Sexy, Fun Ideas for OnlyFans Photoshoots

The used panty marketplace

What is OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is a social media site that launched in 2016. It works on a subscription basis. You set a monthly subscription fee and your followers (“fans”, in this case) buy in to have unlimited access to the content you post on your page. OnlyFans is a place where you can showcase any kind of content from cooking to modeling and photography - but it’s mostly known for being a NSFW-content friendly platform. 

How it works…

I’ve mentioned before (in this article) that OnlyFans really saw a hole in the market and swooped in. It’s a place where content creators (big and small) can upload their content and get paid (in some form) for their work. If you’re a model waiting for a big modeling do you make things work until then? If you’re new to the online sex work industry and want to create a name for do you even get started? OnlyFans is a great place for those things. 

How much do you make on OnlyFans? 

On OnlyFans, you keep 80% of everything you make, and the platform itself takes a 20% cut. You can make money through your monthly subscriptions as well as pay-walled posts and messages, sexting services and more. 

Original, fun content is key. 

Coming up with original content for OnlyFans may be key to keeping your fans happy! In order to stay relevant and in good standing with your audience, creating unique, quality content is a must. While other social media platforms (such as Instagram and Twitter) can be used to promote your brand and build something to leverage in terms of gaining sponsorships and collaborations, OnlyFans is a bit different because people are actively paying (or not) to see what you post. This means that what you post needs to be worthwhile - or your fans will feel taken-advantage of. 

5 Essential Things You Should Know About OnlyFans Photoshoots

The content you create for OnlyFans matters. Why? Not only is it your brand and reputation that you’re building, but essentially, it’s a service you’re providing. You’re in the business of providing erotic content to people who pay for it - if the content isn’t up to par, they may feel disgruntled or upset. 

How do you ensure you’re creating high-quality content?
Some of the tips below can help with that! 

Your background matters (a lot). 

The first thing to note about sexy-picture-taking: your background matters. It matters a lot, actually - for many different reasons. First, you want to make sure that there is nothing too personal in the background of your photos, especially if you’re anonymous on OnlyFans (which I talk more about in this article). This could mean a plaque hanging on the wall with your name on it or something else that gives away your personal information (name, location, etc). 

Second, you want to make sure there is nothing too creepy or strange in your background. I was once sent an (unsolicited) dick pic from a guy with his newborn child in the background. Yes, that’s repulsive. Yes, I blocked him. My point? Just make sure you’re sending and uploading photos that you’re proud of and that aren’t embarrassing or creepy. 

And lastly, you want to ensure your background isn’t sloppy and messy. Yes, that lingerie may look cute on you, but the giant pile of laundry in the background or the sink full of dirty dishes is going to detract from the mood. 

Invest in a good camera and lighting set up. 

One of the best things you can do to ensure high-quality photos is to get the lighting right. You can have the neatest background and the cutest lingerie on, but if your lighting isn’t great, the photo will be grainy and not very appealing. 

Ring lights are super popular and a great choice to improve your lighting situation. They provide continuous, all-around lighting, making every angle and curve of you look great.

Here are some simple ring-light suggestions to ensure you always have the best lighting: 

It’s all about the angles…

Work it, baby. It’s all about those angles. I talk about how to take the best nudes in this article, but some TLDR tips for you…

  • Playing the voyeur angle is so much fun (and very sexy). Posing as if you don’t know you’re being photographed gives your fans all kinds of fun “spy” fantasies. 
  • Vertical portrait photos are better than horizontal ones if you want to be the focus of the photo. Horizontal shots should be kept for if you want the focus on your background (say you’re posing outside in a beautiful forest, for example). 
  • Natural lighting will always be better than indoor lighting. There is nothing sexier than a sun-lit nude. 
  • Black and white almost always adds an intimate, sensual vibe to your photos. 
  • A simple bedroom photoshoot in your silky sheets will get all the attention. 
  • Having a bluetooth remote button to snap photos from far away will be a very worthwhile investment. 
  • Kneeling in the right kinds of positions can hide the things you’re insecure about while showcasing a very submissive look. 
  • Embrace your curves! Play with them - angle your body different ways during a photoshoot to see what your best angles are.

Please, no dirty mirror selfies. 

Please, just don’t do this. If you’re going to take a mirror selfie, make sure your mirror is clean. Please. 

Good quality photos will set you apart. 

What it all comes down to is creating content people will want to pay for (and continue paying for) - which means good quality photos. Good lighting, good backgrounds, good content. 

10 Fun & Unique OnlyFans Photoshoot Ideas

If you’re a content creator, you know it can be a little difficult to always be coming up with fresh, hot ideas. Well, there are some classics that you may want to stick to as well as some fun new ideas you have maybe never thought of - all of which we will cover down below...

Cover all your basic holidays…

This one is a must. Dressing up for holidays is one of the most fun things you can do as an adult content creator. 

Basic Holidays (and holiday dress-up ideas) include: 

  • Christmas (sexy santa, sexy Mrs. Clause, a naughty elf, a white angel, a naughty Christmas present to be unwrapped, etc) 
  • Valentine’s Day (cupid, a lover, anything in red, a sexy Valentine’s day gift to be unwrapped) 
  • Easter (a bunny, colorful lingerie, spring-themed outfits such as fairies or flowers, etc) 
  • Thanksgiving (cute turkey, sexy stripper, etc) 
  • Halloween (slutty witch, a nurse, vampire, etc) 
  • New Years Eve/New Years Day (champagne, party beads, cocktail dress, party girl outfit)

Lesser-known (but super fun) holidays…

While all of the holidays mentioned above are super fun holidays that everyone knows, there are some lesser-known holidays that you can dress up for, too! 

Holidays such as: 

  • January 5 - National Whipped Cream Day (you can imagine where this is going…)
  • January 6 - National Cuddle Day (photoshoot with teddy bears, in pajamas, etc)
  • January 12 - Kiss-A-Ginger Day (a great day to get tips on OnlyFans if you’re a redhead!)
  • February 5 - National Chocolate Fondue Day (messy, chocolate fun) 
  • February 11 - National White Shirt Day (wet, white t-shirt content, anyone?)
  • March 26 - National Waffle Day (waffles, breakfast-in-bed with a naughty twist)
  • April 14 - National Gardening Day (nudes outside in your garden)
  • April 26 - National Pajama Day (sexy pajamas, videos and photos in bed, etc)

You get the point. We’re not even half-way through this list of weird holidays and we have tons of new, sexy content ideas! Get creative with it! 

Cosplays are everything. 

Everyone goes crazy for a cosplay of their favorite character from books, TV, or films. If you have a resemblance to someone famous, lean into it! Do a Marilyn Monroe style photoshoot or dress up as your favorite superhero (with a sexy twist). The fans will go nuts for it! 

Check out this list of cosplay ideas for inspiration!

Do what makes you feel good! 

In the world of content creation, we sometimes get lost in the hustle and forget that it’s all about one thing at the end of the day: doing your own thing. That’s why most of us create content, right? To put something out into the world that is ours, uniquely? 

Don’t forget to do what makes you feel good - wear lingerie you love, take videos from angles you like, dress up in things that make you feel good. Have fun with it and people will love to watch that. 

Consider background mood lighting. 

You may be surprised how much lighting some candles or hanging some cheap string lights can elevate your mood and your photoshoot. Ring lights, string lights, candles, or even just having the curtains open can really improve your photos. 

Everyday situations with a sexy twist…

You know how I mentioned that no one wants to see your dirty dishes? Well, posing in front of them and pretending to wash the dishes naked with soapy bubbles is a great idea for a photoshoot. This takes an every-day messy background and turns it into a sexy prop to really tell a story with your photos. 

Dollar-store props are the best! 

Fake flowers, tiaras, balloons, and $2 fluffy rugs...there’s really so much you can find at your local dollar store that will make for great photo props! 

Nailing cute poses is a must. 

If you’re a content creator or influencer of any kind, you know this one simple truth: anything looks better when you pose it correctly. Nailing different kinds of model poses can show off your best assets while hiding the things you’re insecure about. There are tons of these types of lists online to give you some inspiration. 

You, but with a twist. 

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with short, blonde hair? Or maybe with a different eye color? There are so many things you can do through either props (colored lenses and wigs) or through the magic of photo editing that can give your photos a new twist on the classic “you” vibe your fans are used to. 

Beautiful black and whites (and other steamy editing tricks). 

When it comes to influencing of any kind, editing can often make or break your brand. Good editing ensures your photos look timeless and sexy, bad editing (or too much editing) makes it look cheap and undesirable. There are tons of editing apps (which I break down in this article) that can help you take sexy photos for OnlyFans. 

7 Simple Ways to Make Photoshoots More Fun

Photoshoots can be super fun or, if you’re busy, they can feel like total time-wasters. Yes, it’s really nice to get all dolled-up and take sexy photos, but for many people who run OnlyFans accounts, it’s a small facet of their very busy schedule. 

Here are some simple ways to make photoshoots for OnlyFans way more fun…

Use a remote controlled toy while you pose. 

There is nothing more fun than taking photos while wearing a discrete toy. Not only is this super fun and can act as an awesome foreplay game for your solo play sessions, but when you’re shooting photos for OnlyFans, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to be experiencing pleasure. Going from simple smiles to blushing and completely aroused in one series of photos can be a great thing to post (as a series) and give your fans an insight into how you experience pleasure. 

Don’t forget the butt plugs! 

This is probably one of my favorite things to do during a photoshoot - wearing a butt plug! Not only are some of them super comfortable, but having that “dirty little secret” while you’re shooting photos can be so much fun. You can also then take a few that tease the idea, if you’d like! 

Get your partner to take photos for you. 

“Baby, could you help me with this…” can lead to “please, don’t stop...harder” real fast if you get your lover to help take naughty photos of you. What’s even hotter? Then posting those photos and having it be a dirty little secret that your lover ripped that lingerie off you right after those photos were taken. 

Take it outside. 

When in doubt, add some nature. Honestly, this can be such a simple fix to boring photoshoot ideas. Get a new set of lingerie? Instead of posing against a while wall or in bed, pose with some flowers in your back yard or sprawled out in the grass. It’s instantly a much sexier, more natural photo. 

Post-orgasm photoshoots…

Your skin is literally glowing, your heart is racing, you have a perma-smile that you don’t think will ever go photoshoots are awesome! They show such real, natural, unbridled happiness and excitement - it’s just a great time to snap a few quick shots in bed. 

In the shower…

The steam, the water, the sensuality...shower photoshoots may be a bit tricky to pull off, but it’s so very worth it. If you run a couples OnlyFans, shower photos are definitely easier. However, solo OnlyFans creators can get in on the action too, by setting up a ring light with a phone clip and using your phone timer! 

In public…

Sneaky under-the-skirt shots and flashing yourself to the camera in a discrete public setting can be an instant turn on. There’s something about the “taboo” nature of doing something you’re not supposed to do (or seeing something you’re not supposed to be seeing) in public that just instantly gets people horny. 

What It’s Really All About...

No matter what kind of content you intend to create, it’s about being happy with what you’re putting out there. Remember, this content is a representation of you. It should be your unique style, your vibe, your look, your attitude. 

Another thing to remember is that this content, even when you delete it, the photos and videos you’re posting could be saved somewhere out there. It’s really easy to forget that when you’re looking to hook in more fans or want to share something you’re really proud of. But if you’re not entirely sure you can live with it on the internet forever, maybe keep it for another time. 

When people subscribe to your OnlyFans, they want to see real, vulnerable, intimate photos and videos of you. They don’t want to see staged, unrealistic representations of what you think sex appeal is. Be yourself, love yourself, and have fun with it!