How To Sell Your Bodily Fluids

The used panty marketplace

Hygrophilia, the technical term for the love of bodily fluids has trickled into the online space, as eventually, all fetishes do. In recent years people have found ways to monetise this by selling their bodily fluids online. The most notable occurrence was the gamer girl sensation Belle Delphine, who sold her bath water for $30 a pop to her ' ‘thirsty gamer boys' ‘. Whether you find it hot or gross it certainly is lucrative. Finding a way to sell something you can constantly churn out yourself brings a whole new meaning to the phrase being “made of money”.

In this article we are going to break down the most popular bodily fluids on the market and how to get them out there.

What Fluids Can I Sell? 

Sexual fantasies surrounding bodily fluids is a diverse game to get into. Different people want different fluids to use for different reasons and ways to get them off. Obviously, we want to make sure that they aren't using our DNA in a cloning facility. 

Fantasies about bodily fluids is among the top 10 most popular fetishes showing that there is definitely a want for them. But which ones are the most popular? Surveys carried out on men and women showed that sperm and female ejaculate were among the highest percentile at 79 and 76% respectively, while sweat followed up with a respectable 48% between the two. 

To make things a little easier we decided to list these fluids in order of popularity with some important information on the fetish.


A fetish surrounding male ejaculate is surprisingly up there on the list. Enjoyment for the fetish typically comes from the male side of things especially when we’re looking at things like “Bukkake” and “Gokkun”. For those who are unfamiliar, bukkake is the act of a person having their face ejaculated on by multiple men at the same time, while gokkun is the act of a person drinking semen from some form of receptacle like a wine glass or cup. 

So what does this mean for selling sperm? Well, in all honesty, selling semen is not all that popular unless you’re considering being a sperm donor. This is a very honest way to make money selling sperm as you’re helping other couples out, getting your rocks off and making money while doing it, so totally viable. But the main way that semen exchanges hands is through used underwear.

Lovingly used underwear facilitates the selling of almost all of the bodily fluids on this list and therefore it’s only fair we give it a formal introduction. The used underwear fetish is extremely popular all over the world as you might have heard the Japanese vending machine stories. What people do with the used underwear is very diverse and that’s what makes it so special. Sometimes the connection between you and the person, asking them what you want in your used panties and receiving it fulfills a deep fantasy. 

If you want to wear them, sure thing! Masturbate into them, no problem! Smell them, why not! The freedom to do what you will with the used underwear containing the sweet scents of your choice heavily influences the popularity of the fetish.

But back to sperm. The most common way that people will sell sperm is through cum filled underwear. This is a pretty straightforward task but try to shake up the kinds of underwear you use. Cater to your audience as their fantasies will often be unique to them. If you’re wondering where to sell your bodily fluids we get onto this a little bit later but feel free to jump ahead.

Many sites offer the opportunity to contact the seller to message about bespoke things you would like to make the fantasy come true so engage with your buyers.

Female Ejaculate 

Before we start here we should clear up some of the controversies around this. Yes, women do produce ejaculate fluid. Female ejaculate has a thick and milky consistency similar to semen and is produced in the bladder upon arousal. Although all women produce it, not all will notice its appearance during sex as it can flow backwards into the bladder instead of leaving the body. Also during sex, it’s a bit difficult to track whose fluid is whose particularly without a condom. 

We can also confirm, thanks to modern medicine doing the important research, that squirting is its own thing. Squirting produces a colourless and odourless fluid in large quantities. Both squirting and female ejaculate are very sought after online, as panties that have been worn during masturbation sell like hotcakes.

If you happen to be a certified squirter then use this to your advantage. Women who can squirt could be somewhat of a rare breed as studies estimate that this occurs in 10 - 54% of women with amounts that can range from a few ml to half a cup worth!  Most women tend to make money off of their superpower of being able to squirt on command by camming. Having a high tip goal with the climax resulting in you squirting everywhere is something that people will pay to see. However, if you’re not ready to make an on-screen appearance there have been instances of porn stars selling their bottled squirt.

Panties containing ejaculate make a killing as they usually sell for about $20 - $60 a pop. Depending on your clout level and the number of loyal fans you can seduce wearing your garments, bespoke pieces where you masturbate into them can go for $50 - $100 each! Obviously, you have to factor in the type of underwear you’ll be selling as stockings, tights and lingerie are sometimes more expensive but have greater sex appeal.

Some buyers will specify whether they are looking for underwear that has been squirted in. Not to put down normal masturbatory fluids but the novelty of having squirt covered panties really creates a fantasy for some. If you can provide video proof of this event people will be willing to pay extra for that insurance.

Sadly at the moment, there aren’t any professional medicinal collection points for female ejaculate like they have with sperm, but the ladies seem to have the edge when it comes to the used panties.


Being turned on by sweat is inherently not that strange as it’s the byproduct of hard work and that says something. Jokes aside, “workout” is the most popular scent amongst Americans and Australians when it comes to used underwear. 

The fetish of being attracted to sweat has some scientific research to back it up as human pheromones could be responsible. Fresh male sweat contains a hormone called Androstenol which arouses the female when inhaled. Take this with a pinch of salt of course. It only affects a certain percentage of women otherwise you would have had women falling at your feet in the gym during a workout.  

However, once the androstenol has the chance to react with oxygen in the air after about 10 minutes it creates that stale sweat smell which is quite commonly hated by women. So guys you have a 10-minute window to impress. 

But what about selling sweat on the net? Well, the porn industry has embraced the sweat fetish with numerous sites dedicated to the cause such as Pornkai and Sexy Sweat. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a performer this is certainly a method of marketing your sweaty body. The fetish is said to be most popular amongst 18 - 24 years olds which is why sweat fetishes have taken to social media. Sweat lovers post pictures on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtags #sweat and #sweatfetish in order to find and arrange the trading of pics and possibly sales. 

For those looking to post more lewd pictures with panties and bras, Twitter will likely be the move. Instagram tends to be more foot centred due to censorship so if you’ve got a sweaty foot fetish then that’s the place for you.

Selling sportswear after a workout is very popular amongst the sweat community. Used gym clothes tend to come under a custom order given the vigorous activity that goes into it which usually means you can charge more per item. You get a good workout, get paid and they get their sexy sweaty sportswear; everyone's a winner! So, in summary, why not try selling your sweaty clothing?


The spit fetish has two main sides to the fetish. The spit fetish, where people love to spit or be spat on by their partner. Or the saliva fetish, where the person is mainly concerned with the look, feel and sensation of spit on their skin. 

When it comes to spitting it usually boils down to a dominance thing again. The idea of humiliation and degradation accompanied by spit and running makeup does make for a hot mess. Your partner allowing you to spit on them serves as an admission of devotion and trust in you and your sexual experience, regardless of the disturbances you throw at them. So, long as everything is clear and consensual it’s a sexy way to spice things up. Just avoid getting it in the eyes.

Saliva on the other hand is the arousal from the qualities of spit. Using it as a lubricant, the silkiness, its wetness and its scent all add to the sexual experience. Saliva play usually involves rubbing the partners or their own saliva over the face, hands, mouth and genitals to feel the warm slippery sensations around their body.

Before you go and start filling up jars with your saliva it’s probably best to know your options to avoid ending up like this poor soul who was given a lesson on freelancing after requesting spit from a woman on Twitter. The demand for vials of spit has to be aimed at the right audience so it is worth a try on places such as the r/FetishSellersForum, a Reddit thread where people organise to sell fetish related items of all kinds, or yours truly, where sellers have been advertising selling vials of spit. 


Now it’s time for some watersports… you won't need your armbands for these ones. The sexual attraction to urine is quite aptly named Urophilia and usually encompasses golden showers, piss play and such. The love of pee is more common than you think as a survey in Australia showed that at least 4% of men enjoy being peed on. When engaging in pee play some people like to be directly peed on, rub it on themselves and in some cases drink it. But how can we keep safe?

Being peed on is perfectly fine and safe so long as both parties involved are healthy. That means no bacterial, viral or fungal infections on either side as some of these can be transmissible through urine. It’s also important to make sure that whatever pee play you’re into that you avoid broken skin as this can also lead to infection. 

So what about selling urine? Well, a former model Kactus Kutie has already demonstrated the validity of this method by selling her urine online to make a small fortune. The adult content creator would sell her medical cups full of her urine at £52 each with fans requesting videos of her doing it. 

Recording videos of yourself peeing and selling them online in places such as Manyvids is a legitimate option. Furthermore, selling pee by the vial is definitely sought after as one of Kactus Kuties fans even made hers into a popsicle. Finally, yep you guessed it, selling used underwear that is lovingly scented with urine is a very popular fetish within the used underwear space. Granted all of these methods will take some promotion but it’s still totally possible to remain anonymous.

Just be sure that you’re staying hydrated and healthy to be as kind to your buyers as possible.

Breast Milk 

Sadly only a select demographic will be able to produce this bodily fluid so some of us might want to move on. But for you lactating ladies out there this could be a cash cow so pay attention. Erotic lactation is the sexual arousal from breast milk or lactating women. The directions people take this are more plentiful than you think as some people are aroused by suckling and drinking the milk itself whilst others enjoy the act of having sex with lactating women. There are then those who like having sex with pregnant women who are lactating whilst others prefer post-pregnancy lactating women. In many cases, people love to watch videos of women lactating and milk filled breasts in general.

Thank goodness for the internet as selling these videos is a viable option that you can milk. Selling the actual milk itself is also very popular. One mother made thousands of dollars off of selling her breast milk all starting from advertising it on a Facebook page. Initially, she was selling it to get rid of the amount that she had stored up, however numerous enquiries began flooding in from bodybuilders and kinky drinkers alike.

Her going rate was just over a dollar per ounce but it can sell for up to $2.50 in some cases. Not every sale is sexual as supplying breast milk to families that can’t provide adequate nutrition for their child is one of the main reasons for this industry in the first place. So feel good knowing that a lot of your sales are to help the children.

Menstrual Blood 

An interest in blood during sex is known as Hematolagnia and although it might sound disturbing to some it’s a sexual fantasy for others. To clear up any misconceptions, those who are into blood and blood play sexually aren’t always into using knives and drawing blood from themselves or their partner. A lot of the time it can just be an attraction to the use of blood itself during sex even if it comes from a third party donation. 

The intimate connection between blood and intercourse can be sexually stimulating. The smell, the sight and the texture of blood can all be exciting in the eyes of a hematolgniac. Elements of the fetish involve smearing blood across themselves or their partner's body, licking and even drinking blood. For those that aren’t trying to tap into their vampire side, there is also an appreciation for things that resemble blood, like red wine and fake movie stuff which are much safer to drink.

More commonly however is the attraction to menstrual blood. Some women approaching their period get especially horny so by sometimes no fault of their own end up bringing their partners into the world of blood play. Women who enjoy blood play surrounding their own menstruation enjoy the additional lubrication, increased sensitivity and use of orgasms to relieve painful cramps. However there are instances where they love to see blood all over themselves and their partner too, but there's nothing wrong with that.

With regards to selling blood however the legality and safety risks of bottling up your own blood and selling it are just a bit too high to privately start funding the fetish. The best way to sell blood itself would be to donate to private organisations where they can professionally and safely collect your blood.

However, one slight loophole that is appreciated by some used panty lovers, is menstrual blood in the underwear. One place where many seem to be advertised is the Reddit thread r/FetishSelling. By listing your services on the forum it’s a waiting game to see if fans will reach out and ask for a pair. A lot of the time this is just one of the supplementary used panty services the seller offers but considering it is a limited resource charging extra for these could be a possibility.


We knew that it would eventually come to this. Scat fetish is in fact a sexual attraction to faeces. Without diving too deep into the fetish we can at least say that it’s not the most popular but scat lovers are far from alone. The fetish typically manifests in a power-play environment. What better way to tell someone they are beneath you than to literally compare them to your stool. It doesn't get much lower than being defecated on and the ultimate display of dominance is what some partners love.

Those that haven't quite got around to pooping on each other might be wondering how does someone develop a scat fetish? Research has shown that some people can be aroused by their disgust reflex. Hence something as revolting as faeces can be the ultimate turn on. Researchers claim that before the understanding of hygiene and the development of soap and cleaning products, sex was a very dirty affair. Back in the day, we mammals would hump away and exchange fluids with unkempt matted hair having never showered before. So it makes sense from an evolutionary perspective, having a strong stomach and nose for the stench of sex would have been advantageous to our reproduction.

But, let’s get down to business. How can I make money selling my poop? Well believe it or not many labs need your poop for medicinal reasons. Faecal Microbiota Transplants or FMT therapy involves the implanting of your stool inside another person's colon in order to populate and regrow missing essential flora in their gut. Without boring you with the science lesson, not all poop will be viable as your stool will have to contain the right bacteria in the right numbers, but is taking a dump for money worth it? Absolutely! You’ll probably have to search around online for your local lab but many do exist like OpenBiome for instance.

Although the market is niche, selling your poop online as a sexual service is still very possible hence the existence of scat sites. If you ever feel ungrateful for your job, just remember that someone has to do this research. The internet, connecting people and doing what it does best, this site is a place where your scat and scat videos can be sold to scat lovers from all over. Think of it as a slightly more unhygienic version of Manyvids. If you don’t mind cleaning the mess up after you’re finished there is a market for your scat productions so do with this what you will.

Where To Sell My Bodily Fluids 

Now that we’re more acquainted with what the people are after, here are a good few options to start getting paid for your bodily fluids. 

Sofia Gray 

We specialise in selling used underwear but whatever additional services you advertise to your fans is totally up to you. So long as what you’re selling is in compliance with our terms, is legal and safe for your fans sexual fantasies, then by all means go for it. Luring the used panty lovers into your store and turning them towards the dark side can be more profitable than you think. Customers of your store may message you and organise custom requests, for images, videos, items you name it!


OnlyFans was made popular for being able to unlock a models exclusive content on the platform. However, in recent times users have found a way to turn the messaging system into a lucrative money-maker. Profiles that are free to look at are a great tactic to advertise what sort of bodily fluid and play you’re into. The next step is to charge for fans to message you. By enticing fans to reach out for your attention and custom services it creates its own bespoke fluid marketplace. Free profiles get much higher follower counts than ones that you have to pay to see so market this as best as you can.


Everyone's favourite forum is hard to beat when it comes to connecting people of any and every interest. From flat earthers to Elon Musk fans you can find just about anything when you know where to look. So selling your pee, cum, spit and just about anything else you feel like giving out is possible on here. A couple of seller-friendly subreddits are r/FetishVerified and r/SellerCircleStage so give it a try.


This is a platform where you can create your own porn videos and sell them. Now if you want to sell your bodily fluids itself this might not be the place but it doesn’t stop you from advertising here. Our advice in this industry is to produce content on just about every adult outlet that you can to harbour opportunity. Manyvids is no different. The site doesn’t stop you from making videos involving the bodily fluids fetish. So if you got any clips of you getting peed on this might be the place to sell it.  

How To Stay Safe Selling Bodily Fluids 

Just a few safety tips before you go ahead and start selling your bodily fluids is to double-check you’re not breaking any laws. Every country has its own laws and legislation about what you can sell online and send through the mail. Now in order for us to list this for every city in the world would take a little too long so just make sure you’re on the right side of the law before sending your scat to someone. 

Make sure everything is sanitary. As an adult performer or proponent of the fetish, you have a responsibility to keep those engaging in it safe. Please make sure that you are fit and healthy, limiting the spread of bacteria and disease through bodily fluids.

Finally, don’t give out your address. Whether you want to remain anonymous by name and face is totally up to you. However, we strongly advise that you do not give your address out to buyers as this can compromise the safety of those who live in that household. 

On a lighter note, selling your bodily fluid’s not only fulfils other sexual fantasies but can be contributing to society in a broader way than we expect. If sex isn’t your forte it’s always good to look out for research centres that need your aqueous bodily productions.