Selling Used Panties on Facebook: The Sofia Gray Guide

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We want you to succeed in this exciting endeavor - and the Sofia Gray Guides can help with that. These guides are designed to answer your questions and give you insight on how to promote your used panties shop online. Sofia Gray has a marketplace full of potential buyers, however, promoting your sexy side hustle other places online can help take your used panties selling to the next level.

Today, we’re focusing on how to promote your used panties business on Facebook.

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect and share with people online. It was originally designed for college students, founded in 2004, and today, Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion users across the globe.

“Groups” can be super helpful on Facebook.
“Groups” on Facebook are places where users can join as “members” of the group to engage with others frequently around a common topic. All group posts will show up in a feed. Some groups have “administrators” who can approve/deny posts and most groups have a few administrators to ensure the group is running smoothly.

Facebook Groups can be a great way to sell your used panties on Facebook. Some common Facebook groups surrounding the selling of used panties are:

Another way you could go is creating a “page” for your used panties shop.
This page is a perfect example of how to discreetly promote your Sofia Gray panties shop on Facebook. While her “Shop Now” link goes to a web store of her own, you can easily link your button to your Sofia Gray marketplace store and direct all potential customers there. The important thing to note when running a page is to select something general for the purpose (she has hers marked as “community”) and to use vague, SFW (safe for work) language in your descriptions. Most importantly, post photos that are quite discrete to avoid clashing with the terms of service.

Be super careful with your Facebook promotions.
Facebook is not an adult-friendly site, period. They don’t allow nudity and content that depicts sexual acts is prohibited. In fact, even suggestible content can sometimes result in an account suspension. You can view their terms and guidelines here, but in terms of nudity, it’s best to stay on the super-safe side of things on Facebook. How do you do this while selling used panties?

Loopholes and discretion are essential.
Writing “s3xy” instead of “sexy”, using language like “used clothing” instead of “used panties”, and taking slightly more discrete photos (or simply photos of the panties themselves without you wearing them) can be great ways to ensure your posts aren’t flagged by Facebook as too inappropriate.

Protecting your anonymity on Facebook.
Of course, you’re anonymously selling your used panties on Sofia Gray - we have systems in place to ensure that. However, using Facebook does mean providing some personal information that could link you to it.

  • Always create a whole separate account for your used panties promotion - Facebook works with phone numbers and email addresses. This later then means Facebook could have access to your contacts in your address book and more personal information about you. We suggest creating a whole new profile (preferably with a different email address and/or phone number, and then promoting your used panties selling online that way.
  • You can turn off facial recognition and photo tagging on both your personal account and your used panties selling account so there is no possible way anyone from either account can tag you in something you don’t want them to.

You need to decide if Facebook is right for your circumstances.
Facebook has quite sophisticated algorithms for suggesting friends. Really, any personal information you give on the profile that you’re creating for your promotion can be used to link you to contacts you know IRL, which can be a bit tricky for those who want to stay private. Similarly, if you use the same phone number for both your personal and your used panties selling accounts, you could show up in your contacts “suggested friends” column at some point. We strongly urge you to consider your options and take the necessary precautions for using Facebook as a selling point if you’re someone who needs to remain 100% anonymous.

We hope this has given you an idea about how to promote your used panties shop on Facebook! If you want more tips, check out some of the articles below from our blog!
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