How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

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Do you want to join the millions of OnlyFans creators making money hand-over-fist but are hesitant to expose yourself to the world? (Literally). What if we told you that there’s a way you can earn a living posting on OnlyFans without revealing your true identity? 

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s not. With a little creativity and innovation, you can create a lucrative OnlyFans account without ever showing your face. Think of it as your best kept dirty little secret.  Keep reading for our guide to making money on the most popular subscription-based platform ever without your relatives, friends, employers, or neighbors ever knowing it’s you. 

How OnlyFans Works

Before we get into how to not only make money on OnlyFans but do it without ever revealing your identity, let’s quickly cover exactly what it is and how it works. OnlyFans is an online content subscription service. Content creators post exclusive photographs and videos that only their “fans” can see. Some OnlyFans accounts are free to view while others require you to pay. The cost varies with some fans paying a monthly subscription for unlimited access to their favorite creators’ pages while others pay a one-time fee or pay-per-view. You can also tip your favorite creators for a job well done. 

The more popular, exclusive, and in-demand the content, the more creators charge. While there’s no denying that a majority of the content found on OnlyFans is adult or sexual in nature, that’s not the only thing people use the site for. Some artists and other creative minds use OnlyFans to promote their work, art, and ideas. It’s also important to note that OnlyFans is NOT a porn site. It seems like everyone from Cardi B to your personal trainer at the gym has an OnlyFans page these days, with some creators making enough to quit their day jobs and become content creators full-time.

But making money on OnlyFans doesn’t mean compromising your scruples or even your anonymity. There are plenty of ways to gain fans and generate income without “outing” yourself. 

And here’s how it’s done. 

What Type of Content Does Best on OnlyFans?

There are three main types of content on OnlyFans:

  1. Photographs
  2. Videos
  3. Live streams

Similar to Instagram, OnlyFans is a very visual social media platform. From fashion and cosplay to fitness videos and tutorials, there are plenty of categories to choose from. Some of the top-performing pages include:

  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Travel
  • DIY
  • Beauty
  • Adult Content (NSFW)

There’s no denying that sex sells. This is why adult content and NSFW (not safe for work) material attract a majority of users on OnlyFans. But that’s not to say you can’t create an account in one of the other categories mentioned above and still bring in some big bucks. Because content on your travel, DIY, or gaming page doesn’t focus on adult content, you can easily post videos and tutorials while remaining anonymous. There’s no need to show your face and the content people are after, essentially, has little to do with you or how you look. These fans are hungry for information.

Fitness pages offer the unique opportunity to show off your hot bod or muscles while also providing useful tips and techniques – all while remaining anonymous. You can easily produce videos, photos, and even live stream your workouts without ever showing your face. 

For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on how to make money on OnlyFans in the NSFW and adult content categories while also protecting your true identity.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Remaining Anonymous on OnlyFans

When it comes to remaining anonymous on OnlyFans, some of these do’s and don’ts are pretty obvious, like using a fake name or wearing a mask. Others may be techniques you never thought of and ones that offer inspiration, insight, and ideas on how to create a money-making account in no time.

Don’t Show Your Face

Let’s start with the most obvious and easiest way to conceal your identity on OnlyFans – don’t show your face! While this is a pretty basic piece of advice, there’s more to it than just aiming the camera in another direction or only filming from your neck down. In fact, most fans looking for adult content aren’t focused on your face anyway. 

There are a few popular and effective ways to post racy content that sells without exposing your face like blurring it out, covering it with an emoji, or wearing a seductive mask or costume. If you go the emoji route, avoid overusing them. This technique can easily go from playful and fun to annoying and distracting for your fans. You can, however, have a lot of fun with masks and costumes. Make these part of your entire OnlyFans identity and persona. (More on this in a minute). Stick with the same mask to make yourself identifiable or switch it up depending on the type of content you’re producing. 

Do Use a Fake Name

Some of the most infamous adult stars use fake names. From Stormy Daniels to Brandi Love, these names are clearly fictional but no less appealing. Now’s your time to get creative and come up with a “stage name” that embodies your personality or the character you want to portray. Make sure the pseudonym you choose doesn’t lead back to you in any way. For example, avoid using your middle name, maiden name, or any nicknames those closest to you might recognize. The name you choose should be catchy, sexy, and easy to remember.

Once you choose the name and create your OnlyFans account, be consistent across all other social media platforms. Making money on OnlyFans requires marketing and engaging on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the same name across the board. This way, your fans can easily find and follow you. 

One more pro-tip: always use your real name when registering with OnlyFans. If you want to get paid, which is the objective, OnlyFans needs your legal name, street address, and banking information. Providing false information or using your stage name will complicate things and may prevent you from receiving your payments or even worse, creating an account at all. 

Do Focus on Other Body Parts

When you choose to blur, cover, or omit your face completely, you need to give fans something else to focus on. If you’re posting NSFW content, this shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. Show off your amazing body. Guys, highlight those amazing abs, well-defined biceps, or bulging package. Ladies, why not flaunt those breasts, legs, backside, or even your lips, tummy, or toes? That’s right, there are plenty of people out there searching specifically for feet pics.

Here’s where you can include fun and playful costumes or clothing. Dress up in sexy lingerie, swimsuits, bondage clothing, or role-playing costumes. Use different positions and eye-pleasing angles to offer your fans some variety. Another way costumes and accessories come in handy is by hiding other identifiable features like tattoos, birthmarks, or scars. While these may not automatically blow your cover, if someone you know or an avid follower gets a peek at a distinct tattoo or mark on your body, they can use this to figure out your true identity. 

This is especially true if you’re active on social media under your real name. For example, posting pictures or videos of yourself on your personal account that shows a birthmark on your shoulder and then showing your exposed shoulder on your anonymous OnlyFans page is a risky game and could act as a clue for anyone looking hard enough. 

Don’t Forget About Your Backdrop and Surroundings 

Your unique body markings aren’t the only thing people can use to figure out who you are. The backdrop of your photos and videos act as huge hints and may cause you to unintentionally out yourself. Everything from that family photo on the wall to the street sign behind you will reveal a lot more to your fans than you bargained for. 

When photographing and filming indoors, use a neutral, unidentifiable backdrop. Hang a solid color sheet or blanket on your wall or use a green screen. Remove any personal items and wallhangings including pictures, art, and even posters. If you’re outdoors, pay close attention to road signs, businesses, and billboards. Even images from wide-open spaces like beaches or wooded areas can provide hints you may not notice at first. If you want to remain anonymous on OnlyFans, you’ll need to carefully examine every picture and still-frame before posting. 

Don’t Forget About Geolocation Tags

Another thing you can’t overlook is geolocation tags. Oftentimes, your phone will automatically tag your location in the pictures and videos you take. If you’re promoting your OnlyFans page on other social media platforms (as you should be), make sure the content you post doesn’t provide any information about your location including metadata or geo-tracking. Not only will this protect your identity but it’s also a matter of personal safety and security. 

Making Money on OnlyFans While Remaining Anonymous

Now that you know a little bit more about how to protect your identity on OnlyFans, let’s talk about generating income and having fun doing it. 

Use Anonymity to Your Advantage

While running an anonymous OnlyFans page comes with its own set of hurdles and challenges, it also offers unique benefits. The mystery of your identity is half the appeal for some of your most loyal customers. These fans will keep coming back for more in hopes of either collecting clues or getting one step closer to figuring out who you are. You can also use this suspense to promote exclusive content. Advertise a limited-time offer where fans can pay a one-time fee for exclusive content. Things like a hint about your identity, a photograph that shows more of your body, or even a soundbite can all attract attention and more revenue while also gaining you new fans and followers. 

Create a Captivating Character

Here’s where things get interesting and fun. It’s time to tap into your creative side and come up with a captivating and compelling character that draws fans in. By this point, you’ve probably decided on your fake name and have a few ideas about the type of content you want to create and how you plan to hide your face. Now is your chance to be someone else. Anonymity gives you the freedom to interact and engage with your audience in ways you may not otherwise be comfortable doing. 

Are you inherently shy but wish you were more aggressive? Have you always dreamed of being a dominatrix? Use your deepest desires and fantasies for inspiration. Your OnlyFans persona can be playful, seductive, silly, or kinky. Consider everything from your voice (if you’re live-streaming or posting videos) to your clothes and background images. The more compelling your character, the more fans you’ll attract and, you guessed it, the more money you’ll make! 

Focus on Specific Niches and Fetishes

With one-third of the population having at least one fetish, this is a great place to start when looking to generate income on OnlyFans. Choose a fetish or specific niche (i.e. cosplay, anime, furries) and capitalize on its loyal following. Some fetishes even lend themselves to anonymity. For example, dressing up in furry costumes, wearing a bondage mask or hood, or focusing on certain body parts like your feet. There are plenty of niche NSFW categories on OnlyFans that don’t require you to show your face. 

Provide Custom Content or a Service

Offering custom content is one of the best ways to bring in the big bucks on OnlyFans. While some users don’t mind scrolling through a variety of content or paying to see the types of pictures and videos they enjoy most, others crave something more individualized. By letting your fans order custom content, you can charge top-dollar. Your fans may ask for videos where you address them by name or photographs depicting you in a certain costume or position. If you’re comfortable meeting these requests, this is a quick way to generate extra income. 

You can also advertise a specific service like ASMR porn videos, sexting, erotica stories, or other non-visual stimulants. This is also a great way to remain anonymous since your physical attributes have little to do with the service you provide. Think of it as phone sex for the 21st century. 

Post High-Quality Photos and Videos

This is the golden rule of running any content-driven site whether it’s a business page, personal blog, or your anonymous OnlyFans page. In fact, posting quality photos and videos is even more important on OnlyFans because it’s such a visual medium. Fans and followers are paying for exclusive content and they want to get their money's worth. Promising one thing and delivering something subpar will not only result in lost followers but also a damaged reputation which can be difficult to recover from. 

Invest in high-tech equipment or at least a quality editing program that lets you produce flawless photos, videos, and sound. 

Post Consistently

This tip for making money on OnlyFans stems from the previous one. Not only does the content you post need to be high-quality, but it also needs to be consistent. The only way to gain and keep followers and fans is to create a certain level of trust. This starts by posting on your page regularly and consistently and keeping your word. Even if you plan to stay anonymous on OnlyFans, you need to create an account and a bio that tells fans what to expect from your page. Be sure to make good on these promises. If you say that you’re going to post one photo and one video a day, do it! If you can, post more! 

You can also use these additional posts as exclusive content. Many successful OnlyFans creators have two pages – a free one and a paid one. Post a single picture or short clip on your free page, followed by a message that states fans can see the full-video version by signing up for a subscription. 

Protect Your Identity and Your Financial Interests by Making Money as an Anonymous OnlyFans Creator  

You don’t need to be a famous adult star, rapper, or fitness enthusiast to make it big on OnlyFans. Plenty of people are turning a profit and creating a loyal fanbase while keeping their true identity under wraps. There are countless ways to remain anonymous on OnlyFans while still appealing to the masses. Everything from using costumes and masks to offering unique services or only photographing your body can bring in big bucks if you market to the right audience. Remember to hide your face, use a fake name (except when you register your bank account), and turn off your location before posting. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to brainstorm your naughty name, character, or persona and start creating!