The Best Sex Toys to Use on OnlyFans

The used panty marketplace’re on OnlyFans. Or maybe you’re planning on opening up an OnlyFans page. You’re in luck there, because at this point I’ve written a handful of articles on doing exactly that. From the best photo-editing apps to FAQs and tips and tricks - we’ve got all that OnlyFans start-up content. 

Now, let’s move on to something particularly fun...actually creating OnlyFans content. More specifically, OnlyFans content that involves sex toys. 

What Kind of Content Can You Create for OnlyFans? 

OnlyFans is a unique platform. Of course, there are lots of different types of content creators on OnlyFans, but the platform itself is known for being NSFW-friendly, so as such, most people associate the platform with NSFW content. Good news for sex workers and cam models everywhere, right? 

When it comes to content, really, OnlyFans is a virtual playground. 

Photos are a given - posting some sexy lingerie shots or risky seductive outdoor candids is something every NSFW OnlyFans page will have. These can range from amateur selfies to professional boudoir shots. 

Videos are a step up, and for some, a bold one at that. Creating sexy videos for OnlyFans can be a solo adventure or you can bring on a partner! If you have a free OnlyFans page, these are the types of posts that you would typically put behind a paywall for people to access them. 

Erotic audios
One of the lesser-known features of OnlyFans is that you can actually upload audio snippets! These are limited to one minute (unfortunately), but they are quite fun for people who want to tease a sex tape or create some fun and short audio porn clips. 

Go Live
OnlyFans has an option to share live videos, which, in NSFW circles, can be really exciting. With this feature, you can surprise your fans with live content or schedule live events where your fans can tip you based on what you’re doing. 

Custom Content
OnlyFans’ DM system is really set up to help you create and sell custom content. You can attach a “tip amount” to each DM, meaning (if you select this option), people cannot DM you without attaching a tip to the message. Additionally, you can use the free DM feature to arrange custom content sales. 

It’s Not Just Content, Either...You Can Sell Services Through the Platform 

OnlyFans is a place where you can sell photos and videos, but did you know you can also arrange to sell other services through their DM system?

With OnlyFans’ easy DM settings, you can set (and alter) your DM system to only allow for messages from the other person to come through to you if they are also accompanied by a tip. This is a great way to sell sexting services at a certain rate per message. You can then go in and change this setting once your sexting session is over. 

Selling Used Panties 
Did you know you can arrange for the sale of used panties on OnlyFans? Whether you choose to link to your Sofia Gray shop in your bio, send it out with a mass DM and a discount if they mention they are from OnlyFans or decide to arrange the sale entirely through the platform, OnlyFans can be another great way to promote your used panties selling business. 

Setting Up Private Skype Shows 
DMs and comments can be a great way to set up private cam shows with your top fans. Setting prices can be done easily and sending out mass messages to your fans to let them know you’re open to one-on-one cam shows for the right price can be a great way to boost your income there. 

Using Sex Toys to Boost Your Content Creation On OnlyFans

Using sex toys to boost your content creation is just a great idea. Watching you feel pleasure will give them pleasure. Enjoying your favorite sex toys during a live stream on OnlyFans is sure to bring you lots of good tips. Similarly, posting photos or videos on your feed while using your favorite toys can be a great way to entice your audience. 

Choose your favorite toys. 
This may be a given, but it needs to be said: people can usually spot fake pleasure. If you choose to incorporate sex toys into your OnlyFans, you will have a much easier (and more profitable) time with it if the things you post are authentic and not staged. As such, you should opt for sex toys you know you love.

Mix it up. 
That being said, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Did you get a new toy and want to test it out? Maybe send a mass DM to your fans and let them know you’re open to doing a live session with them for the right price so they can watch you test out your new toy. Or, post a video/photo to your feed explaining (in detail, of course) how much you loved your new toy. 

Offer options (using OnlyFans polls). 
Too many sex toys to choose from? Hold a poll and ask your fans what they want to see you use next. With OnlyFans’ neat polling option, your fans can choose anything from your outfits to your sex toys and more. Give the people what they want! 

The Best Sex Toys & Accessories for OnlyFans 

So...all of that brings us to the question: what are the best toys to use on OnlyFans? How can you give your fans a great show and give yourself an orgasm (or a few) to remember? Let’s talk sex toys! 

Lovense Lush3 - a G-spot vibe that provides love (and orgasms), from anywhere in the world.
This is just a go-to when it comes to cam modeling, so using the Lush3 on OnlyFans seems like a great way to start! I’ve done an entire review on the previous version of this toy (which you can read here, and I love it) - but one of the best things about it is that anyone, anywhere in the world can control it. Most importantly? You can control their control. You have to “give them access” and you can also “revoke access” or end the play session whenever you’d like. This is great for selling one-time play-dates where you want them to control your toy as part of a sexting session. You would be surprised at how much people may pay for the chance to make you cum from the comfort of their own bedroom. 

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play: 

  • Remote access that can be granted and revoked at any time 
  • Long battery life for sexting sessions 
  • Enjoyable but not overpowering 
  • Easy to sext with as it’s relatively hands-free once it’s inserted

Kiirroo Pearl2 - a G-spot vibe that takes “interactive” to a whole new level. 
Another toy I’ve tested and reviewed here on Sofia Gray (read that review here), the Kiiroo Pearl2 is a fantastic choice for OnlyFans for a few reasons (which we’ll get into more below). This toy brand (Kiiroo) makes interactive sex toys unlike any other. This toy in particular is able to sync with porn sites (such as PornHub) to make for an even more intense orgasmic experience. What good will that do you, an OnlyFans creator? Well...

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play: 

  • Syncs with the Kiiroo Onyx2, a male masturbation toy - this can be great for pay-to-play sessions with your fans as you can both play and experience each other’s “movements” via the link between your toys. 
  • It’s sleek and cute (which makes for great OnlyFans videos and photos). 
  • The touch-sensitive feature is awesome - this toy means that the more you touch this toy, the harder it vibrates. Which means a lot for playtime! 

Hitachi Magic Wand - the creme-de-le-creme of sex toys, you just have to use it. 
Oh, the magic wand. This...this is the mega load, the jackpot, the top pick. This is the golden gauntlet, the creme-de-le-creme of sex toys. What is the Hitachi Magic Wand? It’s a long (and kind of scary-looking) massager that was originally invented for SFW uses - but you know, humanity (and our dirty little minds) made it into something we could use to orgasm with. These toys are intense and always give a good show (to both you and whoever is watching you)! 

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play: 

  • It can make you cum, a lot. Which is obviously really fun for your fans to witness
  • It’s a show-stopper - it’s quite large and showing it off on cam (or in photos/videos) will be super easy! 
  • You do need to be close to an outlet (as it’s not wireless), but really that’s the only downside of this mega-magic wand. 

Lovense Nora - the best multi-use toy for OnlyFans. 
Lovense is a massive company for sex toys that can be interactive and fun, with many of their toys being super user-friendly and able to be controlled remotely. The Nora is no exception when it comes to Lovense’s stellar sex toy collection. This toy has a vibrating (and rotating) head as well as a rabbit-style clitoral massager that vibrates as well. The best part? These sections of the toy are all able to be controlled independently through the Lovense app. 

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play: 

  • It’s one of the best interactive toys out there 
  • Pairs with other toys (like another Nora, for example) to have lots of fun together with people willing to pay for cam sessions or extra fun 
  • It looks great 

Satisfyer Pro 2 - the clitoral suction toy that will (probably) make you squirt. 
“This penguin makes me squirt” is the general takeaway from the sex toy review I did on this toy. You can read that here, it’s quite descriptive because I love this little penguin toy. While not all of them look like penguins, I think the added outfit is adorable and totally worth buying. This clitoral vibe isn’t a vibe at all, but instead, this toy relies on air-pulse technology to give you the feelings of section and pulsations directly on your clit with up to 11 different intensities. 

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play: 

  • If you get the penguin version, it’s cute AF and takes awesome photos.
  • It feels amazing, no faking pleasure. 
  • It’s not Bluetooth or remote-capable, but it’s a lot of fun and very easy to incorporate into solo play for cam sessions or couples play for creating couples content.

Nipple Clamps - because they look great. 
While these aren’t “toys” necessarily, they can be played with and do belong under this list under “totally sexy accessories to enhance your photoshoots.” Adding simple nipple clamps on top of a lace or mesh bodysuit adds a lot of kink and sex appeal to the shoot, in addition to keeping you in the right mood to create content for OnlyFans. 

Why we love this accessory for OnlyFans play:

  • They look great in photos 
  • They are customizable, so many different types and pairs to choose from 
  • They are effortless and can be a great thing to incorporate into sexting sessions 

OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex - the wireless, wearable vibrator you can slip into your lingerie. 
This cute and compact remote vibe is smaller, sleeker, and more powerful than its predecessor, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.Oh. The app allows the person in control to create their own vibration patterns and the app also has chat and photo sending capabilities. 

Why we love nipple clamps for OnlyFans play:

  • OhMiBod app is super user-friendly and you can allow your fans to control your pleasure.
  • It’s super discrete and can be worn inside lingerie, meaning you don’t have to be totally naked to show it off and it stays in place while you’re sexting or moving around.
  • You can also track your orgasm in the Oh!Dometer on the app, letting your lover (or fan) know just how much you enjoyed your playtime. 

Lovense Hush - the comfortable vibrating butt plug. 
The Lovense Hush is great - it’s comfortable, easy to remove and insert, and vibrates. What more can you ask for in an anal toy? This toy can really do it all - sync to music, be controlled by a long-distance partner (or fan) - it even has sound-activated vibrations. The neck was designed and tested to ensure that it stays put during play, and the optimized base is comfortable to leave in but flared enough to ensure it’s a safe anal play toy.

Why we love this toy for OnlyFans play:

  • It’s a vibrating butt plug! In fact, it’s the world’s first teledildonic anal toy. Using this on your OnlyFans with a well-tipping fan or in a sex tape can really boost your value and get you lots of great tips. 
  • Because of how unique this toy is, you can use it to offer something that not many other OnlyFans creators can 

Are You New to OnlyFans? Here’s a Quick Set-Up Guide

OnlyFans signups have sky-rocketed. Everyone is joining. If you’re new - OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where creators can set rates for their audience (or fans) to view their content. You can do this by setting a monthly subscription rate or setting a pay-per-post rate. You keep 80% of whatever you make, OnlyFans takes 20% of the cut.

The sign up: 

  1. You can sign up for the platform using your Twitter account or your email address. 
  2. Next, you will need to verify your email address (either the one you’ve entered or the one connected to your Twitter account). 
  3. Then, you will need to verify your identity. This includes scanning your government-issued ID (a passport or ID card) and taking a photo of yourself with that ID. (A tip: make sure you take this selfie with the normal camera on your phone, not the front-facing camera, and get your entire face in the frame. The letters on your ID card must also be legible.) 
  4. Once you’ve done this, you can send your application off and will hear back if you are approved or denied within 72 hours. Most of the time this takes around 24 hours. 
  5. If you’re approved, you can get started in setting up your profile photo and biography. 
  6. If you’re denied, the email you receive will have instructions on how to re-apply. 

Getting started...setting subscription prices. 
Once you’ve signed up and have been approved for OnlyFans, you can set your subscription rate. What kind of rate should you set? That’s entirely up to you and what kind of content you intend on posting, how much work you’ll put in, and how often you’re going to post. Typical subscription rates are between $4.99-$9.99. If you set your price at $4.99, you take away $3.99, and OnlyFans gets the rest. If you get a tip of $10, you get $8.00. 

Getting started...creating your first photos and videos. 
There are so many fun ideas when it comes to OnlyFans could go seasonal with some cute spring pictures, or holiday-themed with some cute Christmas ones depending on the time of year. You could do sexy cosplays of your favorite superheroes or even just simple morning selfies in your bed. The possibilities are endless! 

Coming up with a posting schedule is going to be something you should do no matter how much content you plan to post. Then, you can explain in your bio that you post once a day, twice per week, whatever it is. This way, people know when to come looking for new content from you! 

Making it work...promotion. 
When it comes to promoting your OnlyFans, it can get a bit tricky. For example, Instagram and Facebook (Instagram’s parent company) have fairly strict rules involving explicit content. Premium Snapchat accounts (essentially you selling access to your private Snapchat) could be a way to go for teasers to then link to your OnlyFans, but there are also some content guidelines there you have to follow. Hands down, the best place to promote your OnlyFans account is on Twitter. Why? Because OnlyFans effortlessly syncs to Twitter, first of all. Secondly, Twitter is one of the platforms that have the most relaxed policies around NSFW content. Reddit is also another great place to advertise your OnlyFans.

Making it work...keeping fans around for the long-term. 
Keeping fans around long-term is what it’s all about - that’s how you keep recurring subscriptions and make more money. Fans who are around longer may also tip you more (or more often) as well. 

How do you keep fans on your OnlyFans page? 

  • Offer freebies and discounts for those with “rebill” on 
  • Be open and engaging, friendly and polite in DMs 
  • Post regularly and always try out a few new fun and exciting content ideas
  • Take advantage of the referral system - if someone refers someone to your page and they subscribe, give the original fan a discount! 
  • Make sure your subscription rate is matching how often you’re posting and the quality of your content. If you notice more and more fans leaving, it may be because your subscription price is too high 

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