Is OnlyFans Safe?

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With millions of creators and subscribers on OnlyFans, the platform is quickly becoming the most popular subscription website on the Internet. Here, content creators can post both free and paid content in a variety of niches and subjects. Popular categories include health and fitness, food and recipes, and beauty and fashion. 

Even with thousands of creators posting pictures and videos in a number of categories, NSFW content still reigns supreme. These accounts include content ranging from racy photos and fetish videos to amateur porn and live streams. 

If you’re sharing adult content (or any content) on OnlyFans, you may be wondering if the platform is safe. The short answer is yes. But staying safe on this subscription site takes a little bit of know-how and creativity. Keep reading to find out if OnlyFans is safe and tips for protecting yourself on this popular platform.

What is OnlyFans and How Does It Work?

Even if you’ve never logged onto OnlyFans, you’ve likely heard of it. This subscription-based website saw a massive uptick in popularity following the Covid-19 pandemic and its audience and customer base is only continuing to grow. 

The website allows content creators to post just about anything for their followers (fans) to view. While some content is free, most accounts offer paid subscriptions which means if users want to see the good stuff, they’ll need to pay. Monthly subscriptions range in price from as little as $4.99 to as much as $49.99 depending on the type of content and how popular the creator is. 

Getting started on OnlyFans is pretty easy. Simply visit the website, fill out the registration form, follow the steps to verify your identity, and voila! You can start creating, posting, and making passive income. The other good thing about OnlyFans is that they take both user and creator safety very seriously, which is why they confirm the identity of every single user on the platform. In addition to the safety and background checks performed by the platform, there are other safety measures you can take and things you can do to protect yourself on OnlyFans.

Is OnlyFans Safe?

The shorter answer is yes. When used correctly, OnlyFans is a relatively safe website for both creators and subscribers. Let’s take a look at safety from both sides of the coin.

OnlyFans Dangers for Creators

Here are some of the most common dangers and pitfalls to consider if you plan to create and promote an OnlyFans page.

Identity Theft 

All content creators go through a two-step verification process that requires you to retrieve and enter a code every time you log in. While this may seem tedious, it guarantees that no one else gains access to your account. In the event that you think someone is trying to hack your account, you can use the website’s “previous login sessions” tool under “sessions” and “account” to see what devices recently accessed your account and from where. If it wasn’t you, alert the page’s admins immediately. This is done by opening a ticket with the OnlyFans customer support team. OnlyFans creators claim that the company’s customer service network is efficient, polite, and prompt. 


Although it’s rare, stalking on the platform does happen. Some fans become so obsessed with your awesome content that they go to great lengths to contact you or find out your true identity. While this may be flattering at first, if it gets concerning, there are ways to protect yourself. 

The best approach is to remain anonymous or use a fake name. You can also block any fans or followers you find suspicious. You should also limit the personal information that you post on your page. Avoid adding your address, phone number, or information about where you’re traveling or vacationing. In extreme cases, you can report sketchy behavior to OnlyFans admins for further investigation. 

You can even create an anonymous email address that you only use for your OnlyFans account. While OnlyFans requires a valid email to subscribe, you don’t need to use your personal one or even a current one. Instead, use an anonymous email service like ProtonMail to generate a new one. If you’re staying anonymous on OnlyFans as well, use this same name as your email address so your loyal fans can find you but hackers can’t.

Not only does ProtonMail hook you up with an anonymous email address but it doesn’t collect any other personal data so if they experience a data breach, your personal info is safe. 

Stolen Content

Another common concern of OnlyFans content creators is that their precious content will get stolen. Sadly, this happens fairly often on the platform and the admins are working hard to find a solution. It’s also common among those who post adult content, so if your OnlyFans page includes NSFW posts, you may be at greater risk of copyright infringement. 

While you can’t completely prevent this, the OnlyFans customer support team can help you retrieve your lost or stolen content. The first step in this process is to contact the OnlyFans DMCA team with details about what content was taken, by whom, and when. Then just sit back and let them handle the rest. You can also add watermarks to your photos and videos as a way of identifying them as yours.

There are also plenty of private companies online that work to actively scan the Internet for your personal content. While hiring these services may cost you initially, it’s a small price to pay for protecting your content from being misused in the future. Once you determine who’s doing it, you can report them to OnlyFans’ copyright team and block them. 

Promoter Scams

There are plenty of promoters out there promising to help elevate your OnlyFans account to the next level and help you gain subscribers and income. While many are legitimate, there are plenty of scammers out there as well. Fake promoters tend to reach out on other social media platforms first including Instagram and TikTok. Here, they’ll make you empty promises, accept payment, and leave you high and dry. If you do choose to use a promoter for your page, be sure to perform your own background check on the agency and gather plenty of information before committing to anything.

Safety Tips for OnlyFans Creators 

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep yourself, your identity, and your information safe on OnlyFans while still making a hefty income.

Data Encryption and Security 

OnlyFans has security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and data. All of the information you enter on the OnlyFans platform is encrypted and stored on a separate server. This extra safety step limits and reduces the risk of security breaches and makes it more difficult for hackers to capture your information.

OnlyFans offers similar protection for the banking information you enter to receive your payouts. Payments are processed and stored using a partner company. This third-party processor is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. That means they can safely and efficiently process payments while storing your banking information safely and securely. Now, you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing your personal bank or the money you have in your account. 

Restrictive Tools

Content creators can also limit who accesses their content. For example, you can pick and choose who can contact you using direct messenger, turn off comment posts, or create a profile that’s fully private. Fully private accounts can only be accessed by specific users that you approve. While this ensures your safety, it may also cut into your earnings. 

OnlyFans Dangers and Safety Tips for Subscribers 

Without subscribers, content creators would have no platform to work with. Even though it’s the creators who are exposing themselves to the world and feel entitled to protection, subscribers are also paying customers with their own concerns and rights. OnlyFans takes subscriber privacy and safety seriously as well. 

Payment Protection

Subscribers can pay in several ways including with a debit or credit card or by setting up an eWallet to deposit and withdraw money to pay toward their monthly subscriptions. OnlyFans also has a 3D secure checkout process that protects subscribers’ credit card and personal information. These details can’t be seen or accessed by anyone else. OnlyFans will also ask you to verify your account and any new payment methods using a verification code or SMS code.

With that being said, there’s no way to 100% guarantee your money or identity as a subscriber is completely safe from hackers or other wrongdoers. Data breaches happen. But by using SSL encryption, OnlyFans does its part to keep paying customers safe and their information secure. 


Though rare, OnlyFans has suffered both data breaches and hacked accounts in the past. It’s important to note, however, that these hacks were not due to negligence on the platform’s part. Most of the hacked creator accounts failed to use two-step verification or used a weak password. By enabling verification and using a unique password that the website deems as “strong”, you can enjoy an extra layer of protection and peace of mind. 

Most OnlyFans accounts store your payment and credit card information using only the last four digits of the card and the expiration date. The good news is that even if a hacker does gain access to your account, this information can only be used on the platform to subscribe to other accounts or purchase per-per-view content. Hackers don’t have access to all of your payment information and therefore, can’t use it on other websites or steal money from your bank account. If you notice suspicious charges on your account, notify the OnlyFans customer service team immediately. 

Phishing Scams

Some hackers on OnlyFans use phishing scams to retrieve and use your login information. These hackers use email phishing to convince you to open a link that looks like it’s from OnlyFans. Instead, the link redirects you to a fake website where hackers record your login name and password when you try to sign in. 

The best way to protect yourself against phishing scams is to use a VPN or other digital security tool. VPNs detect malicious websites and emails, preventing hackers from accessing your information or tricking you into giving it up willingly. 

Fake Accounts

While content creators on OnlyFans need to beware of people stealing their content, subscribers have to be wary of fake accounts made using stolen content. As a subscriber, you may stumble upon these fake accounts created by hackers using photos and videos from other social media sites. 

Since OnlyFans has a pretty strict no-refund policy, if you subscribe to these faux accounts before realizing they’re a scam, you’re out of your money with no way of getting it back. Your only recourse at this point is to cancel your subscription so you won’t get charged the recurring monthly fee. One way to protect yourself against fake accounts is to only subscribe to a single month versus an entire year, even if it saves you money upfront. This way, you’re only out a few dollars versus hundreds. Once you confirm that the creator is legit, you can upgrade to the yearly subscription.

What Type of Information Does OnlyFans Collect?

Knowing what information you’re entering into the OnlyFans database may help you feel more comfortable with the entire process. While the platform collects more data from content creators than subscribers, both parties need to enter their fair share of information.

Here’s the additional information you’ll be asked for when using this subscription website.

Content Creators

Content creators are required to input more information than subscribers, so don’t be surprised if OnlyFans asks for the following data. One reason for this is that the platform wants to verify your identity as a valid user and not a hacker trying to scam users into paying for fake accounts.

  • Identifiers include your full name, driver’s license or passport number, and social security number. If OnlyFans has a hard time verifying your account, they may ask for even more personal data.
  • Employment and professional information
  • Property records and other commercial information
  • Search and browser history and other network activity information 

If you feel like this information collection is extensive and even a little invasive, it’s because it is. But, remember, OnlyFans is only requiring this data to keep you, your information, and your identity safe.


  • Account names, email addresses, postal addresses, and other identifiers
  • Biometric information and features to use tools like Face ID authentication 
  • IP addresses, browsers, and other device and network information

Compared to other social media platforms, this is a pretty short list.

OnlyFans Safety FAQ

In conclusion, let’s cover some frequently asked questions about safely using the OnlyFans platform.

Is it Safe to Use a Credit or Debit Card on OnlyFans?

Yes! You can safely enter your credit card or debit card information on OnlyFans without fear of your information being stolen or compromised. People use these payment methods on Internet sites all over the world, including social media. This is why using your credit card on OnlyFans is just as safe as any other platform. OnlyFans also uses 3D secure authentication which prevents fraud and better protects your account. By displaying only the card’s expiration date and the last four digits of your account, even if hackers access your information, they can’t use it on any other website.

Does OnlyFans Steal Your Money?

No! OnlyFans doesn’t steal your money. Content creators get to keep 80% of the money they earn. OnlyFans only keeps 20% which goes towards running and maintaining the site.

Does OnlyFans Alert You if Someone Takes a Screenshot?

No, unlike Snapchat, OnlyFans doesn’t notify you if someone screenshots your page or if you screenshot theirs. This means that if someone screenshots your content in an attempt to steal or reproduce it, you’ll never know. Chances are, at some point someone’s going to screenshot your content. Even if it’s not with the intention of using it themselves, they may share it with friends or keep it for their own personal pleasure. This is just one of the risks you take when creating and posting content on OnlyFans.

Stay Safe and Start Making Money on OnlyFans

With so many opportunities to make money on OnlyFans, you may be intrigued by the prospects. And we don’t blame you! Now that you know how to stay safe on the platform as both a content creator and a subscriber, you can forge ahead and follow your financial dreams without worry. 

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