A Man’s Guide to Making Money on OnlyFans

The used panty marketplace

OnlyFans took the digital world by storm following the recent pandemic. A website that started with just 20 million registered users in 2016 now has over 130 million, with numbers increasingly rising. The site’s founder reports an average of 500,000 new registrations every single day. 

OnlyFans is a content subscription service founded in London. “Fans” pay a subscription fee for access to creator content. There are a few ways for fans to pay – monthly, PPV (pay-per-view), or one-time transactions. OnlyFans capitalizes on the idea that “sex sells”. And you can too. 

When it comes to creators vs fans, 87% of users are male, with a majority of creators being female. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a very lucrative market for male creators on OnlyFans. If you’re a guy looking to make some extra money (or a living) posting racy, NSFW content on the popular subscription platform, we’re here to help! 

In this guide, we’ll offer tips and advice for guys looking to break into the OnlyFans business including content ideas, steps to getting started, and how to promote your content and your sexy self. 

Getting Started on OnlyFans as a Guy

While most of the top-earners on OnlyFans are A) female and B) famous, that doesn’t mean the average guy can’t turn a profit, too. With the right angle, persona, and marketing efforts, you can join some of the most lucrative creators who rake in upwards of 3 figures every month.

While this sounds extremely appealing, it requires more than just snapping a few photos and posting them on your page. You need to put in the time and effort it takes to create a loyal fan base and make a name for yourself in the business.

Here’s how to get started.

Choose a Niche

Male creators looking to make it big on OnlyFans need to look outside the box of just appealing to female fans. There are plenty of bisexual and gay male users that would gladly pay for some quality, raunchy male content. Choose between posting NSFW or SFW pics and videos. Even your SFW content can have a sexy spin on it. For example, posting fitness videos. These are useful and informative but also let you show off your ripped muscles and bulging six-pack.

Some guys post on OnlyFans as part of a couple. Amateur porn videos have a pretty large following on the site and can bring in top-dollar. When choosing a niche it’s all about determining your comfort level and your goals. How much money are you looking to make and how far are you willing to go to make it? 

Other content ideas include:

  • Share your journey of becoming a creator including exclusive “behind the scenes” content
  • Interview other creators in your niche
  • Offer advice and tips to other male creators
  • Perform daily tasks in little or no clothing (cooking, cleaning, exercising, painting, reading)
  • Do product reviews
  • Create how-to guides and other vlogs

OnlyFans is all about expressing your unique talents and creativity. What can you offer fans that no only creator can? This will be your distinctive selling point and that’s what will skyrocket you into fame and fortune on OnlyFans. Start by following other popular creators that interest and inspire you. Pay close attention to what type of content generates the most engagement. Don’t copy-cat, but instead, use this as a starting off point when creating your own award-winning content. Some of the top-performing men on OnlyFans right now include Brian Boxer Wachler MD, Aaron Fowkes, and Calico Jonez. 

If you’re a little hesitant about posting your own pics and videos, why not start a couple’s account instead? Plenty of guys that are just starting out post on OnlyFans with their significant others, friends, or other established creators. Once you get a handle on how it works, what content performs best, and what direction you want to take your OnlyFans career, you can branch out on your own. The best part is, you’ll already have a loyal following. Eager fans will be more than happy to pay to see just you in all your glory. 

Sign-Up and Create an Account (or two)

This is a tedious yet necessary step in the process if you want to start turning a profit on OnlyFans. You need to register and create an account. The subscription site will ask for some basic information including your identification and some banking details. Some creators are asked to provide a live photograph for verification, which shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll be posting plenty of selfies soon enough! All of these steps ensure users are legitimate, which protects you and your valuable content. 

Once you’re all signed up, it’s time to create an account – or should we say two accounts? Some of the most successful OnlyFans content creators have two separate accounts – one that’s free-to-view and another that requires a subscription. You might be wondering, why would I give away my content for free? There are a few reasons this is the fastest and most effective way to generate a paid following.

Some OnlyFans users only want free content, so gaining a following with your free account will be much easier and faster. Once you do, start releasing teasers with the promise for bigger, better things on your subscription account. For example, a sexy image of your toned torso that stops right above your pubic line. Fans who want to see the Holy Grail will need to head over to your paid account and subscribe to get a look at the good stuff. Videos work the same way. Post a 10- or 15-second short clip on your free account. Anyone who wants to see the full feature will need to pay. Just be sure that you follow through! Never post a teaser on your free account and drop the ball by not posting the full version on your main account. Doing so will severely damage your reputation and get you branded as a catfisher. 

Promote Yourself and Your Page

Being successful on OnlyFans as a guy is all about promoting yourself and your page. If no one knows about you, you’ll be hard-pressed to gain a following let alone turn a profit. 

Social Media 

The best social media platform for marketing your OnlyFans account is Instagram. The platform is already visually-driven and based on sharing photographs and short videos. This creates an overlap between your Instagram followers and OnlyFans fans. 

Some creators use their Instagram page the same way as their free OnlyFans account – by posting teaser content and then dropping their paid page link in the captions. Keep in mind that Instagram has some pretty strict rules about sexual content and sex workers. Avoid posting anything on Instagram that’s overly suggestive or might get your account banned. Research shows that only about 2% of your Instagram followers will convert to subscribers on OnlyFans so while this is a viable marketing approach, it shouldn’t be the only place you advertise. 

You can also utilize other social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, just be sure to follow their community guidelines and play-it-safe when posting racy content. Save the good stuff for your OnlyFans subscribers.


Reddit is another resource for guys looking to make money on OnlyFans. One reason is that this open platform it’s highly targeted towards a male audience that loves pornographic content. Many Reddit users will share their own OnlyFan page links and their favorite creators’ links in the comment section. The more active you are on Reddit, the more likely you’ll attract interested subs. In fact, some 5% of Reddit posts and comments actually convert to new subscribers on OnlyFans.

Create Your Own Website

No online presence can flourish and succeed without a website. Even if you’re not a skilled writer or tech guru, you can still create a basic website and use it to drive traffic to your OnlyFans account. Start by creating a landing page and fill it with any products you sell, services, and affiliate links. A lot of OnlyFans stars sell personal products on their websites for additional income. Get your image, logo, or brand name screen printed on everything from T-shirts to mugs. You’d be surprised how many loyal fans proudly promote you and your page. These same fans will pay top dollar to own something you’ve worn including everything from your shirts and pants sprayed with your cologne, sweaty workout clothes, or even used underwear

Offer website visitors a discount on their OnlyFans subscription if they sign up through your website. Offering a small discount now will result in big earnings when your OnlyFans page explodes!

Use YouTube to Your Advantage

YouTube has over 2 billion users, making it another useful tool for guys trying to make it big on OnlyFans. While we aren’t suggesting you post full-frontage nudity or porn videos on YouTube (which is a no-no according to their community guidelines), you can post vlogs and teaser videos that generate interest in your OnlyFans page. 

Tutorials are especially popular on YouTube. Offer viewers a peek inside your world. Share your backstory, some personal information, and how you got started on OnlyFans. Tell viewers plenty about your exclusive content without actually showing them. Before long, they won’t be able to help but visit your page and subscribe. Not to mention, all it takes is for one of your YouTube videos to go viral for you to become an online sensation. You can also make money on YouTube as a paid influencer, creating an additional source of income.

Get the Right Equipment

Some OnlyFans creators simply use their cellphones to create and post content. But if you’re serious about becoming a top-tier male creator, you’ll need quality equipment. This is especially true if you plan to use the OnlyFans streaming app OFTV. Cheap equipment will produce low-quality videos and hurt your chances of attracting paying customers.

A quality camera, ring light, and decent microphone are all you need to start creating high-quality content that converts. Also consider lighting, angles, HD settings, and audio during all your shoots and recording sessions.

Engage with Fans and Followers

Your fan base is your livelihood when making money on OnlyFans. The best way to create a persona that keeps your fans coming back for more while also attracting new ones is to engage with them. Monitor all your social media pages, websites, and OnlyFans accounts consistently. Respond to comments and messages in a positive way and timely manner. Doing so shows your followers that you appreciate and value them. 

While sexual orientation doesn’t matter much when it comes to guys making money on OnlyFans, it is something to keep in mind. Your sexy content may appeal to men more than women, couples, bisexuals, transgender users, and the list goes on. The comments and messages you receive may come from all different types of fans. While you don’t have to engage in sexual conversation with them all, you need to treat them kindly and respectfully. Your paying customers are the foundation of your success. 

Keep your eye out for content inspiration as well. Ask your followers what types of photos and videos they’d like to see and be willing to pay for. If one person wants it, chances are, your other fans will eat it up as well! 

You should also comment and engage with fellow creators in your niche. Show your admiration and appreciation of their work. Let them know they motivate and inspire you and why. Doing so will get your name out there. Followers on those pages will see your name in the comments and it may inspire them to visit your page next! 

Collaborate with Other Creators

Making money on OnlyFans is like making money in any other business – it requires networking and collaborating with other creators and like-minded individuals. Revisit the list of creators you looked to for inspiration when you started this journey. Reach out and ask if they’d be willing to work with you. OnlyFans collaborations can include anything from an interview or video chat to a racy photoshoot or even porn videos. Work within your comfort level and that of your “colleague”. 

Twitter has proven to be the best social media platform for finding cross-collaboration opportunities. There are also hundreds of groups and forums on Reddit and Facebook designed specifically for gaining support and offering networking opportunities. Here you can form relationships and gather useful information that may lead to business opportunities in the future. Certain communities will let you create your own subforum dedicated specifically to you and your OnlyFans page, giving you the unique opportunity to build your brand. 

Release New Content Daily

Succeeding on OnlyFans takes commitment and consistency. If you want to gain a steady following of fans willing to pay for your content, you need to make it worth their wild. That means posting content consistently, giving your followers something to look forward to. This shows your value as a creator and that you’re a serious, aspiring businessman. 

OnlyFans users want to get the most for their money, so be sure to mention how often you post in your bio. It's recommended that guys post at least once a day on their page, if not more. Once fans get used to seeing a single post per day, if you drop a little something extra, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. The key here is to only generate and post high-quality content. Skip this step and you’ll eventually lose more subscribers than you’ll gain.

Diversify your content by posting a mix of photos and videos. Studies show that longer videos perform better on OnlyFans than shorter ones. It also shows fans that you’re dedicated to your craft and sets you apart from other, lazy creators who are just looking to make a quick buck. If you treat this like a career, your followers will notice. When getting started as a guy on OnlyFans, focus on creating long-form videos totaling at least 10-minutes per week. Don’t forget to include quality descriptions and captions as well. These act like teasers for viewers to click the “subscribe” button to see what all the fuss is about. 

Offer Fans Exclusive Content and Offers 

Speaking of a little something extra, it’s always beneficial to offer your fans exclusive content and offers once in a while. This keeps them guessing and acts as a reward for their loyalty. During your next photoshoot, snap a few extra shots and use them as secret rewards for your fans. Do this periodically so you can drop exclusive specials and offers on a whim. You can also use these secret shots to send direct messages to some of your top followers, creating an even deeper connection.

Keep this exclusive content in a special folder so that you don’t accidentally share it to multiple accounts or on your main page. If you tell your followers that it’s exclusive or just for them, be sure to keep it that way. This helps build trust and prevents negative reviews and backlash. 

Become a Fan Yourself

Another quick way to make a name for yourself as a top-notch male creator on OnlyFans is to show your fans some love by following them back on their own social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter. This shows a certain level of appreciation, but it makes them feel special and helps build a deeper, more loyal connection. The fans you follow back are much more likely to promote you on their own page and tell their friends and followers about how awesome your OnlyFans content is. These follows are a simple way to significantly expand your marketing efforts and reach across multiple social media platforms. Plus, it takes little to no effort or cost. 

Start Making Money on OnlyFans as a Top Male Creator Today

OnlyFans isn’t just for guys searching up hot and sexy females (though there’s plenty of that to be had, too). Anyone with a creative mind and eye for business can succeed and make money as an OnlyFans creator. If you’re a guy looking to make money on this growing subscriber platform, now you know how! Choose a niche, find some inspiration, network, and sell yourself! Make sure you show fans your appreciation for their loyalty by posting high-quality content daily, interacting with their messages and social media accounts, and offering exclusive offers and content. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating and making money now!