What is Chaturbate? Everything You Need To Know

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Are you interested in cam modeling? I’m sure you’ve heard of some popular cam model websites...in that discussion, I have no doubt that “Chaturbate” was thrown in there. Why? Because it’s one of the most well-known camming sites around! 

What is cam modeling?
Cam modeling is when webcam models perform shows (naked or in lingerie/clothing) in front of a webcam on an adult webcam platform. Cam models can do all kinds of things: simple sexting and erotic videos sharing to more elaborate live performances and more. 

I said it in a previous article: ultimately, cam models are in the business of fulfilling fantasies. Fans and customers will sign up or watch certain models, paying for their services or leaving tips when they enjoyed the show. 

Some cam model terms you should know…
Tip goals: Tip goals are goals you (the model) set throughout your show. Often, people set a bunch of mini-goals that eventually build up to one massive goal. For example, if your end goal is $200, you could say “at $100, I’ll auction off the use of my interactive toy for two minutes.”  

Tip menu: Many models include “menus” on their profile - this can be used to indicate what tips are required for you to them perform certain acts or actions. You can also auction off other things, like access to your OnlyFans or Snapchat, for example.

Tipping games: These are fun games that make people feel way better about spending their money on you. This can be something like “roll the dice”, “guessing games” or more. You can see a ton of game options in their Chaturbate app store. 

Mods: Moderators (or “mods”) are people you deem high-level fans that you trust to ensure people in the chat and in your room are abiding by rules. 

What is Chaturbate? 

Chaturbate is a popular, high-traffic cam model website. Chaturbate is a platform with a seemingly infinite amount of chat rooms. Each room has a cam model in it (cam girl, cam guy, or even couples). The model will be performing for the other members who have joined the room to watch. 

There are quite a few different options in terms of what cam models can offer in these rooms, and these performances and services are often listed on each model’s profile so you know what to expect before joining a chat room. 

On Chaturbate, you can do all kinds of things: 

  • Start live cam shows (private one-on-one shows or public shows with limitless guests).
  • DM with clients and set up extra services (sexting, custom photos/videos)
  • Allow your viewers to control your remote toys during your shows (more on this later!)
  • Set moderators for your shows (these are users that you trust who can help you control your room and alert you to any behavior that’s inappropriate.
  • Run a fan club. This could work similarly to OnlyFans, where you enable the “fan club feature” and people can subscribe to gain access to your content instead of purchasing individual sessions or items from you.  

How much can I make cam modeling? 
On Chaturbate, you keep 60% of what you make. While this may seem quite low (compared to a platform like OnlyFans where you have more freedom and keep 80% of what you earn), it’s actually fairly average for cam model websites. Most hover around the 60% - 70% mark with some dipping as low as 30%. 

Typical camming websites operate in several different ways: 

  1. A “token system” - fans tune into your show and pay you tokens. These tokens have real-world value and you (the cam model) can cash them in. 
  2. A “pay-per-minute” system - users pay you for your show or services based on a predetermined rate that is set by you. 

Chaturbate utilizes both of these systems - users can use tokens to tip you during a show or request a private show that is typically on a per-minute fee.

Tokens on Chaturbate cost: 

  • $10.99 for 100 tokens
  • $20.99 for 200 tokens
  • $44.99 for 500 tokens 
  • $62.99 for 750 tokens
  • $79.99 for 1000 tokens 

To the model who receives these tokens, they are worth: 

  • 100 tokens = $5.00
  • 500 tokens = $25.00
  • 1000 tokens = $50.00

There are also some other ways you can earn on Chaturbate, like participating in monthly “challenges” that the platform holds or using your platform to promote/sell your other services (used panties selling, sexting, etc). 

How to Get Started on Chaturbate as a Cam Model

Getting started as a webcam model seems daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. 

On Chaturbate, here are the easy-to-follow steps to get started: 

  1. Create your free account. Visit www.chaturbate.com/accounts/register to create an account that allows you to chat with other members and broadcast your show.
  2. Verify your ID with a digital image file of your government-issued ID (passport or ID card) - this is used to verify your age and ID for tax purposes).
  3. Dress up your profile before you start broadcasting. Chaturbate has these fully customizable profile pages - you can really let your personality (and everything you have to offer) shine through here. List your profile photo, menu (services and showtimes), and more on this space to entice people to come into your shows.
  4. Start performing! 

For more information on creating a Chaturbate account, click here

What payments look like on Chaturbate…
The minimum payment for most cashout options is $50, which means you need at least this amount to withdraw your funds each time. Chaturbate does ePayments (no processing fee), a check sent by mail (no processing fee), direct deposit (no processing fee/USA only), payment by Paxum ($0.50 processing fee), or payment by Bitcoin ($3.00 processing fee). 

Did you know Chaturbate supports studios? 
Chaturbate works alongside various studios. Once created, studios can add models through special signup links. Chaturbate then pays the studio directly and the studio pays the models according to their contracts. This can be really helpful if you’re already signed up with a studio or want to find one on the platform. 

They also have an affiliate program! 
One of the things you should definitely take advantage of in terms of being a Chaturbate newbie is their referral program. If you know someone who is already on Chaturbate, contact them and get their referral code - it could benefit you both. If you know someone who is interested in joining Chaturbate, connect with them and give them your referral code! It’s a great way to make a little additional revenue for you both.

Tips & Tricks for Beginner Cam Models

If you’re new to the cam-model world, it can be quite confusing. You may find yourself thinking “how am I going to maintain this?” - and the answer is easier than you think. Here are a few cam model tips and tricks...

The golden rule: keeping people entertained will earn you more money. 
This is just really what it’s all about - keeping people entertained, keeping them happy, keeping them engaged so they tip you more. This will also bring back repeat viewers if they come to depend on your shows.

Post your live showtimes on your profile (and stick to them). 
If you want people to watch you, they need to know two things: when and where. Having your showtimes posted on your profile is just a must - adhering to them is also essential. This way, people come to know when you’re online and may even adjust their schedule so they don’t miss your show!

Promote on Twitter. 
Promoting your cam model shows can be tough - Instagram and Facebook have been known to crack down on NSFW content. Twitter, however, is the new Tumblr (as in they are now the best NSFW platform), and promoting yourself on there will get you some positive attention. Do teasers for what kind of shows you put on, post sexy photos, and have your showtimes listed in that profile as well. 

Be good to your top tippers and returning customers. 
This is a no-brainer - but be good to the people who are good to you! People will stick around if you’re friendly, open, and kind. Of course, they come around for the sexy show, but being a pleasure to interact with and being good to returning viewers may be the difference between a tip of 50 tokens and a tip of 100 tokens! 

Use Chaturbate’s coding system to your advantage. 

On Chaturbate, they have color codes that present alongside a user’s name. This tells you important things you need to know, such as how many tokens they have and how regularly they are on the platform. This can be really helpful in knowing when to go that extra mile for a user. 

Code Red: chat room moderator that has been chosen by the model (you) to ensure the chat stays within guidelines.

Code Orange: this code is given to models (like yourself). 

Code Grey: a member who doesn’t have any active tokens and likely won’t tip you anything (unless they buy more). 

Code Green: a member who is a fan (frequently visits) of your chat room will be given this color. 

Code Dark Blue: a member who has spent at least 50 tokens within two weeks on the platform.

Code Light Blue: a member who has spent at least one token but not more than 50 within two weeks on the platform. 

Code Light Purple: a member who has tipped at least 250 tokens within a two-week period on the platform. 

Code Dark Purple: a member who has tipped at least 1000 tokens within a two-week period on the platform.

Maintain different types of rooms. 
As I mentioned before, there are a few different types of rooms you can host on Chaturbate. Private rooms are one-on-one calls, public rooms can host an infinite number of fans at once. If you’re open to doing private shows, list that on your profile so people know they have that option. Additionally, there are also what are called “spy shows”, which can be super fun for people who have a voyeurism kink. 

Play fun games in your shows. 
People love games. Know what they love more than games? Sexy games. I wrote an entire article on all the fun types of games you can play as a cam model to keep your viewers entertained. 

Know that it can be inconsistent - rises and falls are inevitable in this line of work. 
Understanding that your views and income may dip at times is (unfortunately) part of any online work and rings even more true when you’re in the world of NSFW content creation or performing. Don’t get discouraged if your numbers take a dip - they will rise again! 

Take advantage of their “split camming” options! 
Chaturbate (along with some other camming websites) are now doing this thing called “split camming”, where you can actually broadcast your Chaturbate performance across multiple other camming sites to boost your viewership. This uses special software (that you can download for free) and can easily help you boost the number of people in your shows (subsequently boosting your income). 

Utilize their “apps and bots” system. 
Chaturbate has this great feature called “Apps and Bots” where you can essentially use bots to track tip goals, make interactive toys respond to tips, add tip games to your shows, and more. Taking advantage of this feature makes everything so much easier! 

It can be really empowering work. 
While there are lots of things you may be nervous about when it comes to cam modeling, you will maybe be surprised to find out just how empowering it can be. It can be a total mood and confidence-booster! 

Chaturbate and Sex Toys

Camming websites and interactive sex toys...how fun. I’ve written quite a few articles on interactive sex toys and even tested a few myself (read my reviews for the Lovense Lush2 and the Kiiroo Pearl2 for more on that), and you may not know that using websites like this with interactive sex toys is quite easy. 

In fact, some sex toy brands (looking at you, Lovense!) have actually invented integrated software that makes this process effortless and instant. 

Interactive sex toys are all the rage - and using them on camming sites can be a really fun addition to your show. “Give me $$, I’ll let you control my toy for 60 seconds” is a damn good incentive to get the tips flowing in. 

Typically, there are two options when pairing toys with live cam shows: 

  1. Tip-controlled toys (toys that vibrate every time you get a tip, you can set the amount yourself)
  2. Buy temporary access to my toy set-ups, where you can essentially auction off access to your toys for a limited time. 

One way to do this could be something like…
With 50 tokens, you can give me 5 seconds of low clit stimulation. With 100 tokens, you can give me 15 seconds of high-intensity clit stimulation. This can be anything you want, for as long as you want - and trust me, people will pay for that pleasure! 

Lovense and OhMiBod toys…
These are two companies that have actually designed software that allows your sex toy to be linked to your cam shows. You can set tip amounts that, when tipped that amount, send a message to your toy to start vibrating. Most tip-controlled vibes will come with downloadable, free software that allows you to set these things up effortlessly. 

I do a complete rundown of the best sex toys for Chaturbate, but here’s a TLDR: 

  • Lovense Lush2 is great for g-spot stimulation and can be tip-activated. You can also give fans control for a certain amount of time (for the right price). 
  • OhMiBod Esca2 is quite similar to the Lovense2 and works in much of the same ways with Chaturbate. 
  • Lovense Nora is top of the line, to really level up your Chaturbate game. It’s a rabbit-style vibrator that has a rotating head. The best part? Users can control each part of the vibe individually or all together - making for lots of fun. 
  • Lovense Hush is a vibrating butt plug for those who love anal sex and don’t want their cam shows to be boring! It can be tip-activated or you can give remote control to top tippers. 

FAQ About Chaturbate

How much money can I make on Chaturbate? Can I stay anonymous? Do I have to be nude? How do I get people to notice my profile and come to my shows? Everyone has questions about cam modeling - so let’s try to answer a few! 

Can you stay anonymous? 
While it’s a bit more difficult to stay anonymous on camming websites (compared to say OnlyFans), it’s completely possible. Some common ways to ensure anonymity are: using a stage name, creating an alternate email and bank account (or using cash apps) that are strictly for your NSFW business, and blocking off entire geographical regions using the geo-blocking feature many platforms (including Chaturbate) have. 

While most platforms you sign up for will require your personal information and perhaps even a photo of your passport or ID card, this information is only ever used by the platform and never released to users. Additionally, you can also consider using a VPN to mask your location and protect your online data. 

How much money can I make on Chaturbate? 
This is a tricky question because how much you make depends on quite a few different factors. The first days on a camming website can be tricky - no one knows you yet, you may have trouble standing out. This is why having an appealing profile with what you offer clearly indicated and showtimes posted can really make or break your cam model business. 

This article interviewed a cam model named Yulia who made about $6000 by working three hours a day for 15 days straight. This other article explains other numbers, ranging from $100 - $7000 per day! This is just so wildly different for everyone depending on how popular you are, how often you’re live on the platform, what you offer, etc. 

What are other common cam model websites? 
Of course, there’s Chaturbate. This platform is considered one of the most popular and most customizable platforms for models. CamSoda is a great one for selling photos and video content as they are more geared towards that, even though they do offer live content shows as well. LiveJasmin is a platform that has been around for ages - it’s a well-known, high-quality camming site that has built a great reputation. ImLive is another good one, it’s a bit more old school but it’s dependable and very fun. For more cam model website options, check out this article

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