The Best Sex Toys to Use on Chaturbate

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Sex toys and camming...obviously they pair well together, but you have no idea how well. Did you know that some sex toys (powered by Lovense) can actually sync to tips you get on certain cam model websites? You can program the toy (easily) to vibrate when a tip comes in. Some of the toys even have lights that come on to indicate power so your audience can really see when they have tipped you enough to pleasure you. 

Sounds amazing, right? 
We’ll get into all that (and more) below! But first...let’s get back to basics. 

What is a camming website?
Camming websites are platforms where cam models can host “rooms” - each room can set certain “objectives” (which are usually sex acts but not always). The model assigns a price to this objective - when the viewers in the room reach that amount, the model performs the act.

You can also offer other services through some cam websites such as sexting, private shows, etc. Most camming websites work through a token system or a pay-per-view system - Chaturbate does both.

What is Chaturbate? 

Chaturbate is a (very) popular, high-traffic camming website that can be really customizable. The platform works on a “token system” (which I will explain below) as well as offering pay-per-minute rates. 

With the token system, users can buy “tokens” from the website which they can then use to tip you with. Each token is worth a predetermined price and is worth a real-life value that the model can eventually “cash out” on. 

Pay-per-minute shows: 
With the pay-per-minute system, users can pay for your services per-minute based on a predetermined rate that you have chosen. 

Cam Model FAQ

If you’re interested in becoming a cam model, you likely have a ton of questions. While I have several articles on cam modeling (some of which can be found linked at the bottom of this post) - let’s break down some of the most frequently asked questions about cam modeling…

Why would you want to become a cam model? 
There are so many reasons why this can be a fun adventure for you: it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s pleasurable, it’s a new exciting thing for you to try. Some people make whole careers out of it. It can be a sexy side hustle, something you do occasionally or it can be something you launch yourself into whole-heartedly - you can decide. 

Breaking out into the sex work/sex positive industry can be daunting but it can also be a completely freeing and empowering experience. 

Can you be anonymous as a cam model? 
In short, yes, you can. You can maintain a stage name, create a new email and bank account (or use select cash-apps) and you can even geography-block on most platforms, which means you can make sure entire regions or countries cannot access your page. 

How much money can I make cam modeling? 
When it comes to modeling and finances, there are a few things that can determine how much you make: how often you go online, what you offer during your sessions, what extras you’re selling on the side, and yes - there’s a bit of luck that goes into it in terms of visibility and gaining traction. 

According to VICE, some models can make anywhere from $1500-$2000 per month if they are camming regularly (every day). In fact, some even make closer to $4000+ on a really great month. 

What are the best websites for cam models? 
Some of the more well-known platforms include: Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, CamSoda, ImLive, StripChat, and Cam4. What sets these sites apart? Check out this article to find out

What is the key to success as a cam model?
If you’re someone who is interested in this, I’d say: go for it! C’est la vie, YOLO, you do you. My other advice? Find the platform that “clicks” for you. All of these cam sites really offer different things and with these different offerings, you can grow to different levels of success and happiness through what you do. Take the time to look into each platform and what they offer to make the choice that will benefit you the most. 

How Can You Use Sex Toys on Chaturbate?

Now...onto the fun stuff: what sex toys can I use on Chaturbate? If Chaturbate is the platform you choose to go with (which, in my opinion, is a very good choice), here’s some exciting news: Chaturbate has systems in place that make it easier for you to use interactive sex toys in your shows! 

“Give me $$, control my pleasure…”
This is one of the most popular ways to gain fast money on Chaturbate. Tell your room to get the donation pile up to a certain amount and when they do, you’ll pick the highest tipper and allow them to control your sex toy for 3 minutes (or something like this). This is a great incentive to get people to tip more! 

“Give me $$, I’ll use ____” 
Another option is using the incentive of “if you all tip me this much, I’ll do…” - this can be anything from using an anal plug to deep throating a dildo to climaxing with a remote-controlled toy or stripping completely. You can get really creative with it and set fun new objectives each time. 

Interactive sex toys on camming websites…
Interactive sex toys are all the rage - and using them on camming websites can be a great addition to your shows. What are interactive sex toys? Sex toys that can be controlled interactivelly (remotely), of course. This can range from vibrating butt plugs to rabbit vibes to insertable toys. We’ll get into the best interactive toys for camming later in the post!

Lovense and OhMiBod toys actually integrate with certain platforms - tip-controlled functions. 
Tip-controlled toys - how awesome is that. The more they tip, the more intensely the toy will vibrate - automatically. How? Technology is awesome, that’s how. Most tip-controlled vibes are Lovense or OhMiBod toys and their downloadable software actually allows you to program the toy to do certain things once a tip limit in your room is reached. How cool is that!? 

Regular old sex toys...
Just because you can use interactive sex toys doesn’t mean you have to. After all, camming shows are about setting your boundaries and having fun within those boundaries. If you’re not someone who is interested in potentially letting high-paying members of your audience control your pleasure through a remote toy - that’s totally okay! There are some “regular old sex toys” on this list, too! 

Best Toys to Use on Chaturbate

What are the best toys to use on Chaturbate during your shows? Both interactive/remote-controlled and regular sex toys will be on this list, based on some research that I’ve done on what is compatible on the platform as well as some conversations I’ve had with models on which toys are the most popular.

Lovense Lush 2
G-spot vibe
Best for: one-time controls and tip-activated games 

The Lush 2 is designed for g-spot stimulation, and Lovense (the brand behind many of the toys on this list) truly are the Kings (and Queens) of the webcam-toy game. All of their toys can be made tip-activated. Amongst the Lovense toys, the Lush remains one of the most popular for cam models. 


  • Unlimited vibration patterns - create your own, have someone else create them for you 
  • Pairs with Chaturbate seamlessly and you can give high-tippers live control or set it up to vibrate every time a certain amount is given 
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • The Lovense app is very, very user friendly and it’s easy to give someone temporary access, which makes it a great one-time control game


  • Fairly expensive (over $100)
  • Battery life likely won’t last an entire cam-show if it’s being used continuously 
  • Some women find it difficult to cum from this toy alone (as there is no clitoral stimulation) - but you can always do that yourself

If you’re interested in the Lovense Lush 2, I actually did a review on it! You can check that out here

OhMiBod Esca 2 
G-spot vibe
Best for: tip-activated games

The Esca2 is a versatile, wearable g-spot stimulator with a built-in LED indicator. The Bluetooth enabled app allows you to engage in fun with anyone, anywhere in the world. 


  • The tail lights up so viewers can really see when the toy is vibrating, when their tips come through, etc - this makes for a nicer connection to your fans and allows them to see they are actually giving you pleasure 
  • Connects to other Kiiroo toys (such as the Onyx Plus and Fuse) to play with someone - you can potentially “raffle off” these opportunities to your highest tippers 


  • Limited battery life - it actually runs at half-power if you connect it through the Chaturbate cam system 
  • Expensive (over $100)

If you’re interested in this toy, learn more about it here

Lovense Nora
Rabbit-style vibe
Best for: tip-controlled fun, self-pleasure for shows

If you’re a fan of rabbit-vibes, you’ll adore this one. Thanks to Lovense, there’s not an interactive (amazing) rabbit vibe that effortlessly pairs with Chaturbate to either have tip-activated fun or hand over control to one of your best tippers. 


  • Innovative design - a rotating head with three speeds, an optimized shaft and a flexible (strong) vibrating arm
  • You can independently control each part (so big tippers can really have lots of fun with you and this toy)


  • Rotating head can be a bit noisy - some cam models enjoy this because the viewers can hear the toy running, but some hate it. 
  • Expensive (over $100) 

If you’re interested in the Nora 2, check it out here

Lovense Hush
Best for: one-time controls and tip-activated games

This toy is for everyone - cam girls and cam guys alike. The world’s first app-controlled vibrating butt plug is super compatible with Chaturbate. It can be tip-activated and you can give up remote access to top tippers. 


  • App-controlled (easy to use)
  • Tip-activated (easy to set up and leave in as you cam)
  • Versatile, powerful vibrations
  • 2 different sizes available 


  • Expensive (over $100)
  • Only has one motor
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time and a bit awkward to remove as it’s a butt plug and you’re doing so on live cam

If you’re interested in the Hush, check it out here

Lovense Domi 2
Vibrating magic wand
Best for: one time controls & tip controlled games 

The Domi 2 is a smaller version of the wands everyone is obsessed with, but also - it’s remote-controllable. Anyone who has ever used a wand before will tell you they can be powerful and super fun - using it during a cam session is sure to make you (and your viewers) very happy.


  • External lights that allow viewers to see when it’s on and what function it’s currently at 
  • There is a glowing ring around the wand to indicate that it’s on 
  • Deep, rumbly vibrations 
  • Long battery life - great for longer shows


  • Expensive (over $100)

If you’re interested in the Domi wand, check it out here

Hitachi Magic Wand 
Wand vibe
Best for: immense pleasure, private shows 

The Hitachi is the original magic wand and wow - does it ever impress. The first toy on our list that isn’t app-controlled, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have loads of fun with it. This toy could be great in private shows as it is powerful and will make you climax! 


  • Super powerful
  • A lot of fun in individual shows 
  • Can be a more intimate thing you auction off 


  • Not remote controlled 
  • Expensive (over $100)
  • Plug-in (not wireless)

If you’re interested in the Hitachi Wand, check it out here

Womanizer Pro40
Clitoral stimulation 
Best used for: private shows and pleasure

This is one of those toys that, when you bring it out, you know you’re going to make a mess (in the best way). Featuring innovative “pleasure air” technology, the Womanizer is being hailed as one of the best sex toys since the Hitachi due to it’s sucking sensations. 


  • Absolutely amazing orgasms
  • Really adds an extra intimate layer for those willing to pay more for private shows


  • Not remote-controlled, not that interactive 
  • No penetration

If you’re interested in the Womanizer, click here

How Do Interactive Toys Work on Chaturbate?

There are two types of interactive toys: ones that the tipper controls, and ones that are controlled by tips. Since the former is self-explanatory (in that you give someone temporary access to your toy), I’ll focus on the latter. 

Toys that are controlled by tips...what a concept. Everytime someone tips you, your toy will turn on and vibrate to a predetermined beat. You can set the tip amounts in the software yourself, and you can change them up. 

For example, if you were arranging for your Lovense Nora to vibrate upon receiving tips, you could set up a show menu such as: 

  • 1-50 tokens = 5 seconds of low clit vibration 
  • 50-100 tokens = 5 seconds of low clit and low G-spot vibrations
  • 100-250 tokens = 15 seconds medium clit and medium G-spot vibrations 
  • 250-300 tokens = 30 seconds of high intensity clitoral vibrations
  • 500+ tokens = one minute of high intensity clit and g-spot stimulation with rotating head vibration 

As you can see, this system can be really customizable with each toy (the Nora in particular as it has so many functions). Not only that, but it’s such a great incentive for your fans to tip you! The more your followers tip, the more fun they get to see you have because it’s automatic. They tip, it happens. 

Cam Model Tips, Tricks and Things to Know 

Let’s discuss some of the things you should know before you get into this business. Aside from that, these are also tips and tricks that you can use if you’re a seasoned camming vet who wants to up their game! 

Keeping people entertained is going to make you more money. 
There are (literally) hundreds of other cam models who are going live at the same time as you, trying to catch people’s attention. Keeping your audience entertained is going to make them stick around, which will help earn you more money. 

Maintaining different rooms can be really helpful depending on your mood. 
Private rooms are one-to-one calls, public rooms can host many different fans at once. Hosting either (or both) at different times can help you maximize your earning potential. You can charge extra for private shows and offer things during that time that aren’t typically offered in the public shows. 

Mixing it up in terms of what you do will keep people interested. Maintaining a regular schedule will keep people around. 
You want to stay consistent in terms of how often you are online, but you want to mix it up in terms of what you do during your shows. However, if you notice one particular game or thing you’re doing during the shows is a crowd-pleaser, lean into that and offer it regularly. 

It can be inconsistent sometimes. 
This (like many other NSFW side gigs) can be a bit inconsistent. At times, you may find your public rooms are quite full - and other times it can be quite dead. Don’t get discouraged by this - simply rethink your strategy and give it another go! 

It’s not as scary as you’re thinking. 
Performing in front of crowds is always a bit daunting, but performing sexually in front of others can be even more daunting. However, the world of cam modeling really isn’t that scary. You may find that you have quite a few regulars who make you feel desired and keep the cash flow coming, then you are able to appoint “moderators” in the show that can keep the audience in line and prevent them from asking inappropriate things.

There are lots of things you can do to protect yourself. 
Speaking of feeling safe and confident, there are really so many things you can do to protect yourself in the world of camming. VPNs to keep your region safe, geoblocking to ensure no one you know can find you, and accepting prepaid credit cards or withdrawing your money to a cash app are all things that can be really helpful. 

It’s actually really empowering. 
While there are so many ups and downs in these types of adventures, you will very likely find at the end of the day you’re feeling empowered and motivated, confident and validated. There is so much more to camming than just stripping - it’s really a business, a self-love adventure, a fun thing to say you’ve tried in your life. 

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