How to sell your nudes on Snapchat

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There are tons of ways to make money online as a sex worker, and one of the most popular is selling your exclusive sexy pics on Snapchat. The app has long been used as a way for teens and young adults to send risque pictures, since they disappear off of the user’s account almost immediately. Now, you don’t have to give away these photos for free. Instead, you can sell them to customers who want to see them, much in the same way someone would do on OnlyFans.

Interested in using Snapchat to make money off your nudes? Here’s a complete guide to get you started.

How does selling nudes on Snapchat work?

In order to make money, you’ll need to make a private or premium Snapchat account. You’ll post your most explicit content here for your subscribers to see. They’ll need to be members of your page to see the images.

Overall, you will need to post to your account regularly to make subscribing worth it. Subscribers will be expecting premium content that they can’t find on your other social media or on your public Snapchat. You might be able to cross post some content that you make for OnlyFans or other accounts, but most of it should be original. You’ll need to think of photoshoot ideas, outfits, and themes in order to keep things interesting. This is part of the fun for many people!

In order to make money from the app, you’ll need to find a way to bill your customers. You can collect payment from each person individually, but this can be a daunting task. It’s also possible to use websites to manage all of this data for you, which we’ll address later.

It may seem like subscribers wouldn’t like the fact that these pictures disappear right away since there’s no way to save them and look at them later. However, this can actually add to the appeal for some people. Since significant others usually send pics of themselves this way, it can add to the girlfriend experience of your services. In addition, it just feels a little dirtier, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, nudity is not allowed in Snapchat’s terms of service. That means that you could be banned from the platform for posting naked photos. However, this doesn’t stop many sex workers from making accounts and selling premium subscriptions.

From time to time, your account may be banned if you post naked photos. Luckily, you can easily set up another account and bring your current followers with you. You’ll just have to notify them all about the account change, which can be inconvenient.

Selling nudes on Snapchat can be a lucrative endeavor. Some people say they make $10,000 a month or more. Plus, it doesn’t require as much effort as some other sex work opportunities online, like camming every night. It can be lots of fun, and you might eventually find that you’re making a ton of money just for posting sexy or naked photos!

Public vs. premium

Your premium account is where you post your lewd pictures and videos. In order to promote your premium account, it usually makes sense for sex workers to also make a public account on Snapchat.

Your public Snapchat will entice viewers to check out your premium content. You can make it clear that you have another account, in your bio or even in your photos. Before you can get people to subscribe, you have to reel them in and build trust, respect, and likability.

You can post whatever you want on your public Snapchat. You’ll probably post some photos that will tease your explicit content, like lingerie photos or censored photos. You can also post about your hobbies and normal activities to show potential customers that you’re a real person, making them more likely to be drawn to you. You might be surprised by how many of your followers want to see you getting your morning latte or going on vacation to the Bahamas!

After a while, people who view your public Snapchat photos will get to know you as a friend. That’s exactly what you want. People are much more likely to buy from people they know and respect rather than a stranger. Once they see photos teasing your private Snapchat account, they’ll be much more likely to pay to see your extra content.

You might be surprised to find out that you’ll probably post most of your content on your public Snapchat account. There will be more variety to these posts because you’ll be posting about things that aren’t explicit sometimes. About 70% of your posts should go on your public Snapchat, while 30% should go on your private one. It’s important to keep content coming on both pages to keep your fans satisfied.

You’ll need to promote your public Snapchat account just as much as your private one. One way to get exposure is to take over the page for large Snapchat accounts. PornHub and Redtube will often let models do this, but it can be hard to get approved. 

You might also be able to do “shout for shouts” with other models. It allows you to promote your public account on their Snapchat in exchange for you giving them a shoutout on yours.

It might take time to build up a significant number of followers on your public account. Don’t get discouraged, because you could just be one post away from going viral!

Tips for making your accounts

You need to make sure that you properly brand your Snapchat accounts so people can find you. If you already have a name that you use for sex work on other sites, make both accounts under that name or a variation. Otherwise, think of something that will draw people in and make them realize that your account is explicit. However, make sure that you don’t make things too obvious, as this will probably make it more likely that you’ll get banned.

Make it easy for people to find you. Find tips online to make your account more accessible to others. If you don’t already have accounts that match your Snapchat names, consider reserving the name on most social networks and sex work websites. You don’t want someone else to come in and take your brand!

The Snapchat app only allows you to have one account per phone, so there are a few hoops you’ll need to jump through if you want to have both a private and public account. If you want, you can simply use two different phones to get the job done. There are also cloning apps that let you have two different Snapchat accounts on the same phone. Just make sure that you don’t mix the icons up and accidentally post a nude on your public account!

Subscription management platforms

It’s possible to manage your Snapchat premium subscriptions by yourself. This can work better if you charge your viewers annually instead of monthly. You can use payment management platforms like Venmo and PayPal, or you can even use invoicing software. However, this isn’t a great idea if you want to bill monthly or if you have a significant number of subscribers.

In order to make the process easier, there are many subscription management platforms that you can use for billing. They’ll allow you to bill customers monthly in an easy fashion. Here are three of the most popular subscription management programs for selling your nudes on Snapchat.


FanCentro is the top choice in the industry for managing Snapchat subscriptions. When you use their services, you’ll keep 75% of your money while they take out a 25% fee. When someone pays the fee you choose to get access to your premium Snapchat, you’ll get an email containing their username. You can then add that person to your private account list on Snapchat. When someone cancels or their subscription expires, you’ll get another email telling you to remove the expired user. This streamlining might cost a little extra, but it really simplifies the process of maintaining a premium Snapchat account.


AdultMemberSites has the option to manage your premium Snapchat, but they can also offer other sex work opportunities. They will help you manage your Snapchat in much the same way as FanCentro. The site allows you to sell videos, stream, and chat with members. They say that you can take home up to 95% of your pay, but this is only true once you’ve been with the site for a long time and are making lots of money. If you make up to $1,000, you’ll get 75% of your earnings. This goes up by one percentage point per $500, so you can get a higher payout once you’ve been with the site for longer.


While it’s a little less well-known than the other sites here, IndieBill can get the job done and help you bill for your premium Snapchat. They allow your users to pay directly from the site, and they guarantee smooth transactions and require users to go to only one page in order to check out. This site will give you 85% of your earnings, one of the highest payouts in the sex work industry. IndieBill also has some special features, allowing you to sell other items to your subscribers, including videos, Skype shows, individual pictures, and tips. While you might want to host these items on IndieBill, it might be more lucrative to use a site that’s more well-known. However, it’s really nice to have the option!

How to promote your premium Snapchat

Once you’ve made your Snapchat accounts and started posting, you’ll probably want quick ways to find new followers and subscribers. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get followers, especially ones that will eventually venture to your premium Snapchat. There’s something to be said for growing your account gradually.

However, it’s normal to want more followers now! One of the best ways to do this is to pull in your existing following from other social media platforms. Some people are hesitant to do this, since people in their life might find your new account. However, you want to get as many people interested as possible, especially if they’re already fans of your work.

You can start by promoting your public Snapchat. Post your username on r/snapchat to get the ball rolling and get some early followers. You’ll post a description of yourself here, which will help others find out if your account is right for them.

Make sure that you post the best hashtags on social media so people can help you. #snapchat can help, but other explicit tags might make it easier to stand out. Two of the best ones are #dirtysnapcash and #nudesforsale. Track the hashtags that other sex workers use. Just don’t use tags that are banned by Instagram, as they can flag your account.

You should follow other sex workers on all platforms in order to see what they’re posting and follow in their footsteps. Plus, it’s just nice to make some friends who are doing the same thing as you are! You can find them by searching through the tags above or going on cam sites.

Probably the best way to promote your lewd Snapchat is to do other sex work. There are other sites that make it easier for potential customers to find you when they’re in the mood to view sexy content.

Cam sites like Chaturbate make it easy to discover you and form bonds with your fans. Once people know who you are and what type of explicit content you make, they’re much more likely to follow you all over the internet, including on your public and private Snapchats. In addition, you can make lots of extra money camming, increasing the amount of money you make from sex work. You might even be able to do it full-time!

Here are some other sex work opportunities that could help bring attention to your premium Snapchat account:

Starting a premium Snapchat is one of the best ways to make money as a sex worker online. Since nudes aren’t technically allowed on Snapchat, you might encounter some issues using it long-term. However, if you already love using the app and want to try something new, it might be the best way to enter the world of sex work for you!