How Much Can I Make Selling Used Panties Online?

The used panty marketplace

From Marilyn Monroe to Sacha Baron Cohen to the university girl trying to pay her rent - the business of selling used panties is something many, many people have ventured into before. (Don’t believe me about those celebs selling their undies? Check out this list of other famous people who have sold their used panties!) 

While Marilyn Monroe and her famous friends may have had no problem lining up people to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of used underwear, for the average Jane (or Joe, because selling used panties isn’t just for women, you know!) - it can be a bit trickier. 

From setting up your shop to choosing pricing and handling the shipping of your used panties - it can be quite the process. 

How does selling used panties work? 

While we have entire guides dedicated to selling used panties (including this one that gives you everything from shop name ideas to shipping and payment information on Sofia Gray), let me do a TLDR version of it for you. 

First, you’ll need to choose your platform. The first question you may have to this is: why? Why can’t I just sell used panties on my own? The reason you may subscribe to any used panties marketplace to sell your items is that they (ahem - we) can offer you something you just can’t get on your own: exposure. 

When people search for used panties to buy, they want a marketplace. They want a plethora of options to choose from - not to seek out one individual person who sells their panties. Used panties marketplaces (such as Sofia Gray) give you access to buyers who are interested in your products and a fun, cute, creative way to showcase those. We also have extra tips and tricks on how to make your sales, shipping your items and we take no commission on the items you sell. 

Choosing the right platform to market your goods. 
Naturally, we’re a bit biased here - as Sofia Gray is the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling used panties. Of course, I’m going to suggest you use this platform to sell your used panties.

While some other platforms will charge you around $20 per month to operate your online used panties store, we pride ourselves on the low rate of $24.99 for three months! While we know that’s a great deal, we also know there are some sellers who have found success on other platforms, so I will leave a list of those below as well. 

Scented Pansy 





Setting a price that will make all of this worth it. 
While I will get into exactly how much you can make selling your used panties online below, let’s talk about how much to sell each set of panties for. 

Now, this can vary for many different reasons, including what kind of panties you’re selling: 

  • Typical used panties: these are panties that you have used and decide to sell. The range for this is anywhere from $20 - $60, with most hovering around the $35 - $40 range. 
  • Custom orders: these tend to be things like “wear the panties for three days” or “wear the panties to the gym” - if you’re open to custom orders from your audience, you can charge a little more for them. These customs can range from $50 - $100+ and generally hover around the $60 - $70 range. 
  • Stockings, lingerie, and more: these are actual items that may be sexier (and more expensive) than a regular set of panties. These things can also be sold on Sofia Gray and typically range between $60 - $80 per item.

When choosing prices for your used panties, make sure you take into account a few things: 

  • Where you live (and where your buyer lives), that way you can incorporate the cost of shipping into the bill. 
  • How much (if any) the platform you’re using takes as a commission. Here on Sofia Gray, we take no commission per sale but instead charge you a flat rate (under $15 for four months) to use our marketplace. Check out our FAQ page for more info! 

Coming up with a catchy store/shop name, add a personal touch, and grow your brand. 
Now comes the fun part - building your brand! Choose a name that sticks out but also makes it obvious that you’re a used panties seller. Something like “Candy’s Naughty Panties” (with “Candy” obviously being an alias). You can use your real name or an alias - it’s totally up to you! Sofia Gray can help you stay anonymous if that’s what you prefer. 

Then, add some personal touches to your biography. This can be something as simple as “23-year-old university girl” or something as elaborate as “23-years old, loves sunsets, cocktails, tennis and frat guys” - you get the idea! Be creative with this part - the more enticing you make your bio, the more likely it is that people will click through to see what items you’re selling. 

Once you’ve got all that set up, you can start marketing. Growing your used panties selling business used to be difficult, but with NSFW-friendly social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, it can be easy! Market yourself on other platforms and link back to your store to drive more customers your way! 

Taking some stellar photos of the selection of panties you’re looking to sell. 
If you want to sell used panties, you’re going to have to make the panties look desirable. As with selling most products, so much of it is about the look and how you market them. If you feel comfortable, take a few shots of the panties being worn. If not - lay them out on a nice neutral background. Make sure your shots are well-lit and enticing to the eye in order to catch the attention of potential buyers. 

There are tons of ways you can take sexy shots of your panties without losing your anonymity. If you’re interested in a crash-course on how to take the best semi-nudes - check out my guide here

Making a sale: terms, shipping, and getting paid. 
How it works is that a buyer sees something they like in your store and sends you a message to arrange to buy it. During this time, you get their shipping information (all items must be shipped from you to the buyer). You can maintain anonymity by finding a postal service that doesn’t require you to fill in a return address. This is something you can easily find with a Google search. Once they have purchased the item, be sure to seal the panties in a bag, then put them in a postal envelope and ship them off to their new home. 

How do I accept payments for my used panties? 
Payments from buyers can be arranged through discreet payment methods such as Bitcoin, Google Wallet, Amazon Gift Cards, etc. Others prefer more direct methods such as Bank Transfers. When it comes to Paypal, use discretion - as some people have previously had their accounts restricted there. You can learn more about this on our FAQ page.

How much money can I make selling used panties?

Now that we’ve gotten the lay of the land and know where (and how) to begin, let’s talk money. Because really, that’s why you’re doing this, right? While selling used panties can be a fun endeavor, you need to ensure it’s going to be worth the time and effort (and the price of the panties) - or else it’s just not going to go well for you. 

How much can I really make selling used panties?
This is a question many, many people have, and while I’ve read a lot of other articles that skirt around this question, I’m going to make it really, really simple for you. You choose how much you make in this business, to an extent. With that being said, there is some other information I can give you. 

The average price of used panties...
As I mentioned above, the average price of used panties is somewhere between $30-$45.

There may be some negotiating involved… 
When it comes to any “secondhand” item - buyers may attempt to negotiate with you on price. We suggest setting a firm bottom line (a price that you won’t go below) and listing your panties as slightly above that price point. This ensures that if the time comes for negotiations, you have a bit of wiggle room and can appear negotiable to your buyer. 

The average number of used panties a person sells per month is…
On Sofia Gray, the average active used panties seller (someone who has more than five photos in their store and promptly responds to messages) is able to sell up to eight pairs of panties each month.

Over 95% of sellers generate profit from their first sale. 
On Sofia Gray, it’s your shop, your rules. You list your items immediately, as soon as you set up your shop, and reach thousands of potential buyers immediately. Many people who choose to sell used panties through our marketplace make a profit from their first sale quickly. 

You could be making $360+ per month selling used panties! 
If we consider the average active seller being able to sell eight pairs per month, with each pair landing somewhere between $30-$45 per pair - you could be making anywhere from $240 - $360 (or more) on used panties per month. 

While this isn’t exactly a full-time income, that’s over four thousand dollars a year you can make selling used underwear! Talk about a sexy side hustle

Keep in could be making more! 
All it takes is one customer who loves your items and wants to keep buying, or one big sale and BOOM - you’re far above your quota for the month. The numbers above are just estimates of what you could be making selling your used panties! Some sellers make less, yes - but some make far, far more. 

I mean, look at this man: he has spent over four thousand dollars on over 300 pairs of used panties. He goes on to explain that in one particular intense bidding session (with another used panties admirer), he paid $150 (for one pink satin bikini)! Really, in this business, the sky is the limit and anything can happen.

When it comes to used panties, this is a fetish that many people secretly have - and you could be catering to their desires right now! 

Speaking of used panties fetish...why do people like used panties?

While you’re getting your shop ready and mentally calculating the sales you could make in your head, let’s talk about why people like used panties in the first place. 

Smelling panties is a kink. 
Why does anyone like anything? It’s hard to say. Sometimes there is a specific reason (I can pinpoint my voice kink back to an online fling I had with a hunky European guy in college - and sometimes there isn’t. 

There’s something about those pheromones…
Pheromones are really the clear and cut answer to the question: why do we like the way people smell? And yes, “people” can be exchanged, in this case, for the used panties of those people. All humans give off pheromones - they are in the oils in our skin, in our sweat, and yes, in vaginal fluid. 

Each person’s pheromones are entirely unique to them, made of their health, strength, and fertility. These pheromones can even impact our sex drive, according to a blind study conducted by the University of Texas, Austin. When humans are exposed to pheromones from another person, it can impact their mood, focus, and emotional processing. 

The smell of your womanhood is intoxicating. 
The pheromones women emit from their vaginal area are more powerful than say the ones in the oils on the skin of your arm. These specific pheromones are called copulins and they are the main reason sniffing panties can be such an intense kink for some people. Copulins can have something of a hypnotic impact on men. If ever a love potion existed - it would contain female pheromones from their panties. 

According to research, these copulins can actually trigger an instant testosterone boost of up to 150%, too! It’s basically an instant “horny” trigger.

Some first-timer panty selling tips & tricks…

Everyone needs to start somewhere - and if you’re a new used panties seller - start here! I’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to start your store and be successful. 

Have dedicated social media accounts to promote your shop. This too can be anonymous, and the best platform to do this on is Twitter (due to its NSFW-friendly vibe). While you may not have any luck selling panties on your own (hence the need for a marketplace like Sofia Gray) - promoting your items and directing people to your shop through Twitter can be a great way to drum up new customers. 

Stand out - consider offering things like used stockings, bras, even socks! There are loads of intimate used items you can sell - from panties to stockings, bras, and more. If you notice your buyer is interested in some other items, discuss this with them in your messages and see if you can make more sales!

Tell a little about yourself (even if you’re deciding to stay anonymous). 
What people are buying, really, is a kind of intimate connection to you. Panties are delicate and intimate and carry the scent of you on them. Update your biography with things like your hobbies, your age, your general location (even just the country), and some of the things you enjoy. This will help your buyers feel like they immediately have a connection with you, which will encourage them to explore that connection deeper by purchasing some of your used panties.

Use relevant hashtags in your social media promotions.
#UsedPantiesforSale is always a good one! Some others can include things like #usedpanties, #usedunderwear, #pantiesforsale, etc. 

Be visual and enticing. 
Essentially, buyers are window-shopping your panties collection. Create stunning, eye-catching images of your panties, if you can. Put some effort into this part, because people will buy things that seem visually appealing. 

Post regularly and update your shop’s items frequently.
People will lose interest in your shop if you have the same items always listed. If they aren’t selling, consider rotating your items around - feature some newer items and come back to the items that weren’t selling another time. 

Build rapport with your buyers - maybe they will turn into repeat customers or pass on the good word about your store. 
The important thing to remember in this sexy side hustle is that you’re a salesperson. You’re selling a product. You want to be friendly, engaging, willing to negotiate, polite, and most importantly, you want to leave your buyer satisfied with the product so they come back for more.

Consider merging this with your other side hustles. 
Are you an adult content creator? Perhaps you’re a cam model or maybe you have an OnlyFans page? Use one to promote the other and vice versa. If people are logging onto your OnlyFans and can’t get enough of you, leave some links to your Sofia Gray store. Chances are, if they like watching you, they’ll love a chance to buy an item they’ve seen you wearing in your photos!  

Rotate your collection - make sure your shop is always appealing. 
Don’t just post ten pairs of panties and call it a day - post six to start, and then if you see that a few of them are garnering no interest, replace them with a few new ones and consider taking new photos of the panties that aren’t selling. Make sure your shop is always enticing and appealing to your audience of potential buyers. 

Be open to custom orders. 
When it comes to the used panties kink, the desires you may encounter from your buyers can be very specific. Things like sweat from the gym, period residue, cum, etc - can all be requested by buyers. Then, additionally, some buyers may have certain material or panty preferences - some prefer lace over silk or thongs over bikini cut. When it comes to your buyers, listen to what they want and, if you feel comfortable with it, attempt to go that extra mile for them to make sure they are pleased with their purchase. 

Be firm with your boundaries. 
While you should be open to discussions about custom orders, there may be some people who try to push this too far. It happens in every business, and the used panties business is no exception. If you find a buyer to be too pushy, persistent or if they are asking you questions that are making you uncomfortable - politely redirect them to the negotiation for the item. If the problem persists, explain that you are uncomfortable and suggest they find another used panties vendor to buy from. You can also report any suspicious behavior. 

How do I get started selling used panties on Sofia Gray?

Convinced you should start selling used panties on Sofia Gray and wondering how you can get started? 

Below are some easy-to-follow steps on how to get started: 

1. Register with Sofia Gray and get your seller’s membership.

2. Click “sell now” and create your own store. 

3. Gather images and information about the items you want to list.

4. List your items. 

5. Promote your items and wait for inquiries. 

6. Negotiate fair prices for your items. 

7. Close the deal with the buyer of the item. 

8. Once an order has been placed, decide on a secure payment method that works best for you and the buyer.

9. Once payment has been received, package your item securely and discretely and send it off to the buyer.

You can watch an informational video on the process here. We wish you all the best in your used panties selling endeavor!