How to Start an OnlyFans Without Followers

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OnlyFans superstars like Blac Chyna, Megan Barton-Hanson, and Bella Thorne have quickly become household names. Raking in millions of dollars every month, these hotties account for the 1% of creators that bring in 33% of the site's profit. If you’re thinking about starting an OnlyFans account as a side hustle, these facts and figures can be quite discouraging. 

Want a piece of good news? You can still start an OnlyFans account and make money without any followers. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not! Keep reading for our ultimate guide on launching your OnlyFans career without any followers plus tips for success.

How to Start an OnlyFans without Any Followers

Everyone has to start from somewhere. Even if you’re not currently active on other social media platforms or have no experience using a subscription website like OnlyFans, you can still be successful. All it takes is a little know-how, patience, and consistency. 

While not all success stories are the same, the platform reports that with hard work and consistency, you can earn $1,000 per month in the first 2 to 6 months of launching your page. One creator made over $100,000 in her first month on OnlyFans. While this is rare it’s not impossible.

Here are a few basic steps to get you started gaining fans, followers, and income.

Choose Your Niche

Choosing a niche for your OnlyFans account is like creating a business plan as an entrepreneur. You need a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself posting at random with no real focus or target audience. The more you narrow down the market you’re trying to reach, the more successful you’ll be. Choosing a niche also helps guide your content style, persona, branding, and marketing efforts. Your niche will also determine the way you act, how you talk, the props you use, and your clothes.

Here are some popular niche categories you can explore when launching your OnlyFans career:

  • Innocent
  • Porn star
  • Athletic
  • MILF
  • Bratty or spoiled
  • Dominatrix or femdom
  • College girl
  • Party girl
  • Anime
  • Furries

Check out other successful creators on OnlyFans for inspiration and see what it takes to embody these specific characters. You may even find a different one that sparks your interest or aligns better with your personality. Pay close attention to how they talk, what their posts look like, and what captions they use. The more you know, the more successful you’ll be. 

Once you decide on a niche, you can (and should) create a “stage name”. This not only protects your true identity but adds to the allure and appeal of your character.

Create a Starter Kit

They say it takes money to make money. While you don’t need to break the bank when starting an OnlyFans account, you should invest in a starter kit that includes all the supplies you need to create attractive content that draws attention, fans, and income.

The good news is, that you can get started with a modern smartphone that has a decent camera. Most newer iPhones are already equipped with high-quality cameras so there’s no need to buy a new one. If you’re looking to keep your expenses down, there are two must-have items every OnlyFans creator needs — a ring light and a tripod with Bluetooth capability.

Ring lights have been around for decades but have recently resurfaced as the go-to accessory for online content creators. First used by fashion photographers in the 1960s, these circular lights help minimize shadows and provide flattering light from all angles. Place your camera in the center of the ring and you’ll notice an instant reduction in harsh lines, reflections, and other imperfections. You can score a decent ring light for as little as $15!

Unless you have a photographer helping you create your OnlyFans content, a tripod with Bluetooth capability and remote control is your new best friend. While selfies are sexy, sometimes, you need to record or take photos hands-free. This lets you get really creative with your content and use different props, poses, and backgrounds. Simply set up your tripod with your smartphone in the center of your ring light, get into position, and use the remote control to capture quality content. Another affordable accessory, most tripods sell for around $20. 

Once you become famous on OnlyFans and start making money, you can invest in other equipment and accessories like backdrops, props, costumes, and hair and makeup. 

Make a Free Account

Once you’ve got your supplies and niche ready, it’s time to start creating! Your first step is to open a free OnlyFans account. You’re probably asking yourself how posting content for free is going to gain you followers and make you money. Hear us out! 

Creating a free account on OnlyFans is easy. It helps you gain fans and followers and make a name for yourself in the community. Once you earn respect and attention, you can start charging a small monthly subscription fee as low as $4.99. In time, you can raise these rates to as much as $15.99 per month or more. If you don’t want to start out charging nothing, you have a few other options. Offer fans a 30-day free trial. That means they can access your content for free for 30 days, after which, they’ll need to pay a subscription fee to keep viewing. You can also start with a small subscription fee but just keep in mind that not all OnlyFans users are willing to pay for content on a brand new account with no guarantee it’ll be worth it. 

Another tactic is to create two OnlyFans accounts – one free and one paid. Post quality content and teasers on your free account that draws readers in and motivates them to visit and pay for your paid account. 

Promote Your Account on Reddit…

There are countless ways to promote and advertise your new OnlyFans account, but Reddit is the number one platform for creators just starting out with zero followers. The main reason is that Reddit is an open platform where millions of users come to find and interact with like-minded individuals. No one really cares (or knows) how many followers you have. Unlike Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where people can judge you based on your popularity, Reddit only cares about quality content. When you find and post in the right subreddits, you’ll earn clicks, views, and fans. Good content is rewarded with upvotes. The more upvotes you get, the higher your content will rank on the page and the more clicks you’ll get. Basically, Reddit rewards hard work and quality content and is an equal opportunity platform. 

To be successful on Reddit, you need to understand what subreddits are and how they work. Subreddits are smaller communities or categories where information and posts are organized. You can search subreddits by the niche you’ve chosen, for example, MILF, anime, or BDSM. You can also find these subreddits using redditlist, scroller, NSFW subreddits list, and Master Google Sheet. 

… and TikTok

Another tactic for creating interest in your new OnlyFans account is to capitalize on the growing popularity of TikTok. With over 755 million users and growing, this is one social media platform that can do wonders for your new venture. Similar to Reddit, most TikTok users don’t care how much clout you have when you’re just starting out. Whether you have 0 followers and 20 likes or thousands of both, if you post quality content, people will take notice. 

But going viral on TikTok takes more than just posting viral videos and choreographed dances. Experts say you need to understand the platform’s algorithm to make it big. One major mistake to avoid when using TikTok to promote your OnlyFans page is actually mentioning it! Never EVER link from your TikTok to your OnlyFans account. In fact, don’t even so much as mention it. Doing so will immediately get your TikTok account banned. So, how do you convert TikTok fans and followers to OnlyFans subscribers? It takes a few steps but it’s well worth it.

First, direct your TikTok followers to your Instagram account. (At this point, you should already have an Instagram account dedicated to your OnlyFans persona or alias.) Simply add a link to your Instagram account in your TikTok bio. Then, your Instagram account needs a link to either linktree or allmylinks. Both of these tools let you connect all of your social media accounts into one link that you can easily add to your bio. Now, make sure your OnlyFans page is included in this linking tool, and BAM! If your TikTok fans followed you through each step of this process, then you’ve just earned yourself another OnlyFans subscriber. 

Other tips for gaining these loyal followers on TikTok include:

  • Use viral sounds to make suggestive videos
  • Don’t get banned (avoid nudity or posts that are overly sexual)
  • Mix sexy sounds with modest clothing
  • Use the “live” feature
  • Copy trending TikTok sounds and dances
  • Follow and mimic popular creators in your niche
  • Check out the best times to post on TikTok
  • Use TikTok’s analytics tool
  • Always reply to comments but keep them short and sweet

And, as with any social media platform, post quality content and do it consistently. 

Follow Other New OnlyFans Users

There’s an unwritten rule of social media that says, “A follow for a follow”. Basically, it means if someone follows you and helps build up your recognition, you should do the same in return. It’s a good faith gesture that can go a long way in the social media world. Following other new accounts and users on OnlyFans while trying to build up your own fan base adheres to this same theory. But this technique isn’t without flaws. 

Popular on Instagram, people use a technique known as “follow unfollow”. This is when a person follows you for a follow back but then days later, unfollows you, hoping you won’t notice. Most Instagram users are onto this game and will go to great lengths to call you out. And understandably so, since it’s not exactly a fair way to do business. It is, however, a great way to build up your initial fan base. It’s also a trick that still falls under the radar on sites like OnlyFans except it works a bit differently.

Here’s an example. Someone opens a brand new OnlyFans page and is eager to start gaining followers and subscribers. You find this new account and start following them. They notice and are completely ecstatic. They want to say thank you for taking interest in them and reaching out so quickly. How do they repay you? By following your account back and maybe even subscribing! One OnlyFans survey showed that as much as 20% of people you follow will usually subscribe to your page. You can also use the platform’s mass messaging tool to say thank you.

Another important part of this process is actually finding new OnlyFans accounts. With over 1 million content creators, this can seem daunting. But with the right app, it won’t be. Download ofautofollower on your laptop and it will automatically find and follow new OnlyFans accounts with the click of a single button. This nifty app also helps find the followers that have expired (unfollowed you) and let you mass DM them as well. Studies show that creators can make 50-100% more on OnlyFans using this tool. 

Other Helpful Tips for Starting an OnlyFans Account with Zero Followers

There are countless tips and tricks for being successful on OnlyFans. Don’t let your lack of experience or current fanbase stop you! Here are a few more tips for getting started on OnlyFans and bringing your follower count from zero to thousands quickly. 

Get to Know the Platform

The only way to be successful on OnlyFans and grow your following from the ground up is to understand the ins and outs of the platform and how it works. Here are a few tips for navigating OnlyFans and making it work to your advantage.

  • Play up your strengths and choose a niche that works well with your personality and uniqueness
  • Use a mix of suggestive content to tease followers before delivering racy content to paying subscribers
  • Engage with fans and show your personality

Create a Memorable Account

With over 1 million OnlyFans creators, your new account needs to stand out. Try these tricks for getting noticed.

  • Create an easy to remember and creative username
  • Promise and deliver exclusive, quality content consistently
  • Take a gorgeous profile picture
  • Link to your other social media accounts

Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Expecting too much too fast from your OnlyFans account will leave you feeling disappointed. But it’s also important to set realistic goals so that you can stay on track and monitor your progress. Get specific with your goals as well. How much money per week do you want to make? How many new followers do you want by the end of the month? Setting specific goals gives you something tangible to work towards. Other goals include posting a certain number of times per week, responding to a certain number of fans via DM, and gaining a set number of followers per week or month.

Collaborate with Other Creators

In life, they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Instead of viewing other OnlyFans creators as enemies, why not treat them as allies? Similar to the “follow for a follow” concept, other small creators like yourself who are just starting out can be a valuable resource and offer unique collaboration opportunities. Two heads are better than one and having access to another creator’s fan base is a huge plus and a great way to gain new followers, fast. Just be prepared to return the favor. Start with small requests like a retweet or shout-out. Some creators will be willing to record a video or interview with you. That’s another good thing about OnlyFans – most creators are welcoming of newbies and willing to help you get your page off the ground.

Start an OnlyFans Account Today and Get Ready for Stardom

Most OnlyFans accounts don’t blossom overnight. It takes time, dedication, patience, and hard work. It also takes some knowledge about the inner workings of the platform. Now, you have all the information you need to start an OnlyFans account (and actually make money) starting with zero followers! It’s all about using your charismatic personality and knowing how to capitalize on opportunities within the platform. Now all that’s left to do is create your OnlyFans persona and start posting content. Before you get started, check out this article on rookie mistakes to avoid, and good luck!