How to get started selling nudes online

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Selling nudes is something that has been done by everyone from college students to cam models to pornstars. 

Why would you want to sell nudes? Well…

  • You can make (good) money from the comfort of your own home or while traveling...really, anywhere.
  • You can build a brand and break onto the adult content creator scene. 
  • You can claim this as an anonymous sexy side hustle.
  • It’s incredibly empowering and fun. 

If you’re interested, keep reading! 

Before you start…

While selling nudes may seem easy, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, from taking beautiful nudes to finding clients and setting prices. However, before you get into all of that, you may need to consider the following...

You absolutely must be over the age of 18 years old to sell nudes online. 

To sell nudes online, you must be over the age of 18. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) and sending a picture of sexual nature to someone over the age of 18, that person could be charged with the possession of child pornography in many places. 

Along with these laws, many platforms you may choose to partner with to find clients will require some form of ID to ensure you’re over the legal age. Ensuring you are of legal, consenting age to take and send photos (and ensuring you’re not selling your nudes to anyone who is underage at the time of purchase) is essential. 

“Why am I doing this?”

The first thing you may want to ask yourself is: why am I doing this? To be clear, there is no right or wrong answer here. You could be looking for this to be a sexy side hustle, an easy way to make extra cash on the side. Or maybe you are looking to build an adult content creator brand, or you’re just wanting to have fun selling nudes online - whatever the reason, understanding your motives going into this endeavor will change your approach. 

“Do I want to stay anonymous?”

This one can be a bit tricky. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about your anonymity or privacy, I highly suggest starting out as anonymous as possible (not showing your face in photos, not putting your real name out there, etc). You can always switch to something more public when you feel you’re ready.

“How much am I comfortable with?”

Despite the name and competition (other people selling complete nudes or video content), you don’t have to get totally naked to do this. There are a lot of ways you can dip a toe into the nude-selling waters - from lingerie shots to sexy feet pics, there are lots of different types of “nudes” that people are interested in buying. 

Setting your boundaries and rules ahead of time (and adjusting them when you start to feel a little more comfortable) is a good idea to ensure you’re not going to do anything you will regret later.

The basics...

Whether you already have an audience and are interested in shifting to more private, erotic content or you’re totally new to the game, there are some key questions that are floating around in your head right now. 

“How do I decide on pricing?”

Setting prices for nudes can be difficult - you want to be competitive and fair, but you are also selling intimate photos of yourself, so you want to make sure you set a price that you (and your customers) will be happy with. 

How much should I sell my nudes for? Well, ultimately, that’s up to you. In my research for this article, I’ve seen nudes being sold for $5 and I’ve seen nudes being sold for $150. 

The price of the nude depends on a few different things. For example, photos that are more professional looking with very good lighting and angles will go for more than “selfie-style” photos taken in your bathroom. Photos that are going to be used for personal use (of your client) may be cheaper than nudes they intend to share. Fetish nudes (posing in certain lingerie, doing certain sexual acts, etc) can also be more expensive.

If you’re interested in signing up for a service (like Onlyfans, for example), you will set a monthly rate at which customers can “subscribe” to your feed and get all the photos you post every month for one flat fee (kind of like Netflix). However, if you’re interested in selling nudes to people on your own or through a platform that allows you to set a per photo price, you’ll have to come up with that yourself. 

I highly suggest scrolling through sites like Chaturbate and Sidedaddy (more on which platforms are best for what at the end of this article) and seeing what other models are charging for their photos. This can help you set competitive rates that you and your customers feel happy with.

“What kind of equipment do I need?”

From a simple camera phone and tripod to a more expensive camera and timer/remote, you can use any kind of equipment you’d like. Keep in mind that the quality of your photos may determine how much you can sell them for. If you’re wanting to take elaborate, beautiful photos, you may need to invest in a nicer camera and proper background set up. 

“Where can I find buyers?”

There are many places on the beautiful, weird, wild internet where you can find people interested in buying your nudes. While many people might think selling nudes is a losing game, as there is so much adult content out there for free, there will always be people interested in purchasing nudes. 

Whether they are interested in something specific that they are willing to pay extra for or just want to support cam models and sex workers they like, your perfect audience is out there somewhere, you just have to find it.

I highly suggest setting up a Twitter and Instagram account and promoting yourself there as someone who sells adult content. You don’t have to post nude selfies for free to drum up an audience - you can post tease photos and your menu (how much you charge for specific photos or services) and utilize the hashtag systems on both platforms to help yourself become discovered by people who may be interested in buying your nudes. 

You can also sign up with platforms that help you with this (such as Chaturbate or OnlyFans) - but more on that later! 

“How much money can I really make selling nudes?”

This is the big question. Actually, this was the number one searched question on Google when I began my research on this. Everyone wants to know: how much money can I actually make selling nude photos? 

That answer varies, but the most accurate estimations have it sitting anywhere from $100 - $200 per day, depending on how much you sell. Of course, it can be much more (or a little less) depending on how much work you put into it and how many photos you sell.

Hypothetically, if you made $150 per day (5 days a week) from selling nudes, you would make around $3000 per month. Breaking this down further, let’s say you charge a fee of $15 per photo. By selling ten photos per day, 5 days a week, you could make that $150/day, meaning you’re bringing home $3000 per month. 

This can be an incredibly lucrative business (or sexy side hustle) if you’re willing to put the time and effort into taking nice photos and finding an audience who is willing to pay for them. 

Taking great nudes is are some tips

Now, I don’t want to be repetitive here, but really, the best thing you can do is invest the time, effort, energy, and yes, a little money, into taking great nudes. No one wants to pay for a nude that was taken in front of a dirty mirror in your bathroom with a bunch of clothes and makeup everywhere on the counter or a toilet in the background. do you take great nude photos? Well, we have an entire article dedicated specifically to taking great nudes - but I’ll TLDR it for you in just a few tips here…

Take lots of photos.

Fill your camera roll. Giving yourself a lot of options is better than realizing you don’t have that perfect photo to post or send. Make an afternoon of it, slipping into different lingerie outfits or testing out different locations in your house. The added bonus of this is that you can use these for multiple occasions without reshooting.

Test out different backgrounds and locations. 

As I mentioned above, testing out different locations in your house can be extra exciting for your clients. Getting a bedroom nude is exciting, but sending someone a nude of you in your kitchen, living room or even back yard can really spice things up.

Nail the poses and angles. 

It’s not about having the perfect body, it’s about discovering which poses best suit the body you have. Feel free to read that sentence again and let it really sink in. 

Testing out different poses and angles can help you find the perfect shot that makes you feel comfortable and flatters your figure. Of course, you should mix it up every once and awhile, but it’s helpful to know which angles flatter you most to have some “default” posing options. 

Play into kinks and fetishes. 

Pretending as though you don’t notice the camera and that the person receiving the nudes is getting a glimpse of something that they shouldn’t be seeing can play into the voyeur fantasy many people have. Posing in leather lingerie can play into leather or bondage kinks. Posing outdoor can be incredibly erotic for someone who likes the idea of having sex in public.

Mind your background. 

Nothing is worse than having something unsexy in the background of a sexy pic (I’m talking about toilets, piles of dirty clothes, dirty dishes, etc). Additionally, you want to make sure your background isn’t giving away too much about who you are (no posters with your name on it, noticeable addresses, etc). 

Editing can be great, but too much editing can be disastrous. 

Editing your nudes (either to add a watermark or add a flattering filter) can be incredibly helpful, but over-editing is a very real problem that makes your photos seem cheap and tacky. If you’re struggling with filter ideas, simply play around with the brightness and contrast or go for a simple black and white photo (those are always sexy!)

Where can I sell nudes?

Now - the big question. You’re ready to sell nudes...but where can you find people to buy them? Where can you sell nude photos? 

Well, there are actually a lot of different platforms you can use…

OnlyFans is a social network that has sky-rocketed in popularity for being NSFW-friendly, meaning you can post adult content there and it’s not suppressed or penalized. 

This platform is highly suggested for selfie-style content, building a brand, interacting with customers/clients 

How it works is that you upload your content (selfies, photos, videos, audio, etc) and people pay a monthly fee (which you set) to have access to it all. There’s also a messaging system you can use to take things private if people would like to ask for custom content from you. 

This is great because it’s a residual income, a non-stop source of revenue - the more subscribers you have, the more money you make. 

IsMyGirl works quite similarly to OnlyFans in that you offer a subscription for your feed or profile. 

IsMyGirl is great for people who want to build a brand that extends beyond selling nudes (perhaps breaking into the adult industry or offering live services), because the platform offers additional services like live camming and premium Snapchat. 

While this is currently only for female models (sorry, gents) - there is talk of a “IsMyGuy” platform being launched soon! One more important thing to note is that the payout on IsMyGirl is 70%, whereas on OnlyFans (a larger, more well-known platform), it’s currently 80%. 

Chaturbate is most well-known for being a live cam website, but did you know you can sell other things (like photos and videos) on your profile page, too? 

The great thing about Chaturbate is that your profile can be like your college dorm room - you can decorate it how you’d like. This platform is great for people who want to focus on live-cam work but have a little something extra going on the side. 

ExtraLunchMoney is a site (or adult marketplace) where you can make money from offering various services from camming to selling nude photos and videos. You take home 60-65% of the profits you make and they also have an affiliate program you can be a part of to earn a little extra cash. 

This platform is great for people who (as the name so eloquently explains) want to earn a little extra lunch money. While this may not be a platform you can grow on, it’s a place you can go to earn some extra cash and have some fun. 

Fancentro is a platform that was made to promote you. You can create a private Fancentro page that you use to promote your other platforms (like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc). 

This platform is suggested for people who want to expand their current brand and level up their client base. It’s a great idea to help you drive traffic to the places you’re currently selling nude content. You can create a bio that lets people know your prices, what you offer and where to go to find you.

ManyVids is a place for people to market their nude photo and video content. Similarly to other websites, ManyVids acts as a kind of “one-stop-shop” for your fans to buy anything you have to offer. 

Additionally, the site has been praised for their encryption and safety protocols which mean your nudes are safe and will only be able to be accessed by people who have paid you for them. For photos on this platform you can charge anywhere from $3 - $1000 and you typically bring in about 60% of the profits. 

This is a great site for people who are interested in maintaining a level of security and privacy but still making money on the side. 

MyGirlFund is a platform where women can sell nude photos and videos. Your profile on this platform, should you choose to use it, will include links to your platforms, where you sell, what you sell and how much you sell it for. 

This platform is great for people who want a bit more interaction with their clients, to build a relationship and gain returning customers. It’s really a site that is made for guys who want some kind of intimate relationship with a girl online, whether that be through sexting or just receiving regular nudes. 

You’re in control of your prices and your content and you can even start a little “blog” section on your profile, sharing intimate details about your life to keep your customers feeling nice and close to you. 

The payment system on this platform is a little unique: instead of sending you money, the people on this platform buy “credits” from the platform which they then spend on you. Each credit is worth a dollar amount and you can cash out whenever you’d like. 

Snapchat is an app many of us have on our phones already, but did you know that you can use it to sell nude photo and video content? Really, it’s one of the most popular ways to make money sending nudes. 

You can create a private snapchat account that people have to pay to access. This is called a “premium Snapchat”, and this method of selling nude content is quite popular these days. It’s quite different from other platforms, as you don’t get paid through the app itself but you arrange payment with each customer outside the app. 

You can use premium Snapchat along with a service like Fancentro (which can actively promote your premium Snapchat account) or build a following on Instagram or Twitter and advertise to your client base there. 

Other starter tips for selling nudes online…

Now that you know where to sell, let’s put on some final touches to get this just right, shall we? Here are some last minute tips and tricks of the trade, if you’re interested...

Invest in good equipment

The first thing you’ll want to invest in is good equipment. This can mean different things for different people but mostly it’s a decent camera (or very nice camera phone), a stand/remote to help make photo taking easier, some nice lingerie for photoshoots, etc.

Put effort into nice backdrops 

While it may not seem like the thing you should be focusing on, if you’re really serious about building a brand, you will want to invest in some nice home decor to pose in front of. Spicing up your bedroom with a makeover or having an area of your house that is designated for photo taking can make your photos all the more beautiful and attractive to those wanting to buy them. 

Branch out…

Excuse the shameless self-promo here, but selling panties is a thing...a thing you can do on Sofia Gray. Along with nudes, you can sell panties, sexting, audio, video...really, the sky's the limit. Consider branching out from nude selfies to other things, once you’re ready.

Offer something unique (create your own style). 

Standing out from the crowd can be tough in the adult industry. Even if you’re just trying to make a little cash on the side, there are so many people out there doing this, that you need something that’s going to make you stand out. Whether it be your personal style, the way you edit your photos, your prices or what kind of content you create, make it your own! 

Be consistent, make lots of content. 

One of the things that can really make or break your brand when you’re starting out is whether you’re consistent or not. Staying on the top of everyone’s mind by posting frequently and being available to your potential customers when they need it is a great way to build long-lasting customer relationships that will consistently pay off.

Promote yourself (sometimes shamelessly). 

#ShamelessSelfPromo for the win. The best way to get recognized is to make sure people recognize you. Promoting your services across multiple platforms (like Twitter, Instagram, etc) can ensure your clients know where and how to get access to your content when they want to.