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Hi there! I am a 22 year old blonde and a nurse just cozied up in Wisconsin. I love dancing and working out daily. I am 5’6 and curvy in all the right places. Shop pic is me as well as the trio of pictures at the top. Wear is always 24 hours unless otherwise asked for, bras are usually worn a couple days in a row. Will take special requests and each item will come with a picture or two of me in it. If you’d like I will also spray the item with one of my favorite perfumes. I’m ready to have some fun so feel free to reach out! 😘
Last seen on February 13, 2019 12:00 am
Naughty Blonde Nurse added a status
Just posted a couple of things. Off to bed! Goodnight loves! See you in the morning 😘
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Naughty Blonde Nurse added a status
First post on here! About to post pictures of some of my things. You can indeed ask for a specific pair or a random pair, I’ll post in bunches/ albums! 😘
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