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My name is Master Colt, I am a 23 year old living in the mountains outside of LA. I have many submissive worshippers who I often gift my used briefs and jocks to for their enjoyment in exchange for their obidence. I have opened this shop in order to attract new subs and to sell old underwear. Most underwear has been  has been worn by me, used by submissive, returned to me after it has been washed, and cycled through that multiple times until I can no longer wear it. Some underwear has been given to me by submissives for the sole purpose of selling on here because of its unique story. Some underwear is given to me from other dominant men for a cut of the profit. All underwear is inspected by me and given a thorough sniff test to ensure it meets my standards for the enjoyment of my buyers. Items will be posted with their current description and can added to for little to no additional cost. Workout sweat and a 5 day load? Shoved in my subs mouth while I fuck them? Bit of armpit musk rubbed in? Each pair is only limited by your imagination. Feel free to message me via email or Snapchat  
Last seen on January 4, 2019 12:00 am
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