Sexy Stocking Stuffers Ideas for That Special Someone

The used panty marketplace

What a magical, wonderful, special time of year, 

Finding something for that someone is tough 

when Christmas is so near.

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care

What to get that special someone... 

Something kinky perhaps? Maybe something to share? 

Santa’s making his list, I’m sure he’s checking it twice, 

but you know your partner’s been naughty, so here’s some advice…

What would be better this time of year 

Than the gift of an orgasm the neighbors will hear?

Or maybe a ring that’s not for a hand,

A sexy panty set - something to spice up the bland. 

Here are some sexy, sultry ideas 

That will have you both saying, “thank you Sofia!”

The time of gift-giving is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you have already started to feel the pressure of filling those stockings up with something more than joy.  

For what seems like eons, there have been “staples” of Christmas stocking filling: you know, underwear, socks, chocolate, maybe a candle for her and a “World’s Best Dad” mug for him. It’s all very nice and I’m sure they would appreciate these things, but it’s all just so bland and boring. 

This Christmas season you can give that special someone gifts that keep on giving (orgasms, that is). 

Now, I’m not just talking about some handcuffs and lube, here. We’re going into 2020! It’s the end of an era, the end of a decade...let’s do this right! I’m talking mini-vibes, masturbation sleeves, sexy underwear, BDSM restraints and all kinds of specialty Christmas items that were made for delivering all kinds of orgasmic holiday cheer. 

Let’s leave this decade with a bang, shall we? 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Him 

Stocking stuffers ideas for him are pretty basic: golf balls, socks, chocolate, maybe some boxer briefs and a sudoku puzzle book...and as I said, all of that is nice...but it’s also incredibly predictable, and likely exactly what was in his stocking last year.

Why not give him something to really look forward to this year by adding some heat to your gift-giving? 

Here are some of Sofia Gray’s top picks for inexpensive, small (but powerful) stocking stuffers for men that will have him glad he’s on your naughty list this year. 

Tenga Eggs

Price: £5.06  / $6.50 each

Starting off strong! If you’ve read my Kinky Couples Guide to Sex Toys for Two, you’ll know how I feel about Tenga Eggs. I think they’re great - and your spouse will, too! 

Tenga Eggs are masturbation sleeves that are designed to mimic very real sensations to let your partner experience the best masturbation sesh of his life. 

A fan favorite would be the Tenga Cool Standard Deep Throat Onacup, which is a bit bigger than the normal eggs (but still stocking-sized!) and it’s made to mimic the sensation of deep throat oral sex (hallelujah!). 

You can even buy eggs that are lined with different textures! For example, a well-reviewed Tenga Egg would be the Silky egg, that gives your man a silky smooth rub and tug. 

These tiny, magical little eggs are perfect for stocking stuffers! 

Pina Colada Flavored Lube 

Price: £3.10 / $3.98 USD

So you can’t make it somewhere tropical this year, that’s totally normal: bills to pay, presents to buy - but who says you can’t get tropical in the bedroom? 

Add some zest to your foreplay with this naturally flavored Pina Colada lubricant that can add a bit of exotic fun to your holiday games. 

Cock Ring 

Price (if you’re on a budget): £6.03 / $7.75 USD 

Price (if you’re ready to splurge): £110.57 / $142.01 USD

Remember what I said about a ring that wasn’t for a hand? 

Well, of course, I was talking about a cock ring - and what a great little stocking filler idea! 

First, it’s small, so it’s very easy to use as a stocking gift. 

Second, it’s fun. 

Third, as soon as he sees it, he’ll be thinking about all the things he wants to do to you later. 

Who says opening your stockings can’t be some form of erotic foreplay? 

If you’re interested in getting your spouse a cock ring to add to their stocking this year, there are a few different ones we could suggest. 

If you’re on a budget:  

Most stocking stuffer items are under 10 dollars and you may be surprised to know you can still find some really great sex toys that fit the limit. For example, the Blush Stay Hard vibrating cock ring by Jack & Jill is perfect. 

Give your hubby the gift of better orgasms (and give yourself the gift of him lasting longer) with this vibrating ring of fun. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious: 

I highly recommend the Lelo Tor 2 cock ring. This comfortable, perfectly fitting cock ring vibrates, giving both partners a powerful sensation. 

Lelo is a great brand with durable, reliable products that always have good reviews - why not test out this well-reviewed, high-end cock ring this Christmas eve? 

Sexy Scratch Tickets 

Price: £5.64 / $7.25 USD 

Does your hubby love to gamble? Well, this is one lottery he surely won’t lose - because the game is rigged! While there are all kinds of sex coupon books out there, these scratch tickets offer a bit of excitement into the mix by adding a hint of gambling. Although - is it really a gamble if every option leads to climax? 

These Sexy Scratch Tickets from Hott Place give you some kinky, fun new ideas for things to try in the bedroom. 

Custom (or Holiday-Themed) Condoms 

Price: as low as £0.35 / $0.45 USD per condom

Custom condoms can add a bit of laughter to your silly erotic games, and Say It With a Condom is the place to go for things like this. 

Not only can you create your own condom wrappers, but they don’t charge a ridiculous amount for them (which they easily could, because there aren’t many options for customized condoms) AND they have holiday-themed options for this very occasion. 

Protection is sexy - and now it can be a bit comical, too.  

Bondage Boutique Soft Cuff Restraints

Price: £12.99 / $16.68 USD

Handcuffs are something of a gag gift most of the time, but these Bondage Boutique Soft Cuff Restraints are no joke! They are super soft, lightly padded restraints linked by swivel clasps that allow for some movement, but keep your lover locked up tight. 

Give your man this sensual, non-intimidating addition to light BDSM play this Christmas by putting these in his stocking.

T-Style Cock Ring with Ball Divider

Price: £8.46 / $10.95 USD

The tighter the better applies to many things when it comes to sex - tight lingerie, tight restraints and most importantly, tight cock rings. This T-Style Cock Ring is ideal for men who love restriction and teasing. 

Made from faux leather, the ring clips around his shaft and separates his balls, offering some pretty interesting sensations when he gets hard. 

A Testicle Stimulator 

Price: £16.97 / $21.96 USD

Cock rings can be intimidating...why not try something similar but not quite as tight? 

I think your man can attest that the balls are often so under-appreciated (and under-stimulated) during sex. This vibrating testicle pouch changes all of that. 

Give him the gift of ball stimulation this Christmas and you’ll be amazed as some of the sounds your hubby makes when the speedy little bullet vibe attached to the pouch starts humming. 

If your man is a little iffy about having things around his manhood (which is totally normal), he can still enjoy this gently snug vibrating testicle stimulator because it’s not tight around the base of his penis and gently cups the balls without being restrictive. 

Used Panties 

Price: as low as £25 / $32.35 USD

If your lover has a panty fetish they just can’t get enough of, Christmas is a great time of year to let them indulge. 

Ordering used panties for him can let him know you care about what he likes and be something of a special occasion, where he gets to share this particular fantasy or fetish with you.

What better than the happiest time of year to indulge in our partner’s kinks? The best part - you can order all kinds of used panties right here on Sofia Gray

Sexy Christmas-Themed Underwear

Price: £6.99 / $9.05 USD

This sexy and cute Rudolf the Reindeer thong or this Santa boxer/hat combo is sure to make your Christmas sex-capadaes festive on many levels. 

Let’s face it, this is more of a gift for you than him - but who knows, if he plays along with the Santa scenario, you can sit on his lap and give him a special gift. 

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Her 

Women can be incredibly hard to shop for. What do they want!? What are they thinking?! 

Well, if you’ve missed the 10 million subtle hints for Christmas gifts I’m sure she’s already dropped this month - don’t worry, Sofia Gray is here to save the day. 

Instead of socks (why does everyone get socks at Christmas!?), candles, and a funny t-shirt - why not fill her stocking with gifts that will have her singing more than just Christmas carols this year? 

Here are some of the best (and most erotic) stocking stuffer ideas for her this year. 

Alive Remote Control Love Egg

Price: £39.99 / $51.75 USD 

An egg for him and an egg for her. Similar to how the Tenga Egg changes the game for male masturbation, this tiny little package can make a world of difference in female masturbation or couples play. 

The Alive 10 Function Vibrating Love Egg is a wireless vibrator that allows you to give her all kinds of good vibrations wherever and whenever you want. It’s small, discrete and yet somehow very powerful. 

Nipple Suckers

Price: £9.99 / $12.83 USD  

PSA for all men everywhere - pay attention to our nipples, please! 

Nipple stimulation is so very under-rated, says almost every woman, ever. 

Want to give your orgasm that extra tingle? Play with the nipples. 

Want to make foreplay feel more intense and edgy? Nipple play will do that. 

While there are many nipple suction toys out there, one of the really well-reviewed, inexpensive options for nipple stimulation is the Lovehoney Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers. These suckers increase sensitivity using gentle suction and are ideal for beginners and experienced nipple-play friends alike. 

Hello Touch by JimmyJane 

Price: £3.89 / $5.00 USD

Me-time is important for every woman. 

Sometimes we take an extra long shower, treat ourselves to a chocolate bar from our secret candy stash or pour ourselves a cup of hot coffee and relax with a book. And when the time is right (when there’s no one around and we have more than a few moments to ourselves) - we masturbate. 

Why not show her how much you value her me-time with a masturbation toy that will drive her crazy? The Hello Touch by JimmyJane consists of two little vibrating pads that attach to her fingers to make self-pleasure feel oh so good. While it’s specifically designed to deliver a sensual buzz to her solo play adventures, you can also use it together to give yourself something of a magic touch. 

Bondage Tape

Price: £6.99 / $8.98 USD

Bedroom bondage just got a whole lot easier with this self-adhesive bondage tape. 

Bondage tape is great because it sticks to itself with little to no glue or sticky mess, but is super skin-friendly and peels off without taking hair (or leaving marks) with it. 

Adding this simple little roll of tape to your lover’s stocking is sure to get the creative juices flowing (some other juices, too, I’m sure) and provide you with enough fun to last you right through until the new year.

Babeland Arousal Balm 

Price: £4.94 / $6.00 USD

Apply a small amount of the Arousal Balm to her clit or nipples and watch her shiver with excitement from the warm stimulation of this magical love lotion. Want to drive her absolutely wild? Put a dab on your finger (without her noticing) and start to massage her clit - she will be shocked (and excited) to feel something more than just you down there. 

The best part? It’s completely natural and vegan - so you can show her how much you care about the environment and get her to cum. 

A Ball Gag 

Price: £12.72 / $16.46 USD

If your lover likes to be bound and gagged, maybe you want something new to add to your collection. BDSM toys can be difficult to stuff into stockings, as many of them are large and expensive. Ball gags, however, are the perfect little addition to your naughty little sub’s stocking this year.

This smooth silicone and durable faux leather ball gag is comfortable (but not too comfortable) and is great for muffling her screams while you’re making her cum this Christmas Eve. 

Christmas-Themed Lingerie

Price: £12.99 / $16.81 USD

If you want anything but a silent night this holiday season, getting her some sexy lingerie is sure to put you both in the mood for a roll in the hay. 

This super sexy Santa Pom-Pom G-String will have you saying anything she wants to let you see what’s underneath. And these shimmering red nipple pasties complete the ensemble and let her tease you even more in a way you are likely more than okay with. 

BDSM/Sex Dice 

Price: £6.14 / $7.95 USD

I’d be remiss if I didn’t add sex dice to this list. I mean, they’re a classic. 

Sex dice can seem over-rated, but maybe you just haven’t found the right pair. While there are many different sets of sex dice out there, these Kinky BDSM Dice are on Sofia Gray’s Christmas list this year. Spice up your foreplay with the roll of a dice! 

Haven’t stocked up your BDSM toy collection yet? Don’t worry, you can make do with neckties and belts for restraints - improvisation makes things 10x hotter anyways. 

Beginners Butt Plug 

Price: £6.92 / $8.95 USD

While this is another toy that could easily be on both his and her Christmas list this year, maybe trying anal sex is something you and your lover want to do before the decade ends. If that’s the case, a beginner butt plug is definitely a great stocking stuffer idea! 

Fetish Fantasy’s Beginner Butt Plug is perfect for first-timers who are looking to experiment with butt play. It’s inexpensive, can fit into a stocking and isn’t as intimidating as some other anal play toys.

With a tapered tip for easy entry and a wide base for safe removal, plenty of lubricants and a glass of wine could lead you and your lover into some sexy new territory. 

Vibrating Panties 

Price: as low as £15.82 / $19.95 USD

Saving the best for last - I present to you: the perfect sexy stocking stuffer for that special woman in your life...vibrating panties.

Okay, I’m just going to say it: vibrating panties are amazing and literally every individual on this earth with a vagina should own some kind of vibrator you stick into your panties and can wear literally anywhere. 


Because we can. 

Men have it rough, it’s extremely noticeable when they get an erection and almost impossible to hide when they orgasm. But for us women...we’re blessed with the ability to hide secretive orgasm devices in our pants and yet, most of us don’t. How absurd is that!? 

This cheeky Adam & Eve Vibrating Panty set is great. If you’re looking for something a bit more top-of-the-line, the OhMiBod Club Vibe is extremely easy to slip into practically any pair of panties and vibrates to music. 

Want to be a bit daring this holiday season? Slide your vibrating panties on before having guests over for Christmas dinner. Let your spouse have the remote (if you dare), and he’ll be playing more than just host, this evening - he’ll be your master for the evening, deciding when he finally lets you cum. 

Orgasms are so much sexier when you have to be discreet, right? 

Sofia Gray Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas 

Christmas is a time of gift-giving, warm fireplaces, hot chocolate and most importantly: celebration. No matter the reason you celebrate this season, celebrating and spending time with that special someone is a great way to end the year. 

An even better way to end the year? Packing your special someone’s stocking full of erotic little surprises that will have you both climaxing your way into 2020 and beyond.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a kinky and good night.