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I'm a very freaky tattooed nurse, who likes the idea of people using my panties I'm their fantasies.

Naughty 23 year old with Lacey panties jut for you. Color,style, and how long I've worn them. Let me be nasty for you. I'm a waitress with a bad girl side. I prefer Lacey and cotton panties as they get wetter faster. 

Housewife with A LOT of time on her hands.... hobbies include:  working out, cooking, playing with myself (that's a hobby right?) 5'7 blonde with a booty.

I am a full time student, completing my degree in Business. I currently live in Maryland and enjoy happy hours, dancing.. but also spend some time in the gym.. I keep myself pretty entertained. Im happy to take requests and have all things strappy, lacey, and stringy..

Hi! I'm a small town girl who is active. I enjoy walking my dogs and working out. I don't mind to lounge around and play Battlefield for hours. 

I'm 21, 135 lbs and 5'1. 

I'm open to any special requests, just ask. 

My nickname is Red, you can call me that. All of my undergarments are from Victoria's Secret. I put down that I am a medium in underwear because most of them are. Although, I wear a small in thongs. I am very flexible in what I can do for you, just let me know what you would like. xoxo Red

Hi! I'm a 20 year old, athletic cheerleader in college. I'm a blonde with green/blue eyes. Trying to travel the world this coming year(; Will take request with a good price

22 years old, 7 months pregnant and soaking wet all day long.. will accept requests on certain panties and how long to wear them.

I am a busy, fun, and artistic person who likes to sell underwear, socks, and apparel. I live in a hot climate :)

Hi I'm a 28 year old single mum who works part time in a super market. I have blonde/silver hair and 5ft 4. I am slim build and have nice curvy thighs. I have ocean blue eyes. I would say eyes are my best feature. I'm very sociable, like to read and love going to the gym to keep my ass nice and perky for my underware that I'm going to sell to you on here ;) 

Just your average young MILF next door who would love to assist you with indulging in your intimate fantasies. I can't wait to excite you with my first pair of lovely, juicy, sweet-smelling panties. I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm new to the panty-selling game, but I'm determined to shower you with my finest mouthwatering delicacies at your desire. I have an array of panties that are ready to be tainted just for you, making sure everything is precisely as you wish.  Additional intimate items are available upon request. Message me and tell me what you want to envision me in - making your selection sweetly scented and extra juicy - exclusively for you.  All items will be sealed individually in a zip-lock bag to preserve freshness and will be packaged neatly and discreetly, with a little surprise inside to show my appreciation! Pricing: Standard Panties: $25 USD for no less than 24 hours of wear and one solo play session. Extra days wear: $5 USD per day for the first 3 additional days $10 USD per day for any day after the initial 2 additional days (up to 3 days, which would be a total one week of wear.) Day 1: $25 Day 2: + $5 ($30) Day 3: + $5 ($35) Day 4: + $5 ($40) Day 5: + $10 ($50) Day 6: + $10 ($60) Day 7: + $10 ($70) Special Request Panties: Starting from $40 USD - includes panties worn for no less than 24 hours, one solo play session plus any additional requests such as: skid marks, extra solo play sessions, pissing, worn during/after sexual intercourse, worn during exercise, multiple/variety panty set, specific types of panties (cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, etc.). *Shipping fee may apply depending on weight of package and distance to be shipped. Message me to discuss the details of your request in more depth. I will accept payment through my account.  Click Here to send Payment to Blushing Peach  I look forward to bringing you pleasure.

Hii, I'm Amanda!! I just turned 18 and am so excited to finally be here for you :)

Hello friends!  My name is Kate and I welcome you to enjoy my Panty Drawer. I would describe myself as a small, beautiful blonde bombshell with a personality that will blow you away. From pleasure-filled to creamy surprises and more, you will fall in love with my collection. I am always ready for a good time, so I will take special requests, for a fee.  Get ready, new friends, this is going to be a wet, wild ride. 

Hi! I'm a 20 year old blonde born and raised in Michigan. I'm 5'4 and a plus size girl and proud. I'm a hairdresser/ Salon manager. My hobbies include reading, playing video games and listening to vinyl! I wear strictly Victoria's Secret only. I typically wear my panties for 20 hours a day, but willing to make exceptions upon request. I'll post basic sales in my shop but contact me for special orders!

27. Kiwi. Curvy. Nurse.   Loves: Pretty panties. Oral. Sucking balls. Dad jokes. Public play. Spanking. Chocolate. Cum in panties. Exhibitionism. Quotable movies. Gingers. Sleep. Football. Tall men. A tongue in my bum. And your mom.   Hates: Working 12 hour days. Thongs. Dogs. Rough sex. Australians. Period pants. Chelsea fans. Salt & Vinegar crisps. Smokers.   Fetlife: littlelostkiwi

I am a curvy, beautiful, lactating redhead looking to cater to your used panty needs <3 I love to workout, masturbate, and have sex in my panties.  

Young ambitious nurse who has gone back to school to become a doctor. French girl from Montreal, 5,2, blond hair and brown eyes. Athletic and curvy, i religiously workout 6 days a week, it keeps me sane through a hectic schedule of school and work shifts in the intensive care unit. What i'm selling? For starters, lace is my personal favorite, but i'm the "open to anything" type of girl when it comes to lingerie. I workout almost everyday, which opens up a world of options in regards to what you can get from me. Last but not least, simply ask and you shall receive!  

Thick thighed, gorgeous eyed chocolate godess! Both sweet and spicy plus everything in between. 5'8 active and open for request!

I'm a 21 year old athletic blonde with green eyes. I'm currently going to school full time for cosmetology and My nursing degree. I'm from central Cali and you just tell me how you want your panties and I'll do my best to make it happen ;)

I'm an 18 year old college student with a 3.9 GPA. I'm Chinese, Irish, and German (I know, fun, right?). I'm a newbie at this so I'm up for taking some direction and learning the ropes. I am also a cheerleader and love to go to dance classes for fun. In addition, I occasionally model and enjoy going to the gym. Plus I tend to do many sexual things with my boyfriend in which I put my panties on right on top afterwards, in case you were wondering;) The types of panties I have range from boy shorts to bikini to cheeky to thongs to g-strings so if you have any requests please let me know. I will also that special requests on how long or under what conditions to wear my panties. Plan of requests such as after sex panties taking a couple of days longer to process. All of my transactions are to be done through the square cash app to ensure both my and your identities remain anonymous. Lastly, I want to get to know my buyers and want us both to feel comfortable so make sure to contact me with any questions, concerns, requests, or anything else relating:)

Hello! My name is Lydia and I am a midwestern girl who loves to travel and hike! I am 5'4 and 145lbs. I have brown dreaded hair and green eyes with little yellow speks!  I am definitely a people person and I love to make them happy! I don't have a problem with wearing my underwear for long periods of time, which could be a special treat because this time of year it's very humid and hot!! With each pair you will receive a personal Polaroid and a note to show how much I appreciate your business! All packages will be vacum sealed for freshness. Don't be shy, request are available!!

I’m 19 years old and work in an office all day, so my panties can sometimes get very overworked from the long hours 👅 Especially after going to the gym and walking everywhere! Tell me what colours you like and I’ll  please you as much as I possibly can 😘

I am a 19 year old female in the Marine Corps. I love serving my country so now let me serve you. And your desires. I can be in the field for up to two weeks with no ability to shower due to training. I'm blonde with blue/green eyes, 5"9 and weigh 158 pounds. I'm clean shaven and also love to go to gym and work up a nice moist sweat. It's literally an orgasmic experience which turns me on every time. 

I'm up to take requests for a unique  personalize souvenir of a lifetime   

Cardiac nurse with a big personality! Very open minded to new people and opportunities. Curvy with an extra dash of busty! The life of the party, it's never dull with me ;)   I take special requests... Within reason ;)