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Welcome to my Curvy shop single Yummy Mummy Any requests  just message ❤️

Best military wife pussy around. I will also take personal requests via email: [email protected]

Young, married MISTRESS with current contracted SUBMISSIVE. I am a young, primary school teacher who enjoys a little bit of fun on the side of a very busy lifestyle. My extra time is filled with gym and some intriguing bedroom pleasure activities. I am open to requests and willing to converse about any extra requirements you may be seeking. As you can appreciate, being a primary school teacher and selling underwear (on the side) is a risky business, therefore my face will never be shown - nor identifying body marks, but there are photos uploaded on my secret Instagram account.

Young, inexperienced college freshman who needs a little help with tuition. On the surface I'm sweet and innocent, but rub me the wrong way and I can be quite the astute brat. Willing to take requests, my closet comes fully stocked with everything from simple cotton panties, to lace lined hip huggers and thongs.

Cute college student just having a little fun 😜

I masturbate a lot and figured that I might as well share with the world❤️

It sounds so hot to me that somewhere out there some man is stuffing my panties into his mouth or wrapping them around his cock 😍

Let me know what you desire and I’ll see what I can do 😜



Hello! I have a wide variety of both comfy cozy adorable panties and skimpy sexy pieces that hug me tight on a girls' night out. I am happy to take requests for photos and for wear/use. I work out 4+ times a week and have access to a sauna so let's get creative and work together to get you what you are dreaming of. ;)

Hi! I’ve always loved the way I smell and taste but never imagined someone might want to own a piece of clothing bathed in me. I’m horny and when I can’t have sex I vividly daydream about it which means I spend most days in wet panties. I’m excited about every new adventure and can’t wait to meet you!

Wet, Playful & Fun! Your Wish Is my Command... Sex is always on my mind, my pussy is wet all day thinking about cock.

Single 20 year old trying to put my way through school. I am 5’6 120 lbs, and I’d say I carry most of my weight in my butt :) I walk most of the day around campus and love working out.

I'm a single working mom of 2. seriously just trying to make everything work out great with no money help from anyone without "giving something in return" :)

I’m here for your dirty pleasure

Pick a pair of my pretty little undies and Ill cum just for you 👅or or tell me what sexy undies you like hehe


About Me I'm a 6'2 model just looking to make some extra money. I wear a size large underwear since have a big butt and smaller titties. I am a college student who is bisexual and loves to experiment! I workout almost every day, I love to run, lift, play basketball and sweat a lot! On the weekends I love to go for a swim, I'll take time to masturbate on occasion, and party with my friends.  About My Brand

Starting Price for everyday-use panties will be 25$. For details on extra days of wear or other special requests, message me. I take special requests on just about anything, and will even purchase and wear a pair of your choice. Some of my favorite offerings are:

Working out

Extended wear (5+ days)


Other deals:

I sell fetish items by request


Can’t wait to work with you!


I am a fun, athletic, outgoing, caring woman. I love to cook and I'm a full of adventures!

I am a sexually adventurous mother living in the South.  I have slim waist, big hips and even bigger ass.   I will take special requests.

Hello sugar, I am Alice! New to the site but not new to the game! I've been selling my panties and more for a year now. I'm a 5'4, petite 21 year old with the light weight of 119Ibs. While my best store items are panties and photos, I offer so much more! Come get a taste of what this sweet southern peach has for you!

My name is Sarah. I'm a 23 year old living in Miami. I'm 5'7" and I weigh 145 pounds. My biggest asset is my ass. I do squats daily to make sure it stays tight and hard. Let me know your fantasies and I'll do my best to make them a reality.

There is nothing like the curves of a woman's body. The fullness of breasts, the little butt that fits so perfectly in your hand. I want to share this beauty with you. Let me fulfill your every desire. Panties fresh from a steamy fuck session, a work out, period stains, number of days worn (up to three), styles of panties, or whatever your heart desires. I'm very open.

Clean panties can be purchased in whatever color and style you wish for an additional $25.

Each additional day is 5-10 dollars depending on the style of panties.

Sex is 15 dollars more.

Period stains are 20 dollars more.

Masturbation is 10 dollars more.

ALL payments go through Square Cash.

Big and Bold. Often filling and spilling out of these little things. Always soft and sweet. Tell me what you like.

About me

I aim to bring you a sprawling variety of unique, sexy panties to fulfill the full range of your deepest desires!


Your mail order now comes with a free gloss print of yours truly in a various a state of undress or masturbation! Signed with the kiss, this token of my appreciation for your business will be included in all orders that provide a shipping address. 

Next, all mail orders will now be delivered to you (in addition to being sealed for freshness) a lovely silk bag. Your order is important and deserves all the care in the world

Let’s talk about camming! If you just want to spend a relaxing evening watching me have fun with, come over to MyFreeCams and look for me, MarilynBloom7, where you’re guaranteed to see a fun show while I get edged to the limit by my room! Help out in getting me soaking wet, or just listen to me moan and watch my tight little pussy glisten ;)

A huge thank you to my very first Patreon supporter – Lee! Can’t wait to release your custom content! And I hope you enjoy everything available under the Sweethearts tier!





Everything You Need To Know


I shoot all videos via a high quality web cam. With the recent addition of a new mic, you can watch me play and listen to me moan.

__Turn Around Time__

Turn around time on videos can range from several hours to about a day. This comes from editing, reshooting, and uploading. All of my videos are delivered to you via a OneDrive link. Upload to one drive is a process that cannot be expedited, as I do not compress my videos. This lessens quality, which I am unwilling to sacrifice for speed. You deserve to feel like you’re right there with me, and anything less just isn’t good enough!


I am open to all kinds of content, from vanilla to hardcore. I do:
• Anal
• Oral
• Vaginal
• Role Play
• Dirty Talk
• Panty Stuffing
• Clamps/Bondage
• Deep Penetration
• Double Penetration 
• Variety of Toy Play
• Orgasm
• Multiple Orgasms
• Gagging
• Virtual Domination 
• Shark Week
• Piss Play

If you have something in mind that is not on the list, please ask! The only thing explicitly out is S*at and self mutilation.

Pricing varies with length and content. Anal play will up the price since it takes a lot of preparing on my part so that the experience is not harmful to me and so that it is 100% enjoyable for you! 

The more vanilla the video (basic masturbation/nudity/dirty talk), the less the price, while the more hardcore (anal, longer run time, extensive content), the more the price. 
Please understand that I need at least 1 day of prep time for Anal. 

__Live Shows__

I am more than happy to do live shows on Skype or Kik. However, it’s rare that I can drop everything and do a show. I do work a full time job during the day. I’ll be more than happy to schedule a time for us to play! Your patience is appreciated !

__Buyer Satisfaction__

It’s very important to me that you are happy with your content! This is why I am open to your feedback and encourage you to be detailed in your request. If you have a certain script or basic dialogue you would like me to follow, I’m more than happy to. Specific shots and angles you prefer? Let me know! Reference pictures are great for those of you who really know what you like. 

I do reshoots on videos within a reasonable limit. For example, if something goes wrong in the file upload or there are any issues in quality, I will reshoot your video or scenes as needed. If there is anything I miss (as specific instruction in the video) I will reshoot said mistakes. This is my way of making your experience the best it can be! It’s important to me that you are satisfied.

Keep in mind that I can’t read your thoughts and desires. I don’t do reshoots because a buyer forgets to ask for something or fails to clearly communicate their needs. Reshoots are for my shortcomings! 


As mentioned, I each shipped order comes with your order, sealed for freshness, then placed in a lovely silk bag. I addition, you receive a gloss photo print of myself in a sexy strip tease or a masturbation session. A thank you note written my me is standard for every order and personalized to you  

__The Toys__
• Anal Plugs- 8 - Jeweled (silicon and steel) and 1 Tail Plug
• Dildos -2 (suction cup, one Blue, one Flesh/Caucasian, one blue glass ribbed)
• Vibes- 5 (1 white durex, 1 purple g spot and clit massage, 1 pink g spot massager, 1 purple ribbed, 1 red with full vulva massager + remote)
• Bullets-1 purple bullet with remote for hands free fun
• Anal Beads- 3 (1 purple silicon bead set, 1 steel bead set on red string, 1 pink silicon bead massager with heart accent)
• OhMiBod club massager -1
• Anal Speculum (surgical grade) -1
• Tri-Clamp (for nipples and clit)- 1
• Nipple Clamps (adjustable) -1 set 
• Multispeed “Body” Massager -1

I look forward to satisfying you fully!