

Master the Shipping Process and Increase Your Sales

Once you learn how to ship used panties the right way, with care and attention to detail, you’ll see a significant uptick in your orders, income, and reputation. Not all sellers take the time and care to seal, package, and ship their used underwear with quality and customer service in mind. Stand out from your competitors by adding a personal touch like colored tissue paper, a handwritten note, or a small gift as a token of your appreciation. Follow up with the buyer afterward to ensure they’re satisfied. 

All of these small details can make a big difference for your used panty business. Shipping used underwear safely and securely also keeps you on the right side of the law and prevents your panties from getting damaged or ruined during shipping.

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