Best Sex Toys For Cam Models

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Camming (short for webcam modeling or cam modeling) refers to someone who performs (naked or clothed) in front of a webcam on adult webcam/content sharing sites. Cam models can do all kinds of things: simple sexting, erotic video sharing, or full live shows with large audiences. 

While cam models can customize their acts, being a cam model is about one simple thing: fulfilling fantasies. Fans, followers, customers, audience members, whatever you call them - they will pay for the pleasure of your virtual company. 

Cam modeling is typically done on cam model platforms (such as the ones listed below) and how it works is simple: 

  1. Platforms have “rooms” for cam models to entertain their audiences. These can be private rooms with just one other person or public rooms with a large audience. 
  2. Models set certain “objectives” with token prices - when viewers tip up to that amount, the model will perform the act. These are usually sex/masturbation acts, but not always. 
  3. Models can perform all kinds of games, activities, etc in their model rooms - the more popular your shows are, the more money you will make. 

Are you interested in becoming a cam model? Check out this post for more information!

What Are the Best Sex Toys to Use During Cam Shows?

One of the best things about being an adult performer has to be the toys, the costumes, and just hot unique you can make your shows by adapting what’s involved. Many cammers choose to use toys on themselves, however, some of these toys have interactive components, meaning your audience can temporarily take control of your toy. This is a great money-earner, as most of your audience will jump at the chance (with cash in hand) to pleasure you for even just a few moments. 

Lovense Lush2 - The Remote Controlled Egg
Lovense is very likely going to dominate this list because they have really carved out the market when it comes to remote control toys and many camming platforms are actually partnered (or affiliated in some way) with Lovense. In fact, many Lovense toys can actually be set up to vibrate in sync with tips you get on camming platforms. Click here for the entire list of cam sites Lovense has integrated with.

The most popular Lovense toy right now has to be the Lush 2. I personally have this toy and have used it long-distance and absolutely adore it. This device can, of course, be controlled in person via Bluetooth with your partner’s phone, but it can also be controlled over the internet by anyone, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is grant them access. You can also revoke access at any time, making it the perfect cam model toy. 

This toy also syncs to music (which makes cleaning around the house that much more fun), it can be activated by sounds (which makes in-person partner play that much more fun) and it can also use unlimited vibration patterns because you (or the person controlling the device) can create their own! 

The added benefit of the Lovense Lush2 is that you can now connect it to your computer! Most of the other toys on this list are app-only, however, Lovense decided to try something new with the Lush2 and also made it compatible with your PC. Check out my review for the Lush2 here.

Lovense Nora - The Remote Controlled Rabbit Vibe
The Lovense Nora is coming in hot at #2. Lovense has truly revolutionized the sex-toy game in so many ways, the least of which is rabbit vibrators that can be controlled from anywhere. The Nora has a vibrating (and rotating!) head and a powerful clit vibrator. 

These Lovense toys are particularly interesting for cam models because if your customer by any chance has a Lovense toy that pairs with yours, for the right price, you could opt to control each other’s devices for an unforgettable experience. 

WeVibe Rave - The Remote Controlled G-Spot Vibe
Finally, something that’s not a Lovense toy! I love Lovense (a funny phrase to say) - but I had to include some other brands on this list, too! WeVibe has been a brand that I’ve enjoyed for years, and their Rave has gotten quite a bit of attention. You could say that people are Rave-ing about it. (Alright, I couldn’t resist that one, it was right there!) 

This WeVibe toy (like many others) is one that connects via the We-Connect app and can be controlled from anywhere, by anyone - it can also play in sync with other We-Vibe products, meaning one-to-one camming sessions with someone who is also a We-Vibe toy haver can be oh-so-fun. 

Lovense Hush - The Remote Controlled Butt Plug
If you’re into anal stimulation and happen to be a cam model, this toy is basically like hitting the jackpot. This vibrating anal plug is marketed as the most powerful butt plug you’ll ever own. It has an easy-to-grip handle for easy and comfortable extraction and oh yes - it can be controlled remotely, from anywhere, as all other Lovense toys can. 

This means it could be a very interesting addition to your camming shows - perhaps something to auction off to the highest bidder: “the person who tips me the most in the next 10 minutes gets to control my vibrating butt plug.” Who wouldn’t go for that? 

Ohmibod Esca2 - The (Other) Remote Controlled Egg
This Kiirroo/Ohmibod collaboration is quite similar to the Lush2. The Esca2 has a light-up antenna end, which could potentially provide a bit more flair and flash to your camming shows. While the Lush2 has been praised for its cam-show capabilities, the Esca2 is another alternative if you’re interested in a love egg. 

This egg also has VR-partner capabilities, thanks to Kirroo’s specialty being VR sex toys. The smartphone control is said to be good, but not quite up to par with Lovense’s Lush2, according to this LovenseFan article

Lovense Domi 2 - The Remote Controlled Mini Wand
Alright, this is the money-shot. And by that, I mean most wand-style vibrators are great at making women squirt, and on camming shows, squirting is something of a show-stopping finale. The fireworks show, if you will. 

Of course, as with most Lovense products, the Domi 2 has excellent reviews, but it’s the unexpected features of this toy that elevate it to the next level. This wand has a dual-rotating head that provides power and speed, allowing you to cum faster and more intensely than before. With the Lovense app, you can save up to 10 pleasure patterns and access over 5000 patterns shared by others on the platform. Of course, this wand can be controlled remotely from anywhere, meaning your partner (or audience member of a cam show) can control the vibration levels and pulsing patterns, too! 

ShockSpot Fuck Machine - The Chaturbate Tip-Controlled Fucking Machine 
Yes, that’s right - I said fucking machine. Obviously, this is a fairly niche product. Not everyone wants to own (or be fucked by) a fucking machine. However, if you’re serious about camming and want to invest in a fuck machine, this is the way to go! This machine actually responds to tips from Chaturbate and fucks you harder/faster depending on the size of the tip. Talk about next-level camming! 

If you’re someone who enjoys this level of intensity during cam shows, you’re going to be making loads of cash (and having quite a few intense orgasms) along the way. 

Ohmibod Vibrating Club Vibe - The Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties 
Something a little different to end our list - vibrating panties. While this toy can’t be controlled over the internet, it can be controlled by a speaker in the remote control. Place this remote near your computer speakers and every time you get a tip (and the cam site makes the appropriate tipping noise), your panties will vibrate. Alternatively, you can use the remote in your hand as a kind of teasing incentive for viewers to keep tipping you so you’ll keep using it. 

This is extremely easy to use, doesn’t require you to let anyone else have actual access to your toys, and is also great if you prefer not to be totally nude on cam. 

Best Platforms for Cam Modeling (and which sex toy to use on each one)

If you’re interested in cam modeling and don’t currently have a platform to do that with, below are some of the more well-known platforms and why you should consider signing up with them! 

Before we dive in, there are some things you should know about how camming platforms work…

  1. Some use the “token” system. This means that users on the platform buy tokens and then use these tokens to tip the performers (that’s you!). 
  2. Others use a “pay-per-minute” system where the user’s credit card or cash app will be charged per-minute based on a predetermined fee that you have chosen. 
  3. Then, some platforms allow a combination of both systems - users can tip you with tokens and you also get a “per-minute” fee for your time. 
  4. Additionally, all platforms will take a percentage of your earnings as a service fee. 

System: “tokens” and “pay per minute” camming
Payout Options: you keep 60% of your earnings
Best toy to use with this platform: Lovense Lush or ShockSpot Fuck Machine

Chaturbate is one of the most well-known camming websites out there. The site receives an estimated 4+ million unique visitors per month and has been praised for its diversity, being available in 15 different languages and featuring male, female, couple, and trans content. This platform is suggested if you’re interested in entertaining a room full of people (compared to a more one-on-one setting). 

While most remote-controlled toys can be used with this platform, the best toy to use with this platform would be the Lovense Lush or the Ohmibod Club Vibe panties. Alternatively, if you’re at that level, the ShockSpot Fuck Machine is literally made to be integrated with Chaturbate. 

System: “tokens”
Payout Options: you keep as much as 65% of your earnings, payouts happen weekly
Best toy to use with this platform: Lovense Hush, Lovense Nora or Wevibe Rave

CamSoda is a platform that is well-known for its ability to sell not only live shows but other types of content, such as videos and photos. Instead of focusing on performing for shows, you can also create various types of content here and offer your audience custom sales to earn more cash. 

This platform is best used by cammers who want to do a bit of everything - selling custom audio/video/photos and camming, all in one place. 

Some great remote-controlled toy options to use with this platform would be the Lovense Hush (if you’re into anal play) or the Lovense Nora. Since this platform is known for it’s more personalized content, it could be quite easy to set up a cam show with someone who has the matching device that pairs with yours, and you can both enjoy some fun. The WeVibe Rave could also be a great match if you’re looking to put on an entertaining one-to-one show. 

System: “pay-per-minute” system 
Payout Options: you keep 30-80% of your earnings depending on your rates and history on the platform
Best toy used with this platform: Lovense Lush, Hush, or Domi 

LiveJasmin has been around for over 20 years. TWENTY! They are by far the oldest camming platform around, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. LiveJasmin is one of the more well-known camming sites (perhaps due to their age) and they are dedicated to keeping up their reputation. 

LiveJasmin is great if you’re interested in making the most out of your earnings because you can actually ‘broadcast’ from LiveJasmin to other camming platforms, allowing you to maximize your audience (and your income)! How cool is that? 

The best toy used with this platform is pretty much any Lovense toy. Why? With LiveJasmin’s ability to broadcast to other platforms, you can set tip amounts easily and give over control to viewers effortlessly, even switching from one viewer’s control to the next. 

System: “token” and “pay-per-minute”
Payout Options: you keep up to 60% of your earnings, payout can weekly or bi-weekly
The best toy used on this platform: Ohmibod Club Vibe Panties

More experienced models will love this platform because of the monthly contests that allow the most popular on the platform to be highlighted. Newbies will love this platform because they also run contests for up-and-coming channels to gain them more popularity. 

The best toy used with this platform could be the Ohmibod Club Vibe wearable panties. Nothing says “tip me so I’ll strip” quite like revealing a lacey pair of vibrating panties that people can control with the tip-noises come in! 

System: “pay-per-minute” 
Payout Options: you keep over 30% of your earnings, payouts typically happen bi-weekly. 
Best toy used with this platform: Ohmibod Esca2 or Lovense Lush2

While this platform may not have as high of a payout rate as others, their chargeback protection system ensures that even if a disgruntled customer wants a refund, you’re protected and get paid for your time. This platform also prides itself on its affiliate program, which makes it easier to earn extra cash. This site is very user friendly and has actually earned awards for having high-quality videos and streams. 

The best toy to use on this platform is the Ohmibod Esca2 or the Lush2. Because you’re on a pay-per-minute platform, you want to keep your audience (or one-to-one client) engaged as long as possible - so wearable eggs that people can spend endless amounts of time playing with (creating different pulsing patterns, etc) is a great way to keep them spending their cash on you. 

System: “tokens” 
Payout Options: keep between 40 - 70% of your earnings, payouts happen weekly/biweekly
Best toy to use with this platform: WeVibe Rave or Sync

Cam4 is extremely popular with beginner cam models due to their high privacy concerns (because this platform allows and makes it easy for you to cam without showing your face). You also have access to free coaching from professionals to help you get started on your camming journey. One of the positives about this platform is that they have a space dedicated to couples shows, which means you and your partner can make loads of money fooling around together in front of an audience. 

The best toys to use on this platform have to be couples toys, similar to the WeVibe Rave or WeVibe Sync. You can allow audience members to control your toy, of course, but if you’re performing with a couple, you can also let your audience watch your partner control your toy while you squirm - perfect for voyeuristic clients! 

Why Should I Use Sex Toys During Cam Shows?

Why should you incorporate the use of sex toys (remote-controlled ones at that) into your cam shows? There are quite a few reasons why you may want to do this…

You’ll get more clients. 
This one is a no-brainer. When your clients hear that they will have a chance to control a cam model’s toy, you bet they are going to line up for it. Additionally, you could consider auctioning off one-to-one sessions where the control of your toy seems more intimate to the customer. 

You’ll earn more money. 
More clients = more money. The more incentive your clients have to tip you, the more they will tip you and the more you will earn. If your clients know that when you hit your $200 tip quota, you’ll start to allow members of your room to control your toy, you best believe you will hit that $200 (and beyond) quickly! 

Additionally, there’s nothing like a little healthy competition to bump up your profits. Seeing who can tip you the most and awarding the winning customer access to your toy and subsequently allowing them to let you orgasm is definitely a great way to earn some quick cash.

It’s just fun. 
Fun for you, fun for them - fun for everyone, really. 

Offering something different and new. 
Anyone can be a cam model - but standing out means bringing something interesting and new to the table. Offering your audience a chance to control (either themselves with an app or by collectively raising tips) your pleasure is a great way to engage them and offer something not everyone else is offering. This can help you stand out among the hoards of cam models on these platforms. 

That personal touch. 
Your job as a cam model is, as I said in the beginning, to fulfill fantasies. What’s more fantasy-fulfilling than getting to help a beautiful model to climax? Offering your audience and customers a chance at pleasing you in ways not everyone in the show can is a great incentive to get them tipping more for the chance and a good way to maintain something of a personal connection. 

Calling all fangirls and fanboys…
In the model business, you will always have people who fawn over you - some more than others. This is a great chance to not only allow your fangirls and boys to play with you in a more intimate way, but it’s also a way to capitalize on that and make it work for you by earning you more cash. 

If you’re camming with a partner, more toys = more fun! 
There are a few sites on this list that specifically allow couples to cam together, and oh-what-fun can be had when you’re camming as a couple and using tip-activated sex toys. You can quite literally allow your audience to be part of your dual-pleasure by allowing them to control your partner’s pleasure with tips. 

Many of these toys are MADE for this reason. 
Most of these toys (the Lovense ones specifically) were actually designed with cam models or long-distance play in mind. These toys were made for long-distance fun - so why not incorporate that into your shows and use it as a way to make more money?