The Top 10 YouTubers with OnlyFans Accounts

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According to a study conducted in early 2023, YouTube has over 2.5 billion users, making it one of the world’s top social media platforms. The average user spends about 20 minutes per day scrolling through a variety of informative and entertaining videos. 

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has exploded in popularity, serving as a way to not only entertain and inform viewers but also as a realistic way to make money. Some of the most popular YouTubers including Mr. Beast are currently worth over $50 million

If there’s one thing we know about social media it’s that one platform tends to overlap with others, with many Instagram influencers also having a steady following on Facebook, or Snapchat creators going viral on TikTok.  So, it should come as no surprise that some of the hottest YouTubers are now capitalizing on their fame by creating OnlyFans accounts. 

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is a subscription-based website most well-known for its adult and NSFW content. Here, sexy creators post racy pictures and videos that their loyal fans pay to see. Creators set a monthly subscription fee that gives subscribers unrestricted access to all of their newest and hottest content. OnlyFans gives avid fans a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes (and under the clothes) of some of their favorite celebrities and influencers.

So, what happens when YouTube stars open OnlyFans accounts? Magic! And in this article, we’ll share our list of the top 10 YouTubers that also have OnlyFans accounts so you can get a sneak peek behind the scenes of their exclusive and private lives.

1. Bobby Burns

If music is your thing and grungy white dudes turn you on, then you don’t wanna miss this YouTube star/musician gone OnlyFans famous. Bobby Burns is a Nashville-based recording artist most well-known for his songwriting, lyrics, and captivating musical performances. With over 622,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 38 million views, Burns has transitioned from a musical genius on YouTube to a racy, half-naked “living, breathing skeleton”, as he describes himself, on OnlyFans.

Here, loyal fans get to see a different side of the hot musician. When you subscribe to Bobby Burns’ OnlyFans page, you’ll see a lot fewer music notes and a lot more skin. Burns posts everything from fully nude photos and other X-rated pictures to sexually explicit videos. And his fans can’t seem to get enough! Whether it's his music that gets your motor running or a combination of his talent and bare skin, you won’t be disappointed when you make the switch from music groupie to OnlyFans obsessed.

2. Deek Aesthetic

Another sexy stud that made the transition from YouTube creator to OnlyFans heartthrob is Deek Aesthetic. If you’re not feeling motivated to exercise, you will after checking out this chiseled God’s OnlyFans page. Deek Aesthetic posts on YouTube under the fitness category where he’s garnished an impressive 73,600 subscribers and nearly 12 million views.

What makes Deek Aesthetic stand out among other fitness influencers is the fact that all of his workouts are done in the nude. I mean, what better way to motivate your audience and fans than by showing them all their hard work pays off? Deek Aesthetic’s body is the epitome of muscular and strong and with every chest press, squat, and bicep curl, he’s making fans sweat, swoon, and subscribe! 

One thing YouTube doesn’t allow is full-frontal nudity, which is one reason why Deek Aesthetic took his naked exercise routines to a more adult-friendly platform like OnlyFans. Subscribers to Deek’s page are treated to a wide variety of sexy and satisfying workout videos that will work every muscle in your body and are sure to leave you dripping, sweating, and satisfied!

3. Jackson O’Doherty (Jackson & Maddy)

Deek Aesthetic isn’t the only fitness guru gone OnlyFans creator that’s making the switch from athletic to erotic. Jackson has been posting online exercise videos on Youtube since 2011, which is one reason he’s amassed such a large and loyal fan base. O’Doherty currently has nearly 2.7 million subscribers on the video-based platform with over 601.4 million views! 

There’s no denying Jackson is fit, fun, and sexy, which is why the YouTube star started posting racier videos that showed off his chiseled body in all its glory. But to avoid getting banned or violating YouTube’s guidelines, the fitness enthusiasts decided to take his explicit content elsewhere – and his OnlyFans page was born!

But Jackson didn’t make the switch alone. O’Doherty included his sexy and equally-fit girlfriend Maddy to join in on the fun. Now, the dynamic duo post X-rated videos of getting sweaty together outside the gym. Their epic amateur porn has earned them a top spot on OnlyFans and amassed a loyal fan base that simply can’t get enough.

4. Olivia Cara

Moving from gym gains to booty gains. Olivia Cara is a YouTube star gone OnlyFans famous thanks to the junk in her trunk. Olivia Cara’s YouTube content was always a little racy, which made it difficult for her to post regularly while also following the platform’s rules. Even with these strict guidelines in place, Olivia was able to acquire over 453,000 subscribers on her channel where she simply posted videos of her everyday life. For example, subscribers can watch Cara food shop, try on bikinis, and review health and beauty products.

But if you want to see more than just what’s in Olivia’s cabinets and closets, you need to head over to her OnlyFans page. Here, Olivia is free to follow her true passion of sharing more erotic and explicit videos – and her fans get to reap all of the hot and sexy benefits. Olivia posts fresh new content on her OnlyFans page daily, including breathtaking nude photos showcasing her large breasts and robust booty. Cara also accepts custom requests for hardcore X-rated videos and pictures – but it’ll cost you. Olivia only provides this type of exclusive content to her most generous fans. One thing most people can agree on is that Olivia Cara puts in the time and effort to succeed on both her YouTube channel and OnlyFans account where she works hard to keep her loyal fans satisfied and coming back for more.

5. Ashley Schwan

Party planning has never been as fun or as sexy as doing it with YouTube star Ashely Schwan. This blonde bombshell got her start on the video-sharing platform by posting videos about everything from preparing the perfect snacks for an upcoming party to choosing the sexiest Halloween costume. Fans can’t get enough of her smoking hot body, blonde locks, and beautiful smile.

But when Ashley’s tutorials got a little too racy for mainstream YouTube, the influencer made the natural switch to OnlyFans. While the star still posts PG-content on YouTuber, her OnlyFans page gives her loyal followers access to exclusive X-rated videos and pictures. The best part is, it's currently free to subscribe to Ashley’s OnlyFans page so, really, what are you waiting for?

6. Trisha Paytas

One thing that makes OnlyFans so popular is the underlying air of intimacy. There’s something vulnerable and appealing about getting a glimpse inside the world and everyday life of some of your favorite celebs and, yes, YouTubers! One such content creator who has mastered this on both YouTube and OnlyFans is Trisha Payatas. 

With 5 million YouTube subscribers and close to 980 million views in her channel, Paytas is the Queen of captivating audiences from all walks of life. What sets Paytas apart is her drive and hunger for success. Unlike other creators that sit back and simply wait for the fans and fame to roll in, Paytas is constantly putting in the work to engage, influence, and entertain her fan base. On both platforms, Paytas goes above and beyond to share the most intimate parts of her life through images, videos, and special chat features that give her followers a unique opportunity to speak with her one-on-one. Now, fans on both platforms are hanging on her every word and checking daily for her most recent post and anecdotes.

7. Belle Delphine

Are you into cosplay? If so, then Belle Delphine is the perfect YouTube star gone OnlyFans creator for you! Delphine is a gorgeous South African native who has acquired over 2.14 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos on the platform have been viewed over 85 million times and she’s built a fan base to be proud of. 

Delphine has also made a name for herself as one of OnlyFans’ most popular and subscribed-to models. Even if you’re not into cosplay, you’ve likely heard of Delphine. The 2015 sale of her bathwater for $30 per jar went viral and was the first video to put the YouTube star on the map and start her epic rise toward OnlyFans fame. Delphine also made a name for herself on Twitch as a sexy gamer who would play video games while chatting live on camera with her biggest fans. Due to her notoriety, Delphine has one of the most expensive OnlyFans subscription fees on this list at $35 per month, but many of her most loyal fans would argue that this iconic creator is well worth the investment.

8. Payton B (Angel)

Calling all stoners! Payton B is one of the hottest and most well-known cannabis aficionados in the world. She’s made a name for herself in the YouTube community thanks to her love, appreciation and knowledge of all things cannabis. And let’s face it, it doesn’t hurt that she’s also extremely sexy! 

When Payton B made the switch from YouTube to OnlyFans, she also created a new persona – Angel. During this crossover, Angel put down the joint to pick up a makeup brush and started posting makeup tutorials alongside her cannabis content. Whether you’re looking for the latest and greatest makeup pallet or need expert advice on the best weed for sleep or stress, Angel has you covered. You can view her informative and arousing content on YouTube and OnlyFans, as Payton B/Angel is consistently active on both.

9. Lauren Alexis

On YouTube, Lauren Alexis is most well-known for showcasing her newest and sexiest outfit hauls from naughty football-themed outfits to workout clothes, bathing suits, and more! But if her 1.47 million YouTube subscribers want to see what Lauren has hiding underneath the little bit of clothing she does wear on her channel, they’ll need to visit her Gold Status OnlyFans account where she leaves nothing to the imagination.

Here, Lauren posts video and pictures of her curvaceous body in all its explicit glory. The sheer volume of content that Lauren posts makes the $15 per month subscription fee well worth it for both long-time fans and newcomers. Lauren also offers a lot of extras on her page from live chats and casual conversation to devoted one-on-one time to her most generous followers.

10. Erika Costell

Erika Costell isn’t new to the YouTube scene. In fact, she’s been posting viral videos on the platform for years, gaining over 4.14 million subscribers with her weekly videos. Not only is Erika drop dead gorgeous, but she’s extremely talented too. She posts a wide range of content from makeup tutorials and fashion reviews to snippets from her everyday life with friends and family. 

But with a face and body like hers, it didn’t take long for Erika to branch out and explore the NSFW world of OnlyFans. Here, fans get an up close and personal look at Erika’s shapely and stylish clothes, body, and beyond. Erika also posts exclusive clips from her private photo shoots and unreleased music (yes, she sings too!). Fans can switch between her YouTube and OnlyFans pages to get a healthy mix of PG and X-rated content from this beautiful and talented young star.

YouTube Influencers Turned OnlyFans Superstars

From streaming videos and family-friendly content to taking it all off for their OnlyFans subscribers, these 10 YouTubers have created a social media following to be proud of. Whether you’re looking for fitness content that gets your blood pumping in more ways than one or a CBD expert to help guide your buying decisions, these content creators have it all.

If you’re a self-proclaimed adult content creator, check out this post for self-care tips to help keep you safe, happy, and healthy as you explore your full potential across multiple platforms.