Take it off: Strip Games For Your Next Stream or Sexy Game Night

The used panty marketplace

In this age of pandemic, lots of us are looking for stay-at home alternatives or things we can do with small groups of friends. And really, it’s not just the pandemic, sometimes it’s hard to get a babysitter or get a night away from the kids. It’s important to keep your love life fresh and sexy, despite limited options. Continuing to date your partner helps keep your relationship alive and thriving. Here are some ideas on Sofia Gray for couples or triads for dates.

Gone for now are nights out dancing and drinking. Even going to the movies is complicated. Have you ever considered a game night for date night? Board games and card games are a great way to connect with partners and friends. Laughing. Healthy competition. They can even be made a little sexier if you have some ground rules.

We all know about strip poker. But have you ever considered strip Monopoly or strip Battleship? You don’t have to use the typical adult games either. Maybe you only have kid friendly games in the house. You can definitely use those too; you just have to get creative with the rules and wait until the kids go to bed.

There is something about the slow tease of removing one piece of clothing at a time over a long period of time that increases arousal and, at least for me, can lead to some seriously hot sex.

The games that I list in this article also have a fun drinking option. Drinking can be helpful in easing tension while playing some of the stressful options like Monopoly. That game can get pretty intense.  

These rules were fun to think of as I looked around my house at the games that I had around. Most of our games were purchased and played once, maybe twice and are now gathering dust. After thinking through these rules, I am definitely open to busting them out again with some new life breathed into them.

Here are the ones that I have readily available and made my list to share:  


Game basics: This game is to be played with two people. Each person has a grid and five ships. The ships are placed on random spots on the grid and are out of view of the other player. Each person must try and sink the other’s ships by calling out coordinates. The first person to sink all five of their opponent’s ships wins the game.

Sexy Strip rules: Every time you hit your opponent’s ship, they must take a sip of their drink of choice. When you sink a ship, they must remove a piece of clothing according to this schedule:

  • Destroyer (2 holes): A sock or something that barely shows skin
  • Submarine (3 Holes): Shirt or pants
  • Cruiser (3 holes): Shirt or pants
  • Battleship (4 holes): Bra or underwear
  • Carrier (5 holes): Strip completely


Game basics: This game can be played with anywhere from 2-8 players. Each player chooses a token and is given a specific amount of money. The rules for this game vary as much as the people that play the game. There are house rules that can be tweaked to the players involved, but these rules should be agreed upon before the first roll of the dice. The main goal of Monopoly is to travel around the game board and purchase properties, collecting pieces of the same color grouping. You then want to build in order to increase revenue as people land on your properties. The person with the most money at the end of the game wins.

Sexy Strip Rules: This game can take hours to play, so I felt like adding a drinking rule to this one. If you land on a property owned by someone else, take a sip on top of paying the rent. Once a person has a monopoly, owns all of the properties in the same color group, the stripping begins. If you land on a monopoly, you must lose a piece of clothing. The first one naked loses the game.


Game basics: This game is for 2-6 players. There is a murder that takes place in the mansion. You must guess who, with what, and in which room the murder of Mr. Body takes place. The murder weapon, room, and murderer is placed into a secret envelope in the middle of the board and can only be looked at by the person making their final guess. Players will first choose which of the house guests they would like to be. Players roll the dice and move through hallways and when they enter a room, they can make a guess to try and determine who the murderer is. Clues are gathered and each player tries to deduce the crime. There are also secret passages that can be used should the player want to continue to make guesses.

Sexy Strip Rules: The drinking rule would be if the player doesn’t have a card to show you, they must take a drink. If a player chooses not to venture into the halls of the mansion to move to a different room and wants to use a secret passage, a piece of clothing must be removed. If a player makes the call to make the final accusation and they are wrong, then they must strip down all the way to their birthday suit and you must finish your drink. If they are right, they can put their clothes that came off back on.

Heads up

Game Basics: Played with 2 or more people on a phone app. This can be played in teams. Object of the game is in each round to get the most correct. It’s like charades. Team that has the most correct answers wins the game. It is a very fast paced game, but super fun. Some ways to set up teams are men vs. women or couple vs. couple.

Sexy Strip Rules: The team that loses the round will lose a piece of clothing. The winning team can put something back on. The first team that is totally nude loses the game.


Game basics: This game is played with 2 or more players. Spinner indicates the body part and color that the body part will touch. You get entwined with the folks that you are playing with. The goal is to not fall down. Players that don’t fall down or remove your appendage from the color are the winners.

Sexy Strip Rules: If you fall or quit touching the color with the correct appendage, you lose a piece of clothing. Keep playing until someone is naked. This has so many fun possible ways to get things to come up or slippery.

Cards Against Humanity

Game basics: This card game is played with a minimum of 3 players. Each player gets 10 white cards. The Card Czar (a rotating position each turn) chooses a black card. The players then choose which one of their cards will be the funniest with the card chosen by the Card Czar. The players will then pick up another white card. The Card Czar chooses the best white card and awards the black card to that player. The player with the highest number of black cards at the end of the game wins.

Sexy Strip Rules:  The Card Czar deems a winner and loser. The winner can put a piece of clothing back on (if they have lost some). The loser loses a piece of clothing of the Card Czar’s choosing. The first player to be completely naked loses the game.

Air Hockey/Foosball

Game basics: Game played between two players. Both of these games involve scoring points against the other. You play to a certain number of points and you can play rounds. Person with the most points wins.          

Sexy Strip Rules: This is pretty straight forward, when you lose a point, lose clothes. Score a point or win and you can put something back on. Remember to be careful spinning the players on the foosball table or how hard you hit the puck on the table. Injuries to certain delicate areas can hurt the game.


Game Basics: This game is for 2 or more players. A player draws a doctor card. This card says what needs to be removed from the patient and the person to the left tries to remove the part using the tweezers without touching the sides. If the part is removed successfully, then the fee is paid to the player that removed the part. If the sides are touched with the tweezers, then the turn is lost. The player with the most money once all parts have been removed wins the game.    

Sexy Strip Rules: Every time you buzz the sides, you lose an article of clothing. If you get the piece out without buzzing the sides, you can tell someone playing to lose a piece of clothing or you can put something back on. The person that is naked first loses the game.

Chutes and Ladders

Game basics:  This game is for 2-4 players. The goal of the game is to go from the bottom of the board (square 1) all the way to the top of the board (square 100).    You can skip squares if you land on a ladder and you lose spaces if you land on a slide. The first winner to reach square 100 wins the game.

Sexy Strip Rules: Yes, this is a game meant for kids, but that doesn’t mean grown-ups can’t have some fun with it once they are in bed. This one is easy, every time you use ladder to climb, you take a drink. If you land on a slide and have to go down, you have to drop a piece of clothing, too.


Game basics: This is a game for 2 people. The deck is divided evenly between both players. Each player throws down one card. The player with the higher-ranking card wins the round and keeps the cards. If the players throw down the same rank, both players throw down three cards face down and then turn up one more card face up. The player with the higher rank takes the entire pile. The player that has all the cards at the end of the game wins.

Sexy Strip Rules: If you lose war, you lose clothes. If you win war, not only do you get the cards, but you can put something back on. First player to lose all of their clothes loses the game.

The Only Limit is YOU

This list of games is by no means the most comprehensive one out there. The thing that I had the most fun with the research for this article was thinking of ways to make games that I have already at my house strip worthy. It really comes down to creativity and resourcefulness.

Is this limited to board games and card games? Hell no. When I was figuring out which of these deliciously naughty games to showcase with specific directions, I found that the possibilities really are endless. If there is a game you like to play, you can easily add stripping or sex to it.

Dungeons and Dragons came up on multiple lists. There were a couple of reasons that I didn’t include it, the main one being that my teenage kid plays it and it weirded me out. I don’t want to think about it. The other is that I have never played it. But my husband gave me about ten different ways stripping could be incorporated that were not limited to just storylines.

Magic the Gathering is another one that I don’t play but loads of people in my life do play. I could come up with ways to use stripping to barter instead of using manna, among other things. Even classic games like Risk and Scotland Yard could make a turn to the naughty side with a bit of creativity. Don’t limit yourself. Here are some other games that could be fun:

Uno: Just think of the fun options here. You not only have the color cards, but the wild cards can really get things wild.

  • Jenga: You could add positions to try or poses, on top of taking clothes off.
  • Connect Four: Taking clothes off may make this classic game even more fun.
  • Dominos: If you don’t have a piece you can play and need to draw a new piece, you need to strip to get one.
  • Hungry Hippos: The motion to get the hippo to eat can get the blood pumping for sure.
  • Candy Land: You could add a sexy food element to this one.
  • Go-Fish: Get Naked instead of Go fish!
  • Old Maid: Whoever has the old maid, has to lose all the clothes.
  • Asshole: The President can make any rule they want. This one could get interesting really fast.

Those are just the ones that I could come up with. A quick little search on the internet gave an even longer list with even more sexy rule ideas.

Lovesense.com had several more games listed, and they weren’t standard games. Even Cosmo had games listed for the bedroom. The majority of the games listed are for the bedroom only. One that I hadn’t thought about was Truth or Dare. For that game, you don’t need any pieces, or anything purchased. You just need the people that you want to play with and any questions or dares that your brilliantly naughty mind can come up with.

Reddit even has a thread about porn games. These games include your more traditional games, but also ones you may not have thought about. People on the Reddit thread also share how the games turn out and ways to make the stripping/sexy part even more sexy.

How about physical games?

I got to thinking about games that would normally happen when not sitting, like tag or basketball. Those games can totally include a stripping element, but you need to also think about running about without clothes on. If you or your group isn’t self-conscious about running and things being allowed to flop in the breeze, then I say go for it.

We don’t own any board games or cards, but we play video games.

Yep! Video games are fun to use as well. All of these are super fun without a stripping element. Think about how much more fun they could be naked.

  • Mario Party
  • Wii Sports
  • Xbox Connect
  • Just Dance
  • Street Fighter
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Super Smash Bros

So how do you go about having a sexy game night?

Sexy Game Night could become a fun part of things that you can add to your repertoire with your partner. If you think they’d be into it, you could surprise them with it. Maybe start it off as a romantic candle lit dinner that leads to a saucy game of Scrabble.

Another way to present this fun game night with just your partner would be to plan it like a casual date night. Order dinner (think pizza and beer or whatever) and have the game all set up. You would then discuss rules that you have come up with and then ask if there is anything they would want to add. You could also tease about all day and include your partner in the plans. Send some texts back and forth coming up with rules and how you want it to play out.

Say you want to include some friends in the game play. Start a group chat and see what games everyone would want to play and if they’d be open to making it naughty. I feel this is important to say again, as with any sexy playtime, communication is key. It’s important to communicate how the game will work, rules, as well as any limitations that anyone has. This will help mitigate hurt feelings and unrealistic expectations. The more open the communication, the more relaxed people will feel. This will lead to more fun had by all.

A fun option that I read about on Reddit was a way to make this a sexy secret between you and your partner. Say you’ve had a really long day or week at work and a date night just isn’t in the cards, but you still want to figure out how to play this. One couple plays their game of choice; they play Mario Kart as a family. The sexy secret part is this: they have a notebook or a piece of paper that they write down favors they will do instead of stripping. They say that the favors are for a time when they can act on them and adds a whole new level to game play.

The kids at home option or lots of other people around option is exciting to me because it’s a sexy secret between you and your partner. Like sometimes I’ll let my husband know I’m not wearing any panties under my dress or send him a pic of what I’m wearing under my work clothes. It’s a way to build the sexual tension and add an element of foreplay that lasts as long as we want it to.

Final Round

So many fun options, so little time. Having some competition in your relationship is a way to bring out some good energy from your partner. Playing games together brings out you’re a playful side that doesn’t always get to come out because we all get bogged down with the tasks of life. Bills, work, kids, responsibility. Playing games together gives a safe place for us to let our guard down and be a kid for a bit.  

Game night doesn’t have to be some lame thing that brings back bad memories of that cutthroat game of Monopoly that ended with someone crying in the corner. Variety is the spice of life and a game night may be a new fun way to change things up in your relationship. Our podcast quite a few different game options.

 Have fun playing!