Love, From Anywhere: Lovense Lush 2 Review

The used panty marketplace

The original Lush by Lovense was the first vibrator to be controllable via an Apple Watch and the company raised over $100,000 for preorders on IndieGogo for the eagerly anticipated release of the toy. 

The Lush 2 is an updated model of the original Lush, with improvements made to the antenna, battery life, and connectivity, as well as updates to the Lovense app itself. 

“Let me just say, it’s probably the fastest I’ve climaxed in quite a while, and I was in love!” 

- LovenseFan review

“Grab onto this long-distance g-spot toy, you won't be disappointed!” 

- Sex Toy Collective review

With some great reviews of this toy and the general buzz the company has created for being an innovative juggernaut in the sex-tech industry, I was thrilled to give this toy a try. 

Lovense Lush 2 Breakdown Review

Quality: Body-safe materials, the latest Bluetooth technology
Price: $119.00 USD
Warranty Options:
One year warranty
Waterproof: Yes
Noise Level: Quiet-Medium
Solo Use: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  
Partner Use: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 
Best Solo Position:
Best Couple’s Position:
Battery Life: 2.5 hours use on a 1.5-hour charge
Ease of Use: 4/5
Best: Long-distance control from anywhere via the Lovense app 
Worst: Battery life is inconsistent, could be better

Quality, warranty, and battery life...

Overall, the quality of the Lush holds up. I really enjoy that it’s waterproof because it really makes it easy to clean the toy properly. Made from body-safe silicone, as most tech toys are, this is a durable toy that will stand the test of time. 

This toy is compatible with almost everything: 

  • iPhone/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPod touch iOS 9.0 or later 
  • Android 4.3 or later 
  • Mac
  • Windows (PC)

That toy cam girls use…
Lovense is best known for being cam-model friendly, with most (if not all) of their toys being able to partner with certain cam websites (more on that below) so the models and their clients can use the toys interactively. 

How it works is that you set up the toy for interactive, remote fun (using the link below and follow the tutorial), and then your clients tip you (or give you tokens) to gain temporary access to control the toy while you’re live on camera. This is exciting not just for the client controlling the toy but for those watching it all happen live.

Lovense has a list of super simple set up guides for cam models to follow, available here and here.

Battery life...
The battery life of this toy can be rather hit-and-miss, in my opinion. I’ve had this toy for a little over two months and used it at least a few times per week, and sometimes the charge lasts 1.5 hours, sometimes it lasts really depends on how I’m using it. The toy is charged to capacity after each use, so it always should be giving me a relatively consistent battery life. 

This has also been the point of speculation among many Amazon reviewers, like this one

A brief review of the Lovense app…
The Lovense app is super simple, which is very helpful for dealing with wireless or Bluetooth sex toys. 

Some of the close-range play options through the app include: 

  • “My patterns”, where you can store previously used patterns that you know will do the trick for you (or your partner). 
  • Music, which was by far my favorite feature, where you can listen to music from your phone (via Spotify, for example) and have the vibe pump to the beat. 
  • “Sound”, where the vibrations match sounds that are happening in the room (this is really fun for foreplay!) 
  • Alarm, which wasn’t really one I enjoyed but tested it out just to see. It’s just an alarm - the toy buzzes to a pattern of your choosing when the alarm goes off.

The long-distance features of the app are great - this is where the toy shines, in my opinion. The app has been designed really well in this area.

The voice and video chat options are so fun. The person controlling the toy has a split-screen - part of the screen is your video chat and part of it is the controls. Super simple and easy, a really fun way to connect and see each other while playing with the toy together.

The app can also run in the background while other apps are running, which isn’t necessary given that you can voice and video chat within the app itself, but I found it really nice to be able to exit the app and still continue the fun.

Noise level and ease of use

I was so very excited about this toy when I found out I was able to review it here on Sofia Gray. I’d heard so much about it through my research of cam girl games. Because of its wireless/remote access features (and that being what Lovense is best known for), I had even spoken to a cam model who uses this during her sessions and heard nothing but positive things about both the brand and this particular toy. 

Setting up your Lovense app for solo/Bluetooth play…
Before I could test it out myself, I decided to set up the Lovense app and have a peek at the features. Lovense has a super simple unboxing/step-by-step walkthrough (available here on their Youtube channel) and it’s all fairly straightforward. 

  1. Turn on your Lush 2. Hold down the button located on the top of the antenna until you feel it vibrate once. When the blinking light is visible, this means the Lush is ready to be paired with a device. 
  2. Download the Lovense app from the App or Google Play store. 
  3. Register for an account by clicking “sign up” or sign in to an already existing Lovense account. Your Lovense account can be used and paired with multiple Lovense toys. 
  4. Once logged in, tap the “connection” icon (it looks like a chain link) in the top right corner. Then, click the “add” plus symbol to search for your toy. 
  5. Within a few seconds, your toy should appear in the list. Switch it to “on” and tap “done”, in the top right corner. 
  6. Your Lush 2 is now paired with your phone and ready to be used! 

Pairing your Lush 2 remotely to play with a partner…
Pairing your Lush 2 to someone else’s phone remotely works a little differently - but the steps are just as easy. For this, your partner will have to have the Lovense app downloaded on their phone and sign up for a separate account with different information than yours. 

  1. First, you will need to download the Lovense app and sign up/log in to your account. 
  2. Then, tap the “long-distance” icon. 
  3. Select the “plus” (add) icon located in the top right corner to add a friend. 
  4. Type in your partner’s user name and select “done”. 
  5. Your partner will then have to accept your request, at which time you will be able to communicate with them in the private chat room now set up between you two. 
  6. Your partner can then tap the “plus” icon in the bottom right to see the long-distance play options available. 

Connecting Your Lush 2 to A Cam Site…
That’s right - Lovense toys can be used with cam platforms like LiveJasmin, CamSoda, Chaturbate, Stripchat, and more. For a full list of platforms that can connect with the Lush 2, check out this review

Lovense has a partnership with these platforms, and this partnership allows the clients of cam models on these platforms to supply tips or tokens in exchange for temporary control of your toy. Both clients and cam models find Lovense toys (particularly the Lush 2) to be a fun new addition to their cam games. 

Interested in learning more about becoming a cam model? Click here

The settings for the Lush 2 include: 

  1. Low vibration 
  2. Medium vibration 
  3. High vibration 
  4. Pulsing vibration 
  5. Wave pattern 
  6. Firework pattern 
  7. Earthquake pattern 
  8. Additional patterns you can create (and save) in the app are possible

Lubrication is recommended with this toy. 
Lovense suggests lubing up both the toy and yourself while using it. I have used the toy both ways (both with lube and without) and it’s definitely easier with lubrication (as most things are), but I personally didn’t find it to be absolutely necessary. 

*An important note: use a water-based lubricant! Oil-based lubricants don’t mix well with silicone toys, they can really deteriorate the quality of the silicone over time. 

Cleaning Instructions…
Cleaning your Lush 2 is quite easy since it’s a waterproof toy, you can submerge it in a combination of warm water and mild soap or use a sex toy cleaner to clean it. 

Care Instructions…
Lovense suggests making sure your toy is completely recharged at least once every six months, so if you’re someone who has many toys or for some reason doesn’t use this toy very often, make sure you give it a full charge every once and a while to ensure the battery life quality stays at its best.

A thought on noise level…
While I was excited to use this toy while running errands, it did become apparent when I was standing in a rather empty post office that you can hear this toy if there aren't any other noises happening around you. 

If you’re looking to use this toy in public for a bit of fun, I’d suggest doing it at a noisy restaurant or in a movie theatre - avoiding places where people are typically quieter (like the post-office or library). 

Best positions - solo and with a partner

What positions are best to use with a toy like this? The mind really starts to wander, with a toy that has such range and possibility. Here are some positions and uses for the toy that I liked the most...

WITH A PARTNER: Literally Anywhere, in Any Position
I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this as one of the best features of using this toy with a partner...they can be literally anywhere in the world. I wish I had something like this back when my husband and I were a long-distance couple because this was so much fun to use. 

While I was out running errands, he could be playing with the settings on his app at home, teasing me and making it impossible for me to be discreet in public. It’s a very fun, very sexy way to connect with a partner anywhere, at any time. From your once-a-month date night to promoting intimacy with a long-distance partner - this toy’s limitless capabilities are definitely a high point. 

SOLO: Up & Around 
One of my favorite uses for this toy while I’m by myself is actually the music feature. Within the Lovense app you can access the music on your phone (Spotify, Youtube, etc) and the vibe will pump to the beat of the song you’re listening to. I loved using this feature when I was doing mundane housework like laundry, dishes, even working in the yard...adding a little naughty fun to those boring chores. 

WITH A PARTNER: The Tied-Up-Tease 
The most fun a (submissive) girl can have is to be tied up and teased...right? Well, the fun thing about this toy is that it provides hands-free pleasure. Your partner can sit in a chair, with you naked on the bed, the toy buzzing away inside you to whatever pattern they choose. Watching you squirm and moan while they control your pleasure is some of the best D/s me. 

WITH A PARTNER: The Work-From-Home Distraction 
In these strange times of COVID-19, lots of people have been forced to work from home more regularly than they used to. While I always work from home, my partner is new to working from home and this toy provided us with some much-needed fun one Thursday afternoon while we were in our separate home offices getting work done...or at least trying to, in my case. 

My partner, on the other side of the house, had fun teasing me with different patterns mixed in with a few moments of absolutely nothing. As soon as I would let my guard down and get back to work, the toy would buzz on and I’d suddenly find it very hard to concentrate. We used the voice chat option so he could hear every little noise he was causing from across the house. 

(I’ll let your imagination wander to where this led. Hint...this article may explain what happened next.)

About the company

Lovense is a teledildonics company that describes themselves as “sexual innovation specialists” - and I have to admit, this seems accurate. Their aim to bring “sex tech into every bedroom” has been progressively picking up speed since the creation of the company. 

Since 2010, when the world’s first internet-controlled “smart” vibrator was released, they’ve been making strides in sexy tech that have been making headlines everywhere. 

“Lovense sex toys are the culmination of five years of research, development, and many long hours. How did this journey begin? Well, in 2009, the founder of the company was in a long-distance relationship. Lack of sexual intimacy was a serious problem in the relationship and sparked an interest in teledildonics.”

- Lovense

The following year (you guessed it, 2010), the “Remote Pleasure” was born. This was a revolutionary remote control vibe that used Skype to control it from a distance. It was the first of its kind (and the first in a long line of revolutionary sex toys from Lovense.) 

The research continued throughout 2011 and 2012, prototypes of the first two-way interactive sex tech toys were built and tested. The design and technology were still lacking, though. 

“Max” and “Nora” were the first app-based sex tech toys of their kind, with Nora being a Bluetooth rabbit vibe and Max being a male masturbator. 

In mid-2015, the first version of the Lush was launched and the response to this toy was outstanding, with the company raising over $200,000 on IndieGogo to continue their work on the project. 

2017 showed even more progress for the company, with the launch of Ambi (a bullet vibe), the Edge (an adjustable prostate massager, Domi (a powerful mini-wand), and Osci (and oscillating g-spot toy).

Eventually, the original Lush was updated and turned into the Lush 2, with an improved antenna, stronger motor, and better connectivity. 

The Lovense team continues to work hard to bring sex tech into every bedroom. They are most active on their Instagram if you’d like to check it out

Initial impressions of this toy vs long-term use

This is a really fun toy that I would definitely recommend using in both solo and partnered situations. I think it can add a lot of fun into a Dominant/submissive dynamic. You can incorporate some edgeplay or denial play. If you’re not into BDSM, it can still be a very fun toy to use to express your naughty side (such as wearing it out in public and controlling it yourself). 

Using the Lush 2 with a partner you live with…
I think this is the perfect toy to use with a long-distance partner or someone you don’t live with. I think it’s an incredible invention for cam models and that these kinds of toys can really revolutionize online sex work. 

Using this long-term with a partner you live with can be fun, but the novelty can wear off quickly. As two busy people, we found it a little difficult to make time to use this the way we wanted to (extended play, orgasm denial, orgasm delay, etc). That being said, when we did make the time for it, it was really, really fun. 

Wearing the toy around town (or your house)...
Using this toy for solo play was definitely the thing I did most. Partner play is hot and fun and exciting - but as I mentioned, that can be quite time consuming and you definitely have to be in the right mood for it. I used this toy myself to listen to music and edge myself while I did housework (and even once on an errand to the post office), and that by far was my favorite use of the toy. 

The only downside - the battery life problem.
I would say the only downside, for me, with the Lush 2 was that the battery life seemed to be a little inconsistent. I am a good sex toy owner, I properly charge my toys, clean them well before and after each use, etc - and I still found that sometimes the battery life lasted as long as it should and sometimes it didn’t. While most of the reviews of the Lush 2 are great, the battery life seemed to be a common issue among some of the more negative Amazon reviews

If you’re in the mood for some clit stimulation...
I am one of those women who can orgasm really, really quickly with the right kind of clitoral stimulation. The downfall of this is that I sometimes have a hard time achieving a great orgasm if there is no clitoral stimulation at all. With this toy being a g-spot stimulator, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be enough for me.

Of course, I can manually massage my clit or use something like the WeVibe Tango (which I did do a few times), but then this review from LovenseFan gave me an does the Lush 2 hold up as a clitoral vibe? 

The answer: surprisingly well. While the “bulb” shape of the toy does make direct contact with the clitoris a little difficult, the fact that this toy is powerful and large does mean it’s intensity covers a large area, which does feel good. 


While the Lush has been branded as a cam model favorite, you certainly don’t have to be a cam model to enjoy it. Ultimately, this is a really fun toy to have in your naughty drawer. Whether you’re a long-term couple looking to spice up date night on the town with some discreet play or a long-distance couple looking for a way to connect intimately - this toy can be great for your sex life. 

While I may argue that the latter (long-distance couples) may get a lot more practical use out of this toy, it’s still one that gets the Sofia Gray stamp of approval! 
Interested? Get yours here!