Answers to your most asked used underwear questions


Can I sell outside of the US?

Yes! Users from anywhere in the world can sell on our site.

How much do you take from my sale?

Nothing, we take no commission on any sales.

Can other users see my personal information?

No, not at all. We’re all about anonymity here at Sofia Gray so we allow sellers to show as little or as much as they like to buyers.

Do I ship the products to your company or directly to the buyer?

All items must be shipped directly to the buyer.

How can I ship products while remaining anonymous?

We advise all sellers to use postal services which do not require a return address – you can usually find one with a quick Google search.

What can I do to make my shop popular?

Be different and showcase your style. You need to strike a balance between letting buyers get to know you and maintaining your preferred level of privacy. Detail what makes you different, the adventures you’ve had in your underwear and what potential buyers can look forward to receiving in the post. The more pictures you show and detail you provide, the greater your chances of building a loyal following. Also consider sharing your shop link with other communities you engage with that already know you. Keep it sexy, not spammy.

Can I actually make money selling my used underwear?

Most definitely. On average each active seller successfully sells 8 pairs of underwear each month. So what's active? Sellers with more than 5 pictures who promptly reply to messages and even share their shop elsewhere.

How many buyers are registered on the site?

There are several thousand buyers currently registered on our site and counting.

How should I accept payments?

We advise sellers to use the most discreet payment methods possible: Bitcoin, Google Wallet, Amazon Gift Cards. However, many sellers also use: Bank transfers, Western Union, & Square Cash. As for PayPal, some members do use this method however absolute discretion is advised as some people have had their accounts restricted.

Will this income affect my taxes?

As our selling services are spread internationally, we cannot give tax advice on a specific location. We advise you to research the tax laws and regulations in your region.

Do I have to include my face in the profile picture?

No, not at all. As we're all about anonymity here at Sofia Gray, we allow sellers to show as little or as much as they like to buyers


How do I order an item?

You must contact the seller directly to enquire about the availability of the item. From here, payment and shipping must be arranged between the two parties.

How can you ensure my anonymity?

Your personal information is neither collected nor shared by us.

How much will I have to spend?

With the range and diversity of sellers on our site, you’ll be able to buy the panties you’re looking for, for the price you're looking for.

Can I request custom orders?

Absolutely! Most sellers will be more than happy to take on requests and custom orders from their buyers.

Is packaging discreet?

We advise all sellers to package their items as discreetly as possible, however if you require further privacy please discuss with the seller.

What does postage and packaging cost?.

This is likely to depend on the seller's location. International shipping will likely be significantly higher than domestic. Please check the shipping costs with the seller.

How long before my order arrives?

Ask the seller to supply tracking numbers or a delivery estimated date.

Do I have to supply my real address?

If you would like the item delivered to your home, then yes you will have to supply your real address. That being said, a PO box or virtual office could be acquired to receive all items without any link to your home address.

Is it illegal to purchase used underwear?

No, it is not illegal to purchase used underwear. It's the same as purchasing any other used good.

Can I return an item if I'm not happy?

For hygiene purposes, we'd advise against returns. However, each seller may have different policies on the return process.

What happens if I do not receive my item?

If you do not receive the item after a four week period, you should then dispute the payment with your chosen payment service.

Why buy and sell with us?

Complete buyer and seller anonymity

Safe and secure transactions

Your own
private shop

No hidden

Would you like to delete the account?

If you click "Yes", your account will be deleted along with all of your listings. This process cannot be reversed.

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