Is Selling Used Underwear on Gumtree Worth It?

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If you’re living in the UK or Europe and are interested in listing items for sale or creating a winning classified ad, can help. This British-based online classified and advertisement community offers both free and paid ads based in London, Hotham House, and Richmond. The price you pay for advertising on Gumtree depends on a few factors including your location, the type of product you’re selling, and the current market. 

So, what types of items sell best on Gumtree? Similarly to Craigslist and eBay, people can sell just about anything on Gumtree – regardless of how big or small, new or old. With that being said, you don’t want to sell damaged, broken, or misleading items that can tarnish your reputation as a reliable seller. Positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers are your ticket to landing future sales and earning more money. 

But, what about when it comes to selling used underwear on Gumtree? In this case, some buyers are of the mind “the dirtier the better”. Considering one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, your soiled undergarments could garnish you a big payday. But are these types of used items permitted on Gumtree and if so, how do you attract the right seller? 

Keep reading to find out the do’s and don’ts of selling used panties on Gumtree. 

How Does Gumtree Work?

Let’s start with the basics. Getting started on Gumtree as a seller is pretty easy. The platform works like most online advertising sites where people come to buy and sell gently used items. The sign-up and listing process looks like this.

Step One: Create an Account

Gumtree is available both online and through the app store which makes it pretty easy to post and sell a variety of items regardless of what they are or where you live. During registration, you’ll need to enter basic information like your first and last name and email address. You can also create a unique username and password. If you plan to strictly sell used underwear on Gumtree, create a username that reflects this type of business without being overly graphic or obscene. 

All account holders on Gumtree are also asked to upload a profile picture. While this isn’t a requirement, it’s highly recommended. Seller profiles with pictures garnish far more sales than those without a photo attached. Again, this shouldn’t be overly provocative but something eye-catching and beautiful that is sure to garnish plenty of attention and sales. You can take a selfie, use a picture of your face or full body, or even a landscape photo. Creating a profile on Gumtree is the same as any other online outlet – it should be attractive, intriguing, and high-quality. These are all attributes that buyers look for in a trusted seller and could result in more sales. 

Step Two: Creating a Listing 

Now that your account is active, it’s time to create your first ad. This starts by picking the appropriate category for your item. For used underwear, clothing would be the obvious choice. Other popular categories include everything from furniture and household appliances to electronics and home & garden products. 

Next, you’ll be asked for your postal code. Gumtree works a lot like Craigslist by sorting and listing items for sale based on location. Entering your postal code lets sellers know where you live, and where they can potentially pick up the item(s) (more on this later), and attracts more nearby buyers and traffic. Some sellers search for items strictly based on location as well, so this may also increase your listing views, sales, and earnings. 

One of the most important aspects of your listing on Gumtree is the description. The more positive and attractive you make your items sound, the more likely people are to request more information. When selling used underwear on Gumtree, just be mindful of the wording you use in your descriptions. Like most other generic online marketplaces, selling used or soiled undergarments isn’t prohibited. If your underwear is saturated in urine, cum, or period blood, these are considered “bodily fluids” and are strictly prohibited on the site. Gumtree also prohibits the sale of adult-related content so keep your descriptions clean – literally. 

To prevent your listing from being removed or your account being restricted, avoid any provocative language and instead focus on describing the item's color, brand, material, and size. Add details about how old the panties are, how long you wore them, and other tidbits that act as teasers without sending up any red flags to the website’s admins.

Step Three: Add a Picture

This is the most important part of selling any item online, including used underwear on Gumtree. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, the photo you post could be the difference between landing a sale or losing money. You need to be mindful of the images you choose when selling used underwear on Gumtree, the same way you were careful when writing your description. 

Never post a photo of you wearing the underwear (save these for private messages or conversations that happen outside the platform). Make sure the photos you post are high-quality and high-resolution. Show off the vibrant color of the panties, the quality materials, and the size and brand labels. Consider things like lighting, the background of the image, and clarity. Take pictures from different angles and vantage points to show your gorgeous and sexy underwear in the best possible light. The better it looks, the more people will be interested in knowing how it feels and smells. 

Gumtree encourages all sellers to add at least one or two photos to every listing but feel free to add more. 

Step Four: Set a Reasonable Price

This is the age-old question when selling any used item online – how much should you charge? There’s no standard answer to this question but, instead, a few factors to consider. The most important factor when pricing and selling used items on Gumtree is its condition. In most cases, the more worn or used it is, the less money you can charge. But this isn’t always the case when selling used underwear on Gumtree or any other online outlet. For many buyers, the more worn and soiled your panties are, the better and the more valuable.

Compare your items to other sellers on Gumtree and other websites. For example, if an average seller with decent reviews is selling a pair of underwear they wore at the gym for $15, you might be able to do the same. Check the brand and material of the underwear, too. Panties and undergarments from stores like Victoria's Secret will sell for more than a pair you got at Target or the dollar store. Also consider how much time, work, and effort went into producing the produce you’re selling. Underwear worn for several days in a row, during your menstrual period, or while having sex all take time and care to produce – and you should be paid for your efforts. 

Gumtree works similarly to eBay, where sellers can choose a firm price with no negotiating or best offer. If your prices are firm and you refuse to haggle, write “Firm” or “No negotiating” beside the description. For sellers open to negotiations, you can write “OBO/or best offer” beside your listing. The duration of time the item has been listed for sale, how much it costs you to produce, and how much interest you have can all impact whether or not you’re open to haggling or if your prices are set in stone. 

One benefit of selling used underwear on Gumtree is that the marketplace doesn’t keep a commission or portion of your sales. In fact, the website isn’t involved in the final sale at all. Instead, it simply facilitates the listing and meet-up between you and the buyer. Both parties have to choose and agree upon a payment method, system, and schedule. 

Step Five: Choose a Title and Post Your Ad

You’re nearly there! It’s time to add a final title to your listing, post your ad, and wait for the offers to pour in. The title of your Gumtree listing should be short, catchy, and descriptive. Alongside the main photo you choose, the title is the first thing potential buyers will see and notice. Basic titles include “Great deal” or “Rare item”, but don’t be afraid to get creative when advertising your used panties for sale. Try things like “Freshly Worn”, “Soft and Subtle”, or “Gently Used”.

Your titles can also be longer and include more details like “Worn to the Gym”, “My favorite pair for sleeping”, or “Never been washed”. Again, it’s about adding enough detail to pique people’s interests but not so much that you draw the negative attention of the website’s admins.

Once all of the details are added to your listing, it’s time to post it and wait for the offers to come flooding in. Even though Gumtree doesn’t facilitate payments or transactions, it does allow buyers and sellers to chat using the platform’s messaging features. If you’re selling used underwear on Gumtree, you can share more details about your items via private chat but be careful not to share TOO much. You never know if Gumtree’s customer service staff is monitoring your conversation and if you get caught selling prohibited items, your account could get banned. 

Interacting with Prospective Buyers on Gumtree

If you followed all the above steps for creating an attractive and intriguing listing for your used underwear on Gumtree, it’s likely time to start fielding offers. If you’ve set your price as “firm”, the sale process should be pretty cut and dry. On the other hand, if you’re willing to negotiate or accept a lower offer, you may need to engage in some back-and-forth conversation with potential buyers. 

The way you interact with interested buyers on Gumtree could make or break your sale. You need to be personable, yet professional. Playful and flirtatious, but smart and protective of your information and comfort level. If the potential buyer becomes too aggressive, pushy, or demanding, feel free to end the conversation and abort the sale. Use your gut instinct and judgment when it comes to entertaining offers and messages.

Receiving Messages

Speaking of messages, it’s common for potential buyers on Gumtree to send direct messages to sellers regarding a listing. This is especially common when you’re selling obscure items like used underwear. If you created the listing the right way, buyers should have follow-up questions. For example, if you added details about what activity you were doing when you wore the underwear without being overly specific, a potential buyer may want more information. Buyers on Gumtree looking for the type of used underwear you’re selling should be able to read between the lines and avoid any trouble on the platform by sending you a private message.

You can access your message feed on both the app and website under “My Messages”. Gumtree keeps a log of your conversation thread so you can revisit it later to confirm certain details or information about the sale. Be sure to answer any inquiries in a timely fashion to avoid missing a sales opportunity. 

Answering Questions

While it’s important to be polite and professional when responding to questions and inquiries on Gumtree, it’s just as important not to get caught up in a lengthy or explicit conversation. Buyers on Gumtree aren’t paying for chat services. They’re paying for an item you’ve listed for sale. Keep your responses brief, direct, and clear. Be informative, helpful, and encouraging. Don’t be surprised if the buyer asks if you have similar items for sale or even asks to place a custom order for your used underwear. At this point, you may want to take these conversations and sales outside the platform since Gumtree doesn’t deal with custom orders and isn’t in the business of used underwear. (But we are!)

Accepting an Offer

The best-case scenario when selling used underwear on Gumtree is that you receive multiple offers. If so, you’ll need to field them appropriately. Keep in mind that price isn’t everything. Even if one buyer is offering you slightly more money than another, if you get a better vibe from the other customer it’s okay to choose them. Another reason to forgo a hire offer is if the lower-paying customer seems interested in purchasing multiple items. In this case, the small sacrifice now could lead to bigger rewards in the future. 

Once you accept an offer, be sure to let any other interested buyers know that you went with someone else. This is the moral and professional thing to do and could increase the likelihood that these potential customers make a future purchase. 

Finalizing the Sale 

Gumtree encourages most transactions to occur in person, for cash. While this isn’t always possible, it is a fast and convenient way to deliver your used underwear to the buyer. On the other hand, in-person transactions come with their own set of risks and dangers. If you decide to go this route, always meet in a public place and invite a friend or family member to join you. Never meet a buyer alone or in a secluded location. Customers who make strange requests of where to meet or become overly aggressive or demanding may have bad intentions.

You always have the option to mail your items to the buyer as well. While this isn’t common practice on sites like Gumtree, it does happen. Include these details in your listing, including the cost of shipping, your preferred carrier, and an estimated time of arrival. This way, buyers have all of the information upfront before making a final decision. 

If you opt for shipping your items, you and the buyer also need to agree on a payment method and schedule. For example, will you ship the items first and then accept payment once they’re delivered or do you require payment first? There’s no right or wrong way to ship your used underwear, but asking for partial or full payment upfront is the best way to protect yourself against getting scammed. And most legitimate buyers will agree to this arrangement. 

Other things to keep in mind when shipping your used underwear are preserving the scent, drying them properly before packaging them, and choosing the most secure packaging container and material. 

Is Selling Used Underwear on Gumtree Allowed?

The short answer is, yes. Gumtree allows most gently used items, including used underwear. However, there’s major emphasis placed on the word “gently”. The entire premise behind Gumtree is to sell items that you no longer need or use. For example, underwear you wore once and didn’t like or panties you purchased in the wrong size. Gumtree isn’t looking for underwear that you owned in high school, has obvious stains or holes, or is otherwise tattered, ripped, or ruined. 

Gumtree also prohibits adult or X-rated content or anything containing bodily fluids, so advertising your sexy soiled panties could prove quite tricky. It also explicitly states on the website that Gumtree does not allow “used undergarments”. For these reasons, Gumtree may not be the best platform for selling your used panties. Instead, opt for a dedicated adult marketplace like Sofia Gray where your used undies are not only allowed but encouraged! (Along with numerous other naughty items like bras, lingerie, hosiery, and sex toys.)

Other (Better) Places to Sell Used Underwear 

Instead of struggling to overcome all the hurdles Gumtree poses when trying to sell your used underwear, why not sell your beautiful intimates on a website that invests in the success of its sellers? We’re talking about Sofia Gray, of course! 

While there are numerous online used panty marketplaces out there to choose from including Snifffr,, and Scented Pansy, Sofia Gray is the largest and most widely recognized used panty marketplace anywhere in the world. With millions of visitors, buyers, sellers, and fans, Sofia Gray is more than just a used panty platform – it’s a community and a lifestyle.

Sellers keep 100% of all their sales and only pay a small membership fee for full access to the site and all of its benefits and features. Design and personalize your panty shop to reflect your amazing personality and high-quality items. You can also choose to sell other items and services from sex toys and lingerie to messaging services. The earning potential of Sofia Gray is truly endless. Plus, you never have to worry that your account gets banned or restricted since Sofia Gray is in the business of used panties. 

Selling Used Underwear on Gumtree is Possible but Not Preferred

Sure, with a little pre-planning, finesse, and creativity, you might be able to sell used panties on Gumtree. However, the website doesn’t permit the sale of naughty or adult items like that thong you wore when you masturbated the other night. Sofia Gray and other used panty marketplaces, on the other hand, welcome soiled sexy underwear of all shapes, sizes, and types. So sidestep the red tape associated with selling used underwear on Gumtree and opt for a dedicated panty marketplace like Sofia Gray. 

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