Cam Model Games: a fun list of games to play while on cam

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If you’re new to the world of camming or looking to get started as a cam model, there are tons of questions likely buzzing around in your brain. 

How do I get started with cam modeling? (Hey - click here for more info on that!)

What websites are best for cam modeling? 

How much money can I make while camming? 

How do I stay safe (and/or anonymous) while camming? 

All of those are natural questions in the beginning stages of your cam model career (or side hustle/hobby). And while those questions are important to start your cam modeling, there are some other questions that will beg for your attention sooner or later...the biggest being: how do I keep people entertained as a cam model? 

A simple fact: keeping people entertained is going to make you more money.

In case you weren’t totally sure how most cam model sites work, I’ll give you a quick run-down... 

There are private rooms (which is a more of a one-to-one thing), where you are in a “room” (a chat room, video call, sexting session, etc) with one person and they pay either per minute or by using their tokens to tip you. 

Then there are public rooms, where you are entertaining an audience of people (this can be a room of a few people or a room up hundreds of people). In public rooms, cam models play games (where the audience gets to engage and interact with you) to keep things fresh and interesting. 

Both types of rooms may require a bit of showmanship and finesse in order to keep your clients entertained, happy, and generous. You can play games (that engage your audience and keep things fresh) in both types of rooms. 

The goal of public rooms: keeping lots of people entertained all at once.
If you’re in a public room, you’re going to need games that allow you to interact with multiple people at the same time. Avoid games that are best played in private rooms (like one-on-one style games), and try to be engaging as a performer in front of a large audience. 

The goal of private rooms: engaging and making a connection with a select few people.  
In private rooms, the games you play can take a bit more of a personal, small-scale approach, because you’re only entertaining a few people (or one person) at a time. Games to play in private rooms could allow your “big spenders” (people who pay for private sessions) a chance to “get to know you” better than if you were engaged in a public room performance. 

Cam model games to keep your audience entertained (public rooms)

What game(s) you play in your room can really have an impact on how much you make during that session. Games can be a fun way to interact with your audience, large or small, and there are certain games that will work better for larger, public rooms...

This is a relatively simple concept that can be played out in so many different ways. 

What you will need: 

  • A spin wheel (you can find many different versions on Amazon)
  • A marker

Simply write different “prizes” on each slice of the wheel. This can be things like “strip-tease”, “twerk”, “flash tits”...really, you can write anything you think your audience would like to see. Then, for each tip of a certain amount (let’s say $5.00), you spin the wheel. Once the spinner lands on a certain act, you perform it for them. 

This is a really fun way to give your viewers what they want - but make sure you fill the spinner with things you’re actually able to/willing to do! 

You can find these at pretty much any novelty/sex shop or online retailer, and they are extremely easy to incorporate into your room. Simply set a tip limit (let’s say $2.00) for every roll of the dice. Then, you perform the act that’s on the dice. 

Most sexy die come with terms like “kiss here” - these are more for couples. You could find a pack of die that has instructions that are easily accomplished solo or you can make up your own rules (and write them on a poster or whiteboard behind you). For example: roll a 1 and I’ll take off my shirt, roll a 6 and I’ll use a toy, etc. You can add more dice in to make things interesting and up the stakes - “roll two 4s and I will do ___”. 

When people tune into your room, they may want to get to know you. Not just how you look, but what you like, what you don’t like, etc. People are naturally curious, so why not take advantage of that? This game is great for cam models who have larger audiences. 

You don’t need anything physical for this game. Set a tip amount (let’s say $4.00). Every time someone tips the magic number, they can send along a question for you to answer. Consider setting a limit to this (which is why labeling the game 21 Questions may be a good idea) and perhaps label a “prize” for when the audience reaches the 21st question (such as a sex act or strip-tease, etc). 

This is a very inexpensive game you can play, and similar to the “spin the wheel” game, it features a lot of activities you’d likely be doing anyway. This game is great for newer models who have slower rooms or rooms that aren’t very full. 

What you will need: 

  • A glass jar 
  • Paper
  • Pen

Write down different activities or acts on various sheets of paper, fold them up, and put them into a jar. Every time a viewer tips a certain amount (let’s say $5.00 again), you draw a slip from the jar and complete the act. 

Similarly to the “activities in a glass jar” game, you can add some other fun ideas to that jar (or have a poster on the wall behind you) with clothing or lingerie ideas. 

For each tip/token you get, you can dress (or undress) yourself in viewers’ choice. This can range from hats, jewelry, costumes to lingerie or fetish clothing. You can also play this game as a “striptease” game, with the viewer deciding which article of clothing you remove. 

Who doesn’t love a fun game of truth or dare?! 

While you don’t need any physical props for this, I highly suggest outlining the rules (what you’re comfortable with, what your hard limits are, etc) before you start the show. People may ask you for some very personal information or dare you to do things that you don’t feel comfortable with and then get upset if you don’t perform, as they’ve already tipped - so be sure to outline the rules before you play. 

You could charge (for example) $3.00 for a “truth” and $5.00 for a “dare”. 

Everyone wants the chance to win something great, right? 

Take advantage of people’s curiosity and competitive nature by holding a raffle. Charge $5.00 per ticket (or do bundles of tickets, so say $5.00 for one ticket or $10.00 for three tickets) - this can really get things going. 

Things you could raffle off: 

  • A custom video 
  • A skype call 
  • Used panties 
  • Goodie boxes 
  • Sex toys 

Really, you can raffle anything! Once all the tickets are in, use a site like Raffall or Comment Picker to choose a winner at random.

Cam model games to keep your audience entertained (private rooms)

When you’re in a private room setting, the vibe can be very different. Sometimes you’re hosting only a few people and sometimes a client has paid for a one-to-one call. Either way, there are games that are best played in a more intimate setting...

Hangman is such an under-rated game. We all know it, so let’s put a sexy twist on it. 

What you will need: 

  • A whiteboard 
  • A whiteboard marker 

Set up the white-board so your viewer(s) can see it. Decide on a word and draw out the hangman game. If you’re working with tips in your private room, you can set a tip amount for each letter guess ($2.00, for example). You can also reward your client(s) by removing an article of clothing every time they get a word right, playing multiple games until you’re naked. You can then move on to performing different acts once the word(s) are guessed. 

This allows the games to continue for a long time, ensuring your viewer(s) stay with you and keep tipping. 

Truth or dare works for both public and private rooms and can get quite intimate and exciting if you’re in a private room. Your viewer(s) will love the chance to get to know you better or dare you to do sexual acts. Of course, as always when playing truth or dare, outline your limits and restrictions ahead of time. 

This is a game that drunk college kids know - but it can be easily adapted to suit cam models, too. The concept of this game is to submit a “never have I ever…” comment, with a tip of course. If you’ve done their comment (let’s say they comment: “never have I ever had sex on a beach”), then you remove an article of clothing (or some other prize). 

This is best played in smaller or one-to-one settings so it doesn’t get too out of control and end too quickly. 

This one is very, very simple: every tip or token is a question they can ask you. This can be asking you something personal (within reason, of course) or it can be asking you to perform a sexual act. 

You can set price limits on this - so, for example, personal questions are $2.99, sexual act requests are $4.99. This is also a game that’s best performed in smaller circles so it doesn’t end too quickly or escalate past what you’re comfortable with - it’s a great game for “regulars” who you have experience interacting with. 

Camming as a couple? No worries - there are games for that, too! 

While many cam models are solo acts, there are some that like to perform with their partners (or guests)...what kinds of games can you play then? 

Well, there are a lot of the games mentioned above that could be suitable for more than one performer, but there are also select games that are best played with a partner. 

Something about listening to a couple’s most intimate and sexiest stories can be really erotic. Using something like this card deck, you can draw a card every time you’re tipped a certain amount (let’s say $3.00) and discuss what’s on the card. 

In this set, some cards say things like “What’s something you’ve tried once together that you really want to try again?” This is a really neat way to get people involved in your story and interested in you as a couple. 

This is a very simple concept: they tip you certain amounts to see certain things. You can have a whiteboard (or list on your profile) with certain sexual acts with tip amounts. For example, you can say “$2.00 tip is kissing, $10.00 tip is blowjob”, etc. 

Again, a very simple concept: tip a certain amount and we will use a certain toy. This is an exciting way to let clients interact with you both, leaving the pleasure in their hands. You can incorporate tip-activated toys into the mix too...but more on that later!

This one is a classic. You can have a whiteboard that dictates which tip = which sex position, or you can have it listed on your profile. When you’re performing, you can set different alerts for each tip amount so you know when to change positions. This can be a really fun way to mix it up and really give the people what they want. 

Maybe the most exciting game on this list...who will cum first? Think of this as a kind of “war” against your partner that your clients ultimately control who will win.  The easiest way to do this is with interactive, tip-activated sex toys (which I’ll talk about more below). 

In this fun game, your tips control your vibe. You and your partner both use a toy and see who your customers tip more, getting one of you to climax faster than the other. This is like mutual masturbation cranked up to 11, because you’re not in control of who cums first - your viewers are. Each tip = a vibration of the toy you’re using. 

Let’s talk about tip-activated toys…

Aside from little games like the ones outlined above, you can also use tips and tokens as a way to activate your toys...because hello, 21st century. 

Sexy tech has come a long way, and there are now many toys that can be remote-controlled by people all around the world while you’re using them. The most popular toy used on Chaturbate for this would be the Lovense Lush 2. Other toys, such as the Hush (butt plug) or Domi (wand), also work. 

These toys can be activated by Bluetooth when you get a tip, briefly allowing the tipper to control your app with their smartphone. Alternatively, you can set a “standard vibration” tip setting, so every time a tip over a certain dollar amount comes in (let’s say $10.00), you’re gifted with a little buzz. 

How can you set this up? Well, Lovense actually makes it really, really easy. 

Click here and scroll through their set up guide! 

Their patented tip-based vibrations app works with any Lovense toy. You can connect multiple toys, set special commands, use sound-based vibrations, set up personalized games, very easily give your tippers live control of your toy and use it to have virtual sex in private rooms. 

Customize games to your brand/niche

While the games mentioned above are all fun, sometimes you want to really stand out from the crowd. Do what you know! 

If you’re someone who believes in astrology, maybe offer naked tarot card readings for a certain tip threshold. If you’re someone who enjoys card games, you can set up an interactive poker game with your viewers. 

Maybe you’re someone who really likes sharing personal details - so games like truth or dare and 21 questions genuinely make you excited. Or on the other hand, if you’re not interested in being as open and honest with your clients, playing more “activity-based” games such as Spin that Wheel may be more up your alley. 

When it comes to finding things to occupy and entertain your rooms, get creative - but make sure it’s something that you will also enjoy! People enter cam rooms for authentic, pleasurable experiences. If you are playing games in your rooms simply for the clients and aren’t enjoying yourself as much, they will notice that. 

How to be an engaging, interactive cam model people will love

When it comes to modeling, you want to be an interactive, intoxicating, fun, sensual, sexy presence that your customers will want to see again and again. That’s not an easy feat, especially with the sheer amount of cam models, platforms, and adult content swimming around out there. 

How do I stand out as a cam model? 


Share a bit of yourself 
This can be some personal details (your hobbies, your favorite foods, etc) - simple details that you don’t mind being out there in the world. There’s a reason we fawn over celebrities who share pictures of their pets or tell us what flavor ice cream they like - we like to get the “inside scoop”, to be in-the-know, to have information about the people we admire. 

Get to know your audience 
While this can be tricky when your audience numbers are higher and you interact with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of people each day, but playing little games in your rooms to get to know audience members gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel as though you care about them. 

Pay attention to your “regulars” 
Not that you should be giving special treatment (unless that’s what they’ve paid for), allowing yourself to have a sweet spot for those followers who have been with you since the beginning or offering little special rewards for people who tip you generously often enough can be a great incentive for people to become more engaged with you (for a longer amount of time). 

Think outside the box
While all the games I’ve listed here are fun, there are no rules about what you have to do in your cam rooms. If you think of a creative and fun game to play with your followers, give it a shot! Maybe they will love it.

Let them decide
“Give the people what they want” is a popular motto for a reason, you know. If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for new games to introduce to your following, why not ask them what types of games they’d like to see more of? Hosting a poll can give you some insight into what your followers really want. 

Brand yourself…
One of the keys to success in the cam model circuit is going to be being easily recognized. “Oh yeah, I know her...she’s does ____ over on Chaturbate!”

Getting audiences to remember you based on your performances can be as easy as hosting certain “game nights” or sticking to a routine schedule so people know exactly what to expect from you and when. This is a great way to get regular customers. 

Be true to who you are 
Authenticity, like sex, sells. People don’t want a painted-on smile and a phony performance. With cam-sites, many people who use them are looking for an intimate, erotic experience. Not a show, an experience. 

Stay true to who you are and create your own unique, personal style that will appeal to certain audiences and use that to your advantage.