Want to Buy Used Panties? Here’s How

By Sofia Gray
August 9, 2021
Why used panties smell good
How buying dirty panties works
The best websites for buying used underwear
Picking the right style
Picking the right material
Picking the right scent
How many days should the seller wear them?
Buying from men
Tips for chatting with a seller
How do I know the sellers are real?
Online safety
How to pay
How to store your used underwear

When you watch porn, are you just thinking about how the star’s pussy smells?

Are you constantly buying your girlfriend lingerie, and sometimes feel like you have better taste in it than she does? 

Or have you ever sniffed a pair of used panties and got all caught up in your feelings?

You’re not alone. The used panty industry is booming, and lots of men (and to some degree, people of all genders) love the smell that used undies bring. These underwear can be on your doorstep in only a few business days, so I have to ask…what are you waiting for?


Why used panties smell good

Okay, so a lot of people think that used panties smell absolutely intoxicating. Is there a scientific explanation for that?

The short answer is abso-fucking-lutely. You’re not imagining being drawn to a person because of their musk. Although we’ve suppressed this idea in our culture, the scents that a person gives off can activate a primal, sexual need in many people.

The miracle chemical in this equation is pheromones. These are chemicals that cause people to have a specific scent, and animals use them not only to communicate, but also to decide which other animal to mate with. So far, humans haven’t figured out whether there’s a human organ that processes these chemicals like other animals can, but anecdotal evidence from sweat fetishists and panty sniffers seems to indicate that humans do absorb them.

Pheromones can be found in a human’s sweat, the oil on their skin, and—you guessed it—in their vaginal fluid. Actually, the smells that come from downstairs are much stronger, especially in women. Courtesans in medieval Europe used to use their vaginal secretions as perfume, so you know the stuff is potent and sexy to many people. 

Even non-kinky people might use pheromones to evaluate a sexual partner. Have you ever been with your significant other on a long jog or in the gym? Sweat is dripping down their body, and a part of you thinks it actually smells…kind of good? That’s not just love goggles; it’s something biological.

These pheromones can be a sign of fertility, which many heterosexual men respond to subconsciously. In one study, scientists asked men to sniff women’s sweaty t-shirts, then rate them based on how good they smelled. Overwhelmingly, men found the scents the sexiest when the women were at the most fertile part of their menstrual cycle.

It seems like men have the strongest reaction to female pheromones. However, there’s also a growing part of the used panty industry that’s made up of cis men selling their used underwear to other cis men. Although the pheromones in these underwear aren’t created by vaginal secretions, they’re still present in the sweat that men secrete, which can make them just as intoxicating.

Women react to pheromones as well. Research shows that people of any gender who are exposed to pheromones have improved mood, focus, and emotional processing. It’s less common to see women buy used underwear, either from other women or from men, but if you’re a lady looking for used undies, you’ve come to the right place!

Other panty scents are common kinks, too. Lots of people are into watersports, or the smell or taste or urine or the feel of it on your skin. Sweat fetishes are common, and workout scents are some of the most common purchases for used panty buyers in the U.S. 

So again, don’t be ashamed about your used panties kink. Some people who are grossed out by it might actually like the smell of pheromones in sweat and vaginal fluids and not even know!

How do I know if I have a panty fetish?

Okay, so sure, you find lingerie sexy, and you like the smell of pussy. But does that mean you have a used underwear fetish?

For many, this kink starts early. You might have browsed through Victoria’s Secret catalogues or looked at websites that sell underwear when you were a kid. Some underwear fetishists stole underwear from a sister’s friend or by some other means as a young teen. Many fetishes start either before or when they reach puberty, so if you’ve been in this world forever, you just might have a kink.

Everyone interacts with used underwear differently. Some like the smell the most, while others enjoy knowing that a sexy woman they found online wore these underwear for several days. Sometimes people like to wear the garments too. No matter what your fantasies are, you can find models online who are willing to fulfill it.

Some people who would otherwise buy used panties online might feel shame regarding their fetish. It’s important to remember that all kinks are valid as long as they’re safe, sane, and consensual. If you’re not hurting yourself or others, and everyone is consenting (including the person who supplies the underwear), you’re in the clear!

Buying used panties online is a great outlet for this kink. In other circumstances, people might be tempted to steal underwear or use their kink in a negative way. In addition, even if you have a girlfriend whose underwear you can have whenever you want, it just might not feel the same as having used panties from a stranger.

Maybe you’re unsure about whether buying used panties online would actually turn you on. That’s okay! If you buy a pair and don’t love it, you can just get rid of them and never buy them again. What do you have to lose if buying them might bring you fantastic sexual pleasure?

How buying dirty panties works

Okay, so I’ve got you hooked. It’s time to buy your first pair of used panties. But how does that work?

Luckily, you don’t have to go on Tinder asking for undies or ask what underwear some girl is wearing at the bar. With the internet at your fingertips, a pair of used panties is just a few clicks away. Although every site has a slightly different process, here’s how used panty transactions work.

First, you’ll need to sign up as a buyer for at least one used underwear website. Your first concern might be privacy. What if your girlfriend/boss/mother finds out that you’re a perv who buys used panties?

Luckily, these sites allow you to sign up anonymously using only a username and email address. Except sometimes during payment or shipping, you won’t have to provide your real name. And even when you do, the seller won’t see it and your information won’t be stored. So no need to worry about that!

Once you have an account, you can start browning the selection of used panties available. Some sites allow you to filter the panties based on many criteria, like country, scent, price, time worn, color, age, ethnicity, and underwear size. This is great for you as a buyer, since you’ll have to spend less time searching for your next purchase. (Although if you enjoy that, we won’t tell.)

However, some sites don’t have nearly as much filtering power, meaning you’ll have to poke around a little more to find what you want. This can be kind of frustrating, and it might be a reason to switch to a more organized site.

So now that you’ve searched around, you’ve found your dream pair of used underwear. Where do we go from here?

All of these sites will let buyers message the seller. It’s totally normal to want to get to know the person the panties are coming from before you buy. They might even be willing to participate in some flirty or sexual banter with you. Sellers are used to this, and some of them actually have fun flirting with strangers on the internet!

However, don’t take up too much of someone’s time without buying. These sellers are talking to you as a potential customer, not a potential date. If you want to build a stronger relationship with a seller, the perfect way is to become a regular buyer of their dirty undies. This shows that you’re willing to pay and are actually interested in their product.

Once you’re ready to buy, you’ll talk to the seller about the pair of underwear you want. Some sellers will include extras in the package, like a polaroid of them wearing the underwear or a handwritten note. It’s okay to ask about extras when you’re deciding whether the price is worth it. (Although, don’t start talking to someone if their wares are really far out of your price range. You’re just wasting everyone’s time.)

You might be able to ask for a lower price, but remember that what the seller is offering has value. Don’t try to lowball them. The seller might ask for you to cover shipping costs, while others might factor this into the cost of the underwear. It’s polite to pay for shipping, as this can be a big expense for the seller over time.

Once you’ve decided on a pair and a price, it’s time for payment. Some sites offer payment methods that are built into the framework of the website. This allows for easy payment that doesn’t threaten your personal information. 

However, some sites aren’t made for this, which means you’ll need to figure out the best payment method with the seller. Many payment methods aren’t approved for sexual transactions, and using them for this purpose could get the seller’s account banned. This is why many sex workers don’t use PayPal, Venmo, Square, and many other payment services.

The seller might ask you to use a website you’ve never used before to pay. Usually, this is because it’s safe for sex workers to use, and it allows both buyer and seller to not reveal their names to each other. This helps both you and the seller, since you’ll probably want to remain anonymous during the transaction.

Don’t be resistant to using these sites. Some of the options sex workers might use include Bitpay, Coinbase, Payoneer, and Eway. Here’s a useful resource showing you why certain websites aren’t safe, and pointing you to options that are.

Once the payment is done, your seller will wear your underwear, seal them up, and send them on their way. If you want them more quickly, consider paying extra for two-day or expedited shipping. However, remember that the person will need time to wear the underwear so the scent is still fresh for you.

If you have any issues receiving your items, talk to the seller first. It’s possible that there’s been a delay in shipping or a package has gotten lost in the mail. If you never receive what you’ve paid for, you might be able to reach out to the site you used for help. However, it may be out of their hands in some cases.

Okay, so that’s the process you’ll follow, resulting in a sexy pair of used underwear at your door. However, the first step is setting up an account on a panty selling website. Here’s some information about popular sites to help you choose the one that’s best for you.

The best websites for buying used underwear

Although all of these websites allow you to buy used panties, they can differ a lot. Here are some of the top contenders.

Sofia Gray

Most people who buy or sell used panties see Sofia Gray as the ultimate option. After doing a lot of research about all of these websites, I can offer the unbiased opinion that Sofia Gray will almost always be your best choice.

One of the things that I find most exciting is how easy it is to find your perfect pair of undies on the website. Sofia Gray has the most extensive filtering options on the market, which is a huge deal, especially if you’re looking for a panty type that’s less in demand. On another site, you might have to browse for hours before you find a plus size pair or one that smells like urine. On Sofia Gray, you can just use the filters to find your perfect match.

Here are the filters the site has:

  • Country
  • Price
  • Type of underwear (from thongs to jockstraps to briefs)
  • Time worn (from one day to eight days or more)
  • Color
  • Scent (options are everyday wear, masturbation, sex, stuffed, urine, workout, and other)
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Underwear size

I think that covers all the bases, don’t you?

Another plus is the number of sellers. Since Sofia Gray is one of the most popular sites on the web, lots of people come here to sell their undies. This means that you can find your perfect set and not have to settle. There are currently more than 10,000 items available in their store.

The interface of the site isn’t very complicated, and everything is professional. You don’t have to enter your real name, and chatting about a potential purchase with a seller is easy. 

A new feature that Sofia Gray has introduced is SG coins. The site is free to browse, but in order to contact sellers or view private galleries, buyers must buy these coins. They can also be used to complete transactions with sellers, who can then withdraw these coins for cash. This system cuts out the middle man of the transaction and makes it easier to get the panties to your door faster.

Many used panty sites try to also sell tons of other things. Overall, this is cool if you’re interested in them, but can clog up the site and cause it to be harder to find what you want. Sofia Gray puts their entire focus on panties, which I really appreciate, and I think you will, too.

Again, Sofia Gray is probably your best option for used underwear. However, here’s a rundown of some other sites if you want to try something different.


Panty.com is one of the better options for buying used underwear online. One of my favorite things about the site is that you can purchase other sexual materials here, too. People are selling erotic pictures, videos, sportwear, pantyhose, socks, and even vials of their pee or spit. If you’re interested in any of these items, this website is perfect for you.

However, there’s one big downside. The filtering system here is functionally nonexistent, except to choose the type of item you’re looking for. If you want a purple thong, you’re going to have to wade through a bunch of pictures to find it.

Like all of these sites, you can message the seller and remain anonymous, except for your address. Panty.com takes privacy seriously. Like Sofia Gray, you’ll have to arrange payment using another service. Overall, I think this site is worth checking out, especially if you want other products besides panties.


Snifffr has some unique aspects of their site that keep them in the used panties game. One of the nicest things is their feature called “snifffr coins.” When you purchase these coins, you can use them to buy panties from sellers. This eliminates the hassle of finding an outside payment method that works for both the buyer and the seller. You can buy eight coins for $10, or up to 80 coins for $100. 

In addition to an anonymous interface for both buyer and seller, Snifffr has a feature that lets you know what sellers are online right now. That way, you can live chat with them and set up your panty order right away without having to wait for a response. This is great, as it might take a day or two to work out all of the logistics of a purchase on other sites. When I accessed the site, it said that there were currently 678 online users, so there are lots of pairs of underwear to choose from that you can start the process for right away.

The site has one more unique feature. Each seller can set up their own page of videos and photos that can be viewed for a monthly subscription fee. This is very similar to the OnlyFans business model. This means that, if you really like a seller and want to see more of their content, you can see videos and photos of them right from the site. It can be a major turn on to smell someone’s used panties while you watch a video of them masturbating in them!

Scented Pantsy

Scented Pantsy is a good site for buyers. In addition to used underwear, you can buy just about anything sexual on this site, including stockings, pantyhose, socks, photos, videos, bras, and the infamous “other” category, which includes things from buying poop to a service where a woman will rate your cock.

So it’s cool that Scented Pantsy has all of these things to purchase. However, there are honestly no filtering options besides choosing between the above products. If you want to look at used panties, you’ll have to browse through the 2,336 pages of their website to find your dream pair with very little help. There is a keyword function, but it doesn’t seem as efficient in filtering items you’d be interested in.

Although I assume most sites will offer customer support if an order is cancelled, Scented Pantsy includes this info on their FAQ page. These complaints are managed internally and will hopefully help you get your money back if you get scammed.

There’s one interesting feature of the site that is sort of unfortunate. If you keep your account active and purchase at least one product, video, or photo per month, you can keep your account free. If you’re inactive for a month, you’ll have to subscribe to buy panties again. The membership is €8.50 per month, or about $9.57 USD. This system is definitely unique, and not ideal for someone who only wants to buy panties when the mood strikes. However, if you have a bit of a used panty habit (don’t worry, we won’t tell), this feature might not bug you at all.

Overall, there’s nothing that Scented Pantsy offers that you can’t get for cheaper at other sites, especially if you’re an infrequent user. Adding the price in with the bad filtering functionality, and I don’t think I would recommend this site.


Pantydeal boasts a huge number of sellers. They claim to register 20,000 new women every month, which means more variety. However, this might mean that the sellers here aren’t committed to their side hustle, since the buyer demand probably doesn’t match the number of sellers on the platform. If a girl can only sell one or two pairs a month, they might take more time to respond to messages.

The site has women sellers only, which isn’t true of any of the other sites so far. This might be a pro for people who don’t want to see men’s listings. However, this is obviously a bit of a bummer for gay men or women who want to buy men’s underwear.

The site allows you to rate your favorite sellers. This helps them get more customers and build their shop. In turn, this will hopefully help them create more amazing products you can enjoy. Customers can choose to only buy from highly rated sellers who they know they can trust based on other reviews.

Pantydeal takes seller fraud super seriously. They have an enhanced verification process that makes sure that there aren’t any scammers on the site. In theory, this means you won’t buy panties that you never actually get in the mail. Plus, you know that the seller you’re purchasing from is actually who they say they are and looks like their pictures. Sellers have to do phone number, photo, and video verification, which is a much more difficult process than any other site on this list.

In addition to panties, the site offers live cam girls that you can talk to in real time before purchasing their wares. You can also purchase photos and videos from women they deem “genuine amateurs.” 

The filters on this site aren’t super great, either. You can search keywords and filter by age and product type, but that’s about it. It is interesting, though, that more women use photos of their faces on Pantydeal. I’m not sure why this is, as the pictures on other sites are more likely to just be a photo of a girl wearing the panties. This is great if you’re looking to have a more intimate connection with your seller or you like fantasizing that the underwear came from your girlfriend.

Overall, all of these sites have something unique to offer. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for a couple and see what you like. Maybe shopping around will be part of the fun!

Picking the right style

Okay, so let’s say you’re a dude buying used panties. Even if you have an idea of what style of underwear you like, you might not know the names. Or you might just want a rundown of your options. You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with bikinis. This is probably the style you most closely associate with panties. Think of the style of swimsuit bottoms you’d usually see at the beach. They’re usually pretty full-coverage, including the ass, while still being sexy and revealing. This style is great for getting scents because they include all three scent zones (the front, the vaginal opening, and the ass). This is a great set of starter panties for anyone who’s interested in their first time.

Another popular option is the thong. Thongs look like bikinis in the front, but have only a small amount of material in the back that goes directly between the cheeks. This is a scandalous style of underwear that many men love. If you’re an ass man and love that scent, a thong is the way to go, as you’ll get a lot of it since it will be closer to the wearer’s ass.

Thongs are closely related to g-strings. However, with this type of panty, there’s very little fabric. There’s a tiny part to cover the front of the pubic area, but then a string that goes through the pussy to the ass. This style of panty isn’t very practical for wear, but can really drive guys wild. The only downside with this type is that there’s not nearly as much fabric to soak up her beautiful scents, so the smell might be a little weaker. In addition, if you’re turned on by stains or residue, you’re less likely to see it with this type. However, it’s totally worth it if you love g-strings and the idea of a woman wearing one for a long time turns you on.

One last option for women’s underwear is boy shorts. These panties resemble men’s boxer briefs, but the legs are much shorter. This might sound like a more butch cut, but they’re still very revealing and sexy. Here’s Victoria’s Secret’s boy shorts page to keep you interested. Don’t write boy shorts off, because they have one big perk: thigh sweat! Plus, since there’s more coverage, there’s just more fabric to smell in general.

Remember that each style of dirty panty will reveal hundreds or thousands of options that will all look different based on color, size, and material. Don’t get stuck in a box. If you want several pairs of used panties, why not try them all?

Picking the right material

One of the factors that can make or break a panty for a customer is the material it’s made of. Again, it’s totally normal for guys buying women’s panties not to know the nuances of the fabric they’re made of. That’s why I’m here to break it down for you!

Cotton is one of the default fabrics that panties are made of, and they’re likely what your boxer briefs are made of, too. Because cotton panties more commonly come in bikini or boy short varieties, they offer more scent regions to the buyer. They also allow the girl wearing them to get a little bit more sweaty, as they’re heavier than other fabrics.

The downside of cotton panties is that the scent can sometimes dissolve through the fabric, making it less strong. They also wick moisture away, which can make it more difficult for them to still be wet when they arrive at their home. (Usually we recommend that sellers don’t ship panties wet, as it can make the smell turn sour over time, but this is always a request you can make to your seller if you want to take the risk.)

You might also consider silk panties. This fabric glows in the light and is very smooth and soft. It’s a natural fabric that’s very striking. In fact, this material is the one that most closely resembles a woman’s skin in softness. They’re great at retaining scents and stains, which make them great for used undie aficionados. 

Next are satin panties. Satin is very soft, and it’s great for hugging a woman’s curves. They won’t wrinkle, either, which makes them perfect if you want to fold them up in a drawer and use them again someday. This fabric is elastic and will stretch, which might allow the buyer to wear them even if they’re a little bigger than the person they buy them from. 

Another plus of satin: it’s not a very breathable fabric. This means that it produces smellier, wetter panties. There’s generally more scent on the fabric liner in the underwear, which is exactly where most men want it. Stains stay on the surface instead of soaking into the fabric, which makes them easier to see over time. Also, it’s easier to ship these panties wet. Satin is one of the best choices of fabric, and one I would recommend for beginners.

Lastly, you have lace panties. Most men love seeing women in a pair of sheer lace underwear, and they’re incredibly sexy. These will be some of the most attractive photos you come across on the panty selling website of your choice. However, note that, because there are holes in the fabric, this makes it more breathable, taking away some of the scent. However, it might be worth it if you get a polaroid of the seller wearing them with your order. 

Overall, any material or style of panty will look great on a sexy woman and allow her scents to soak in. Pick your personal preference, and once you have your first pair, consider diversifying your collection!

Picking the right scent

There are many different scents of used panties to choose from. These are created depending on what your seller does while wearing the panties. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular scents.

Everyday wear

This type of panty is simply worn by the seller as they go about their daily business. This is a great scent if you’re mostly interested in the scent of the vagina and not of sweat. The smell of these panties might be a bit more subtle, so they’re a good option for beginners.


If you want someone to masturbate while wearing the used panties, look in this category, conveniently filtered on the Sofia Gray website. Panties that are worn during masturbation are more likely to have stains and extreme wetness.

You can also find panties that have been worn by squirters. This scent is very unique and will generally overpower more subtle vaginal smells. However, if you’re into squirting, you won’t be able to get enough.


Some sellers will have sex in your used underwear. This scent will be similar to masturbation, but might even be a little stronger. If they’re worn before, during, or after sex, they’ll be more likely to have their signature musky smell. However, some buyers don’t like the idea of their panties being worn while the seller has sex with another person. In this case, you can get a similar smell with masturbation.


Panty stuffing involves putting a pair of panties in someone’s mouth, vagina, or anus as a form of foreplay. This kink can be incredibly sexy and create a wonderful smell. Just imagining the seller making your panties could easily push you over the edge. When purchasing this scent, make sure you specify which orifice you’d like the panties stuffed into.


If you’re into watersports, this type of panty is the best option for you. Although many people won’t want this type of underwear, they’re in huge demand by those who are totally into pee. Make sure to discuss with your seller whether the panties will be shipped to you wet or dry, and whether the panties should be worn before they’re pissed in. Panties that are shipped wet can go bad and smell gross, but there’s nothing like getting a wet pair of urine-soaked panties.


This is the perfect scent for people who love sweat and want a pair of underwear with a strong scent. Working out makes panties smell stronger quicker, so you can get your panties ASAP. Remember that this pair will smell more like sweat than an everyday pair though, so if you’re looking for subtle pussy notes, you might want to opt for that option instead.


There are kinks for everything, which means there are scents of underwear that I can’t even imagine. If you’re into something that’s not on this list, you can probably find it on one of these used sites. You just might have to do a little poking around first. 

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider asking a seller to do a custom order for you! Just make sure you’re willing to pay a little extra for their trouble. It might take some extra time to ship these items to you as well since they’ll need to be made from scratch.

How many days should the seller wear them?

Many buyers have a preference about how long they want their dirty panties to be worn. The sky’s the limit if you’re willing to pay for it, but most people selling used underwear will wear them for between one and seven days before selling them.

The longer a pair of underwear is worn, the stronger it will smell. This means that many buyers want undies that have been worn for many days in a row. This is an option you can definitely find on used panty websites. 

Keep in mind that wearing the same pair of underwear for a long time (usually longer than a couple of days) can get uncomfortable, and actually cause urinary tract infections or yeast infections in women. For this reason, the price will go up the longer your seller wears their underwear. This is a reasonable request. Think of it like they’re being paid by the hour or the day. The more labor they have to do, the more they should be compensated. Plus, if you think they’ll smell better after longer wear, shouldn’t you be willing to pay more for increased quality?

There are other ways to get strong scents though if you’re on a budget. Try scents like sex, masturbation, and workout. However, these smells can’t always compensate for a long period of wear.

If you want your panties worn for a very long period of time, feel free to contact a seller about a custom order. However, don’t be surprised if they find wearing them for two weeks to be an unreasonable request. If they’re willing to do it, be prepared to pay much more than you would for a normal pair.

Buying from men

So this article has been pretty centered on men buying panties from women, since that’s the majority of items sold online. However, if you’re a person who’s interested in buying used underwear from men, there’s definitely a market for that!

Sofia Gray has a whole men’s category that currently has quite a few products. Panty.com has some as well. When looking for a site to sign up for, make sure you don’t get one that allows women sellers only like Pantydeal.

Most used underwear sales from men go to other men who are either gay, bisexual, or somewhere else under the queer umbrella. However, if you’re a woman who’s interested in men’s boxers, don’t be shy! It might be a good idea to avoid buying from sellers who specifically advertise to gay men, though.

Men’s underwear obviously won’t smell the same as women’s, and it probably won’t be as strong. However, it does have a distinct scent that can definitely be enjoyed by the buyer. If you’ve ever found yourself sniffing your boyfriend’s underwear while he was away or loved the smell of his balls while you were going down on him, you’ve come to the right place.

The process of buying men’s underwear is very similar to that of buying women’s. You’ll pick a pair, chat with the seller, then get them shipped off to you in the mail. Gay sellers will still be willing to flirt and possibly even send nudes or dick pics to entice you to buy, and straight sellers probably will, too. 

There are several underwear styles specific to men to watch out for. Of course, there’s the classic boxers. These usually won’t be the loose style you see on some men, but a tighter style that’s a little closer to a boxer brief. These can be made of any material and offer fuller coverage, letting the scents soak in.

Another option is briefs. These are more like women’s traditional bikini panties, as they offer full coverage in the front and back. This style is traditionally a little sexier and can be more revealing when worn. It allows for lots of scent, especially when worn for a couple of days or more.

Jock straps are an incredible underwear style, especially in the gay community. Jock straps have an area in the front for the penis and balls to rest and two straps in the back on either side of the ass. This allows the ass area to be bare. It’s a very sexy style to see on a person, but if you’re interested in the smell that comes from the ass, you’ll be missing out with a jock strap.

Lastly, some men will wear women’s underwear to sell. This can be super sexy if you’re into it. I saw men in lace thongs and other sexy pairs of panties, which is great if this appeals to you.

Buying used underwear from men isn’t that different from buying them from women. Therefore, check out the relevant parts of this article for advice.

A note on transgender sellers

In addition to the market for men’s underwear, there are some trans people who sell their underwear online. Here’s what comes up when you look for trans sellers on Sofia Gray. Although they’re a minority, buying from trans people can be super sexy.

Both trans men and trans women sell their underwear on the site. (And although I didn’t see any, there are probably nonbinary people who sell, too.) These people are offering great pairs of undies that will smell amazing! Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, or somewhere in between, there’s nothing weird about buying underwear from a trans person.

Be respectful when you’re talking to a trans seller. Don’t treat their gender identity as a fetish. They’re just trying to live their authentic lives, and they don’t need you making transphobic comments. If you can’t respect a trans person’s gender, you shouldn’t be buying from them (and should probably work to educate yourself).

Overall, it’s great to buy from trans sellers. They’re some of the most marginalized members of the sex work community, and they could definitely use your monetary support. However, remember to treat them like a person and respect their gender, pronouns, and boundaries.

Other items you can buy

So you’re here for used panties. But did you know that some of these marketplaces let you buy other items in addition to used panties? There’s something for everyone if you’re adventurous.

One of the most common items you can choose is bras. Although they won’t have the unique scent of used panties, bras can still smell like sweaty goodness. They can also just be a great fetish item to have around. If you want a matching bra and panty set, sellers will get you that, too.

Other commonly bought items are pantyhose, socks, or stockings. These cater mostly to the foot fetish crowd, but can be a sexy item to add to your collection regardless. Pantyhose will capture the smell of a woman’s pussy just like underwear will. Plus, socks or stockings will have their own unique smell.

Interested in something else? Sites like Scented Pantsy, Panty.com, and Snifffr will let users upload photos and videos for buyers. This is a great perk, especially if that user also has panties for sale. You can buy a video to jerk off to once you get the panties, and they’ll complement each other perfectly! There are all sorts of photos and videos for any fetish, so check them out if you need visual stimulation to get off while you sniff those panties.

Lastly, these sites offer many niche items that you might be interested in. Some people might find them a little gross, but to each their own. Here are some of the most interesting ones I found in my research:

  • Used buttplug
  • Pubic hair
  • Anal creampie
  • Cock rating services
  • Razor used to shave pubic hair (with some pubes still attached)
  • A lollipop that’s been in a girl’s pussy or asshole
  • Wheels that clients can spin for humiliation, findom, or pain tasks
  • Brownies made from a woman’s poop (featuring a video of her pooping for free)
  • Gummy bears soaked in pee
  • Used maxi pads
  • Dirty diapers
  • Office supplies that the woman has used to masturbate (to feel a little naughty at the office)

I list these items without any judgement because I want to show you how much stuff can be purchased from used panty marketplaces! No matter what your fetish is, you can find it here (especially if it involves any bodily fluid). 

If you have concerns about how your sensitive item will be shipped, talk to the seller. Also, make sure you send these items somewhere discrete, as it will probably be difficult to explain to loved ones why you got a jar of pee in the mail.

Tips for chatting with a seller

So you’ve picked a seller and a pair of panties you want. Excellent! Now it’s time to chat with the seller!

Buyers will have different opinions about how they want to talk to sellers. Some are all business and just want to talk about the logistics of the payment. However, some want to get to know the seller a little bit before they buy. 

Wanting a personal connection is perfectly normal and something that sellers are used to. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to chat with someone who sells used panties. However, there are correct and incorrect ways to talk to sellers.

First, don’t expect nudes or other sexual favors before you fork out the money to buy from them. It’s a little disrespectful to want this type of info before you buy. Think about it this way: if they send a nude to every person who tried to buy panties, how many of them will just take the nude and run without buying? It’s in their best interest to keep things under wraps. 

However, some sellers might be willing to have a sexy chat with you before you buy. Always remain respectful. If they send you naked or sexy pictures, don’t post them anywhere online. Also, only participate in this type of chat if you have genuine interest in their products. Avoid chatting with a seller just to get your rocks off. There are cam girls for that.

When talking about price, don’t try to haggle to get the fee to go down. The people selling their used underwear have several expenses to pay for, including buying the underwear in the first place and shipping. Also, if you want them to wear the underwear for a few days, they might be  a little uncomfortable during the process. It’s important that you fairly compensate your sex workers, including used panty sellers.

Don’t try to tell a seller that you can find panties cheaper somewhere else. If you want that, buy those instead! These people know what their labor is worth and price their items accordingly. In addition, some panties are more expensive than others, jacking up the price.

After you get your pair of undies in the mail, consider sending a message to your seller telling them how much you liked them. If the site you use has a review function, leave a glowing review if you enjoy your panties.

If you love a seller and want to become a regular buyer, they’ll probably be more likely to feel comfortable having a long-form conversation with you over many weeks or months. This is one of the best reasons to stick with one seller. Just remember to buy a pair of panties every once in a while to make up for their time. (At least once or twice a month seems fair.)

The main thing to remember when chatting with a seller is that it’s a person on the other end of the line. Treat them how you’d want to be treated. This will help you buy the panties you want at the prices you can afford, because if a seller has a negative experience with you, they won’t want to sell you any panties again.

How do I know the sellers are real?

You might be wondering how you can know whether the people you buy used underwear from are real. Are they using actual pictures of themselves? 

First, most sites have some sort of vetting process to make sure sellers are actually who they say they are. If this is something that really worries you, Pantydeal has photo, video, and ID verification to ensure sellers are representing themselves accurately. 

If you’re worried about getting scammed by people who won’t actually send you your panties, these sites also have safety nets in place for this. You can start a dispute that will hopefully get you your money back, or at least reprimand the seller for their actions.

Overall, scamming in the used panty industry isn’t really a thing, since sites like Sofia Gray and Pantydeal are handling the interface and vetting people. If you order a pair of used underwear, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s coming from the person you requested and that it will arrive in good condition and on time.

Online safety

It’s important to most buyers that they remain anonymous. For one thing, you probably have people in your life who you wouldn’t want to know you sniff used underwear like your mom or boss. In addition, you might be concealing this fetish from a partner, girlfriend, or wife. (Wondering if buying used panties is cheating? We have a whole article about that.)

So overall, it’s never a good idea to reveal your full name, phone number, or other personal details to your seller. Although sellers are just there to make money, not ruin your life, you can’t be too cautious, especially if there could be consequences if you get caught.

Here are some other tips to keep you safe during the buying process.

  • Research a payment method that lets you send money without having your full name attached. For instance, PayPal will show the seller your full name unless you create a new account.
  • Consider shipping your panties to a PO box or other secure location if you’re worried about people asking questions.
  • Never have panties or other items shipped to your work. (If the package were to come open or something, that would be difficult to explain.)
  • Consider using a different email address and username to sign up for used panty sites. It might be possible to trace a username you often use to the rest of your online life.
  • Don’t save your panty selling website passwords in Chrome or any other password catcher.
  • Wipe your search and website history after making a purchase or browsing.
  • Store your items in a location where prying eyes won’t find them.

Overall, buying used panties online is super safe. However, it never hurts to take some precautions to make sure you’re protected.


Wondering how much a pair of used panties cost?

Honestly, your value will vary, but they’re probably less expensive than you think. If you’ve read articles where women are selling their panties for thousands of dollars, you should know that this is an exception, not a rule.

Overall, most panties will be priced well under $100, and some may be as inexpensive as $20 to $30. Of course, several factors will go into a seller determining their price. First, some pairs of panties are more expensive than others, especially if they’re a designer brand. If you want premium materials, you’ll need to pay a premium price.

Shipping can drive up the price, especially if it’s international. This cost will be even higher if you want the panties shipped to you quickly. You might want to pay for expedited shipping, since the smell will be stronger the sooner you get them. 

Expect this shipping to be added to your price when you’re talking to your seller. At first, this might seem a little deceptive. However, many sellers don’t factor this amount into their price because they don’t know your shipping preferences. If you’re fine with them arriving in five to seven business days, you can save some money. Including shipping later in the transaction keeps prices low and ensures that sellers don’t have to spend a ton of their own money on shipping.

In addition, some sellers are in high demand. They can’t wear the panties as quickly as they sell them. This might be people who have their products on the front page or who have followings on other sites. Expect these prices to be higher (but worth it if you’re interested).

Try not to be grumpy about prices for your used panties. They take days to make, and it can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear panties that long. Plus, many sellers are college students or sex workers who could really use the money. Don’t lowball them.

How to pay

It’s likely that your seller will have their own favorite method of payment. However, it’s good to know the best payment options in the industry in order to protect your safety. This also makes sure your seller actually gets their funds, as some sites don’t allow sex workers to make money using their services. 

Here are some of the best payment services that allow you to remain anonymous and also allow sex work transactions. Some of these names might be a little new, and you might have to enter new credit card information into them, but going with an anonymous payment method is really worth it in the long run.

  • Bitcoin: If you’re into cryptocurrency, this can be a great way to pay your sex workers. This is a great option because it lets sex workers get their money without any banks or websites interfering. This process can be a little confusing if neither you or the panty seller knows about Bitcoin, so you’ll want to do some reading to understand how it works before you make payments with it.
  • Bitpay: This is a way to pay with Bitcoin for online purchases. They take a 1% fee, but it can be useful to maintain your anonymity. The seller might ask you to cover the 1% fee in your payment, which you should happily do, especially if you’re the one who chooses to use this method.
  • Payoneer: This is basically invoicing software, but it works okay for sellers. Since it can be a little difficult to set up, this might not be the best payment method to propose to a seller, but it’s easy to use if your seller likes it.
  • Paxum: This is another invoicing software, so only use it if your seller already does. However, this is definitely a safe way for sex workers to accept money. (The site does place some restrictions on what products it can be used for. They’re mostly pretty unlikely to apply, except for defecation. Don’t pay for someone’s poop to be sent in the mail with this site.)
  • Amazon gift cards: This is one of the most common ways that panty sellers accept payments. It’s possible to send them anonymously for any amount you want, and sellers can use the money they get for any product on Amazon (which is practically anything, obviously). This is probably the option that has the least amount of hassle. However, if a seller is using the sales of used panties to pay their rent or buy food, these gift cards won’t do much good, so be understanding if this method doesn’t work for them.
  • Verotel: This website is actually well-known for working with sex workers, which is awesome! They even have a pair of panties in the photo on their homepage. You don’t have to worry about this site ever changing their policies and not allowing the seller to collect their money. Check this one out!

Overall, I’d recommend using Verotel or Amazon gift cards for the easiest transactions. Feel free to negotiate with your seller about the best payment methods.

If your seller wants to use an unsafe method of payment like Venmo, Stripe, or PayPal, the decision is up to you. It’s possible that your account could be terminated by the site, but there won’t be any huge repercussions for you. Just make sure you don’t use your real name to send the money on these sites.


Okay, so now you’ve paid for your panties and it’s ready to get them shipped to you!

First, you will need to give the seller an address to send your panties to. This can be a little tricky for some sellers, as an address can reveal a lot of personal information, even if you use a fake name.

The best suggestion is to use a PO box to receive your used underwear. Although this requires a bit of an investment, it’s totally worth it if you plan to buy multiple pairs of used panties throughout the year. If you’re kinky, you can also get toys and other erotic items sent to this address, too. PO boxes usually aren’t that expensive no matter where you live, so this might be your best option.

Alternatively, you can just have them shipped to your home. Remember that used panty salespeople are just trying to get paid. They don’t have some weird need to expose you for buying their product. How would they keep customers this way? They’d also have to reveal that they sell their underwear if they wanted to expose you, something most sellers won’t like to do. Therefore, sending your dirty panties to your real address can be pretty safe.

If you choose to send them to your home address, it’s usually okay to use a fake or incomplete name. If the seller writes “Mike” as the name on the package, it should still get to you. They could also use a company name. However, these rules might vary based on what country you live in, so check your local rules. If you want the best chance of receiving your package, you should be honest about all of the information, but it’s probably okay to take a risk if you’re uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t recommend having the package delivered to your workplace. Of course the seller will package your undies well, but it could be damaged during the shipping process. What if your coworkers see used undies poking out of an envelope? It’s also just embarrassing for a coworker to ask what you bought when it’s something personal.

Most sellers will ship their items using discrete packaging that won’t reveal that there’s used panties or anything risque inside. However, it doesn’t hurt to check with them to make sure that’s the case, especially if you’re trying to keep the contents secret.

Lastly, as I mentioned above, shipping can be expensive, especially fast shipping or international deliveries. Don’t get testy with the seller for wanting to get shipping fees from you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t get a fair cut of the money they deserve. Shipping should be your responsibility, just like it is when you get a package from Amazon.

In addition, keep in mind that your seller might have to wear the panties before they ship them. So if you ask for five days of wear, it will take at least that long to ship the package out to you. Be patient, but feel free to ask for updates as you eagerly anticipate their arrival.

How to smell your used panties

Now the wondrous package has finally arrived! But if you’re new to the world of used panties, you might not know all of the joys they have to offer.

Did you know that different parts of the panties will have different distinct scents? Here’s a rundown.

The first scent zone is the front of the underwear that has contact with the vulva and clit. This is usually the area of your panties that will smell the strongest. They’ll have the scent you associate with a vagina, especially if your wearer has been masturbating or working out in them. Sniffers say this part of the underwear has a high sharp note. You might also notice whitish or yellowish markings on this part of the panties, which is sexy to say the least.

Then there’s the middle part of the panties, which is where the vagina is located. You’ll get a mellower smell from this region. However, this is also where you’ll see the most discharge, especially from long wear or female ejaculation in your panties. Many see this as the sexiest looking part of their purchase.

Finally, there’s the part of the panties that falls near the anus. Here, you’ll notice a deep musky smell. People sweat from this region slowly, so the scent is often intense, although different from the front of the panties. This area is near an apocrine gland, which are also found in armpits and breasts. This produces a smell that’s enticing to men in particular because it secretes pheromones associated with mating. It can also indicate a smell of overall wellness.

Although there are different zones for male underwear, they’re less obviously different than those of women’s underwear. You might notice that the area where the balls rest smells different from the part at the anal region. Experiment to find out what smells you like.

Don’t just focus on one area of the panties. Even if you have a preference, every part of the underwear is hot! Get the most use out of them you can.

Ideas for what to do with your used panties

If you’re buying used panties, you probably have some ideas as to what to do with them. However, it never hurts to try something new!

Many people masturbate while smelling their new pair of panties. This could be during manual stimulation of the penis or during anal play. Many men find that they only need a few pumps before they come because of their strong attraction to the scent.

If you don’t want to hold the panties in your hand, some people like to put them over their face to really inhale the scent. Wearing them near your nose will give you an intense smell that can’t really be replicated. This could also be a part of humiliation play if that’s something you’re into.

Some people like to rub the used panties on themselves or ejaculate into them. This is hot, but usually means that you can’t use them again. So if you’re fine with buying more, this can be really satisfying.

If you’re interested, you might consider wearing the panties. This might not always be possible given the size difference between you and the seller, but it can be a great feeling. This can also be used for forced feminization or humiliation fetishes. However, remember there’s nothing intrinsically shameful about wearing women’s panties, so if the lacy feel on your junk gets you off, go nuts!

You might also consider using them with a partner. This won’t work with all relationships, but it might be applicable in others. If both you and your partner are turned on by used panties, you can pass them to each other and have sex after. This might be especially likely if you’re either in a gay relationship and both like to smell men’s panties. However, a bisexual girlfriend might be willing to engage in this play with women’s panties, too. In addition, if your girlfriend is freaked out by the idea of you smelling her used panties, she might be okay with you bringing your own pair in the bedroom.

If you decide to use them with a partner, make sure to have an honest conversation beforehand. Don’t try to sneakily smell them or refuse to tell your partner what they are. It’s much more likely that your partner will accept your fetish if you’re just open and honest with them.

Here are some extra ideas about what to do with your panties:

  • Keep them somewhere hidden in your bag so you can always have them when you need a hit.
  • Hide them in your office so you feel naughty all day.
  • Use them with a sex doll or realistic sex toy to replicate the natural smells.
  • Wear them under your clothes when you go to the club, out to run errands, or to work.
  • Stuff them in your mouth, vagina, or anus.
  • Taste the discharge.

If I haven’t listed your desired use here, that’s okay! That just means you’re a creative kinky person, which I really respect. They’re your panties now, and you can do with them whatever you want to!

How to store your used underwear

It’s important to keep your used underwear fresh if you want to masturbate with them (or use them for other purposes) for a long time. If you can keep them smelling great, you might be able to use them for a few months or even longer.

The best way to store them is in an airtight container. This could be a ziplock bag, plastic storage container, or even a piece of tupperware. The scent will dissipate when exposed to air, so it’s best to keep air away as much as possible.

In addition, you don’t want your used underwear to get too wrinkled, since you can’t wash them to make them look like new again without losing the scent. For this reason, make sure you keep your panties folded and looking nice in your storage method of choice.

Lastly, don’t put them in a moist or overly hot environment. Moisture can cause your panties to mold or develop bacteria, which will override the wonderful smells. If your underwear comes wet from the seller, dry them out as soon as possible to prevent them from degrading (although no one will fault you for enjoying them before you do). You can do this by laying them out and letting some air get to them. You might also consider using a hairdryer to make the job quick.

Used panties are one of the most popular fetish markets. If you’re willing to take the plunge, just one pair can give you sexual pleasure for a long time. 

So what are you waiting for? Join one of the sites like Sofia Gray and start browsing today!