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Some call it a riot – we call it an uprising. Whatever it was, we all know for certain how it began: with yet another…
By Nikita Andester
July 3, 2020
“She’s gorgeous.”  “She’s a beauty.” “That’s a sexy car”  When it comes to talking about cars, we’re somewhat used to this kind of language. As…
By Jaimee Bell
July 1, 2020
Plushophilia, in it’s simplest form, can be described as a sexual attraction to stuffed animals or people in animal costumes.  People who have a plushophilia…
By Jaimee Bell
June 29, 2020
Sex is the pulse in the hollow of humanity’s collective throat. Like a coiling telephone cord, the sideways tango connects us humans to our yipping…
By Nikita Andester
June 26, 2020
Even during a time in our collective history when we’re more homebound than ever before, our schedules are filling up. As the day becomes littered…
By Nikita Andester
June 25, 2020
**Trigger warning:This article contains discussions involving rape fantasies. Although we will be focusing on consensual actions, the content you’re about to read may be triggering…
By Jaimee Bell
June 24, 2020
Let’s talk about online crushes for a hot minute. We all have them. Even the monogamous Marys and Larrys get the occasional Twitter or Instagram…
By Jaimee Bell
June 23, 2020
The burn in our cheeks, that curdling in our belly. A certain topic arises, and we shift in our seats, deflect blame, and look away.…
By Nikita Andester
June 22, 2020
The four big myths about infertility It happened again. Your partner’s well-meaning aunt has just asked you when you’re going to have kids. Torn between…
By Nikita Andester
June 21, 2020


The largest used
underwear marketplace

When we think of the term ‘fetish’ we probably think about leather and latex, stilettos and whips – maybe even ...

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but erotica is in high demand right now. While there are a lot of current (and really…
By Jaimee Bell
June 20, 2020