All Things Worn Review: Will You Make Money?

The used panty marketplace

When it comes to selling used underwear we know a thing or two. Hence why we’re going to be reviewing one of the most popular used underwear marketplaces on the internet. Selling used panties has been around for a lot longer than you might think. But it's thanks to its popularisation in the media and events like the pandemic that we have to be grateful for making it mainstream.

Nowadays everyone wants to make a quick buck off of their used underwear, and for good reason. You get rid of some used undies for a good price and the customer gets to fulfil their kinky desires. It’s a transaction where everyone’s a winner. So today we’re going to take a look at All Things Worn and see if it’s worth your while.

What Is All Things Worn?

All Things Worn is a used underwear marketplace that specialises in selling all kinds of used undergarments. They have an active community of guys and gals who list their used underwear for panty lovers to indulge in. They also grant sellers the option to sell videos and other digital content, but we’ll come onto this a little bit later. 

All Things Worn was developed due to numerous banned eBay accounts for selling worn shoes. As you can imagine building up trust on eBay accounts just to get banned over and over again can be infuriating. However, this interest in used shoes sparked a revolutionary idea. If eBay would keep flagging pictures of shoes as adult content, then an entire new moderated marketplace was the solution.

The platform began with the option to sell a few things like socks and shoes but as it grew they decided to enable users to sell All Things Worn!

How All Things Worn Works?

As a buyer, signing up is really straightforward. All you’ll need is a valid email address that you can verify and you should be good to go. You’ll need to fill out a few pieces of information such as your age, your gender, the country that you live in and your preferences in who you see content from. This could be men or women but you can always adjust this after your account is set up. You’ll be pleased to know that signing up as a buyer is completely free and will not require credit or debit card information. So rest assured that your money is safe and sound. 

After your account is created you’re free to browse any of the model's collections on the platform. There are thousands of sellers with multiple different services and garments to choose from. Once you see something you like just drop them a message with an offer that they can't refuse and you might have yourself a deal. From here you and the seller can agree on the sale and then organise payment and delivery. When you receive your lovingly used garments be sure to leave a review on the model's profile as it goes a long way.

For sellers on the site, you’ll have to follow essentially the same signup process as the buyers. Again it’s all completely free. It’s important to note that you’ll need a username or an alias. You want to refrain from using your real name as this will be the main way that users on the site will identify you. After you verify your email you will have to go through ID verification in order to make sure that you’re 18 or over and aren’t impersonating anyone else. It will take up to 24 hours to get verified but once you’re done it's showtime.

Sellers will have to set up their own private shop chocked full of all the garments and services they’re willing to offer. The more full your shop is, the more appealing it is to the buyers as it makes your profile look more active. Interested customers will message you about your items in order to make a purchase. The only downside to the service is that you cannot make any payments through the site.

While this does mean that you keep 100% of the money that you make off of sales. It does however leave you more vulnerable to scammers if you’re not sure how to securely carry out the transactions yourself.

Services They Offer

People wear a lot of things so it’s a bold move to market your business as All Things Worn. Nonetheless, let’s dive into all of the awesome services that are available for sellers to use on the platform.

Sell Used Underwear

If you wear it you can sell it! All Things Worn breaks up their used undergarments into categories that potential buyers can search through. Things like used underwear, used shoes, used hosiery and used clothing. Within these different categories, you’ve got socks, pantyhose, used gym clothes you name it! 

Just create a post modelling or advertising your used clothing and set the price. Setting the price does make you your own boss but try to allow your customers a little bit of wiggle room sometimes, especially if you want to encourage repeat buyers.

Sell Videos 

Almost all adult and fan sites allow this service on their platform All Things Worn would be missing out if they didn’t incorporate it. Sellers can upload videos of themselves securely that can be unlocked instantly for instant cash. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to charge for something as arbitrary as a video. Our advice is to charge by the minute. Go at a rate of maybe two dollars per minute of action and scale up depending on your success. If you happen to do any custom or bespoke videos then you can certainly charge more premium rates.

Sell Images

If you’ve got a knack for taking nude pictures then this might be right up your alley. All Things Worn allows its sellers to list individual photos or photo collections that can be purchased for instant cash. It’s up to you to make the naughty thumbnails and descriptions but if you can make it enticing enough then you’re bound to make a sale.

Sell Experiences

This is one of the more interesting things that sellers can do on the platform. You can essentially sell your own unique experience that buyers might be looking for. Things like penis rating services, dating profile reviews, audio files or sexting services are just some of the popular ideas that people are offering. The cool thing about this is that you’re only limited by your imagination. If you’ve got any special skills or hobbies like cosplaying then you can incorporate them into your adult content escapades.

Sell Used Accessories

Used accessories are anything that you’d like to sell that aren’t items of clothing. For the most part, it’s items like hairbands, sex toys and tissues. But sellers have been known to go as far as to sell “Cummy worms” but we’ll let you figure out what they are. As a rather quirky covid item, sellers have been known to list used face masks which sort of defeats the purpose of social distancing but we won't tell.

What Is Kink Coin

Kink Coin is a new optional form of currency that can be used sitewide. All Things Worn have acknowledged the fact that it can be difficult to find an adult payment method. Places like PayPal, CashApp and Venmo shutting are notorious for shutting accounts down for adult activity as it is not permitted in their terms of service. 

So as a way to get around these prudes All Things Worn created a safe and anonymous currency that can be used to make any purchases that you’d like on the site. Kink Coin makes for much safer transactions as no payment details need to be exchanged. Kink Coin can be sent directly to the seller from the buyer. The Kink Coin can be redeemed by the seller to cash out whenever they need to. 

The minimum withdrawal limit is 300 Kink Coins which equates to around $30. The currency allows a lot more freedom and encourages acts like tipping and instant unlocking which is great for both parties involved. Ultimately Kink Coin is a great addition to the community as it limits the amount of scamming and fraudulent activity going on.

What Is Male Things Worn?

Male Things Worn is a dedicated platform for men to sell their used garments and digital goods. As the name suggests it is in fact an extension of All Things Worn so you’re in safe hands. After numerous requests and enquiries to sell their used items on All Things Worn, it was about time that the guys got their own space to grow and shine. The site has all of the features of the main platform simply catered towards men. When it comes to selling used underwear women tend to dominate the market so it's nice for them to throw a bone to the male users.

Top Tips For Sellers

So if you’re new to the user underwear selling game you can take a look at our ultimate guide to selling used panties. However, as this is a different platform you might want to pay attention to what works over here. If you want to know how to get the most out of being a seller on All Things Worn then pay close attention.

Get Verified

Make sure that you get verified as soon as possible. This helps to build trust between you and your potential buyers. It’s also good to accompany this with a profile picture. It’s not entirely necessary to show your face if you’re not comfortable. However, there are plenty of filters that can disguise your identity whilst still making you look sexy.

Interact With The Community

It’s important not to join the platform expecting just to take, take, take! Commenting on posts, liking pictures and chatting with fellow sellers can help to create a more loving environment.  

Leave Reviews

Although this is normally the buyer's job it applies to sellers too. A buyer's profile can be harshly penalised for bad reviews so if your transaction has been pleasurable then it’s good etiquette to leave a positive review. Not to mention this boosts the chance of repeat customers and acts as a gentle reminder to get a good review yourself.

Safety First

Getting an offer can be exciting but it’s important not to get too carried away. Only list services and comply with things that you are comfortable with. If you have any negative experiences or feel threatened, reach out to an admin to help and take action.

How To Have A Pleasant Buyer Experience

Buying used underwear online doesn’t really have a rule book, so it’s easy for people to make mistakes especially because passions are usually high buying items like this. Hence here are some Do’s and Don'ts to consider when buying items on All Things Worn.

Don’t Haggle Too Much

Although prices aren’t too set in stone and some negotiation can take place it’s important not to be too pushy and entitled. Demanding free samples and outrageous discounts is a one-way ticket to getting declined and or blocked. Building a good rapport is much more likely to get you freebies than simply asking for them.

Don’t Send Unsolicited Images

Sellers a lot of the time are posting lewd pictures of themselves to market their services, it shouldn’t act as an invitation to send explicit photos or messages that haven’t been agreed upon. Activity like this can lead to your account being reported, suspended or banned so be polite.

Fill In Your Preferences

Take a moment to fill in your profile and what you’re interested in. It’s always nice to leave a few things about yourself in your bio so that sellers that want to reach out have a nice icebreaker. Furthermore, filling out your preferences helps to narrow down your searches. With thousands of sellers uploading multiple items on a daily basis thing’s can get a bit hectic. 

Have Fun

Overall this community was built in the name of pleasure and fun. Sticking to the rules and being respectful can make for a safe and sexy environment where people can fulfil their fantasies and get paid. If your intentions aren’t good there are plenty of admins moderating the site to protect all of their users.

Final Thoughts

All Things Worn is a great platform for selling used undergarments and digital content. Their main disadvantage was users having to carry out transactions independently. This isn’t a smart move on their part as it means that they leave their users vulnerable to scams that take place outside of the site. A great solution to this that they implemented was Kink Coin which makes things much safer and easier for both sellers and buyers. However, for it to take off as an on site currency can be difficult to moderate.

There are certainly better alternative sites that specialise in specific services. For instance, selling videos on ManyVids or feet pics on FunWithFeet which could be better options to make money in these areas. However, All Things Worn gives their user the burden of choice making models spread them selves a little thin at times. With the exception of camming, they offer almost everything you can think of.

Is it possible to make some money on All Things Worn? Sure. Will it make you rich? Not likely. The site can certainly double as a nice sexy side hustle but don’t expect to be rolling in the benjamins after setting up your store.