JustFor.Fans Review: Does it work?

The used panty marketplace

Since the explosion of OnlyFans during the pandemic, we’ve seen competitors come and go. However, the latest fansite JustFor.Fans have attempted to take a run for the top spot. Many performers have been recently praising the new platform so it’s time we see what all the fuss is about. 

So you lewd content creators get ready! We’re about to see if JustFor.Fans is a serious contender or just another flash in the pan. It’s time for our JustFor.Fans review.

What Is JustFor.Fans?

JustFor.Fans was launched back in 2018 by the founder Dominic Ford. Dominic was a former gay adult performer with 14 years of experience within the industry. He has a bunch of adult accolades to his name but most recently received the award for Best Businessman 2022 by XBIZ. With this in mind, it’s always nice to have someone who knows what they're doing in the adult industry as the face of the platform. 

JustFor.Fans is marketed as the ultimate “adult blogging platform and marketplace” as it functions as a cross between OnlyFans and ManyVids. You have the ability to subscribe to model's pages to see their regular uploads whilst still being able to purchase clips and images a la carte. This maintains the excitement for the casual user who can't commit to a monthly subscription but is willing to purchase a steamy video or two.

What sets JustFor.Fans apart from its competitors is their comprehensive services, emphasis on gender inclusivity and relaxed rules on kink content. Most of the competitive fan sites on the internet are quite harsh with dishing out bans for uploading kinky content that violates their terms. However JustFor.Fans have more lenient guidelines allowing things such as lactation, fisting, ageplay, watersports, asphyxiation and incest roleplay to be uploaded. Their kink-friendly attitude helps to win over those who like to work within this field as well as fans who enjoy this content.

The site also pushes the quality of life changes that they’ve made for all users but we’ll come onto this a bit later.

How Does It Work?

The platform works by allowing performers to sign up and create a profile. From here they can register the services they’d wish to offer to fans. For the most part, however, profiles are used to upload adult content that is locked behind a paywall. Users on the other hand can browse through pages of models and Freeview content until they decide on something they’d like to buy. Here they can decide to purchase that individual piece of content or subscribe to the performer's page to get access to all of their adult content.

It’s completely free to sign up as both a fan or a performer but the site does take a small percentage of all transactions made through the platform.

What Features Does JustFor.Fans Have?

Now that we have an idea of what the platform does, let’s get into the specifics. 

Feed Paywall

This is the bread and butter of makes fansites, so it’s obvious that JustFor.Fans were going to incorporate it. Models have a feed where their adult content is displayed with their kinky description but the content and thumbnail are blurred out. To access it, fans can purchase that individual post for a one-time fee. Or, subscribe to the performer's page where they will get backdated access to all their adult content for a monthly cost. 

Similar to many OnlyFans alternatives, JustFor.Fans allow the performers to dictate the price of their content. In this respect, you are your own boss but it’s important to find the balance between a good paycheck and an amount that fans are willing to part with.


If you’re not too keen on exposing yourself then offering a sexting service might be more your thing. Users can text a phone number the model uploads which can be charged per text at a rate that they decide. Just make sure that you use a burner phone and don’t share any personal numbers as this information will be available to the public.

Live Camming

Initially, the website did not provide this service as there are plenty of maintenance costs involved. However, due to popular demand, a live, on-site camming feature was added to the platform. You can't say they don’t listen to the community! Performers can go live directly on the site to strip, masturbate and whatever else is included in their camming repertoire. As for monetization, performers have the freedom to dictate this too. They can set it to subscription, pay per minute or even completely free if they’re feeling generous.

They understand that sometimes it takes two to tango so they allow performers to have additional creators work with them on camera so long as they have completed their verification process.

Performer Store

When you register as a performer on the website they grant you access to your own custom store. Besides the usual content, you can choose to advertise and sell anything from premium content to physical goods and services. Commonly performers like to sell used underwear and items of clothing that can accompany scenes that they are selling. But users have been known to use this feature to sell merchandise, toys and access to premium Snapchats.

Models can list products for as much or as little as they’d like and users can purchase or unlock content as a one-off behind the paywall.

Exclusive Models Program

A cool feature of JustFor.Fans that make it quite different are their exclusive performer's program. Performers on the site can apply to be a part of the scheme which grants them special perks like an exclusive model badge that increases their trust amongst customers. Top placement and recommendations on the live feed and an increased 5% in revenue. 

The only catch to being part of this program is you can only be active on this fansite. Registering and uploading content on Loyalfans, OnlyFans and any other fan site would be in violation of the terms of the contract. Although this might be limiting to certain performers as their income is distributed across various different sites they still allow exclusive performers to work with porn studios and cam sites. Being a JFF exclusive model is an awesome opportunity for models starting out with this as their first fan site, just make sure to read up on the terms and conditions.

How Do Payouts Work?

Payouts are made via direct bank transfer to the following countries; The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico and a few other specified European countries. If you happen to live in a country, not on their specified transfer list then you’ll be able to receive payment in cryptocurrency or an alternative adult payment method like Payoneer or Paxum. 

Performers are subject to either weekly or monthly payouts depending on what they choose. Like most fansites, there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $50 but this was reduced to $20 since the start of the pandemic just to help their models out a little bit.

Getting Started As A JustFor.Fans Model

Starting out on a fan site is pretty simple to do but comes with a lot of daunting reservations. What kind of content should I upload? What happens if no one subscribes? How much will I be able to make? And the list goes on. So to give you some peace of mind here are a few things you might need to know when starting out.

How To Sign Up

Signing up with JustFor.Fans is very straightforward as they have clearly divided the site into performers and fans. A lot of the time certain fan sites try to merge the two together in some strange way but JFF cuts straight to the chase. To register as a performer you will need a Twitter account. If you haven’t tweeted before you might want to make an account as there is no way around this. In some ways, this works in your favour as Twitter is a very adult-friendly social media platform so existing followers familiar with your line of work can finally have a way to subscribe to your content.

After this, you’ll have to enter an ID verification to make sure that you’re 18 or over and you are who you say you are. Verification can take up to 24 hours but can be done sooner. Once you’re all approved you’re ready to upload content and get started.

How Much Does JustFor.Fans?

Registering as a performer or a fan is completely free. However, models have 15% of their payouts taken as a service fee. If you’re a JFF exclusive performer this is reduced to 10%. As for fans how much you spend is really up to you. There is no limit to the number of models that you can subscribe to as well as the amount of content you wish to unlock. So you can spend to your heart’s content. There is a Freeview section where modules upload sneak previews to promote their content so you don’t have to go into any purchases blindly and risk being disappointed. 

To get the most out of your expenditure as a fan take a look for bundle deals that models might be offering. Most subscriptions are around $10 a month which can add up if you’re subscribing to numerous models on the site.

How Much Can You Make As A Performer?

Estimating a performer's earnings on fansites is always a difficult task because there are so many variables. Some models have big followings while others have smaller but more loyal ones. It really depends on your audience and how much you want to charge them.

Subscriptions tend to range from as little as $5 to as much as $50 a month. It’s only advisable to have high costs if it’s been proven that fans are willing to pay for this kind of content. If you’re offering something scarce that people want then the chances are they’ll be willing to pay for it. This is why selling bespoke request videos do so well. 

Some good advice would be to test different price ranges and see which ones convert the best. Likewise, consider the earnings of your demographic. If you appeal to older people the chances are they have access to more money and will be comfortable spending more. On the flip side, if your fanbase consists of college students then you might want to drop the price down a little.

How Should I Promote My Page?

While JFF themselves do offer you a great platform it’s important to maximise your visibility in order to make some decent money. Utilising social media is one of the best ways to promote your page. With Twitter in particular you can upload adult content which means your teasers and previews can do a much better job at persuading your viewer base. We understand that not everyone is a big-time influencer with millions of followers so for those with smaller audiences it might be an idea to increase your visibility within the platform itself.

What this means is to use the on-site features to increase subscribers. Try reaching out to followers and fans on the website with promotional codes and offers to incentivise subscriptions. If you’re feeling lucky you can also enter the weekly Performer Spotlight. Performers can apply by submitting a questionnaire about their profile located in the Creators tab.

Perks For The Fans

There are certainly more popular fansites out there so why give JFF a try? From a quality of life perspective, it’s so much easier to find the content that you’re looking for. They have a search filter with numerous clearly defined categories such as MILF, Findom, Femdom you name it. Finding models on other more popular sites such as OnlyFans rely on the tedious process of finding their social media presence first before tracking down their profile link. JFF takes out a lot of the sleuth work and get’s straight to the good bit.

The media gallery feature is also a lot more polished than other sites as flipping through photos on a model's profile is seamless.

Perks For The Models

While it’s true that bigger fansites with larger traffic do mean more potential subscribers; it’s also a lot more saturated with models trying to make it. Creating a profile on a smaller platform gives you the chance to shine and have a monopoly over the users compared to more competitive platforms. 

The JustFor.Fans dashboard is also more of a community as it has a business directory allowing you to get in touch with other adult performers on the site. It’s always nice to share and receive advice in any line of work. 

The website also allows users to stay in touch with fans even if their Twitter account goes down. As we mentioned earlier, performers' accounts are registered using their Twitter so losing this can be quite a big deal. However, the developers thought ahead by implementing a “KeepFollowing.me” option which keeps fans in touch with performers even if their Twitter is gone.

Finally, the site provides some of the best privacy and copyright protection out there. The platform uses anti-piracy technology by fingerprinting all uploads which help to track down and remove any leaked content. Model's livelihoods depend on the distribution of their content so knowing that they’ve got your back is crucial.


JustFor.Fans are a big hit amongst the gay community so you’ll likely have the most success if you are an LGBTQ+ performer with an existing following. With that being said they still have lots of users of all different orientations on the platform and do their best to add features that give those without a huge following a chance to get out there.

In terms of user safety JustFor.Fans are great. They validate user profiles with ID massively reducing the number of fake profiles and scamming that goes on. As well as covering performers with good anti-piracy and data protection.

When it comes to making the big bucks it’s difficult to assume that this website is going to make you a millionaire. But, it certainly can make you a nice monthly income if you dedicate enough time to it.

While JustFor.Fans it isn’t perfect it is still a good contender amongst the dozens of competitive fan sites out there.