The Best Websites for Promoting Your OnlyFans

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Before we dive into how to promote your OnlyFans, let’s play a little catch-up…

How To Start An OnlyFans…

If you’re a content creator and are toying with the idea of starting an OnlyFans page, join the rest of us. OnlyFans creator sign-ups have skyrocketed in the world of pandemic lockdowns and temporary unemployment. So many people are turning to online side hustles to gain a bit of their income back at a time where we’re all feeling a bit of a squeeze from COVID-19. 

If you’re interested in starting an OnlyFans account, let me walk you through the process. 

  1. You can sign up for this platform (using your Twitter account or email address) for free here
  2. The next step will be verifying your email address with a link they will send to you. 
  3. Next, you will need to verify your identity. This is done by scanning your government-issued ID (a passport or ID card) and taking a photo of yourself with that ID to prove you are who you say you are. (A tip here: take this “selfie” with your government-issued ID using your normal smartphone camera instead of the front “selfie” camera as it’s far better quality and less chance of it being denied due to poor quality). 
  4. Once you’ve done this you will send your application off for approval from OnlyFans, which can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. 
  5. If you have been approved, you can move on to inputting your financial information, updating your biography, and setting your subscription rate. Then you’re good to go! 
  6. If you have been denied, you will get an email stating why they have declined your account and instructions on how to proceed and re-apply if you’re still interested. 

For more information, I highly suggest reading our OnlyFans Starter Guide, as I really go into a lot of detail there about the process. 

Why Should I Promote My OnlyFans on Social Media?

Now that you’re all set up - let me tell you, there is something so exciting about getting your first paid subscriber(s) and your first tips. It’s really exciting to have the hard work you have put into this process be acknowledged. However, directly after that feel-good feeling, you’re going to experience a bit of a dip where you’re thinking “how do I get more fans?” 

While this isn’t strictly a numbers game, making a decent income (and making this worthwhile) is definitely one of the top reasons people start an OnlyFans and getting discouraged/feeling as though it’s not worth your time is one of the top reasons many people leave the platform as well.

How do you make it worth it? Promotions! I’m not talking about 50% off and I’m not talking about spamming your OnlyFans link wherever you can. I’m talking about targeted strategies and platforms where your OnlyFans link will be appreciated and you could gain some traction for yourself. 

Promoting OnlyFans on Twitter

Twitter is your best bet. Why? Because it seamlessly integrates with OnlyFans and it’s one of the most accepting-of-NSFW-content platforms around right now (other than OnlyFans itself). 

Secondly, Twitter has a huge (and I mean, massive) underground NSFW/BDSM (sex-worker-friendly) community. It’s a safe-haven for people who create erotic content and want to share it online freely. So - if you’re looking for a place to promote your OnlyFans...this is one of the best options. 

How do I promote OnlyFans on Twitter? 
When it comes to promoting on Twitter, it can be a bit difficult. As I said, NSFW content does really well on the platform if you can get yourself into the right communities there. Using relevant hashtags (such as #OnlyFans, #onlyfansnewbie, #buyingcontent, #sellingcontent) can be really helpful. 

Additionally, using keywords and hashtags specific to the kind of content you’re creating can help potential fans and buyers find you faster. These hashtags could be things such as #feetpics, #thickgirl, #bdsm, #DDLG, #kinkfriendly, etc. On top of that, you can participate in threads and hashtags trends that happen weekly, such as #TittyTuesday, #ToesTuesday, #Humpday, #ThighThursday, etc. 

Do “OnlyFans share threads” really work? 
This is likely the biggest question you have because you have undoubtedly seen these types of threads before where OnlyFans pages (often random starter accounts that are attached to other larger accounts) will retweet or even DM you asking you to participate in threads for sex workers or OnlyFans creators. 

Now, let me say: these threads can work if you find the right ones.

The right threads: these are ones that promote actual engagement. “Like for like”, “comment for comment”, retweeting each other’s pinned tweets, etc. These are actions that can help you build your fanbase by allowing more people to see your content.

The wrong threads: these are the ones that seem surface level. An example of this would be “sex worker/OnlyFans threads” that involve dropping your OnlyFans link and doing nothing else. No other action needs to be taken by you (or anyone else) and this just ends up becoming dead space on the internet where people have linked their account URL with no significant follow-up or process. 

Engaging in the right kind of social media threads can absolutely help you grow as a creator. 

Do I DM people I think would be interested? 
This is a very, very sticky-tricky question for me. I have done it both ways. When I’ve created content that I think people would be interested in (releasing a book or an erotic short story for example), I have sent that link to several people in my DMs that I know are interested in following what I create. That being said, this can very easily look “spammy” and a bit desperate, if you’re direct-messaging your OnlyFans link to a bunch of people. 

If you already have a following and decide to start an OnlyFans (and have people who have previously slid into your DMs looking for erotic content from you), I would say absolutely send them that link and explain your new adventure. 

Promoting OnlyFans on Facebook & Instagram 

Now onto Facebook and Instagram. I’ve lumped these two together (but will make different points for each) simply because Facebook is the parent company of Instagram, so they operate in many of the same ways. 

The art of promoting OnlyFans on Instagram: be a model, not an erotic content creator. 
That’s really it. Instagram and Facebook have quite strict rules when it comes to nudity or things that even slightly imply sexual explicit-ness (I most certainly just made that word up, but you understand my point). 

Instead, I encourage you to treat Instagram as a “modeling business to show off your product” (that is OnlyFans). Post sensual but very safe-for-work images here and link to your OnlyFans in your bio. With each post, explain that more explicit content can be found by following the link in your bio. 

Steer clear of explicit hashtags or text. 
As someone who runs the social media for both myself and some of my NSFW freelance contacts, I’ve learned that sharing erotic content on Instagram really is an art. And unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook are geared a bit more towards “younger audiences”, so they are very strict. Even words like “sex” and “masturbation” have gotten my posts removed from Instagram. I feel very strongly about this not just as an erotic content creator myself but as someone who promotes sexual health education and wellness - I think these platforms are (unfortunately) shutting down a lot of important conversations that could be had on their platforms. 

When posting on Instagram and Facebook, avoid using explicit terms by placing symbols or numbers in your post. For example: “M*sturbation is s3xy” is a lot less likely to get a ban than “masturbation is sexy.” It’s annoying, but it works. 

Take advantage of “sign up” and other “call-to-action” features. 

On Facebook, you can start a “page” for your OnlyFans and share relatively censored content and always provide the URL to your OnlyFans as well as directing your “call to action button” (often a “join” or “sign up” option on your page) to your OnlyFans account. Similarly, if you make it to ten thousand followers on Instagram, you will be able to use the “swipe up” feature on Instagram stories to send people to your OnlyFans profile. 

There are some ways of promoting OnlyFans on these two platforms, you just have to be relatively careful with how you do it. 

Promoting OnlyFans on Snapchat

Let’s talk about Snapchat. Snapchat was in the running with Twitter for a place that is quite accepting of NSFW content. Although selling erotic content does go against their terms of service (read more about that here), tons of people do it all the time. 

Am I telling you to break the rules? Absolutely not. This is a very “risk-versus-rewards” thing and absolutely your personal preference. Read through the terms of service and see how you feel about what you want to do on the platform after that. If you get caught breaking the terms of service, you can be banned from the platform. Just keep that in mind when deciding how you want to use this service. 

Snapchat (while not its original purpose) is very often used for explicit purposes. 
Vanishing messages and accounts that aren’t linked to anything’s very easy to see why Snapchat has become a place where NSFW content creators can promote (and even arrange to sell) their content.

Premium Snapchat accounts could be the way to go…if you do it right.
Premium Snapchat accounts are regular accounts that have a paywall. You make content to post on your private Snapchat account and then you “sell” subscriptions to that private account so people can see what you post. This can be done with lots of different content, but it’s very commonly used among sex workers and NSFW content creators. 

I dive into it a bit more in this post, but selling access to your Snapchat account does actually violate the Snapchat terms of service, which many people don’t even realize. It’s also highlighted in that article, though, that Snapchat cannot possibly crackdown on the sheer number of accounts that do this and there are some “little loopholes” you can try to ensure you’re not breaking any terms. 

Promoting OnlyFans on Your Website

Some people (myself included) have a website they use to promote anything they do - from writing books to selling jewelry to creating erotic content. Promoting yourself on your own website may seem like a lot of extra work, but it’s one place that can be totally your own. You can post freely and advertise whatever you’d like on your website without fear of being banned by a platform for sharing something against their terms of service. 

This is a very possible solution for people who are annoyed with how difficult it can be to promote NSFW content online. 

Building a website is much easier than you think. 
You may look at this option and think “building a whole website to promote my OnlyFans is ridiculous” - but let me tell you, it’s really not as time-consuming or difficult as you think. With platforms like WordPress and Squarespace (I’ve used both to create websites), it can become really easy and in some cases, even scheduled/automatic to release content on your own website. 

Choosing a domain (and keeping that running) can be an investment. 
This is the tricky part. You will have to choose a domain name, pay for that domain name and potentially pay for web hosting. This can get quite costly, however, if you’re in a position where you can do so (and have more services, products, etc to promote there), it’s a totally viable option. 

You can still stay anonymous. 
You can still remain 100% anonymous on your own website. In fact, building a website around your alias can be a great way to boost your brand for that alias and have the internet really see the content you create fall under that name. In some ways, it can even distance you a bit further from the content in terms of staying secure and anonymous. 

With social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you sign up with your email address and phone number and there are quite a few ways personal information (like your birth date or location) can be found. With a website, those things are never made public unless you announce them - so it’s quite safe. 

Overall, I really do think it’s worthwhile. 
I think if you’re someone who has an Etsy store, an OnlyFans, a Twitter, maybe you’re an artist or a writer...if you’re someone who has lots to offer the online world, creating a website to house and showcase all of that is a great idea. 

Promoting OnlyFans on Youtube

Moving Youtube. Youtube is such an interesting space. So many people have absolutely blown up on Youtube (Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendes immediately spring to mind). While most people that blow up on Youtube are musicians, many people (thinking about you, PewdiePie) are just people who created content and uploaded it to the platform. People loved that content, they shared it and now he’s one of the biggest creators in the world. He’s absolutely iconic. 

Can you do that with your OnlyFans?’s not out of the question. 
Look at The OnlyFans Bible. Leo is just a guy who created an OnlyFans and made it big, so he decided to help others do the same. He’s a guy who loved to make content and decided to put that content (and tips on how others can make that content) onto Youtube. His channel now has over six thousand subscribers. While that’s not a lot compared to the millions of subscribers that bigger idols on Youtube like PewdiePie have, it’s still pretty amazing considering he simply makes tutorial videos and chat sessions on how to run an OnlyFans successfully. 

Tutorials and collaborations = promotion. Promotion = subscribers. 
This is a solid equation. Running tutorials on how to create an OnlyFans and where to promote it, how to gain traction, tips for making your content, etc...all of that can be used as promotion. That generates traction for your OnlyFans. Promotion through Youtube videos can lead to a bump in your subscriber numbers. This is a great way to go about this if you’re someone who is comfortable in front of the camera. 

This is very much for people who don’t need to stay anonymous. 
Youtube videos do best if there is a full person in view talking about something relatable. Leo over there is raking in thousands of subscribers on Youtube because he sits down and chats with the audience about how to make it big on OnlyFans. Other (perhaps just as helpful) videos on how to create an OnlyFans that doesn’t have a real person chatting about these things (instead of relying on text, etc) won’t do as well. Youtube is very visual, so if you’re hoping to stay anonymous, this is perhaps not the best choice for you. 

This could be your way of building a community.
Youtube is a great place to build a community and engage with people who are doing (or have already successfully done) what you’re attempting to do. Leo from The OnlyFans Bible isn’t the only one, just look at FitSid or even Belle Delphine - they’ve both incorporated (or at the very least promoted) their OnlyFans on their streaming/Youtube careers to give themselves a bit of a boost. 

Promoting Your OnlyFans on Pornhub & Other Porn Platforms 

Alright - so this one may seem a bit daunting to some who are just casual OnlyFans creators. Creating an account on a porn platform and promoting/selling your content that way seems like a bit of a jump - but hear me out. 

There really is no better pool of people…
People on Pornhub and other sites are quite literally looking for what you’re doing on OnlyFans. Gathering some followers from Pornhub (even if your account is just used for promotional purposes) can be a really great way to boost your fan count. 

It’s way easier than you think to sign up and promote yourself.
Signing up for Pornhub as a creator is far easier than you think (click here if you’re interested in that) and uploading samples of your content with a link to your OnlyFans is a fantastic way to get some followers. It’s also one of those “working in the background” things you can do for yourself. You don’t have to upload there all the time - just upload a selection of teaser content from OnlyFans to Pornhub and allow people from the Pornhub community to come to find you on OnlyFans! 

Promoting Your OnlyFans on Reddit and Other Forums

When it comes to forums, you really are aiming to engage with a specific audience. If you have an OnlyFans where you engage in very kink-specific themes (perhaps you’re really into DDLG/age play, maybe you are a financial dominatrix, etc) - a great way to find people interested in that is to visit forums relating to these topics and (politely) promote your account. 

Visiting unique subreddits can be helpful. 
It really seems as though there is a subreddit for everything. From erotic audio to fan fiction and cosplay to OnlyFans FAQ, finding applicable subreddits and becoming active in the Reddit community can absolutely help drive fans to your page. 

Some of the subreddits you may find helpful are: 

Communicating on platforms such as FetLife and BDSM-specific platforms can also be helpful. 
Joining online communities where BDSM, sex, sexual wellness, NSFW content creation, and more are accepted and talked about can be another way not only to promote your content and services but also a way to connect with like-minded people who are doing the same thing. 

Targeting your audience (and being polite about your promotion) is the right way to go. 
When it comes to sharing any kind of content anywhere, you want to have your “politeness” bases covered. Don’t spam messages, don’t force conversations, don’t promote where no one is interested or where it’s not allowed...just be respectful about it. Most people respect the hustle if you respect their space. 

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