Selling Used Panties on TikTok: The Sofia Gray Guide

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Welcome to Sofia Gray!

We want you to succeed in this exciting new adventure - and the Sofia Gray Guides can help. The purpose of this guide is to answer your questions and provide you with insight on how to promote your used panties shop through TikTok. Sofia Gray has a marketplace full of potential buyers...however, promoting your store in the right places can help take you to the next level!

Today, we’re focusing on how to promote your used panties business on TikTok.

What is TikTok?
TikTok has been hailed as the fastest growing social media app around. To understand how TikTok came to be, you need to know about was a popular short-form (up to 15 seconds) video streaming and sharing app where people could lip sync, make dance complications, etc. The app was quite popular - however, in 2018, it was taken over by ByteDance and turned into TikTok.

All the things you could do on are available on TikTok, plus more. TikTok branched out from music and now users on the platform can create 15-second videos on anything and everything, often using tracks and duets to make entertaining videos or promote their products or services.

Understanding the TikTok algorithm is key…
Tiktok is very unique. When you open TikTok, you’ll see a menu bar on the bottom that has shortcuts to the following:

  • A “home feed” where you can switch between people you’re following and recommended videos that are marked as “for you”
  • A “discover” feed that can show you TikTok videos that are tagged with trending hashtags to keep yourself in the loop of what’s popular
  • A “create video” button
  • An “inbox” button where you can access your DMs
  • A “Me” button that can show you your profile

You can engage with videos using “hearts” which operate the same as “likes” on other platforms. The unique thing about TikTok is that your “for you” feed will adapt based on the things you engage with on your feeds. You can use this to your advantage in terms of making your used panties business visible - people who engage with that type of content will see you more. When you yourself engage in that kind of content, you can become more involved in that community.

How to successfully promote your used panties on TikTok…

  • Understand the Terms of Service and don’t break them. Because TikTok is a platform used by many underage individuals, being responsible on the platform is the most important thing. While promoting your used panties on TikTok, make sure you mark your content as 18+ (in your bio) and age-verify individuals who contact you interested in buying your items. In addition, do not use prohibited terms (“sex”, “porn”, etc) and don’t promote your items using sexually graphic photos or videos, etc.
  • Use trending sounds! The TikTok algorithm gives priority to posts that use trending sounds, not only that, you get the opportunity for someone to search by that sound and find your video.
  • Use work-arounds and loopholes to your advantage. Instead of saying “sexy brunette selling used panties” in your bio (because using the word “sexy” could cause issues due to their terms of service), you can say “s3xy brunette selling used panties.” These little work-arounds happen often, especially with sexual wellness and sex-positive brands and advocates.
  • Use a linktree (or similar service in your bio). TikTok has a tendency to ban accounts who directly link out to adult sites like ours, we’d recommend adding a linktree or similar service to your bio which includes your shop.
  • The last, most effective thing you can do is to promote similar things on your TikTok to increase your visibility. Being seen on TikTok by the right people (people interested in buying your used panties) will be a lot easier if you are engaging in sex-positive, kink-positive, sexual wellness, and model-type posts on the platform.

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