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We're a gorgeous lesbian/bi couple that love to have pleasing each other. I'm Olivia, I have blue hair, piercings and tattoos and I love a good party, or some Netflix and chill, and my girlfriend's Poppy, a sweet, shy, kind of geeky cutie, who loves to curl up in bed all day every weekend with me, but I bring out her cheeky side. 😜


We're more than happy to do your requests, and have fun doing it, and would love to hear what you want. Feel free to ask anything 😉 Every pair of panties or other lingerie guaranteed to bring you pleasure. 😉 

And all products are instantly vacuum sealed, for keeping scent, moistness and freshness, and come with a lipstick kissed almost nude Polaroid. 💋

Last seen on September 7, 2018 12:00 am
Lipstick Lesbians added a status
Looking forward to sending my dirty sweet panties to you, thinking about it in bed 💋😜
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Lipstick Lesbians added a status
We're waiting for you to come taste our treasures, thinking about it 😜
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Lipstick Lesbians added a status
I'm sitting in bed, waiting for my girlfriend to come join me after work for some fun! Plus can't wait to put up my little red g-string when I'm done! 😉
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