How to Choose a Price for Your Used Panties

The used panty marketplace’re interested in selling used panties. Naturally, your first question is going to be “wait...I can get paid for that?” Yes, yes you can. Sniffing used panties is such a turn-on and there are lots of people out there who could be very interesting in sniffing yours (for a price). 

Why is buying used panties a kink? 

In this Vice article, a man who enjoys buying used panties (and has a serious kink for sniffing them) explains what is so appealing about it. 

When asked what he liked most about used underwear, his response was quite simple: “I love the smell and the fantasy of it all, thinking about what she did to them and how she smells. I also like the look of them, how sexy they are and how dirty they look. Even just a photo of a pair I could get off on.”

This interview is filled with all kinds of interesting questions, one of which was “does the novelty of used panties wear off once you ‘use them’ [to masturbate] once?”

His response was really telling of just how unique and intimate this kink is: “I use each pair multiple times, but some pairs I take out more than others. It depends on who I would like to smell at the time. I love them all, but I do have favorites. A few years ago I received three pairs from a lovely girl in America and they were amazing. One of those pairs was just different from anything I’ve ever received; I think it was just the smell of her.”

Consulting him on one of the most important questions (how much is the most he’s ever spent on one pair of used panties), this was his response: “I think the most I’ve paid is about £550. But to be honest, I would be willing to pay any amount for a very nice dirty pair.”

That’s right...£550 (that’s around $750!) for one (ONE!) pair of panties!! 

Knowing just how intense this kink can be for some people, your next question is going to be: “how much can I get paid for selling my used panties?” 

That is a very good question. While getting $750 for one pair is quite an outlier, like the man said, he would really be willing to pay any amount for the right pair. You may go on for weeks or months selling your panties at the typical prices (listed below) and then find one customer that is willing to pay more than you ever hoped for. 

There is really no “one rate fits all” for selling used panties, as the price of panties and how much you make from your venture depends on the cost of the panties, the cost of shipping, and how much your buyers are willing to pay. The short, vague answer is that you can make anywhere between $240 - $360 per month (or more!) by selling your used panties on Sofia Gray. The long answer? I’ll get into that below! 

Things To Consider Before Setting Up Shop...

This really is a “business.”

With any business venture, there will be initial costs (buying new sexy panties if you don’t have ones you’re willing to part with, shipping costs, etc). Additionally, there is a cost of signing up for Sofia Gray, but it’s incredibly affordable compared to other marketplaces. 

While other platforms are charging around $20/month to set up shop on their marketplace, with Sofia Gray, you can set up your shop for the low price of $14.97 for four months! 

You can be anonymous if that’s important to you. 

Yes, this is an adventure that can be explored anonymously. While you will have to arrange for some kind of payment, that can be done through gift cards and e-wallets. Shipping is a little trickier, but there are always ways to ensure you’re not sending out your personal address or information! Your site name and bio? While we suggest having some personal/intimate information in there to draw in customers, you can be as vague or as explicit as you’d like.

So many more people are interested in buying used panties than you think...and we give you access! 

The whole idea behind Sofia Gray (and other panties selling marketplaces) is that there is a communal place for panty fetishists and kinksters to find a plethora of used panties to choose from. You’re connecting with people who are actually searching to buy used panties - so the chances of making a sale are pretty great! 

Yes, you are going to have to post photos of the panties…

Every customer wants to see want they are paying for, right? While you don’t necessarily need to be wearing the panties in order to sell them (you can always have them laid out on your bed for a nice intimate look) - wearing them and taking photos can be part of the fun!

Getting paid is pretty simple. 

Payment from buyers can be arranged through discreet payment methods such as Bitcoin, Google Wallet, Amazon Gift Cards, Paxum, etc. While some prefer basic methods like Paypal, we advise using discretion here, as some people have previously had their Paypal accounts restricted due to using them this way. You can learn more about payment methods on our FAQ page.

Choosing different styles of panties to buy and wear can be a key to success. 

There are so many different types of panties...why not offer a large variety, see what’s popular and then stock up on more of those! From briefs and boyshorts to hipster and g-strings - offering a variety in your shop (and then subsequently offering more of what’s popular) is a great way to thrive. 

Additionally, you may want to branch out in different colors and textures, too. 

Bright colors, greys, nudes, blacks, whites...for some people, color matters as much as your scent does. Then, consider texture: lace, satin, silk, cotton - these things matter to people who have a serious used panties fetish. 

There may be some negotiating involved… 

When it comes to anything, there will always be someone angling for a cheaper price. We suggest setting a firm bottom line (a price that you won’t go below) and listing your panties as slightly more expensive than that. This way, you do have some “wiggle room” if buyers are wanting a discount, and you can also offer repeat customers a discount without taking a pay cut. 

Really, the sky is the limit with used panties selling. 

Look at this man: he’s spent over $4000 on over 300 pairs of used panties. One time, he paid $150 for ONE pair of pink satin panties. When it comes to used panties, this is a fetish that takes hold for many people and you could be catering to their desires and earning a great sexy side hustle income from it! 

Why do people love used panties? 

  • Sniffing used panties is a kink. People have kinks for various reasons, from it being something they just naturally find arousing to it being something tied to a sexual memory and beyond. 
  • Pheromones! Why do you like the way certain people smell? That’s why. And yes, in this case, ‘pheromones’ can cling to your panties and that smell combined with the feel of the fabric can be every panty lover’s dream. 
  • The smell of your vagina is unique (and intoxicating). The pheromones women emit from their vaginal area are more powerful than the pheromones found in the oils on the skin on your arm, for example. 

Choosing a Price For Your Used Panties…

How do you set a price point for used panties? You want to make this business venture worthwhile, but you also want to select a fair price that will have clients returning for more. 

When choosing a price for your used panties, here are four things to keep in mind… 

  • What was the cost of these panties? You should always price your items more than what you paid for the item when it was new so you’re always making a profit.
  • How much will it cost to ship this item to the buyer? You could think ahead and plan to add a certain amount for shipping into each panties price, or you can simply tell the buyer that shipping costs extra in addition to the price of the item. If you do this, we suggest pricing your items a bit lower on the scales shown below to account for the extra that the buyer will pay for shipping.
  • Is there anything custom or unique about this order? If your buyer has asked for something special (like a certain pair of panties listed in your store to be worn while you’re at the gym), it’s reasonable to add to the price of the panties to account for this special request. Let your customers know you’re open to requests by stating that in your biography.
  • Is this item part of a lingerie set? If so, why not try telling the whole set? The only thing hotter than a pre-worn black lace thong is the matching bra that goes with it. Maybe add a spritz of your perfume to the bra and package it separately so the panties have a smell (yours) and the bra has a smell (your perfume). 

Below are some “average” price points for various items that you could sell in your used panties shop. Keep in mind that these are typical prices and that every piece can be set at a price you feel comfortable with. 

“Everyday wear” used panties can be sold for up to $60 per pair.

This can be underwear you wear on a normal day for a normal amount of time. The panties can range from typical briefs and boyshorts to thongs or hipster-style panties. The average selling price for these can range from $20 - $60, with most falling in the $35 - $45 range. 

“Everyday wear” specialty panties can be sold for up to $70 per pair.

This can be underwear that you wear on a normal day but that has something special about them. For example, it can be a lacier pair of panties that’s generally more expensive, a g-string thong that will ride closer to your skin, etc. These items can range anywhere from $30 - $70, with most falling in the $40 - $60 range. 

“Special order” used panties can be sold for up to $80 per pair.

This can really happen with any kind of panty - perhaps the buyer requests that a certain pair of panties in your shop be worn to the gym or while you’re ovulating. If you’re open to custom orders, this is where you can hike up the price quite a bit. Average “custom orders” like this (depending on what exactly the buyer is asking you to do in the panties) can range from $50 - $100 or more, generally hovering around the $60 - $80 range. 

Some typical “special orders” can include: 

  • Wearing your panties to the gym
  • Wearing your panties during ovulation
  • Wearing your panties right after sex
  • Wearing the panties while you masturbate 
  • Wearing the panties while you’re menstruating 

Stockings, lingerie sets, and more can be sold for up to $100 per pair.

These actual items may be sexier and more expensive, so you can charge a bit more for them than a regular boy-short set of underwear. When pricing these items, make sure you’re getting back your original price for purchasing the item (if it’s new) and add a good chunk of change on top of that to make the sale worthwhile. Generally, lingerie sets or stockings range from $60 - $100 per item, with most selling at the $60 - $85 price points. 

“Influencer” panties are also a thing, and you can make up to $120 per pair.

Many women are now selling panties they wore in certain photoshoots (if you’re an influencer with a strong following on Instagram or OnlyFans, this can be a fantastic way to make a sale). These items can range anywhere from $90 - $120, with most selling around the $100 mark. 

The “average price” for used panties on Sofia Gray is…$30 - $45 per pair.

$30 - $45 dollars is the average price for used panties. This is a great starting point, but there is so much wiggle room in there for special items or custom orders.

Wearing your panties to the gym at the request of the buyer? Add a few extra dollars to the cost of the panties. Is a buyer requesting panties worn right after you have sex? Add a few extra dollars! Is the underwear part of a lingerie set? Offer to sell them the entire set! 

There are tons of ways you can turn this “average price” into more with each sale. 

The “average number of panties sold per month” on Sofia Gray is…eight pairs per month!

Eight pairs of panties can be sold per month by the average Sofia Gray seller. Using our very basic math skills, if each pair of panties is listed at even the lowest price ($30), that’s $240 per month selling your used panties...with so much room to grow! 

One more thing...the more you grow, the more you’re worth. 

If you’re someone who has been really successful in the used panties business, someone who creates other adult content (perhaps on OnlyFans or a camming website) - you may be able to charge on the higher end of these scales! 

While the actual panties are the item they are buying, the draw in for buying them is that they are yours. Your customers are going to choose you over the next used panties seller because there is something about you that they are attracted to. 

This is the main reason why many used panties sellers create separate social media pages for their businesses. 

Promoting your used panties on your personal Facebook or Twitter might sound like your version of hell. This is why many used panties sellers create separate social media pages to promote their business. Twitter is a great place to promote used panties, with hashtags like #usedpanties and #usedpantiesseller being quite popular. While being a part of the Sofia Gray marketplace will give you access to all our buyers, you can reach even more people with a social media account dedicated to your business. 

Setting Up Your Used Panties Store on Sofia Gray

When setting up a shop on Sofia Gray, there is a lot of room for personalization. Be creative with it! There are quite a few important steps in setting up your shop that could determine your success...

Shop Name: Instead of listing yourself as “Sarah’s Shop”, list yourself as “Sarah’s Scents” or “Sarah’s Panty Drawer” - think of things that would be really eye-catching to potential buyers scrolling through the various shops available on our platform. 

Biography: The same should be done with your biography. Include some cheeky, flirty text - something like “Shh, this can be our little secret…” along with some vague personal information about you (like your ethnicity, your height, your age, what your kinks are, etc). Adding details like this will help your buyers feel like they are getting to know you without releasing too much personal information to them. 

Profile Photo: When it comes to profile photos, they are pretty important. This is the first time the buyer will see you (and get a feel for what kind of items you sell). If you’re interested in being anonymous, you can upload a really nice photo of yourself wearing one of the items you sell. We suggest creating a profile photo that is suggestive and flirty but not something that would make casual buyers uncomfortable. Get creative with this - check out our guide for taking the best nudes and see if any of these stellar angles can capture your used panties! 

Setting up your very own used panties store on Sofia Gray is super easy. 

  1. Register with Sofia Gray as a used panties seller. 
  2. Click “Sell Now” and create your own store. Gather images and information about the items you want to list. Create a unique and eye-catching biography and profile to really grab potential buyers’ attention. 
  3. List your items in your store. 
  4. Promote your items (you can use this list of NSFW social media platforms) or simply wait for inquiries. An important note: only serious buyers will message you on Sofia Gray. Our system ensures that buyers are serious about purchasing your items as they have to spend “Sofia Gray tokens” in order to contact you. 
  5. Negotiate a fair price for your items. Discuss with your customer how they will pay for the item and when they can expect their item to arrive. 
  6. Close the deal with the buyer of the item by accepting payment. 
  7. Once payment has been received, package your item securely and discretely (very important) and send it off to its new home! 

Watch our promotional video here for more information on how to become a Sofia Gray used panties seller.