What is Premium Snapchat & How Does It Work?

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Snapchat, if you’re totally behind the times or have lived under a rock for the past decade, is a mobile app where the core concept of that any picture or video message you send temporarily made available to the receiver to look at, and then it disappears. 

Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, is a camera company that believes in reinventing the way people live and communicate with each other. They claim they want to “empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.” 

Snapchat was originally founded in 2011 by Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy. This app is now one of the most widely used social media platforms in existence with over 360 million active monthly users, as of January 2020.

The original idea (reportedly Brown’s) was of a social media app where you were able to post content that disappeared from the site after being seen by the intended receiver. Brown reportedly approached Spiegel with the idea and both agreed it was a good idea to pursue. Murphy was then approached to write the code used to build the app. In the summer of 2011, the app was launched as “Picaboo”, which would eventually become known as the “precursor” to Snapchat. Quite soon after, Spiegel and Murphy bought Brown out of the company and relaunched it as Snapchat later that year. 

None of this is extremely important, but I found it quite interesting to know the original origins behind such a powerhouse app. 

A new concept that made everything more instantaneous and simple.
“Snapchat changed that perception of deleting something as bad,” Spiegel explained in an interview with The Street, “Online, typically you delete something if it’s bad or if it’s really embarrassing.” 

Snapchat eventually went on to expand the services offered on its platform, by adding “stories” and “chat” features. 

In 2014, Snapchat rolled out what’s called Snapcash, which is a money transaction feature that allows users to send and receive cash from other users and have it deposited into their bank account right away. By 2015, advertisements were common on Snapchat, and by 2018, 99% of Snap Inc’s total revenue came from advertising on the app. 

What is Premium Snapchat?

Now, onto the good stuff: premium Snapchat. 

“Premium Snapchat” accounts are regular Snapchat accounts that have a paywall. Essentially, you are making the content posted on your private Snapchat available to select people who pay for access. The content posted on Premium Snapchats can be anything, really, but mostly this feature is used by people who want to sell explicit content (nude photos, videos, etc). 

To set up Premium Snapchat, you also have to use a third-party site for payments.

Premium Snapchat is not an official Snapchat feature, which means you will need a third-party app (which I’ll outline below) in order to accept payments for access to your Snapchat. Premium Snapchats are often either subscription-based (similar to Netflix, where your fans pay per month/year, etc) or sold as “lifetime access” with one payment. We will dive into how much to charge (and how to collect) below. 

How do you create a Premium Snapchat? 

Premium Snapchat accounts are no different than regular accounts except for one feature: you only give access to people who have paid for it. 

To get started, you will need to be 18+ (of course, to sell NSFW content), you will need a smartphone and you will need to download the Snapchat app. If you’re registering for a third party site (often referred to as Snapchat Networks, which you will need to do to collect your payments), you will need a digital copy of your ID for age verification as well. 

Creating your Snapchat account...

  1. Download the Snapchat app (obviously). 
  2. Make a username. If you’re going to be selling NSFW content and are interested in staying anonymous, make sure your username isn’t anything that gives you away. 
  3. Your profile settings will have to then be changed to “friends only”, so the public isn’t able to view your content. 
  4. Sign up for a third-party Snapchat Network to accept payments (more on this below).
  5. Then, you can set a charge limit for access, this is known as your premium. I’ll get into what rates are typical down below. 
  6. You then will need to advertise your Premium Snapchat in other places to gain potential clients and viewers. 

Snapchat Networks (third party payment apps)

Because there is no way for the payments to be actually completed through Snapchat itself, you will need to sign up for a third-party service that allows you to charge for access to your Snapchat. 

Some of the most common Snapchat Networking sites include: 

While all of these platforms offer the same services (a place for you to connect with potential customers and sell your Premium Snapchat subscriptions), they all will take a cut of the price. 

I have listed the amount that you make on each purchase next to the name of the site above - the remaining percentage goes to the platform for their service fee.

Each of these platforms will have pros and cons, along with their own user-base and customer traffic, which is why I’ve also linked information pages to each in the list so you can decide which is best for you. 

Is posting nudes/explicit content allowed on Snapchat?

This may surprise you, but posting nude/explicit sexual content is not actually “allowed” on Snapchat. 

While anyone who is anyone understands that Snapchat has been inadvertently used (by couples, singles, and NSFW content creators) to send nudes since the day it was first launched (because of the handy disappearing photo feature), sexually explicit content actually violates the Snapchat community guidelines. “We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content…” is listed right there in their terms of service. 

So...how do people use Premium Snapchat accounts for NSFW activities? 

Loopholes and discretion, essentially.

While disrupting pornographic content is on the no-no list, “other depictions of nudity in certain non-sexual contexts may be permitted.” Additionally, because there are so many NSFW private accounts on Snapchat, there are still plenty of ways you can do this without having your account terminated for violating the Snapchat TOS (terms of service). 

This is one of the main reasons why Premium Snapchats users keep their premium accounts “private” and use a promotional account (that posts censored/non-nude promotions for the private account). 

Let’s talk pricing: how much should I sell Premium Snapchat for?

How much money can you make from Snapchat Premium? How do you decide on pricing? In short, people typically charge anywhere from $5-30+ per month for people to access their Premium Snapchat content. 

Even if you went mid-range and charged $10 per month for Premium Snapchat (which is, I would think, a very good price), if you get 100 people to do this, that’s $1000 per month for you before taxes and third-party commissions. And if you think about it, finding 100 people to pay you $10 for access to beautiful, nude/semi-nude photos of yourself...it’s not going to be that hard to find. You really can earn good money with this.

There are many people who make quite a lucrative amount by staying consistent with their Premium Snapchat. As for what price to set for subscriptions, it really depends on how you’d like to do them. 

Some people charge per month, to which a typical rate for Snapchat access per month may be similar to OnlyFans, where people charge anywhere from $4.99-$15.99. Others like to charge for “lifetime access”, meaning your fans pay a one-time fee, which would likely be more expensive but a one-off payment (for example, $60 for lifetime access). 

Much of it depends on your posting consistency and your branding. The more you plan to post, the more you could charge for a subscription because your customers will be getting more content. The less you decide to post, the less you should charge.

Keep in mind that third-party sites take a commission.

Because Snapchat does not have a feature where you can sell your content, you will have to use third-party apps (like Fancentro) to manage your subscriptions. These third-party sites always take a commission of every purchase made. 

Keep this in mind when choosing prices. I suggest deciding which third-party site you will use to promote/sell access to your Snapchat, seeing how much commission they take, and then deciding a fair price for yourself with that in mind. 

Be competitive with pricing, but don’t sell yourself short. 

As with most content creation, you may have to play with your prices a bit to find something you feel comfortable with and that also is acceptable for your audience. This means balancing between what you believe your content is worth and how much people are willing to pay for it, keeping in mind that there are many other people doing exactly what you’re doing. 

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I earn through Snapchat Premium? 

Yes, you do - but many people don’t. Many Snapchat users will attempt to set up their own payment plans through Paypal or other platforms in order to avoid paying taxes or claiming what they earn through Snapchat Premium, and this may work for a while, but it’s not smart and certainly not a good long-term plan. 

This is against the terms/conditions on most of the payment apps, and while it may take some time for the program to catch on if you’re receiving regular payments of various amounts or the same amount over from multiple people, you could be audited and found out. This could lead to your account being frozen or you losing the funds you’ve earned.

This is the biggest reason why many people decide to go with a third-party app like Fancentro, for example, because not only do you pay a fee for them to process the payment but you do also have to enter your tax information on most of those platforms. 

While it may seem tempting to skip the taxes and do this the “easy way” on your own, it’s not worth the risk (in my humble opinion) of getting caught, especially if you plan to do this long-term. 

What kind of content does well on Premium Snapchat?

While Snapchat is known for photos that disappear and videos that can only be watched once, there are plenty of other ways you can use this platform to engage with your Premium audience. Of course, if you’re reading this, the type of content you’re interested in posting on your Premium account will most likely be of the erotic/adult kind. That being said, there are different ways you can cater to your audiences with that type of content.

Selling nude photos and videos. 

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Premium Snapchat is uncensored nude photos and videos. Most of the time this is solo content, different poses, different teases - but sometimes this means content with other consenting adults. 

Custom orders. 

Something that is so underrated, I think, in the adult entertainment industry is custom orders. Your fans, especially those who are loyal to you, feel a connection to you. While this connection may not be a super personal one (or it very well could be, depending on your feelings on that), being given the chance to custom order content from you, their favorite content creator, is really great. 

Selling things like a phone call, a special birthday message, etc can really make your fans feel like you care about them while also allowing you to earn some extra cash on top of their regular subscription price. 

Camming shows (one-to-one). 

While Snapchat is not a camming platform, many Premium Snapchat creators sometimes use it as such by hosting one-to-one live shows for their users for a price. This can be done using the video call feature on Snapchat once the fan has paid the set amount for the show. 

Private stories and promotions. 

Alongside your typical Snapchat content, you can also promote your other services and platforms such as your OnlyFans content, your live cam schedule, etc. You can do this by posting to your private “stories” in Snapchat so all of the people subscribed to you will see the promotions at the same time. 

“You can keep that” deals. 

In Snapchat, there is a feature that allows you to “save” a photo or video to the chat. This allows each person in the chat to be able to go back and watch the content again and again, without having it disappear as all other messages do. If you wanted to, you could sell photos and videos to your fans this way for them to keep instead of just for them to see. Once you save it in the chat, they will have the option to save the photo or video to their phone.

You will be notified when someone attempts to save something to a chat, so this cannot be done without your knowledge.

How do you advertise your Premium Snapchat?

In order for Snapchat Premium to be lucrative and worthwhile, you’re going to need to promote it. Where can you promote your Premium Snapchat and gain followers? 

Create two Snapchat accounts, one to promote the other. 

You can create a public Snapchat account where you post censored teaser photos and videos hinting at what your elite Premium subscribers are getting access to. This is a very popular way of gaining traction and attention with very little effort. 

Take a naughty photo for your Premium account and post it there. Then, take that same photo and add some censor emojis or blur effects to it. Then, you can post that censored photo on your public Snapchat with instructions on how to “unlock” the full picture by subscribing to your Premium. 

Use other social media platforms (like Twitter) to promote and tease your Premium content. 

Premium Snapchats can be quite lucrative and fun but in order to get a good following, you may need to do some outside promotion. Twitter is by far the most sex-worker/adult content friendly social media platform around, and you will find many other content creators promoting their NSFW content there as well. 

Snapchat takeover (team up with another Premium Snapchat account). 

If you stumble upon another Snapchat Premium creator or know others in the adult entertainment industry, a really fun cross-promotional tool you can use is to do a “takeover” of their account while they do the same for you. Promoting yourself on another person’s account (and vice versa) can lead to more prospective clients for each person. 

Frequent questions (and answers) about Premium Snapchat accounts...

While you may now understand how to actually sign up for and promote your Premium Snapchat, there is a difference between getting started and actually making this a lucrative thing that is worth your time and effort. Along with that, there are tons of questions you likely have about this whole process.

First, let’s tackle a common issue.

Is there really a way to tell if all parties are of legal age? 

With many 12-year-olds getting smartphones for Christmas and unassuming parents thinking Snapchat is just another instant messaging app, is there really any way to tell if the people you’re selling your content to are above 18? 

Aside from asking for ID or some other form of age verification before allowing people to subscribe to your premium Snapchat account, this can be difficult. However, if you find your users through third-party platforms (such as Fancentro, for example), you can ensure they are of legal age because you need to be in order to create an account with those platforms. 

Is Premium Snapchat lucrative enough on its own? 

It could be. However, if you’re interested in building a brand and continuing as an erotic content creator, you may want to consider other options (that can easily be done in addition to Snapchat) such as camming, for example. If you are interested in what it would take to become a cam model, it’s much easier than you think, and we have quite a few articles on the topic (here and here). 

Are there other ways to sell nudes/explicit content online? 

Of course! In fact, I wrote an entire guide on how to get started selling nudes, and another guide on how to take the best nude selfies. Platforms like OnlyFans and IsMyGirl are great ways to create beautiful, erotic content for your fans to enjoy. 

Should I create a Premium Snapchat?

Whether you’re a cam model looking to build your brand or a college student trying to pay off tuition, there are definitely benefits to creating a premium Snapchat: flexibility, earning extra money, creating a brand, empowering yourself, boosting your sex life, feeling more confident...all of those are great reasons to start a Premium Snapchat account. 

However, being aware of the downsides and potential risks of any online adult content work is an absolute must, which is why guides like this are helpful before getting started. 

Weighing the benefits and the potential risks/cons, you can then decide if setting up a Premium Snapchat account is the right next move for you.

Still unsure? No problem, here are some more resources I’ve found helpful in the journey to setting up a Premium Snapchat account: 

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