Fleshlight Launch Review: Is It Worth The Money?

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Fleshlight is currently the most popular and best-selling male masturbator on the market. Created by an ex-cop and his pregnant wife in 1998, Fleshlight now produces dozens of products from porn-star replicas to anal openings and even oral masturbators. With every year, Fleshlight's design team becomes more innovative, creative, and bold. And so do collaborating companies as they strive for new ways to enjoy and improve on Fleshlight's different products.

One such company is Kiiroo, which has worked closely with Fleshlight in the past to design automatic masturbation tools for use with their best-selling toys. The Fleshlight Launch was perhaps one of the team's most popular and effective tools. It is an automatic masturbator that provides hands-free fun and is compatible with most Fleshlight masturbators. Sadly, the product was discontinued after the business deal went sour and Kiiroo and Fleshlight parted ways. 

But, never fear! 

Kiiroo heard the outcries of all of its blue-balled consumers and decided to create a new and improved design – the Fleshlight Universal Launch. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the new and improved model, the Fleshlight Universal Launch, while still drawing some comparisons to its predecessor, the Fleshlight Launch. Inquiring minds want to know – what are the key differences, and similarities, and is the new and improved Fleshlight Universal Launch worth the hefty price tag? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Grab your lube and let’s take a look.

What is the Fleshlight Universal Launch and How Does It Work?

Since you can no longer get your hands (or cock) on the Fleshlight Launch, let’s start with the product that’s still available and selling out as quickly as it hits the shelves and virtual market. 

The Fleshlight Universal Launch is advertised as a premium male masturbation tool and an improvement from the previous model and those that came before it. 


One of the most notable features is that the Universal Launch is compatible with almost every Fleshlight, regardless of design or model (hence the name “universal''). Previous Launch products could only be used with specific Fleshlights, which meant if you didn’t have the right one, you were out of luck. 

But the possibilities don’t end there because the Universal Launch can also be used with third-party sex toys. Simply slide your favorite masturbator inside and make the magic happen. This feature is thanks mostly in part to the Universal Launch’s sturdy lock strap that lets you position virtually any toy exactly where you want it. Just beware that if the toy is too large, too small, or made of a super squishy material, it may not be the best fit. 

Some Assembly Required

Just like those pesky children’s toys on Christmas morning, if you want to enjoy all the amazing, automatic benefits of the Universal Launch, you need to get all the moving parts just right. To start, if you want to use the toy’s convenient cell phone mount, you’ll need to attach that to the top which is a quick and easy task thanks to a simple bolt design. If possible, leave this in place because getting it back into its original box can prove quite difficult.

Grip Design and Controls

When it comes to the design features of the new Universal Launch, you may not notice some similarities to the previous model including a similar grip to the Quickshot Launch, making it easier to grasp and hold on to when you’re taking your toy for a ride (or should we say, your Fleshlight is riding you?).

The power button is located on the right-hand grip. All you have to do is hold it in for 3 seconds and the Universal Launch will turn on. Now, the fun begins. Hit the button one more time, and the masturbator will start going to work. At the top of the grip, you'll also see a stroke speed button. Here, you can control how fast or slow the masturbator moves, with the fastest setting hammering away at an impressive 250 strokes per minute! Adjust the speed settings until you find your sweet spot. Need a break? Press the button again and the device will pause. When you’re trembling, done, and can’t take anymore, hold the button in for another 3 seconds to power it off. 

Moving to the left-hand grip, you’ll find two more buttons that control the stroke length and position. At the top of the grip is the rocker button which controls the length. Press up to increase the stroke length and go deeper or press down to decrease the length and mimic short, fast-paced movements. The other button is located on the side of the left-hand grip and gives you the option to change the stroke position. It’s important to note, though, that this button only works if the stroke length is not on the highest setting. On a shorter stroke setting, this position button lets you focus on the shaft or base of your penis or the head, depending on your preference and mood. 

With so many different features and combinations, the Fleshlight Universal Launch is definitely one of the most versatile and customizable automatic male masturbators currently on the market. 

Securing the Universal Launch for Use

Because the Fleshlight Universal Launch moves at a quick rate of speed to get you off quickly, you need to secure it in place before pressing the power button. Users claim that this model is the easiest Launch to secure. Not only does it not require much effort but you don’t have to worry about it dislodging mid-session. 

At the base of the toy, you’ll see a padded ring and latch system where you can lock the male masturbator into place on any flat surface. The easy-to-use latch lets you set the initial tightness before securing it in place using the second latch. Even after securing them in place, you can adjust the tightness by simply loosening the first latch.

Battery Life 

If you think you can withstand the unmatched 250 strokes per minute delivered by the Fleshlight Universal Launch, you may be wondering about its battery life. When fully charged, the automatic male masturbator will last for 60 minutes. The higher speeds and more power you use, the faster the battery will drain. On average, guys report getting between 3 and 5 uses out of the Universal Launch before needing to charge it. Another great feature is that the Universal Launch isn’t powered by battery alone so you can use it while it’s plugged in. So if you really get desperate, you can charge and use the toy simultaneously. 

Because the Universal Launch is an electrical device with a motor, it’s definitely not waterproof. That means no shower sex or pool play. 

Lube is NOT Optional

Even though you can’t get the Universal Launch wet, you need to lube up your Fleshlight or another masturbation sleeve before going to town. The Universal Launch moves your favorite sex toy up and down your shaft at a fast rate of speed – even at its slowest setting. Can you say, chafed shaft? Be sure to lube up both yourself and your sex toy before powering up your Universal Launch. Opt for a water-based lubricant to help preserve your silicone sleeves and create a more authentic experience.

The Fleshlight Launch vs. the Fleshlight Universal Launch vs. the Quickshot Launch

Three generations of automatic male masturbators. From the original Quickshot Launch to the now discontinued Fleshlight Launch and the newest release of the Fleshlight Universal Launch, each product has its own set of pros, cons, and improvements.

Here’s a quick comparison guide to help power your purchase.

The Quickshot Launch

The first automatic Fleshlight-compatible masturbator developed by Fleshlight itself, the Quickshot is similar to the Universal Launch in many ways. Both offer 250 strokes per minute and let you adjust the speed, stroke lengths, and position. 

The main difference is that the Quickshot Launch is only compatible with smaller, Quickshot toys (also made and produced by Fleshlight). The automatic masturbator and its compatible toys are only 3.5-.inches in length as opposed to the original and Universal Launch masturbators which accommodate full-size, 9-inch Fleshlights. Here are some of the Quickshot’s pros and cons as reported by users.


  • 250 strokes per minute
  • 3 positions (head, shaft, and base)
  • Controls for stroke length, speed, and position
  • Charges using a wall outlet (just like the Universal Launch, you can use the Quickshot while it’s plugged in)
  • 60-minute battery life
  • Easy and conveniently placed controls
  • Mimics the sensation of a mindblowing BJ
  • Smartphone mount
  • Compatible with all Fleshlight Quickshot toys


  • Flimsy power button
  • Noisy when used on faster settings
  • Doesn’t come with a Quickshot toy (these must be purchased separately)
  • Bulky and difficult to store
  • Low-quality build
  • Some glitches
  • Messy cleanup
  • Potential damage to the battery if you let it discharge completely 
  • The longer the stroke you choose, the slower it moves (meaning it’s difficult to enjoy long, deep strokes at a faster pace)

The Fleshlight Launch

From the Quickshot to the first Fleshlight Launch, this upgraded masturbator is, sadly, no longer available, but still worth mentioning – especially in comparison to the newer model, the Universal Launch. 

One of the biggest differences between the Launch and the Quickshot is the sheer size. Because the Quickshot is compatible with Quickshot toys, which are naturally smaller in size, the Launch needs to be bigger to accommodate full-size Fleshlights. With customers already complaining about the bulkiness of the Quickshot, you can only imagine that the Launch is even harder to conceal. One benefit is that its sleek, black exterior makes it look less like a masturbation tool and more like a nifty tech gadget.

On the plus side, the Launch was one of the first automatic masturbators to come with built-in VR technology for a truly out-of-this-world experience. All you needed to do was download the FeelConnect app on a smartphone through the Apple or Google Play store. Once downloaded, users opened the app and scanned the QR code from popular pornography websites like PornHub Interactive, UFeel.tv, and FeelMe.com. Next, the user would choose an interactive category, sync the Launch to the video, and select “watch in app”. This VR feature offered plenty of surprises as the Launch would match the movements of what was happening in the video. With the control out of your hands (literally), it felt more like the real thing. 

Here are a few more pros and cons of the Fleshlight Launch that users enjoyed (and struggled with) while they had the chance.


  • Compatible with most Fleshlight toys
  • Manual and virtual features are available
  • You can add VR goggles for an even more intense experience
  • It can be used while plugged in and charging
  • One year warranty 


  • The Launch is large, clunky, and heavy, making it difficult to hold in place while using 
  • The sound is pretty loud, especially during high speeds
  • The $200 price tag

The Fleshlight Universal Launch

Now that the original Launch is no longer available, the Universal model is the only one that currently accommodates full-size Fleshlight toys plus other masturbators. It still has many of the same features as the original Launch but with some improvements. One downside to the newest version is that it no longer has VR capabilities. You may, however, notice that many of the benefits of the Universal Launch are similar to the Quickshot. 


  • Ergonomic grips and controls
  • 250 strokes per minute
  • 3 position settings (base, shaft, and head)
  • Controls for the speed, position, and stroke length
  • Convenient wall charger (you can use your Universal Launch while it’s plugged in)
  • 60-minute battery life
  • Smartphone mount 
  • Compatible with all Fleshlight masturbators and third-party masturbation sleeves
  • Smooth operation
  • Lighter than the original Launch 


  • Oversized box that’s difficult to hide
  • No VR settings 
  • Could take up to 9 hours to fully charge
  • Doesn’t come with a Fleshlight sleeve (you have to purchase this separately)

Where to Buy the Fleshlight Universal Launch 

Are you ready to embark on a new wave of self-pleasure? The Fleshlight Universal Launch takes the guesswork out of masturbating, providing a hands-free experience that will quite literally shake you to your core. If you think you can handle 250 strokes per minute and the sheer size and power of this automatic masturbator, here’s where you can get it:

  • The Fleshlight website
  • SexTech for Men
  • Fleshjack

The Fleshlight Universal Launch can be yours for around $200, depending on the site.

Power Up Your Pleasure

If you want to add an automatic male masturbator to your collection, what better brand to try than the King of male masturbators, Fleshlight? Enhance your experience using plenty of lube, a variety of toys, and a little imagination.

And if you’re still missing the VR features of the now discontinued Fleshlight Launch, check out this review as a possible replacement to make all your virtual wet dreams a reality.