Feetify Review: How it Works and How Much Money You Can Make

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Are you looking for fun and sexy ways to make a side income without leaving your home or revealing your identity? If so, you may want to consider selling feet pics online. Not only is this a side job that virtually anyone can do, but with an industry that is constantly expanding, the earning potential is also on the rise.

Some sellers report making enough off selling their feet pics to cover their rent, go on vacations, or even quit their day jobs. And while these situations may be the minority, it doesn’t mean with a little time, insight, and hard work that you can’t make a few extra dollars off your sexy feet, toes, ankles, and beyond!

One website that simplifies this process is Feetify. Designed to help sellers promote their foot content and connect with interested buyers, Feetify actually pays sellers to post their pics and increase interest and traffic on the site. So before you choose a platform for your feet pics, read this detailed review that covers Feetify’s pros and cons, earning potential, and tips for success.

About Feetify

As of this writing, Feetify has over 200,000 active users around the world and is considered one of the highest-ranking marketplaces for buying and selling feet pics. Similar to other foot pic platforms, sellers can easily upload and promote their foot content, which is then available for buyers to browse and purchase. Feetify also organizes all its foot content by niche and category, making it simple for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Feetify provides itself on providing both buyers and sellers with a safe and secure platform for doing business. The website’s chat feature makes it easy for both parties to meet, connect, and chat over their mutual love and appreciation of feet. From here, you can discuss things like custom orders, delivery methods, and negotiate a price. 

One unique feature of Feetfiy is that it welcomes both male and female sellers. Many foot pic platforms focus mainly on female feet pics and even prohibit men from selling. Not Feetify! This foot pic platform is all-inclusive. Feetify also supports its sellers by allowing them to keep 100% of all sales, unlike other platforms that keep a commission of up to 20%. 

If you’re a seller or foot model just starting out and sales are slow, don’t worry! Feetify actually pays its members just for uploading foot content and remaining active on the platform. Feetify offers cash rewards to the most active sellers. These range from $10 to $100 for beginners but can be as much as $10,000 for experienced models with a good reputation and track record of posting high-quality feet pics and videos. Feetify uses these rewards as incentives for sellers to continue filling their pages with quality content. It’s also their way of saying thank you and showing special recognition to active participants. 
One thing to keep in mind, though, is that only premium members on the site are eligible for these cash rewards. Premium memberships on Feetify cost between $57 and $97 depending on which plan you choose. Other than these membership fees (which are optional), using Feetify is free. All payments are made using Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal.

How Does Feetify Work?

Now that you know a little bit about Feetify’s backstory, let’s dive into exactly how the platform works and how you can get started making money off your feet pics.

While there’s no initial sign-up fee for users, it’s worth upgrading to the premium membership if you want access to all of the website’s interactive features. When registering, Feetify will ask for basic information like your name, age, gender, and contact information. Once your account is approved, you’ll be prompted to upload both a cover photo for your account as well as an additional profile picture. 

All photos should be high-resolution and clear. If you want people to pay money for your feet pics, you need to show them that you’re capable of producing high-quality work. These pictures can make the difference between making a good or poor first impression. For sellers looking to remain anonymous, these photos can be of anything from your body and legs to a close-up of your feet. You don’t need to show your face in order to succeed on this platform. 

Your Feetify profile will also include some personal information about yourself including your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and foot care routine. This is your opportunity to showcase your fun and flirty personality. What some people don’t realize is that showing off your personality is equally as important as showing off your gorgeous feet. Many buyers want to feel a connection with the person in the photo. This helps play into the entire fantasy of buying foot pics to indulge in a foot fetish. Just be careful not to include too many details like your real name or location. This could put you at greater risk of getting scammed. 

Now that you have a killer profile, you’re ready to start uploading photos and videos. Make sure that all of your foot content is high-resolution and high-quality. Buyers can instantly tell how much time and effort you’ve put into your work. Those few extra minutes spent editing could be the difference between making a sale and losing a buyer to another Feetify user. You also need to post consistently. Remember, active members on Feetify are eligible for cash bonuses and rewards. Plus, sellers that are constantly adding to their inventory are much more likely to secure return customers than stagnant or inactive ones. 

As mentioned before, upgrading to a premium account will cost you anywhere from $57 to $97 depending on the package you choose. The cheaper price gives you 5 months of premium benefits, or you can opt for a $97 payout for a one-year premium membership. 

A few other things to consider before signing up on Feetify include:

  • Your age (all sellers must be 18 years of age or older)
  • Originality (all of the content you upload and sell must be original and of you. You can’t try to resell stock photos online or even pics of your friend’s feet. By agreeing to Feetify’s terms and conditions, you’re guaranteeing that all of your feet pics and videos are one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours.)
  • Add watermarks to your photos to protect against scammers but avoid oversized letters or images that take away from the photo’s quality
  • Never upload blurry or heavily edited foot pics. Buyers will notice and move on to a different seller.
  • Engage with clients and accept custom orders (this is where the biggest payouts are). But, never engage in conversation or send photos that you’re not comfortable with. 
  • Avoid sharing any personal information with buyers including your real name, address, or baking information. No buyer should ever ask for these details and if they do, you can block them and report them to Feetify’s customer service team. 
  • Never post offensive or repulsive content that will get your account banned

The Ins and Outs of Selling Feet Pics on Feetify

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how Feetify works, let’s take a closer look at some of the website’s unique features and how to use the platform’s tools and services to optimize your income and experience.

Know and Follow the Rules

As with most websites that are open for public use, Feetify has its own set of rules and regulations that both buyers and sellers must follow. These guidelines are put in place to ensure everyone has a positive user experience and that their rights and information are protected. 

  • All users must be 18 years old or older 
  • No fake profile pictures or feet pics are allowed
  • You also can’t pawn off other people’s photos or celebrity feet pics as your own
  • Don’t post poor quality photos or videos
  • Avoid posting photos that are blurred or have excessively large or obscene watermarks
  •  Never post crude pictures that may offend someone. 
  • Don’t harass other members
  • Don’t bombard buyers with messages or pushy sales pitches
  • Never include your personal information, payment details, email address, or social media accounts in your public profile 

Connect and Chat with Buyers

The real secret to making money off your feet pics is by connecting and communicating with buyers. The more flirty, interactive, and responsive you are, the more likely you are to secure sales and attract repeat buyers. By upgrading to a premium account, you can chat with potential buyers browsing the site. When someone sees your work, they can send you a message to ask questions, negotiate pricing, or place a request for a custom order. 

Feetify has a convenient in-app messaging system that lets sellers directly contact potential customers to pitch them their feet pics and videos. In some cases, the buyer makes the initial contact after viewing a profile they really like. Inquiries can include everything from custom requests to a question about the price of a specific pic or video.

Be sure to check your messages regularly so you never miss a potential sale or leave an interested buyer hanging. Being responsive sets you apart from other sellers who are less active and engaging. Open your messages, click on the subject header, and there you’ll see all any client messages waiting for you. Keep the conversations in a single thread to avoid confusion and ensure you’re not confusing one buyer with another. Hopefully, you’re juggling multiple buyers at a time!

Understand the Benefits of a Premium Membership 

Upgrading to Feetify’s premium membership is about more than just chatting with potential buyers. Other perks include

  • You foot content will never get deleted
  • You can post as many foot pics and videos as you want
  • You can receive and send messages
  • Your profile is visible to all buyers, increasing your exposure and sales opportunities
  • Buyers can tip you and send additional cash gifts
  • Customers can make custom requests
  • Your profile may be featured on the website’s homepage for increased exposure
  • Feetify may advertise your profile on big-name sites
  • Feetify’s customer support team usually responds to premium members’ questions and concerns faster than non-premium members
  • You get paid regardless of whether or not you make a sale

Choose a Payment Method 

You can choose from a few different payment options on Feetify. Most sellers are paid via PayPal, but Feetify does accept cryptocurrency as payment for your premium subscription. You can also pay using Coinbase or Cash App. 

Making Money on Feetify 

There are several different ways to make money on Feetify from earning cash rewards just for posting to selling basic feet pics and videos and accepting custom requests from your biggest fans. The more active you are on the site, the more you’ll make. The average foot pic sells for between $5 and $25 depending on how popular the seller is and how in demand the foot content is. It’ll work in your favor to do a little research about what types of foot pics and videos are trending and selling best at any given time. For example, foot bondage and foot worship pics are more common than dirty feet pics or food play with feet. Sometimes, posting in a more obscure category can lead to a bigger payday, but it may require some patience on your part.

If you want to get a better idea of how much sellers on Feetify are making, head over to the website’s “Sellers Paid” tab. Here, you’ll see how much customers paid for specific foot content. This is not only proof that you can make money on Feetify but these statistics will help you price your foot content reasonably and competitively.

Info for Buyers

The more you know about how Feetify works for buyers, the better seller you’ll be. One thing people love about Feetify is its detailed search feature. This makes it easier than ever for buyers to search and find the exact feet pics they’re looking for. Whether it’s someone with a preference for dirty feet or a company looking for high-heel feet pics, a simple search will point buyers in that direction. As a seller, you can use this information to your advantage by adding keywords to your captions, tags, and photo descriptions. Now, when a potential customer searches for a specific type of foot pic, it’s more likely that your content will show up on the result’s page. (This works similarly to SEO for Google). 

Once a buyer finds the content they’re looking for, Feetify facilitates a conversation between them and the seller. Before chatting, buyers can click directly on the photo for more information including pricing and other details. By clicking on a seller’s photo, you’ll see a preview of their other work, including video clips and snapshots of any custom orders they’ve completed. From here, the seller can click “comment” and start a private conversation.

Feetify Reviews from Real Users

The best way to find out if Feetify is worth your time and money is to hear from real users. As of this writing, Feetify has a 4.7 out of a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with nearly 90% of all respondents giving the website an excellent rating. Check out these positive and negative reviews from both buyers and sellers. 

Positive Reviews and Feedback

  • Great customer service
  • Love the ability to chat directly with customers
  • Overall, the website is comfortable, friendly, and professional
  • It’s easy to create your profile and start uploading content right away
  • The buyers are very easy to work with

Negative Reviews and Feedback

  • Upgrading to the premium membership doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive cash rewards 
  • The only way to view messages from customers and chat is to pay for a premium account
  • Not all buyers are responsive when you make contact first
  • Reports of fake buyers contacting sellers to try and obtain banking information
  • The earnings from your first sale won’t be released until you get at least one positive review on your account

FAQs About Feetify

If you’re still unsure that Feetify is the best fit for your feet pics, check out these frequently asked questions about the platform.

Is Feetify legitimate?

Yes. All evidence indicates that Feetify is a reputable and legitimate site for selling feet pics. The chances of you getting scammed as a buyer or seller on this page are very slim. But remember, it’s up to you to protect your sensitive data and personal information by keeping these details private at all times. 

Feetify lets members sign up for free. You can also upgrade or downgrade your account whenever you want. To protect your identity even further, you can use cryptocurrency to complete this transaction, which means never sharing your banking info. Feetify also allows users to work using an alias for an added layer of protection. 

Is Feetify a good site for beginners?

Yes! Feetify is equally accessible for both new and experienced sellers. Because the registration process is easy, new sellers won’t feel overwhelmed. The “featured sellers” section of Feetify’s homepage also gives beginners the opportunity to stand out and generate interest in their page. Experienced sellers will have no problem navigating the website’s menus, sales pages, and chat features. You can also try out the site free of charge and upgrade to the premium membership once you decide if it’s the right fit for your foot pic business.

How much do feet pics on Feetify sell for?

Depending on the category and your experience, most feet pics on this website start at $5 and go up from here. If you’re new to selling feet pics online, start at the lower end of the pay scale. Once you secure a few sales and establish yourself as a reputable seller, you can start to increase your prices. There’s no perfect formula for pricing and selling feet pics so you may need to experiment and adjust your pricing a few times until you find that sweet spot that helps you earn money while also remaining competitive.

Can guys sell feel pics on Feetify?

Yes! In fact, Feetify is one of the only foot pic marketplaces that allows male sellers. This feature alone makes the platform unique and inclusive. Men sell a wide variety of foot pics and videos on Feetify from barefoot pics to partial leg shots and even videos that showcase male models’ legs in all their glory! Browse the website to see what types of content guys are posting and selling before getting started. 

How can I boost my sales on Feetify?

The best way to increase your sales and earnings on this platform is to post often, post consistently, and only post high-quality content. You also need to stay vigilant with checking and responding to in-app messages. These private interactions are where deals are made. But, remember, you need to be a premium member for access to this chat feature. 

The more you know about your potential buyers, the better. Not all customers have a foot fetish (although many do!). Some people buying foot pics are working for a business, brand, or stock photo company. The feet pics you see on product pages, footwear websites, and other professional outlets could have come from Feetify! So, be sure to create a diverse portfolio of both sexy and sophisticated foot content. And don’t forget to give your feet a little TLC. While some people are searching for dirty feet pics or have a thing for dry, cracked heels, most foot fetishists and professionals want pictures of feet that are beautiful, smooth, and well-maintained.

Make Money with Feetify

You’ve likely heard of people making thousands of dollars selling feet pics online and wondered, “Can it really be that easy?”. Well, with platforms like Feetify, the answer is yes! This website is a foot pic marketplace dedicated to matching qualified sellers with eager buyers. Feetify makes it easy to connect, chat, and close deals. So if you’re ready to discover your full potential as a foot pic professional, consider Feetify as one creative outlet for your work. 

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