Can I Make Money Rating Dick Pics?

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Over 40% of men have sent at least one dick pic, with the average guy sending over 20. Ironically enough, of the 80% of people on the receiving end, nearly all of them claim they never asked for the picture nor did they want it. 

So, what’s up with guys having this overwhelming desire to share their junk with the general public? Most men admit that they send dick pics in the hopes of receiving an explicit photo in return or, at least, striking up a sexually explicit conversation. Others are merely proud of their package and are looking for a positive reaction. Unfortunately, most women on the receiving end are less than thrilled with the image. And while men are more receptive to getting genital pics, overall, if the person doesn’t ask for it, you’re probably better off keeping your private parts, well, private.

But what happens when you’re one of the select few who doesn’t mind getting an innocent dick pic from time to time? In fact, what if you could make money off your opinion of a random guy’s genitals? While an unconventional way to make extra money, you can actually get paid to rate dick pics. Want to learn more? Keep reading and get ready to use your eye for detail.

How Does Dick Pic Rating Work?

Let’s start with the basics. A guy sends you one or more dick pics and you rate them on a scale from 1 to 10. While it may sound simple, it’s a lot more involved than that.

For starters, you need to know what kind of rating the guy is looking for. Does he want brutal honesty, compliments, or humiliation? The more detail you include, the better. Some of the most successful dick pic reviewers provide a thorough evaluation in great detail, commenting on everything from the length and girth to other features like grooming, veins, head, and even balls. For an added fee, some raters will describe what they want to do with the dick and how it stacks up against others they’ve seen. Most ratings are sent over chat but some more adventurous reviewers will include a reaction video where they may or may not be wearing clothes. How far you take it is completely up to you.

Why Do Guys ask for Dick Pic Ratings?

Are you still not sold on the idea that guys willingly send their unedited, raw, and vulnerable dick pics to be mercilessly judged? Think again. Most men are pretty fond of their penises, regardless of their size or girth. In fact, 7 out of 10 men even give their genitals a name. But despite countless hours admiring and fondling their own package, some guys still want more. They want an honest, unbiased opinion from a woman (or man) who isn’t afraid to give it to them straight. When this overwhelming curiosity gets the better of them, these guys are willing to pay for your genuine review.

So, what exactly do guys want to know, and why are they asking? No one knows the true reason behind a man’s motives for requesting a dick pic rating, but we can venture a guess. For some, it’s about vanity. They think their cock is amazing and they want to hear you say it. Other guys need a confidence boost and may ask you to only shower them with praise and compliments. On the opposing end are guys who get off on humiliation and request dick pic ratings that are exceptionally harsh. And then there are those guys who just want an honest opinion. Maybe they’re preparing for a blind date, haven’t had sex in months, or maybe not at all and before they drop trou for someone they like, they want to know how their dick stacks up against other guys. 

Understanding why each guy is asking for a dick pic rating and what type of response they’re looking (and paying) for is a key part of making money off this service.

The Different Types of Dick Pic Ratings

As briefly mentioned above, not all dick pic ratings are created equal. Some are lengthy written descriptions of the anatomy itself while others get into greater detail about what you’d like to do with the guy’s package if given the chance. Other raters offer video descriptions that show their reactions in real-time, while others may even review dick pics while nude and fondling themselves. The possibilities are really endless and it all comes down to what you’re willing to do and how much the guy is willing to pay. 

Here are some options to consider.

Numerical Ratings with a Written Description

The most basic dick pic rating consists of a numerical number (usually 1 through 10) and a short written description. This is the cheapest option (more on how to price your ratings in a minute) and may include some minor details and comments about length, girth, and overall appearance. 

You can charge more for longer descriptions but you also need to include more. In addition to commenting on the dick’s overall appearance, include specific details that make it unique. Is the head particularly bulbous? Or perhaps the veins on the shaft are bulging in a particular area that catches your eye. The more detail, the better. If you want to take things even further, describe what you would do with their package or what you’d like them to do to you. While this borders on sexting, it could earn you a few more dollars. You can also choose to keep things objective and simply provide a basic, straightforward description and numerical rating.

Reaction Videos

If you’re ready and willing to take things to the next level, you can record your dick pic rating on video. This can be something as simple as a video that shows you reviewing the picture in real-time. The more genuine and raw your response, the better. Show your true first impressions and then take time going into greater detail as you examine the picture more closely. Call out which parts you noticed first and which ones turn you on. Keep in mind, that these positive compliments only apply if you’re giving a positive review. If the guy requested either an honest or humiliating rating, you’ll need to adjust your approach (more on this in a minute). 

You can structure your reaction videos any way you want. Show yourself sitting at a desk, on the couch, or even in bed as you view their dick pic on your computer screen or phone. Wear something sexy and revealing, stay fully clothed, or wear nothing at all. It’s all about your comfort level and how far you’re willing to go. If you opt for a nude reaction video, you can also add in some playful flirting, fondling, or even masturbating as you describe what you’d like to do with their dick in real life. Obviously, the farther you take it, the more you can charge. 

Favorable Ratings

Most guys interested in dick pic ratings want their egos stroked. They want to hear how nice their package looks, how big it is, and what you want to do with it. Regardless of whether or not what you’re saying is true, a lot of men will pay to be showered with compliments. While this may seem easy enough, it can prove quite difficult if a certain guy is lacking in length or girth. This is where your creativity comes into play. Focus on the positive attributes and ignore the negative. Instead of commenting on his dick’s short size, compliment him on the size of his balls or how well-groomed he is. You can even say that you prefer guys with a smaller package. Get creative with your compliments and try to make them unique to each client. 

Honest Ratings

Guys who believe that honesty is the best policy may request an honest, straightforward dick pic rating. Perhaps they’ve been complimented all their lives on how nice or big their cock is but they want to know what a stranger really thinks. Or maybe he recently got his first manzilian and wants to know if it makes his dick look bigger. Whatever the reason, some men out there really do want an honest rating of their Johnson. And that’s what you need to give them! 

Start with the positives and compliments before moving on to some of the less-than-flattering comments. Even when you're critiquing their picture, be kind. There’s a fine line between brutal honesty that’s offensive and mere observation. For example, instead of degrading his length, you can comment that you’ve seen bigger but that he is still a nice size. You can also try making recommendations like if his manscaping is in need of some work. Another effective tactic is to offer constructive criticism as a form of honest advice from a girl's (or guy’s) perspective. For example, “Take it from me, girls love it when…”. This way, you’re pointing out his shortcomings (no pun intended) without being overly critical. Just remember, there are certain things a man can’t change, like his length or girth, so when offering advice, make it tangible. 

Degrading Ratings

These types of dick pic ratings take brutal honesty to the next level. Some guys actually get off on being degraded, insulted, and humiliated. They want nothing more than for you to tell them how tiny and useless their cocks are. While these requests are less common, they’re often easier to do since you no longer have to worry about insulting the person. If you have a background in being a dominatrix, all the better. You can even accompany your rating with a video of you dressed as a dom, complete with a leather outfit, mask, and whip. Most men who request degrading or humiliating ratings of themselves know exactly what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it or pay for it.

How Much Money Can You Charge for Rating Dick Pics?

Speaking of payment, you’re probably wondering how much you can make rating dick pics. The amount you charge is directly related to the types of ratings you offer and how much the person is willing to pay. One of the most well-known dick pic raters on the Internet, Eevie Bellini (aka The Banana Butcher), charges $20 for a three-paragraph dick pic appraisal. For an additional $10, she’ll include a nude video reaction.

Use Eevie’s prices as a starting point. Because she’s becoming increasingly popular as the queen of cock-rating, her prices are probably on the higher end. Start off by charging $10 per rating and an additional $5 if you want to include a video. You can obviously charge more if you plan to get naked or perform any type of sex act or dirty talk in the video. Set your prices based on your comfort level and what the person is asking of you. Just know that the more you charge, the harder it may be to land clients.

Where to Advertise Your Services

So you’ve decided you have the right personality to rate dick pics, now what? You need to know where to advertise your services. As you may already know, some social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have pretty strict community guidelines that prohibit any type of adult content. Even though you’re not posting racy photos, the subject of rating dick pics could get your account flagged and banned. So, stick with more forgiving platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. 

One of the best places to advertise your cock-rating services is on Reddit. This is the outlet that Eevie Bellini uses. Reddit has thousands of subreddits, or groups, dedicated to a variety of topics, many of which are NSFW. Bellini uses the subreddit r/sexsells but there are others like r/slutshowsell and r/ratemycock. The only problem here is that some people are offering their dick rating services for free. If you want to make money for your candid opinion, you’ll have to make your services unique and offer something worth paying for. You also need to stand out in an oversaturated market where you’re offering an unconventional service. 

You can also create your own subreddit, start posting your services along with pictures and thought-provoking questions and see how many people join. This will give you a good idea of where their interests lie. Reddit is also a great place to post teasers, advertise your services, list your prices, and direct people toward your premium content. You can also chat with other creators and raters while attracting potential clients.

Tips for Giving a Good Dick Pic Rating 

Now that you’ve set your prices and are advertising your services, you need to deliver on your promise to provide unique, honest, and flattering (or degrading) dick pic ratings. Even though it may sound simple, it’s often more involved than you realize. Before you hit your keyboard or turn on your webcam, check out these tips for giving a dick pic rating your customers will appreciate. 

Include Plenty of Detail

Attention to detail is key when giving dick pic ratings. Without it, your customers might think you use the same generic description for all your clients. Mention any unique features you notice about their package. For example, “I love how your cock curves to the left, I’ll go right.” Is there a birthmark or special characteristic you can mention? The more detail you give, the better. Create a personal experience that conveys honesty.

Follow a Negative with a Positive

There’s an art to giving constructive criticism. Unless the client is asking for a humiliating review, even an honest cock-rating requires some tact. Even if there are several flaws or less-than-perfect features of the man’s genitalia that you’d be remiss if you didn’t mention, be sure to follow up with something complimentary. For example, “Your cock is a little short but you make up for it in girth.” Soften the blow of your negative feedback by pointing out his positive attributes or offering tips and advice for improving the look of his penis (i.e. manscaping or using a different camera angle). 

Explain What You’d Do to Them 

Spice up your dick pic ratings using dirty talk and sexy details. These are especially useful when giving positive or flattering reviews. Dabble in some sexting or dirty talk as you describe what you’d like to do with their package or how they could use it to please you. This method usually involves more compliments than insults and may border on mild phone sex, so be sure you’re comfortable with this before offering it as part of your rating. 

Make it Personal and Descriptive

Add a personal touch to your dick pic rating by using the client’s name and including a video or audio recording. As informative as reading a review of their dick might be, most guys would prefer to hear it. This adds another layer of pleasure to the experience that goes beyond just seeking a positive assessment of their package. If the guy is turned on by being humiliated, be sure to include plenty of degrading insults. The more personal and intimate the rating is, the more some men will be willing to pay. 

Return the Favor 

Remember how we said that some guys send dick pics in hopes of getting something explicit in return? If you’re game, offer your clients a nude picture in return – no rating or review required. After you give your honest opinion of their most intimate area, it’s only fair to return the favor. Snap a sexy picture of yourself in lingerie, your chest, body, or your own genitals. This is, of course, a completely personal choice and not necessary when offering dick pic ratings. But it might be fun!

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Do you love handing out compliments and critiques and are unphased by seeing nudity? If so, rating dick pics for money might just be the profession for you. Instead of getting unsolicited dick pics that give you nothing but the shivers, why not get paid for your efforts and honest opinions? 

Advertise your dick pic rating services on Reddit and other platforms that support adult content. Set fair prices and be sure to give your clients what they want. Ask specific questions about the type of review they want and be clear about what you offer, whether it’s a written description, audio message, or even a nude reaction video.

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