Chaturbate vs OnlyFans: Which is Better?

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What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is an extremely popular content-sharing platform (with an estimated 30 million users and 450,000 creators) where creators can monetize their content by selling directly to their fans for the cost of a monthly subscription. Think Netflix but for individual content creators. Many OnlyFans creators use the platform as a kind of “inside look” at their lives beyond other social media, and OnlyFans is extremely popular among adult content creators and sex workers. 

How does OnlyFans work? 
After creating an account on OnlyFans and going through the necessary steps to set yourself up (which you can find here), you set a subscription rate. This is the rate per month that your fans will pay to access your content. Most subscriptions are between $4.99 - $15.99, depending on how often you intend to post and the quality of those posts. However, some people set their OnlyFans subscription rate to “FREE” and then just have pay-per-view individual posts that are NSFW. This is a great thing to do if you’re just starting out, to get your name out there. 

What can do you do on OnlyFans? 

  • Share photos and videos (for free or pay-per-view) 
  • Earn money for subscriptions to your page or pay-per-view posts 
  • DM with fans and set up custom services (sexting, live cams, etc), some of which can be done on the platform itself 

How much money can I make on OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans allows you to keep 80% of your profits. This means, hypothetically, if you set your monthly rate at $5.99, you will get $4.79 of that, with OnlyFans keeping the rest. Additionally, people use the “biography” portion of their OnlyFans account to promote custom sales for things like videos, pictures, sexting, and more - which is another way to make some extra cash. 

If you’re interested in getting started on OnlyFans, check out my latest guide here

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a popular, high-traffic camming website that can be extremely customizable to each creator’s brand. This platform works on a “token” system (as well as offering pay-per-minute rates) where your fans can tune into your “show” and pay you with either tokens or request solo time with you on a pay-per-minute basis. With the pay-per-minute service, users will pay you for your show or services (stripping, playing sexy games, etc) based on a predetermined rate that is set by you. With the token system, users can tip you while they tune into your show. 

How does Chaturbate work? 

Users (fans who enter your cam model room) will tip you with tokens. These tokens are things they buy from the site and then use on each model to tip them for their show or performance. One of the common prices for tokens is 100 tokens for $10.99. That same 100 tokens, for the performer, is worth $5.00. While this may seem like not enough, once you grow on the platform and have hundreds of people in your room all tipping you 5-10 tokens at a time, things add up quickly! 

What can you do on Chaturbate? 

  • Start live cam shows (private one-on-one shows, public shows with limitless guests or “spy” shows for voyeurism fans) 
  • DM with clients and set up extra services like private videos or photos
  • Allow your viewers to control your remote toys (like the Lovense Lush, for example) 
  • Set moderators (trusted viewers) to control your rooms and alert you to any behavior not tolerated on your profile 

How much money can I make on Chaturbate? 

Chaturbate offers a significantly smaller payout, with you keeping 60% of your profits. While this seems like a big dip from the 80% on OnlyFans, Chaturbate offers a fairly competitive rate amongst other camming platforms (who often only allow you to keep 30% - 40% of profits). Additionally, some cam models offer extras available on the menu of their page (like custom videos or selling used panties), which can also earn you some extra cash. 

If you’re interested in getting started on Chaturbate, check out my latest guide here.

Chaturbate vs OnlyFans: how they compare...

OnlyFans is known for being an NSFW-friendly content sharing platform where sex workers and adult content creators can thrive. Chaturbate is a very popular, customizable camming service where you can perform for a room full of people or start a one-on-one show. do a content-sharing platform (OnlyFans) and a camming platform (Chaturbate) compare? 

Comparison: They are both extremely popular in NSFW circles. 

The first comparison is something quite obvious: they are both very popular with NSFW content creators. 

OnlyFans: a place where NSFW influencers can shine.
The best thing about OnlyFans is that it does what Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter cannot do: it offers adult content creators a place where they can post sexually explicit content without fear of being struck down by the platform’s algorithms in favor of more suitable content. 

Sex workers and adult content creators attempting to make a brand for themselves on anything owned by Facebook (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook itself) are more than likely familiar with being shadowbanned (where your account still appears as if it’s functioning normally but the algorithm has made it almost impossible for people to find (and engage) with your posts due to the nature of the content. Instagram influencers who tend to share NSFW images and videos will often know what it’s like to have your account suspended because of this - particularly if you’re a woman showing your breasts. Instagram has a real problem with that.

Chaturbate: a place where cam workers can shine (and brand themselves apart from other cam models). 

If you’re an NSFW content creator who is interested in making the leap from content creation to camming, it’s entirely likely that you will start here, with Chaturbate. Why? Because it’s the natural first step. Chaturbate differs from other camming sites in just how customizable it can be. You’re not just another cam model. Your “profile” allows you to create a custom space where you can showcase your personality and your services. It’s very much set up to look like a social media page, but for cam models offering their services on the platform. 

Comparison: They are both considered the most popular sites in their respective fields. 

While it may seem strange to compare a cam site to a social platform, they both do one thing well: they tower above the rest in their field. OnlyFans is an NSFW social platform unlike any other, and Chaturbate is a highly customizable cam website that allows you to get creative with it instead of looking like just any other cam model on a bland-looking platform. 

OnlyFans: when it comes to NSFW social platforms, OnlyFans soars high above the rest.

While Twitter may be popular among the BDSM community since the fall of Tumblr in 2018, OnlyFans is really the best NSFW platform around. Facebook (and its associates Instagram and Snapchat) are known for making NSFW content difficult to find and promote, so when OnlyFans came onto the scene, they branded themselves as a platform FOR NSFW creators. 

Chaturbate: when it comes to cam sites, Chaturbate also proves most note-worthy. 

Chaturbate (along with one of its competitors, LiveJasmin) are two of the oldest camming websites around, with Chaturbate having quite the reputation among cam models. With features such as split-camming (broadcasting from Chaturbate to other camming sites to boost your viewership), geoblocking (blocking out certain regions of the world so they can’t see your profile), and customizable profiles, Chaturbate is one of the cam sites models rave about.

Comparison: both are sex-worker friendly. 

While Instagram seems to be the place to go if you want to become a brand rep or influencer, and Youtube the place to go if you want to launch a music career, Onlyfans and Chaturbate are both places where adult entertainers can get their start (and grow). 

OnlyFans: becoming famous on OnlyFans is something that’s been done (quite a few times). 

While people like Cardi B and Bella Thorne are most associated with the terms “OnlyFans” and “fame”, there are lots of people who actually got their start (and launched themselves to stardom) on OnlyFans. Take Leo, from OnlyFans Bible, for example. He has over four thousand fans on the site and has since launched a successful Youtube channel (with 5 million subscribers) devoted to helping people succeed on the platform. 

Chaturbate: maximizing your revenue with Chaturbate is easy. 

With features like the Chaturbate app store (where you can track tip goals and play games with your viewers) and split-camming capabilities, Chaturbate is a way to take cam modeling to the next level, not only maximizing your profits but also growing in viewership and potential. 

Comparison: they both allow you to put on quite the show. 
Both platforms are really about one thing: performing. Whether you’re uploading sexy selfies to OnlyFans or getting ready to start a live show on Chaturbate, in essence, you’re an adult performer looking to connect with or grow your audience. 

OnlyFans: you can put on pay-per-view shows for your fans. 

Paid streaming is another way you can earn additional income on your OnlyFans. You can set a price for your show and promote it to everyone. Subscribers who tune into your show will pay the set amount and gain access to your live feed. Sound familiar? Yes - it’s a cam show!! Now you can see the crossover, right? 

Chaturbate: camming is literally what they do. 

Chaturbate is a cam model website. It’s a platform specifically designed for this purpose, and it’s one of the best around, according to many people. Camming is literally what they do, and they do it well. 

Chaturbate vs OnlyFans: which platform should I choose?

If you’re trying to decide which route you want to go (pay-per-view subscription channel or cam model/cam shows), let me help you decide. 

Choose OnlyFans if you…

  • Are interested in a more intimate, one-to-one connection with your audience
  • Have open availability and can maintain a strong online presence daily
  • Like to pose for NSFW photos and videos and are open to doing custom content for fans willing to pay extra for it
  • Are interested in creating a brand that reaches beyond NSFW circles 
  • Are wanting something of a stable monthly income 
  • Are interested in growing as an adult entertainer 

Choose Chaturbate if you…

  • Are a performer looking to engage larger audiences
  • Have specific times where you can be available (and times where you cannot)
  • Like to perform, act, strip, and have an interest in playing with your fans
  • Are interested in pairing this with a remote-controlled sex toy (your views can tip you to control the toy - Chaturbate makes this extremely easy to do) 
  • Are interested in the potential of making lots of money, even if it’s not consistent
  • Are interested in staying known as a cam model could always do both. 

When comparing two things, most minds jump to choosing one over the other...but who said you have to decide? While maintaining both a cam model career and an OnlyFans persona can be taxing, time-consuming and something of an investment, it’s entirely possible! If you’re someone who wants to launch themselves into an adult entertainment career, starting both (and placing a small emphasis on one, while maintaining the other) can be a great idea. 

How to become successful as an NSFW content creator 

How do you stand out (and keep thriving) in a world where there are 450,000 creators on OnlyFans? How do you stand out when there are thousands upon thousands of cam models on dozens of different platforms? While it seems nearly impossible, it’s not. There are tons of ways you can stand out! 

Be unique. Brand yourself and promote that brand. 

There are thousands upon thousands of creators out there, and while NSFW content creation is a niche, it’s not THAT niche. There are still thousands upon thousands of those, too. How do you stand out? How do you make yourself known? By being unique, offering something new, staying true to yourself, and having no shame in the self-promotion game. 

Be consistent. 

One of the biggest downfalls of people who try to make it as influencers or content creators is inconsistency. If people don’t know your schedule, they will lose interest because they won’t be seeing you as often. Even if, in the beginning, your schedule is sparse and you only upload ot go live a few times a week, make that known in your biography! “Posting on Mondays and Fridays!” is all it takes to ensure fans who see that will come back on Monday or Friday to check what’s new on your platform. 

Be authentic. Connect with your followers in genuine ways, even if they are surface-level to protect your identity. 

Another way to stay above the masses when it comes to content creation is to just be authentic. There is so much fake-ness in the world of influencing and social media - be a voice of truth, even if that truth isn’t overly popular to some. Trust me, as someone who’s online brand is honesty, people genuinely appreciate that and you will become known as someone who is authentic and real with their fans. 

Promote across various platforms. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself to one space. 

When it comes to social media or performing, it can be really easy to kind of pigeon-hole yourself into one space. Like starting an OnlyFans and pouring everything you’ve got into that. While that’s great, you also need back up plans and other means of promotion. Start a Twitter account and grow a presence there. Start a Snapchat account and grow another presence there. This way, instead of funneling viewers from one platform, you’re using three. 

Make sure your purpose (and what you offer) is immediately clear.

 While this is just a good tip in order to stand out against the OnlyFans or Chaturbate masses, it’s also just a good tip if you’re an online entertainer in any right. The world of online entertainment can be fleeting. Making your online presence clear and concise can be a great way to draw people in immediately with what you offer. 

Invest in good camera equipment and lighting sources. 

No one wants to watch a dark, grainy video of you (even if you’re in your sexiest lingerie or totally nude) when there are lots of other performers who have well-lit, professional-looking backdrops. When you decide to start as a performer (either on OnlyFans or Chaturbate or somewhere else entirely), decide to really give it a go. Put a little money and effort into it if you want to see it succeed!

Consider paid promotions or collaborations to boost your following. 

Every content creator worth their salt knows the game of collaborations and paid sponsorships. Whether you’ve ever engaged in one or not, chances are you’ve seen a #sponsored or a “takeover” of one account by another. These types of collaborations and partnerships can be really beneficial to everyone involved if pulled off correctly.

Use resources, talk to others in the community, and share your story! 

One of the best things about OnlyFans, as someone who has done a lot of research into it but never started an account, is that there are so many resources if I wanted to. From the OnlyFans Bible to the blog on OnlyFans itself to creators like FitSid who explain how they excel in the game - there are so many ways you can learn about succeeding on the platform from people who have done it! Use these resources to grow and expand your brand, and then when you’ve become popular, start a blog, Youtube channel, or forum to share your experiences down the line. 

Conclusion: Chaturbate vs OnlyFans...which is really better?

Points for Chaturbate: Chaturbate is best for individuals who, first and foremost, want cam modeling to be front and center. OnlyFans offers live shows, but Chaturbate is the best in the business when it comes to cam model platforms. 

Points for OnlyFans: OnlyFans is best for individuals who want to connect with and engage with their audiences, who want total control over their platform, and who want to grow as more than just a cam model. OnlyFans is also best for people who want to make a name for themselves in the adult entertainment industry. After all, you likely know lots of people who have made it big on OnlyFans, but I personally can’t think of one super popular cam model from Chaturbate. 

The winner...OnlyFans is a platform that’s not quite like any other. They completely changed the game for sex work. Everyone knows about OnlyFans, but a smaller niche of people (specifically interested in cam modeling) know about Chaturbate. OnlyFans is slightly more mainstream, and for that reason, there is such a huge draw and benefit to creating an account there.