How to Set a Price for Your OnlyFans Subscription

How OnlyFans Works… 

OnlyFans is a subscription based social media platform. Your followers (fans, in this case) pay a monthly subscription fee to see your content. They can additionally tip you via your public posts or through private messaging. 

OnlyFans allows you to share a lot of different kinds of content: 

  • Photos and videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Private messages
  • Host live streams
  • Host polls 
  • Share highlights
  • Schedule posts
  • Post paywall posts

And of course, how much you make depends on a variety of different things: 

  • Subscription rate
  • How often (and how much) your fans tip you
  • Whether or not you have additional paywall posts
  • What kind of content you produce
  • How often you post

OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of everything you make, you keep 80% - if your monthly subscription is set at $4.99, you get $3.99 and OnlyFans gets the rest. OnlyFans launched in 2016 and has absolutely exploded since then. According to Influencer Hub, in 2019, OnlyFans had over 60,000 content creators and over 7 million registered users. 

A lot of the “how much money can you make on OnlyFans” posts you see will calculate what you could make, but most of the time this estimate is only based on the actual subscription price and not anything additional. This is why it can be pretty difficult to nail down exactly how much OnlyFans creators earn. 

Setting Up Your Account…

Setting up your OnlyFans account is simple if you know how to do it properly. I’ve outlined the steps for doing this in some other articles, but here is a breakdown…

  1. Sign up for an account using your email address or by linking your Twitter account. 
  2. Then, you must verify yourself with a confirmation email that they send. If you choose to link your Twitter account, they will send an email to the address linked to your Twitter. 
  3. Next, you must verify your identity. This part requires a government-issued ID (a passport or ID card). You need to scan the front and back of this card as well as taking a selfie with your ID card to prove it’s you. A common mistake during this stage is that your ID card isn’t legible when you take your selfie - to avoid that, make sure you take the selfie with your typical phone camera instead of using the front-facing one. 
  4. Submitting all of this information is easy, and then you wait. This stage can take up to 72 hours, and during this stage you can do some aesthetic things to your profile such as setting your biography and uploading a profile photo and cover image. During this time, you won’t be able to adjust your subscription rate yet, as to do that, you need to be verified and set up a bank account. 
  5. When your approval application comes in, you can get to work in linking your bank account and setting your subscription rate (more on that below). If you have been denied on your OnlyFans application, check out this list of reasons why that could have happened and how to fix it. 

How to Set a Price for Your OnlyFans…

Deciding on how much to charge for your OnlyFans subscription can be a bit tricky, but there are a few things that can help you decide. 

Reasons to set a higher subscription rate: 

  • High quality photos and videos
  • Consistent uploads (daily)
  • Long video content
  • Elaborate photo shoots with nice backgrounds
  • Fun, unique content that isn’t offered anywhere else
  • Content that can be customizable for an additional price
  • Full nudity
  • You already have a larger following on other social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, etc) that will be interested in your new OnlyFans content

Reasons to set a lower subscription rate: 

  • Inconsistent uploads (perhaps one or two posts per weeks) 
  • Content that is run-of-the-mill, not that unique but still fun
  • Content that isn’t customizable 
  • If you’re now showing full nudity (as most higher-subscriptions offer this)
  • Lower quality photos and videos 
  • If you’re new to social media and don’t have a large audience already
  • If you offer pay-per-view content and/or make additional money on sexting services

Some questions to ask yourself when setting your subscription rate: 

  • What are other creators who make similar content charging? This is a great way to see what the market is like and adjust your prices accordingly. 
  • What do you want to charge? While you should set a subscription rate that is fair, you also deserve to be compensated for your content at a rate that you feel is worthwhile. 
  • Are you going to make more money selling “extras” (sexting, customizable videos, etc)? If you are going to offer custom content and sexting services, that would be where you make a lot of your money and you could potentially set a lower subscription rate to draw more people in. 
  • What kind of fanbase do you have (and what are they capable of paying)? If you’re someone who has a fanbase of other high-up content creators and people who you know are happy to financially support and encourage their favorite online personalities, you can charge more. 

How much money should I charge on OnlyFans?
This is the money question (quite literally). With all of these things taken into account, you may be starting to get a clearer picture on if you should be charging more or less...but the question is: more or less than what? 

The average earnings per month on OnlyFans for subscriptions is around $180 (excluding tips that you make, which can be a lot). 

There is a really cool tool on this page that allows you to calculate your earning potential. You slide the slider across to establish how many fans you expect to get (or currently have) and then you slide the bottom slider along to set your price - this way, you can calculate how much you are going to make. 

Below is a small table that shows some common OnlyFans monthly subscription rates and how much you could make depending on how many subscribers you have...

$15.99 / month$159.90$319.80$479.70$639.60
$12.99 / month$129.90$259.80$389.70$519.60
$10.99 / month$109.90$219.80$329.70$439.60
$9.99 / month$99.90$199.80$299.70$399.60
$6.99 / month$69.90$139.80$209.70$399.60
$5.99 / month$59.90$119.80$179.70$239.60

*Keep in mind OnlyFans takes 20% and that this number only shows subscription prices and doesn’t include tips that you may make.

Other Tips & Tricks for Earning Money on OnlyFans

There are lots of other things you can do to establish how much you should be charging and adjust your prices accordingly. 

Offer a tip menu as your pinned post or in your biography. 
If you’re someone who is willing to offer extras for your fans (sexting, custom content, etc), letting your fans know how much this generally costs is a great way to get them to start messaging you and asking for it. Creating a “tip menu” photo and pinning it to the top of your OnlyFans page or listing your tip menu in your bio is the best way to get that information out there. 

Capitalize on the season. 
People get very generous around Christmas time - creating sexy Christmas content and offering extras for the holiday season can get people into a tipping mood and earn you rmore. 

Understand that these things work on an ebb and flow. 
Some months on OnlyFans, you will pull in a lot of money - maybe more than you even expected. However, some months may feel a little slower and you will earn less money even though the content you are creating is still the same. The economy, the time of year, people’s individual situations and much more can go into how generous they are and how much they are able to play. 

Look at similar OnlyFans creators. 
If you have a certain kind of content you’re creating (maybe couple content, maybe partial nudes, maybe full nudes, maybe longer videos, etc) - take a look at some other content creators that are making the same kind of content and see what they charge. 

It’s not just about how often you post, it’s about what you post. 
VIdeos typically offer more to the fan, since they can feel a bit more interactive than a still shot. If the majority of your content is photos, you may consider charging a bit less than someone who constantly uploads 2-3 minute videos. 

Always be yourself. 
People want to see authenticity, especially if they are paying to see the content that others don’t get to see. The best thing about OnlyFans is that people really get a look at you in a way that the general public doesn’t, which is why you can charge a bit extra for it than what you post on Twitter/Instagram for free. 

On that note...make sure the content you’re selling is exclusive. 
If you are posting photos on OnlyFans that is available for free on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, your OnlyFans subscribers may feel taken advantage of. Make sure what you’re posting on OnlyFans is exclusive for them. 

Promoting really makes a difference.
Promoting your OnlyFans (discretely) on other platforms such as Twitter and instagram is a good way to get your name out there and draw people’s attention to the content you create. Make sure this is eye-catching content that is watermarked with your OnlyFans URL so they know where to find you. 

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