How Does Chaturbate Work? How to Make Money on Chaturbate

The used panty marketplace

What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate, which is a classic, totally under-rated wordplay, is a cam website. More specifically, it’s a cam website that combines the art of conversation with the act of masturbation. Hence the name: chat-urbate. Clever, right? 

Well, that’s not the only clever thing about the platform. We’re going to dive into how this website works, how camming in general works, how to make money on Chaturbate, and more. 

How does Chaturbate work?
Chaturbate has hundreds of individual chat rooms. Each model (cam girl, cam guy, or cam couple) gets a room. Inside the room, you will find the model performing for the other members who have clicked on to watch her room. 

There are plenty of ways that cam models keep their audiences happy, from cam games to giveaways, even letting customers control their sex toys! 

Users (fans who enter the room to watch the cam model) will tip the models with tokens. These tokens are things you buy from the website and then use on each model to tip them for their show. Some cam models also offer extras through their profile (things like purchasing used panties, photographs, etc) - and these exchanges can also take place on the platform through private messages with the model. 

How do tokens work on Chaturbate?
Many cam websites use the token system. On Chaturbate, tokens can be purchased by the user and given to the broadcaster/model during their show as a tip. This token is then worth a certain amount to the model.

Some of the prices on Chaturbate for tokens are: 

  • 100 tokens - $10.99
  • 200 tokens - $20.99
  • 500 tokens - $44.99
  • 750 tokens - $62.99
  • 1000 tokens - $79.99

Here is an example of what those tokens are worth to the models: 

  • 100 tokens - $5.00
  • 500 tokens - $25.00
  • 1000 tokens - $50.00

Additionally, there are other ways for models to earn on Chaturbate. Each month the site hosts contests for cam models to participate in with cash prizes. 

How much you do on the site (as a user) matters...and here’s why.
According to Red Light Vegas, site members are classified into different codes (based on a color-coding system) based on how many tokens they have, how regularly they are on the platform, etc. 

Code Red: Chat room moderator - these are people who frequent the site so much that they are appointed by the broadcaster to monitor the chat to ensure everything stays within guidelines. 

Code Orange: This is the code given to broadcasters (models). 

Code Grey: This is a member who doesn’t have any active tokens. 

Code Green: This is a member who is a fan (frequently visits) a certain chat room. 

Code Dark Blue: This is a member who has spent at least 50 tokens within a two week period. This can be on one model or several. 

Code Light Blue: This is a member who has spent at least one token but not more than 50 in a two week period. This can be on one model or several. 

Code Light Purple: This is a member who has tipped at least 250 tokens within a 2 week period. This can be on one model or several. 

Code Dark Purple: This is a member who has tipped at least 1000 tokens within a 2 week period. This can be on one model or several. 

Why does this information matter to models and members alike? Well, the code you’re given could determine how you’re treated on the site. Obviously, models can see (daily) who their most active members are. This means when it comes time to choose a moderator for their account, give away freebies, etc, your name may stick out above people who don’t use tokens very often. 

Chaturbate is an inclusive platform dedicated to forming intimate connections 

Chaturbate is a very popular cam model platform. As long as you are above the age of 18, you’re able to sign up for the platform and start broadcasting...but what kind of content creators are most popular on this site? 

All kinds of models are accepted on Chaturbate: male, female, couples, transexuals, etc. The site has easy-to-navigate features that allow users to select which type of model they want to interact with, meaning you’ll get connected with people who want to see you. 

Planet Radio spoke with Chaturbate COO Shirley Lara, who explained: “We opened the platform for everyone because there is someone for everyone at the end of the day.”

While you may not suspect such a romantic viewpoint from a cam model platform, really, that’s what most platforms like this aim to do: connect people with other people in intimate and fun ways.

As far as reviews (from models and users alike), people love Chaturbate. 

Some of the most popular features on Chaturbate include things like Chaturbate’s built-in app store, fully customizable profile pages, geoblocking, and assigning moderators. 

Chaturbate App Store 
Apps and Bots, the app store attached to Chaturbate, is easily one of the best features of the platform. This is a space that can keep track of tip goals, add tip games to the chat room, set up interactive sex toys to react to tips of certain amounts, etc. This is an incredibly easy way for broadcasters and models to run their show without all the hassle. 

Customizable Profiles/Pages 
Chaturbate is also unique in that it allows the models/broadcasters to fully customize their profiles. This can include HTML elements, as well. There are so many ways you can create a profile that showcases your talents and your personality, allowing you to draw in the right kind of viewers. Models I’ve spoken to in the past have said this is easily one of their favorite features on Chaturbate because it allows them to present themselves in a unique and personal way.

As with many cam websites, Chaturbate allows geoblocking. This means that models are able to block out countries (and regions) to prevent your chat room and content from being accessible to someone in your home state, region, or country, for example. 

Assigning Moderators to Your Shows
A moderator, chosen by the model, will work alongside them to manage their broadcast and ensure rules are being followed in the chatroom. Chaturbate models can assign any user to be their moderator and can also set expiration dates for those privileges. These moderators can communicate directly with the broadcaster/model, encourage viewers to tip in order to reach a goal, give insight to viewers if problems arise, etc. 

It’s important to have a moderator to ensure you can focus on putting on a good show and engaging with your audience, not having to worry about examining the chat log. 

Chaturbate also allows split-camming. 
Split-camming is becoming more and more popular, and Chaturbate is not missing out on this opportunity. What is split-camming? Well, splitting your cam performance on multiple sites, of course. 

This uses a special software (that you can download) to broadcast yourself to multiple sites simultaneously. This can increase the number of viewers which of course, can increase the amount of money you make.

Chaturbate’s affiliate program…

Chaturbate, like many other cam sites, has an affiliate program. With the affiliate program, broadcasters and models can get commissions for referring new customers to Chaturbate. You can earn extra cash for every new sign up or gain a lifetime revenue-share on that person’s token purchases. 

Learn more about their affiliate program here.

How much money can I make on Chaturbate?

As a cam model, how much can I make on Chaturbate? While the platform, and others like it, have been considered a dream gig for many people, it is a hustle. This is a job. It may not be like any other job you’ve had, but ultimately, you get what you put into it. 

If you perform well, are active consistently, and are engaging with your audience when you’re broadcasting, you’re going to earn more. 

This article includes some helpful advice from a cam model right from her first day: “The first days are a bit difficult because no one knows you and you have to make yourself visible. It’s the only way to bring new customers and money.” 

Yulia, the model interviewed in the article, goes on to explain just how she earns her money through the platform and how much she really has been earning. 

“More than $6000 by working 3 hours a day from home in just 15 days!. There are other girls that earn twice as much, but I don’t have the time or the will to do it.” 

Personally, I think those earnings are pretty great for just three hours each day, and I can only imagine how much you could make if you split your cam sessions into several 2 or 3-hour stints every day. 

This article further explains some of the numbers that other models have made, ranging from $100 - $7000 per day depending on how big your fan base is, how often you’re on cam and if you attract high-tippers. A good estimate, from the article, is about $100-$250 per hour if you end up on the homepage (which does take some work!)

What kind of cashout methods can be used on Chaturbate? 
How do you actually get the money you make through this platform? Well, Chaturbate offers a variety of different payout options such as ePayments, direct deposits, cheque sent by mail, or payment via Paxum, as some examples. 

The minimum cash out is $50, meaning you have to have at least that for each withdrawal you make. Payments are typically made twice per month (biweekly) but it is possible to request payout early. 

What kinds of shows can cam models perform in? 

If you’re new to the cam-model circuit or haven’t been an avid cam model watcher, it may be a bit confusing to figure out what cam models really do. Each platform has its own system, and for now, we’ll be focusing on what Chaturbate cam models do. 

Public shows…
This is the most common type of show a broadcaster or model can host on Chaturbate. A simple live session where you gather an audience, perform tricks, set goals, play games, use interactive toys, and do whatever else you’d like for your audience to watch. These shows are typically free to watch but run on tips from customers who are watching.

Private (one on one) shows…
One on one shows are private and typically charged per minute on Chaturbate. These shows are negotiated before the private session starts between the performer and the user. This is to ensure both parties are happy (and consenting) to the kind of show that will be put on. If you’re a cam model interested in doing private shows, you can list this on your profile so potential customers understand they can send you a private message to arrange this.

Spy shows…
Spy shows are for voyeurs everywhere. When you (as a model) enable “spy shows”, other Chaturbate members will be able to spy on any private session you’re in. These spy shows are charged per minute (just like the private shows) and the rate is decided by the model.

How to make (more) money on Chaturbate…

Now that we’ve covered how much you could be making as a cam model on Chaturbate, let’s dive into HOW you make that money. Of course, people tip you. But how do you get people to tip you (and tip you well)? 

Set up “goals” for your audience. 
“Once my tip counter reaches $30, I’ll remove a piece of clothing.” 
“Once my tip counter reaches $100, I’ll give someone control of my sex toy!” 

These types of goals and incentives are a great way to get your audience engaged (and spending) on your shows. 

Be unique! 
Chaturbate (along with every other cam model platform) has hundreds of models that are live at any given time. You need to stand out! Whether it be what kinds of kinks and fetishes you service, your look, your brand, how much you charge for service, etc...something about your profile needs to catch the glances of people scrolling through the site. 

Talk to your audience. 
Engaging with your audience is one thing, but talking is something a bit more intimate. Audioporn is popular for a reason (and that reason is voice kinks, which I happen to know quite a lot about). Consider reading erotica or engaging in flirty voice sexting with your fans to promote your page. 

Promote your cam show on social media. 
Of course, users on Chaturbate can scroll around and find your page, but you don’t want that to be the only way people can find you. Promoting your Chaturbate through social media platforms (specifically Twitter, as they are known for more lax sexual content guidelines) can help ensure you’re reaching more people who want your content. 

Additionally, it’s helpful to live tweet shows or tweet to notify your fans when your shows are starting along with the link. They can then very easily follow the link to your show and may stick around.

Create a profile that is clear, enticing, and elegant. 
In the cam-model industry, unfortunately, first impressions are everything. If your profile isn’t enticing, many will just scroll past you and on towards someone who catches their eye. This doesn’t mean you have to be flawlessly skinny or have a certain type of body - it just means you have to enhance what you do have and make it appealing to those scrolling past. 

Make your profile clear (with what you offer) and choose photos that are super flattering. Consider getting professional boudoir shots for your profile pictures to entice customers into entering your room. Additionally, you will want to make sure your grammar and profile layout is visually pleasing because people do pick up on those things as well.

Market yourself on a website. 
If you’re interested in turning cam modeling into a full-blown career, building a website/portfolio to market your socials (including Chaturbate) as well as share teaser photos of your content is a great way to draw in new potential clients.

Play fun games in your room. 
People love games! Sure, you can chat and you can masturbate, but after a while, even that can get a little stale. Why not spice up your room with some fun, interactive games. Bonus? I wrote an entire article on just that topic.

Acknowledge your regulars and offer incentives to newbies. 
If you notice the same names in your chatroom day after day, tipping you and engaging with you, acknowledge them! If you notice a few new names that keep popping up, entice them to stay! Engaging with your audience isn’t just about being a good performer. There are many people who visit these types of platforms to find a real, intimate connection with the model. 

Let your audience control your sex toys. 
Technology is amazing. Thanks to Lovense and other similar brands, there are many different types of sex toys (for both men and women) that can be controlled remotely via apps anywhere in the world. Lovense in particular actually pairs with cam platforms (including Chaturbate) to flawlessly and effortlessly integrate remote-controlled toys into your rooms. 

How Chaturbate stacks up to other cam websites...

We’ve discussed cam websites before, even how they compare with each other. In that article, I interviewed cam model Autumn Red, who just so happens to be a Chaturbate model. 

Autumn explains, “First of all, and most importantly, there is no such thing as ‘better’ or ‘worse’ sites. Not at all. Lately, I've been chatting with other models and reading a lot, and I've come to the conclusion that you just ‘click’ with certain sites. It's all about your style, seeing if you fit in and feel comfortable in a certain place.”

I think this is the most important thing to remember if you’re trying to figure out where to set up your cam modeling services. Do your research and find the platform that you feel is best suited to your own needs. 

That being said, there are a few things Chaturbate does well that other platforms don’t. 

It’s a large platform (which has both pros and cons). 
Chaturbate is known as one of the largest American adult camming websites, with an estimated 4+ million unique visitors every single month. That’s a lot of potential customers! 

Chaturbate offers a 60% payout rate. 
These platforms (all of them) take a commission from what the models make. Chaturbate allows you to keep 60% of the profits, which is about the mid-high range of commission for most camming platforms. Some others, such as Ready Set Cams, for example, only allow you to keep around 30% to start.

Chaturbate has a reputation (a good one, at that). 
While many other websites may have their own thing going on, Chaturbate has been succeeding, steadily building up a reputation since 2011. They have gained a reputation as an efficient platform for both models and users. 

If you're looking to get started on Chaturbate - click here!